Should we be worried about Smith-Rowe’s fitness record?

Hello goonersworld. I am sure we still feel good about our result against Leicester, it was an enjoyable performance from some of our fringe players.

Although, it was a bittersweet feeling for me because Emile Smith-Rowe got injured again, and I am afraid he could be out for a while.

No fanbase understands the frustration and the pain of an injury-prone player more than the Arsenal fanbase, as we have witnessed an alarming number of these kinds of players.

Players like Jack Wilshere, Robin Van Persie, Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Aaron Ramsey, Thomas Vermaelen and to some extent Theo Walcott have had terrible injury records at Arsenal, these players were at that time considered to have huge potential, but most of them couldn’t have make the much desired impact due to the many injuries they suffered.

In recent years, we have been able to reduce the number of frail, injury-prone players on our books, but it seems like ESR is the latest victim – seeing him go down yesterday made me feel bad for him.

Season Injury from until Days Games missed
20/21 Jan 28, 2021 Jan 29, 2021 1 days
20/21 Sep 11, 2020 Oct 24, 2020 43 days
19/20 Sep 25, 2019 Oct 5, 2019 10 days
19/20 Aug 8, 2019 Aug 16, 2019 8 days
18/19 Apr 24, 2019 May 10, 2019 16 days
18/19 Jan 15, 2019 Apr 12, 2019 87 days
18/19 Dec 1, 2018 Feb 28, 2019 89 days
18/19 Sep 27, 2018 Oct 3, 2018 6 days

Injury History provided by Transfermarkt

He has missed a total of 260 days since the 2019 season due to eight different types of injury, and in my opinion, that is too much for a 20 year old, who is at the verge of establishing himself at the highest level. How do you judge a bad signing or a flop? A flop is someone or a performer who is unsuccessful. A footballer is mostly called flop if he does not perform up to expectation as a result of many reasons, for me, a player that cannot stay fit to even perform consistently is a flop, best example is Keita of Liverpool; a very good player that can’t stay fit.

Now I am not saying he is a flop yet, but if his injury woes continue, we would be forced to find a replacement that can stay fit to help our cause and if the replacement does better, it would be difficult to get back in the team – but the good news is, he is only 20 and we still have a long way to go.

I think he has been well managed after his long lay off but an injury-prone player will most likely remain injury-prone for the better part of his career. My point is, at the moment, ESR is not someone we can depend on due to his fitness, a good attacking midfielder should be our priority in the summer. If we had money to spend, I would get more than one to be honest, I do not want to experience another depressing season where we say “if only ESR could stay fit”, he is simply not ready (fitness-wise) to have such weight on his shoulders.

Emi Buendia and David Brooks are players I really want us to sign. The former is a specialist attacking midfielder and massive goal threat. Being a south American, he is a tireless hard worker who would come in handy when we decide to play a high press. He is also a creative machine with 9 goals and 10 assists this season in the Championship, I have no doubt he would improve our team immensely.

That said, I wish ESR a speedy recovery and I hope he has an injury free career.

What do you think?



  1. ESR ‘s injury has always been an issue.
    Not many know this or took the time to find out before calling Arteta out but ESR’s introduction to the team was delayed by his recurring injury. I think Sue is the only one I saw who found out also and she mentioned it on here.
    Many a times fans jump on the back of the manager not knowing reasons behind some decisions. Apart from Saka, all these kids keep struggling with fitness issues, the same thing is happening to Nelson but fans don’t care about these facts, they just want whatever they want to be done.
    Arteta was micro managing ESR and WS attacked when he dropped ESR for Odegaard but nah fans knew best.

    The sad part is the same thing is going on with Martinelli now.
    Martinelli suffered an ACL injury.
    An injury that takes 7-12 months to fully get healed.
    When he had that injury, Arsenal feared he might be out for the full season. We got good news when we were told he’s recovering fast and would be back by Dec. An injury that’s meant to last for more than 7 months for full recovery, he recovered on time, and just after one game for U23, Arteta played him against Chelsea an Important game during that period.(Yet fans says Arteta doesnt rate him).

