Should Trossard replace Martinelli against Man United as the Brazilian needs a rest

Would you agree that Gabriel Jesus’ absence (due to injury) has had an impact on Gabriel Martinelli’s performances?

Martinelli, Jesus, and Saka were Arsenal’s default starters in attack prior to the World Cup break. Martinelli thrived during that period (from the start of the season to the World Cup break), most likely due to the effect Jesus had on his game.

Apart from scoring goals, Jesus was instrumental in making Arsenal’s attack click, as he not only scored goals but also created chances and provided assists for the likes of Martinelli.

Unfortunately, we know that Jesus was injured during the World Cup and will be out for some time. Many saw Jesus’ absence as a blow to Arsenal’s attack, and while Arteta has found a way to reduce the impact of his absence, Martinelli has struggled.

While playing alongside Jesus, the Arsenal left winger had 5 goals and 2 assists; without him, he has only 2 goals and no assists. Notably, Gabriel Martinelli said this, as per the Mirror, about his compatriot earlier in the season: “It means a lot to play with him and have the connection we do; I can learn a lot of things from him.

“He’s a very good guy, and not just me but all the players are very happy with him. On and off the pitch, he’s a great guy. He always tries to give advice to us—go in behind or come short to play. When he makes one movement, we do another one, so he always tries to help us with these details, and they are so important.”

Martinelli will undoubtedly recover from his poor goal-scoring form, but Arteta must consider alternative ways to assist him in recovering from his poor form. On a good day, Martinelli has truly been something else this season, but maybe it’s time to give him a rest.

Is this why Arteta got Trossard signed in time for him to be in today’s squad?

Darren N

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  1. Tough question because Martinelli Will have pretty tough evening against Wan Bissaka…
    Wan Bissaka is pretty strong defensively…
    So much of the play might come from right side…
    Also Martinelli will play in isolation as Zinchenko will drift into centre Midfield…
    I am pretty nervous today..
    Actually not feeling confident of winning today…
    Just fearful feeling of loss…
    I don’t know what I am talking..
    Just pretty much nervous

    1. There will be little joy on the right too

      Man Utd are one of those teams that know that if you can stop Saka you’ve largely stifled our creativity

      Malacia will suffocate Saka like he did last time except it’s Shaw that starts

      And if it’s Shaw starting be sure they’ll double-up or triple-up on him like Newcastle did

      But we’ll do it

      1. But Saka is being Double up then someone from either midfield or final third will have space which we need to exploit..

    1. I swear, the analysis is wack. Just raising alarm for nothing. 14 games he scored 5 goals with jesus, just 4 game he already scored 2, if he continues at this rate he will score 7 game in 14 matches. 2 more than wen jesus was here, if anything jesus is taking his shine, mostly Drifting into martineli position.
      Martinelli is alright, a lil tired I may agree, but he has a week to rest now

      1. Good point, and as far as goals Martinelli and Saka have the same goal tally or he’s 1 up on Saka.

        Author failed to mention how Zinchenko at LB affects Martinelli. For example,
        Tierney overlaps Martinelli leaving him 1 on 1 opportunities

        Zinchenko doesn’t overlap but drifts inside instead, which leaves Martinelli facing 2 defenders; big impact on play from left side.

        On right side White overlaps and Odegaard often drifts to Saka’s side.

        It’s not so much a rest for Martinelli, but more a change in tactics and who is playing at LB.

        That said I hope Tierney starts at LB vs Utd today, because last time Zinchenko was caught out twice and his weak defending was exposed.

  2. Why would you leave one of the best players of the season on the bench?

    150% Martinelli and all the team will be pumped for Man Utd as the only side to beat us to date. !

    Let Martinelli run rings around Wan Bissaka for 60 mins and then let Troussard skin him with fresh legs if required. ! Time for rest comes against the other teams not top 4!

