Should Trossard replace Nketiah in the starting line-up every week?

Leandro Trossard should continue as Arsenal’s striker; only Jesus should replace him! I know this won’t go well with many, but if it’s working, why change it?

Arsenal now have a run of three wins in a row after getting their revenge on Everton by beating them 4-0 at home last night to establish a five-point lead at the top of the Premier League log.

Arsenal’s goals were scored by Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, and a brace from a reborn Gabriel Martinelli on either side of the half.

Mikel Arteta has been making a bold decision by playing Leandro Trossard as his main man in attack. Impressively, the 28-year-old has repaid the Spaniard’s trust and has been producing sparkling performances.

The Belgium international has produced two assists in his last two Premier League outings, and he has scored one goal in his last five appearances for the Gunners.

He was marketed as a versatile star who can play on the wings or as a lone striker when he was signed, and that is exactly what he is providing the table toppers. Odegaard is perfect; his ferocious speed, excellent technical ability, good dribbling skills, creativity in the final third, and being a clinical finisher have Arsenal flying to the PL title.

With Gabriel Jesus’ still out due to injury and Eddie Nketiah’s inconsistent performances in the No. 9 role in recent weeks, Leandro Trossard, who has already shown he could deliver the goods up front, could be a short-term solution to the Gunners center forward woes.

Would Arsenal really have gotten that from Mudryk?

Daniel O

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  1. Please Arteta should stick with Trossard up front. He is a better all-round footballer than Nketiah.

  2. Eddie was great for a few games, then his form dropped a bit, so now trossard is doing a great job.
    Doesn’t mean trossard’s form can’t drop at times, or his talents won’t be needed to cover another area of the pitch, if, say, Saka, martinelli or odegaard can’t play for whatever reason. For now though, he’s ahead of Eddie imo.
    Trossard’s abilities up front do go to show what a great signing we’ve made, as mentioned in the article – much better than I’d expected, to be honest (and I was happy with the signing!). I’d trust him to play any of the attacking roles against any opponent.

  3. It’s working so there’s no reason to change it, Jesus mustn’t walk into the starting eleven when he returns. One thing about Arteta he’s proving that he’s not one dimensional as some portray him.

    The form of a player (Trossard) in this case should be always awarded, this will bring in healthy competition because for me Nkettiah is losing the plot a bit and him missing one on one chances regularly is not helping him or the team.

    1. He’s not one dimensional now, because he has the players to change the game.
      But it took him three years and kronkie to open up his purse in order to get to this point, plus Edu buying the right players and not wasting money.

    2. Arteta has never been “one-dimensional”. Having certain principles and a preferred approach is not equivalent to a lack of flexibility.
      Unfortunately, there are far too many fans who trot out criticism based on their own lack of understanding and insight. Various internet forums then allow such fans their echo chambers to reinforce each others views.

  4. Keep him in the CF position, as long as he’s still productive. If he doesn’t produce anything tomorrow, replace him with Nketiah

    That type of rotation will force both of them to work harder

  5. Nketiah has played a lot of minutes and may benefit from being rested and used as an impact player later in games. Depth in positions is critical to success.

  6. Matinelli is not sharp as he use to be on the left wing, but is a good scorer , it will be nice if arteta try and use him on the 9 sport and Trossard on the left wing, Trossard can damage any defender on the left side and win a lot of Conner for us.

  7. Wow! Writers on here seem quick to turn on players.
    “Should Trossard replace Nketiah in the starting line-up every week”? I think this is rather a stupid question as form can change week by week and ok, Trossard seems to be flavour of the week but didn’t both players get an assist against Everton? Look, I rate both players for very different reasons and I think both will get games, sometimes even together.

      1. And have also said that:

        Arteta is not good enough to be our manager and would be sacked
        Odegaard is not good enough for Arsenal and terrible choice for captain
        Nketiah is a championship player who wouldn’t make the bench of any top 6 team
        Edu not good enough to plan for player recruitment
        Kroenkes have zero ambition and Arsenal will never win any significant trophy under their ownership

        1. Can you show me where I said Arteta would be sacked ?
          Where did I say Odegarrd was a terrible player ?
          I maintain Eddie wouldn’t get on the bench for any top six side
          Never said Edu wasn’t good enough
          And I maintain the Koronke Family since they brought shares In this club showed zero ambition
          Now no one is correct with all opinions but most of them based on a period of time have come true

    1. GB
      wasn’t you a few weeks ago beating the drum for eddie to stay in the team
      “He’s a proper cf and Trossard isn’t ”
      But you failed to acknowledge that we were too static up top and lost our fluid movement
      Our press starts from the top end of the pitch and eddie doesn’t always give this to us.

  8. Please please you don’t fix that which is not broken.

    Eddie will get a next bite at the cherry in due time, there are still lots of games to be played.

  9. A piece of pathetic writing as usual. No research done whatsoever. To be a writer, one must do their research first. Only then you will be taken seriously. Eddie Nketiah has been suffering from a niggling injury for the last three and a half weeks. Looks like it flaired up again the other night against Everton. He didn’t look too good after the match. So naturally Trossard will automatically come in. Next time Daniel OO get your facts right before big noting yourself and pushing players off the cliff

  10. Trossand playing as a striker is good for nketiah to put more competition

  11. I’m in support of the fact that trossard should replace nketiah on the attacking position untill gabriel jesus is back

  12. I think Zinchenko will be a proper fit for the 8th position where Xaka place while Tierney takes his place at left back

  13. Our attack is difficult for opponents to solve with Trossard as striker and interchanging with Martinelli.

    When they inevitably solve the problem, Nketiah will be ready to step in and offer something different.

    Trossard offers a great tweak to the attacking tactics, so ride this wave until it starts to play out and drop off.

  14. Of course he should, he has the experience and maturity we need and has instantly clocked with Martinelli. Mudryk may have a brilliant career but he would not have been as much use this season

    Nketiah will still be an extremely valuable sub. If it is not enough for him then we have another striker in the queue.

  15. It’s a no brainer. Whilst Eddie is a good finisher, Leo Trossard adds a lot more to Arsenal’s game. He was a bargain buy and looks very dangerous. We should play Trossard.

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