    The next couple of games saw Martinelli overrunning and overworking himself, got himself an Injury scare, then after missing one game, went ahwad to push himself in a warm up and twisted his ankle. All of this going on with a kid recovering from a knee Injury, an ACL tear at that.
    I read Dr Raj a Lakers doctor said Martinelli Twisting his ankle was a red flag for neuromuscular deficits.
    Arteta goes on to keep him out from then onwards, but since then greedy fans who just don’t care or not interested in knowing how his recovery is wants him to play and play.
    Arteta says he’ll be an important player for us, and he’s apparently giving him more time to settle from his ACL injury knowing how hard Martinelli pushes himself.
    But I’m supposed to believe my fellow armchair fans know better about the situation when they don’t even bother knowing how serious his injury was?

    Martinelli will come back perfect, and I’m patient enough to wait for it

    1. Also if you read Arteta’s last interview about Martinelli, you’d know that for an hardworking player like Martinelli, his efforts in trainings might not be at his usual best and all the boy needs is time to get his fitness levels and mojo back

    2. You talk like you are informed of everything that is going on inside the club. Martinelli himself has said he is fit and he is named on the bench. The injured player does not make the bench.

      You keep moaning about moaners but I only see you when the team wins or is in a good run of form. I never see you moaning about moaners when the team is in bad form.

      So who should I believe Martinelli himself who say he is fit or you?

      1. Oh Chief of them AOB.. Welcome sir. Are you done?
        You want to know why I stay away when we lose a game? I stay away because of folks like you who will do nothing but increase the negativity and dull spirit I get from losing. Off my own sanity I stay when we lose so people like you don’t fill my life with negativity.
        There’s too much going on in our different lives. We watch our club because we derive joy from doing so, but it gets tiring when folks like you all you do is spread doom and gloom every single day. Ain’t nobody want none of that shît, if I want to keep feeding myself with negativity and dull spirits I know where to get it on TV and on the internet.

        Also no I don’t know stuff going on inside the club but at least unlike o try to follow everything coming out the club the best I can so I stop jumping I to conclusions. There are actual Arsenal correspondents you could follow to know what’s going on in the club but no your likes don’t, then you come up brewing bad spirits and raising doom and gloom here every time.
        Of cus Martinelli recovered from his ACL and he says he’s fit. Who am I to
        dispute his statements, but also who am I to dispute the coach if he thinks Martinelli isn’t fit enough to play.
        Martinelli if fit doesn’t mean he’s fit enough to play, that’s why the club has doctors in case you don’t know.
        Now run along, go look for someone else to give your bad vibes and energy.
        When I want to sulk,moan and get depressed I’ll come discuss football with you.
        Now run along

        1. I am not running anywhere your lordship. Give bad vibes and energy? As if yours are good.

          You can just say your views without complaining about complainers. People have the right to be displeased and even more right to say so.

          If you want people to think what you want and say what you want to hear then you are going to moan about moaners infinitely.

          I can understand about complaining in a matchday article with the game still ongoing..but on every article afterwards?

          And a true support is both in good and bad times. Its ironic that you would stay away in bad spell and come back to complain about moaners when the team wins. At least they are there in both times.

          1. I left you a reply on the Martinelli article…… you said Aston Villa missed relegation by 1 point, and they’re now ahead of us on the log. So I ask you, did they achieve that by firing their coach?. Because if that’s the case, it would be easy to understand why you and the others want Arteta sacked.

          2. “At least they are there in both times.”

            I will not immerse myself in your debate (apart from this small point) but your line I quoted is definitely not entirely true with regards to JA, lots of users on here complain about lineups pre match and/or if we are losing/lost but go silent when we turn around a deficit and/or win.

          3. AY75 sorry I haven’t revisited the article so I have not seen your reply yet. You raise a good point there. I don’t want Arteta released now but at the end of the season if there is no European football. I have given him my support until recently when the results made me think he is not the one. If he win games then he will have my full support. In the end I am the supporter of the club and not an individual.

            I judge by the past and present and you judge by potential. Each of us have our own views but ultimately we want the same thing. Only time will tell if Arteta is the one.

          4. Yes I know DTM. In our last game though I didn’t complain about lineup I took a dig at Mikel but shut up after the turnaround. I would like for him to shut me up on a regular basis.