  3. Jesus attracts a lot of attention from defenders, providing more space for Martinelli to operate in. Also, you raise a valid point with Zinchenko. Because he drifts inside it leaves Martinelli isolated on the flank. If Tierney plays the Martinelli gets the much needed support he needs because due to the overlapping runs. I think long-term we need another left-back so Zinchenko can switch with Xhaka.

      1. They keep repeating this and I keep tell them xhaka provide dat for martineli, am tired. They are using the old system to compare with the present one

      2. Xhaka, after years of sitting deep, has finally learnt that hes supposed to be the box2box midfield. No idea why is took MA and Xhaka years to figure it out. Now that they have Xhaka has become very important.

        My only concern is when we are under pressure he tends to drop back deep again. With Ode always drifting to the right side if Xhaka doesn’t play properly then our left side has no support.

  4. Xhaka and Partey also stoped scoring when Jesus is out. Let’s play Lokonga and Matt Smith to give them a rest.

  5. No way, you can’t drop the guy who is absolutely in beast mode at home. Martinelli is one of the key to our attacks and this is not the game to rest ylone of your best player. Do not fix which is not broken. There will be other games to give him rest probably in FA Cup against city but league is an absolute priority. We will never have better chance then this it.

  6. Dropping Martinelli could also hamper his confidence because the feeling of finding oneself on bench after signing new player will not help the atmosphere in dressing room..

  7. Very tough game . might end up looking easier for either team thay wins. But i trust in this boys to massively show up. 3|1

  8. Start with our normal first eleven, and if needed, bring on Trossard and ESR with fifteen mins to go. Arteta has a plan, he knows his naivety cost us the game against Man Utd, and the fact the gutless Tierney disallowed Martinelli’s goal which VAR stated later it should have stood

  9. I think Arteta should start his Arsenal team regular Epl game starter Martinelli for our home big Manchester United game match . And if need be or it’s necessary, bring on Trossard at some stage in the match to give him his Arsenal debut match for him to show case for Arsenal in the match. What quality of game playing he has in his apt that he can bring into the game for Arsenal to score to draw level if Man U take the lead in the game. And contribute strongly for Arsenal in the match to take the lead or retake it. And hold on to their lead to win the match. And win it to us Gooners joy.

  10. No way , give xhaka a break and put trossard there and marinelli upfront and ree e Nelson on the right or left as salaam left footed also viera as well who cost £30 million

  11. We must start this game fast and bring the ball game to them ,Man United is a completely different team without Casemiro.

    Casemiro is to Man United as Partey is to us but, I will go a little further Casemiro is the one who dictates the game and organized the complete team how they play at Manure, they are a huge assemble side on paper but unlike city they are not a unit that functions together. Casemiro is the one gets them to play as a unit,

    Rashford is the danger and he can be dealt with, Martinelli should start but he should be told early he has 60 minutes to run at them, we should score early and manage the game after.

    Unless they park the buss which is unlikely, our winning streak will continue that’s how I see this classic.

  12. Keep the same winning team IMO and I would imagine Arteta will see it that way as well ,it’s an important game with Man Utd in very good form also .
    I would like to see him get a good run out though (if he’s in the squad )and he could replace any of the front 4 if one is struggling,looking forward to this one .

  13. Yeah let’s sit one of the best attackers in the league for a signing we completed 2 days ago. This isn’t Chelsea..

    We signed trossard to fix our depth issue, not to blow up the best team in the league after one training.

    Hoping he does not even feature and that the scoring required is done by the 60th and we just set up shop.


  14. Thinking most of the above comments are from Man U fans!
    I leave it to MA to give us the BesT team. What Gunners need most is 3points from this match.

  15. With Trosard Showing Quality of play and Impact, Arsenal team had better Option of rotating Key Players such as Mateneli, Odegatrd, NKitiah and Trosard. Bukayo Sako is always on top gear and can be relied on always!!! Actualy Nkitiah is also making History as was the Case byJesus!!!! Togather they likely to Win the EPL title after 19 years of title drought!!!!!

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