Should Walcott push to leave Arsenal or be a benchwarmer?

Theo Walcott is now claimed to be eager to stay with Arsenal into next season, but there has been many reports surrounding his future this season, and it is hard to decipher the truth…

Many fans have turned on the forward this term, given his failure to impress since returning from his latest injury in December. Walcott has netted three in the league since his return, including two key goals in 2-1 wins over Leicester City and Man City, but has fallen way down the pecking order in recent months.

The 27 year-old was claimed to be ready to push for the exit door this summer, should he lose out on a place in Roy Hodgson’s England squad for the European Championships, which has recently been confirmed. These reports were from April.

The speedster has hardly featured since those reports, but the speculation has continued to do the rounds, and he is now said to be keen to stay!

Danny Welbeck’s nine-month injury will no doubt play on the minds of the Arsenal backroom who would have the decision of whether to sell or not, but you would think that Theo would have to seriously consider where he wants to play next year.

Arsenal are firmly expected to sign a new option up front during the coming transfer window, and I’m reserving the hope that the arrival will be BETTER than our current options, which SHOULD tell Walcott that he will find game-time hard to come-by next season.

Theo is not getting any younger, and his injuries are also likely to limit the number of years he can play for. The former Southampton youth product should leave now, and we should be signing an out-and-out attacker and a forward to replace him.

West Ham are believed to have had a £31 Million bid for Alexandre Lacazette turned down today, which will hopefully see them follow up their interest in Walcott. The Hammers are believed to be keen on bringing in some big names to go with their new stadium move.

Yesterday it was claimed that the Arsenal forward would seek out talks over his future with Arsene Wenger, but the club’s stance is claimed to be leaning away from selling, especially with the `possibility that Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez could be on their way out of the club.

I can understand our club not wanting to sell until they find replacements, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why Theo would push to stay, unless he just wants to cash-in his pay cheques and not play?

Do you believe Walcott would just be happy to earn a living and not play? Or do we think better of him?

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  1. If he’d stop throwing tantrums about wanting to be a striker and concentrate on being a winger and adds a dash of consistency and work rate to his game, not consistency in mediocrity then he could stay…he has to earn his spot on a game by game basis.

  2. Walcott has pace, that’s all what he got and yet he plays for Arsenal (140 k/w) …
    Giroud has big skeleton, that’s all what he got and yet he plays for Arsenal (not less that 90 k/w) …
    That’s Arsenal of Arsene …
    Welbeck is the only hope and now he is out for a season ..

      1. Over a quarter of a million a week for probably the worst attacking pair in the top flight of european football …. But le prof knows best!!!!!!!

        1. Idk why you’re being thumbed down, Giroud wasn’t a contender for golden boot and Walcott has been missing since October. They each scored less than 5 goals since January, compared to the top European teams our strike force is one of the worst.

    1. For people who watch every game and has seen Theo play well and play p*ss poor, Theo is just too shy and not a 1 trick pony with just his pace.
      He hides in the shadows of other players rather than taking the responsibility on himself, which he should be doing now as a senior player, it is his mentality that holds him back.
      I think he should go because he will not step up and take responsibility for the team and while we could forgive that as a eager boy… not as a MAN.

      I keep my fingers crossed Welbeck can step up but don’t forget we have Akpom who is young still, I will admit I have been disappointed by his loan time but maybe he could surprise us…

  3. Theo’s time at Arsenal like Wenger’s has run out.

    At 27, what you see is what you get, you cant expect him to turn into a TH14, or V Persy any time soon.

    His had 10 years to prove his worth and has only impressed for 1 season in those years. Yes injuries have been a factor but even when he is fit he has lost the youthful aggression he possessed say 3 seasons ago. Even Wenger mentioned (when Theo asks to play central and his played central he goes back to the right – when his played on the right he wants to play central), that says a lot, at 27 he doesn’t even know his best position and strengths. Even him losing his place from a 19 year old reserves team player says should send alarms ringing, his a FULL English international for Christ sake!

    Bottom line is Theo has run his ran at Arsenal, one of my favorite players at the club but the club has to move on. He may do better at a team with lesser expectations (than top 4 you say, lol).

    Theo out —– Mane in.

    1. You want inconsistent Walcott to be replaced by inconsistent Mane?! You do realize Mane went 16 matches straight without scoring?

      1. Mane isn’t a striker, though he score’s like one,
        When was the last time one of our midfielder’s scored a hat trick against City? ? ?

      2. Mane is surrounded by Southhampton talent, not Ozil and Sanchez! Also, Mane just turned 24 years old! I think he would be a fantastic signing for us as he would put pressure on our offensive players to attack aggressively from the wing

  4. Theo is currently in a strange position, as a central striker for arsenal he is competing with injured Welbeck and the inconsistent giroud. But for England he is behind at least 6 strikers and in my opinion that should be at least 8 as I would prefer defoe and Carroll over theo as well.