            What I meant is the run of games. The moaners are there in our winning runs and they are there in our losing runs. It is rich for someone to disappear in the losing runs and come back when things are good and complain about moaners lack of support. It would be nice for him to fight the dark vibes in our losing runs and teach the moaners about proper support.

            I am one of those who want Martinelli included I don’t need inside medical knowledge of players to say that. Martinelli himself has said he is fit yet if we say we want to see him play its because we want what we want?

            What I have seen is some wanting to control the narration and others should just agree with their opinions otherwise they are armchair managers.

            I was not commenting yet in time of Emery sacking but based on comments I have read most of those who wanted Emery are the most supportive of Arteta and most of them don’t want others to say otherwise.

            So I would assume in Emery second season anyone who was in support of him was an armchair manager too?

          5. @DTM you’re right……… this site is usually flooding with comments whenever we lose, and the player ratings come a lot sooner. I don’t think there’s been a player ratings article since the last game. Correct me if I’m wrong.

          6. @HH….. Arteta seems to be making progress with this team in my opinion (Pepe is showing improvement, Xhaka as well, and our defenders too) the sideways passes is sickening to watch, yes, but we all know it’s been there before Wenger left, and it even continued into Emery’s tenure, we’ve always had problems breaking down teams that sit back, not like it’s a new trend under Arteta. Besides, we were painful to watch under Emery, especially in the twilight of his Arsenal stint, and the players didn’t seem to be playing for him. Only occasionally did we play with brilliance under Emery (Spuds, Fulham and Leicester springs to mind). And even during the run of 21 games unbeaten, it was obvious we weren’t exactly playing well. It’s not easy to just get a team performing to it’s full capacity in a heartbeat. It’s going to take time. This however is not to absolve Arteta of blame, his line-up and substitution can be weird at times, and if we had lost to Benfica, I would probably want him gone too, but like I said earlier, I feel he’s making progress, and with the right signings come summer, we should be able to challenge on all front again. COYG! Onwards and upwards.

          7. HH yeah I agree with some of your points there but…

            “What I meant is the run of games. The moaners are there in our winning runs and they are there in our losing runs. It is rich for someone to disappear in the losing runs and come back when things are good and complain about moaners lack of support.”

            The moaners are there in the winning runs and losing runs yes but not to support, to vent there personal frustrations, even when we win comments are laced with insults. It’s much easier to come on here to have a rant at the team with the majority than to show unwavering support only to be blasted as a deluded arteta fan boy hence why eddie chooses to save his time and stress levels. It severely grinds a person down.

            And I reiterate, a fair bunch of the complainers are infact not here both for the winning and losing, hence why there are generally more comments on a loss than a win.

          8. Oh Chief AOB, I support my team when they lose and when they win.
            When they lose I try not to cry and whine like a kid and I keep the faith, trusting them to turn it around the next game and the following. That is how you support your team. Not whine every every day looking for people to blame for not winning.
            That is the difference between you and I, while you want to jump at the players and coach each game after losing i prefer to keep quiet and keep the faith while I voice my support when we win because it’s a joyful thing.
            I don’t need to moan and blame people every single day just to tell myself that I’m being a supporter

          9. DTM bro he’s never gonna accept or understand it. Like you said, we hardly see them when the team isdoingy good. The proof is on this site. We win and 70-90 comments, we lose then 150+ comments, all guns blazing, blaming players, blaming coach, whining bout everything instead of just showing unwavering support like you said.
            Also like AY75 said, we’re yet to get player ratings from the game in Sunday, but the moment we lose, everything comes in flood.
            I won’t stress myself with that wave of negativity and dull spirits every weekend.
            They can choose to liv like that if they want to

          10. I hear you eddie, my activity on this site is in decline too as I cant take the headache, which is a shame though because I’m still isolating and dont really have another outlet to discuss the team I love with fellow fans.

            SueP is another example of someone who had enough on here, havent seen her in months which is such a shame, she was a nice lady 😔

        2. DTM yeah it’s been a while I saw her comment on here. I understand you bruv, you do you.
          Protect your sanity.
          I try to discuss football with my friends in a fun way, and we make jokes out of situations while looking forward, one thing we don’t do is bombard each other with negativity and complaints every time we want to discuss football. It kills the spirit and atmosphere. On here, that’s the number one thing, complaining and whining everyday, so it’s okay for you to reduce or limit your interactions on here.
          Do you bruv👌

          1. I’ve been reading your comment and you are my hero man. This moaners are tiring, and they only show up when it’s a negative article against the club or against the coach.
            I love your energy and vibe. And I can feel your tone, firing and passionate, I love it. Fickle fans and plastic ones everywhere.
            Even when we win, they’ll still tell you we were lucky. So annoying bunch.

      2. HH As the arch fantasist on here, when will you face the unpleasant truth. That is that you are the consistent,ly MOST PESSIMISTIC OF ALL fans and never find anything positive to say about our club.

        You moan constantly and refuse to see the clear truth that more mature and more worldly wise fans than you – being a young man – can see! It must be a real miseryfor you facing life in general with your consistently defeatest attitude.

        So my question to you is this: why do you bother coming on JA at all , just to be so relentlessly negative about the club you claim to love ?
        Cos your posts don’t shreik out to anyone that you love AFC at all. In fact, HH, the exact opposite. You are not a troll, so why write like one?

        1. I never have anything positive to say about the club? Really? Wasn’t you the one opposing me everytime I said our team is good enough to win the title? How is saying and believing our team can win the title negative? And how you opposing it saying we are not good enough positive?

          Can you give me clear examples of which negative things I have said about the club (keep in mind Arteta is not Arsenal)? While at it can you give me clear examples of which positive things YOU have said about the club?

          1. HH Eddie in his post to you higher up this thread has answered your question to meextremely well, so I cannot do better than refer you to him.
            As YOU seem to be alone in not agreeing that you are a consistent gloomster and as you have never yet listened to me, I see no point in saying more on that point. I will leave you to stew in your own negativity, which you alone fail to see.
            BTW, having fantasy illusions that we are title challengers is not positivity, nor negativity. It is fantasy delusions. Positive people are always realists. THAT is the difference HH!

            TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT but we all know which it will be . Don’t we!

      1. I miss Sue P too Defund. Hopefully she’ll still be lurking and will see your post. I used to try to post a lot more when things were going poorly but, like Eddie, I now tend to stay away more often than not when results aren’t there.

        Too much negativity disappoints me more than a bad result, life’s too short and other things fortunately too important for me to get sucked in.

        1. Your last paragraph says it all..
          We all derive joy from watching our team win. When we win we celebrate it, when we lose we keep quiet and hope for better next time not lose our sanity over something as mundane as football.
          The negativity is draining and stressful. Life’s too hard and short already 👌

        2. Yeah Trudeau I have noticed a decline in your post too, which is a shame as I’ve always enjoyed your content, your a well grounded and nice individual.

          Yeah I hope your right mate and she sees the posts and decides to come back, gonna start posting her name on more articles to try and make it happen lol 💪

          1. i didn’t know she had an argument sorry to hear that she was always positive and respectful like you said i hope she reads your comments and knows she was appreciated and will be welcomed back,keep up the good work!👍

          2. Cheers Defund. Right back at you.

            Would be good to see SueP back but not if it gives some folks a chance to pop off at her. Sadly she’s probably better off taking her optimistic Gooner outlook elsewhere.

        3. There’s been few of us who have stopped commenting in the last few months i don’t know about @SueP but all this constant negativity and other type of comments took their toll on my mental health it can be exhausting when you take most comments at heart or personally even after logging out I’d be still thinking about them i wish i could be like some of people who don’t seem to be affected or able to quickly forget about comments and move on!

          1. Yeah I’m on the same boat as you siamois, cheers for speaking up, it help 👊

            And yeah SueP was an avid JA user until she had an argument which was a straw that broke the camels back situation and she said I’m done, that was about 3 months ago, which is a shame, she was a nice woman with good content 😔

          2. siamois. Heartrending to hear your problem . Speaking as a toughened old fan who has dished out criticism and received loads too, can I suggest that ONLY YOU and presumably your nearest and dearest REALLY know you.