    But for a place on the flanks at arsenal theo is competing with alexis, Welbeck, chamberlain, campbell, iwobi, wilshire, Ramsey at least. Yet for England only two wingers were chosen ahead of him sterling and championship bound townsend, sure other players like Lallana, Welbeck chamberlain and even vardy might play there, but fact is if Walcott looks at what is best to do there is 3 very confusing paths. 1, Stay at arsenal and have more chance as a striker than as a winger, but less chance of playing as a striker for England or 2, stay at arsenal fight for that wingers spot which he could well lose that fight but get more chance of playing for England. Or finally 3, leave arsenal for a club that is going to guarantee you a start, but that club could well be a club outside of the top 5/6 in England or the big boys in Europe.

    Personally I think Walcott should take a few weeks to decide on his best position then go for it, whether that be at arsenal or somewhere else. But i would say if alexis, chamberlain, campbell, wilshire and ramsey stay and arsenal sign a yarmelenko or another top winger along with another top striker and giroud staying, Walcott may as well leave.

    Perhaps if West Ham offered £15-20m plus Reece Oxford for Walcott or if Liverpool offered sturridge in a swap for Walcott plus £10m then his future could well be sorted.

      1. You right i wouldn’t and it seems like this guy is more interested in the money than Game time.

  5. a problem is that for kane and vardy we just saw their goals and assists but not their weaknesses the scouts of arsenal will know enough about them..

    the problem isnt even giroud the problem we have is that we miss an atleast equally good striker, lets be honest we all know that giroud is a striker who has patches when he has his scoring patch he scores almost at a rate of one goal/assist per game and is in a worldclass form, the prob is if his annual dry patch comes we need an equally good striker

    that tactic worked fantastically at the start of this season where walcott performed and it worked brilliantly for the team but after the injury of Theo, giroud had his dry patch and theo almost didnt even try… and the year before welbeck played reaaaally bad as a starting striker and just scored 4 goals or something i think, if he had one worldclass or equally good striker as giroud, we would have enough and wenger could rotate them according to the patch/form of giroud like what he intended to do with walcott and giroud, which i had high hopes for but sadly only worked for half the season

    i dont think that walcott is a bad player cause we all saw what he could do in season 12/13 in 13/14 het scored 5 goals in 5 games and then got the horrible injury and in 14/15 the whole crowd shouted THEO THEO THEO when walcott (and podolski i think) came in for a game we were leading then, after that game in his next start which özil also started after his injury, both of them scored immediately.. and this season in the first half he missed a lot of tap-ins but we could see that he had the instincts and eye for a run of a striker.. but in the second half after his injury he was… useless… i would keep him.. when walcott finds his form in RW or Striker when the new striker and giroud are off-form he still could be terrific

    but this season he was one of the main culprits for underperforming and destroying our title charge

      1. Nope i definitely know it.. you dont know the difference between being in worldclass-form and actually being worldclass 😉

  6. I do agree with @Incarnet. Theo confused his abilities. That has taken off a lot of his game development. He is a good effective winger. Theo the terror striker? I think he lived it too late. Should have worked on it years back at the academy. Under Wenger he can stay, that frenchman is very gentle with his players. The likes of Diaby have stayed years without kicking a ball. Oh I forgot, i.n.j.u.r.y. ‘my foot!’

  7. West ham have now turned their interest to Benteke,
    If that fails then they may try for Walcott.

    Walcott wants talks with Wenger, I can’t see what for? ?
    as it’s obvious where he stands at Arsenal ( bench warmer)
    I doubt that theo will get the same kind of wages that his on anywhere else, unless of course, Man city sign him ?
    ( Are we really that lucky? )

    I would be surprised if Wenger sells him,
    I think that we are more than likely to see The Ox leave this summer.

    Rosicky claims that he is not going to retire from playing football ? Good luck to him and Er.. how comes there’s no news of Flamini leaving? ? Surely not! ? hey wenger, don’t even think about it! ?

  8. face reactions on the pitch as same as 10 years back… no confidence. fear to make mistake. mis adventures.

  9. Wenger eyeing £13 million Walcott replacement!

    ARSENAL are considering a move for Empoli winger Riccardo Saponara, according to reports.
    The 24-year-old is also target for Juventus and Monaco, but according to sources in Italy, Arsenal are interested in the Italian star.
    The attacker has made 33 appearances for Empoli this season, scoring five goals and providing 10 assists.

  10. it might be a good idea to sell walcott to fund a move for draxler, it would take the edge of any big fee wolfsburg ask for him and he has had a really great season in the champs league this season. get a deal done wenger.

    players in
    van dyke

    players out
    walcott(sell to west ham for as high as they will go for him £25 million+)
    sczney(if he wants to leave and we can get £15million for him)
    campball(if he isn’t going to be guaranteed first team next season would be unfair to keep him otherwise might get £15million if lucky)

    1. Yes Draxler would be my choice for him and we have been linked with him before. It’s worth a shot.

      I think Theo may have had his chance and he needs to concentrate on being a winger, he is not a Striker and never will be.

      1. Count Draxler will become even more injury prone at Arsenal and if Walcott does leave in the summer, I’m pretty sure that he will shine as a striker, especially at a club that plays the long ball counter – attacking system!
        Leicester City would be the ideal place for him.

        1. I hate to agree with you but LCFC could very well be an ideal team for Theo, good counter attacking football and if Theo finds his form in a system like that…

          1. Hahaha ? Why the hatred? ? ? I don’t smell that bad ?… Don’t believe the rumours man! ?

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