            Provided that in your private morals and life style you are a decent person, then taking any notice of the many hasty, judgemental and unkind comments you will always get on all social media are really water off a ducks back.

            That is an obvious fact but should also be a comfort to you. When you grow older you will worry far less about what others who do NOT know you ever think about you.

            We all need first and foremost the self respect that living to a moral code in our own lifestyle will always bring us all. As to those others – does it really matter what they think! MANY OF THEM DON’T THINK, IN ANY CASE, THEY MERELY CRITICISE.


    3. Martinelli didn’t suffer an ACL injury, he had a meniscal tear. Also saying that a twisted ankle is a red flag for neuromuscular disease is frankly ridiculous. But i agree we should not be rushing our talented kids.

  2. Smith-Rowe is still 20, so we shouldn’t be worried of his injuries yet. I’m more concerned of Tierney

    Besides, a good right-footed CAM isn’t rare to find and we’ve got plenty of CAMs at our disposal

  3. ESR and KT is a worry for me though. We should get adequate cover for those two. Next transfer window should be a busy one 🤞hopefully.

  4. Worth mentioning Wilshere was interviewed in the Daily Mail last week, by J.Redknapp, and admitted his biggest regret is not listening to the physios when he was younger.
    Martinelli can tell the world he’s fit all he likes, he’s not a qualified medical professional.
    Hopefully Odegaard helps stop us overplaying ESR so his body can get used to the rigours of the game as he grows into himself.

    1. Philly, thank goodness you came up with this in your own. Before they say I talk like I know stuff.
      Martinelli says he’s fit means he’s qualified to pass himself fit for football?
      I watched the boy give us an injury scare in a game after returning, only to twist his ankle the following game before kick off because be pushes himself too much, then I’m to accept he’s ready to play just because he said he’s fit?
      His he some sort of Super hero whose body doesn’t need the usual 7-12 months duration to heal?

      1. Well spoken @Eddie life is too short to fill ourselves with negativity after a poor performance i tend to busy myself with other matters and hope for an improved outing by the team. But it seems people forget the most basic thing that football is just a GAME we all enjoy

    2. Very fair comment in general and it MAY well hold water . But equally well, it MAY not. Always dangerous comparing two totally different individuals, I suggest, as we are all different, thank goodness.

      For what its worth, I feel MARTINELLI, runs his lifestyle better and more healthily than ever did JACK when he was that age. That will prove to be a big difference I suspect.

  5. No matter what. Arsenal just don’t have enough players to step up and give key or 1st team players a decent rest. Our backup players are mostly inconsistent n…

  6. Gentlemen, this is a unique season in the history of our game due to the pandemic .With games, coming thick and fast,is it any wonder players are being hit by muscle injuries in particular.I don’t think ESR not KT are particularly injury prone compared with the likes of Diabi or Wilshere.Virtually every team has suffered this season , with the likes of Man City and Liverpool suffering as much as WBA and Sheffield Utd.In response to the simple question asked in the article, my answer is no.Like many others on the site I miss the wise comments which invariably flowed from the keys of SueP.Her departure should be a lesson to us all.After all we are all Arsenal supporters and it costs nothing to be respectful.

    1. Grandad, you are right about the physical demands on young still developing bodies of training and playing contact sport. Imagine still being competitive in all competitions, including the Cups? That is why a club needs both quantity and quality in a squad.
      Arsenal has three rising stars in Kieran Tierney, Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli, who have not yet fully developed physically. If they want to have long careers, they should heed the advice of the Club’s medical experts and note the experience of Wilshere. A player is not the best person to assess their fitness to play, thus Martinelli’s comments, must be downgraded compared to those of the Club’s experts.
      It should be remembered that Tierney came to Arsenal from Celtic recovering from double hernia operation unrelated to football.
      In addition the 2020/21 season has been unusual because of the short turnaround, which limited pre season strengthening and conditioning and eliminated trial games.
      All of Arsenal’s players, particularly Tierney, ESR and Martinelli will benefit from being that bit older, their bodies more developed and stronger due to a full pre season of targeted strengthening and conditioning training.
      The last thing Arsenal needs to do is over play them, especially carrying injuries and burn them out before they are fully developed.

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