Should Welbeck be worried about his Arsenal future? Or not?

With rumors linking the club with players like Aubameyang and Vidal, it will surely put many squad members on notice. Danny Welbeck may not be hearing the warning bell yet but he would surely be thinking about the possibilities.

When Welbeck moved from Manchester United to Arsenal, it surprised many people. Fans, ex-players and his team mates expressed sadness in various degrees of surprise. United ex-player Gary Neville even went to the extent of slamming the decision to sell Welbeck to one of the ‘title challenging competitors’.

It is another matter that United fell apart and could never really challenge for EPL trophy. Welbeck and Arsenal went on to give a tough fight to Chelsea till the very end. But, this is not what Welbeck joined the club for. He would dearly love to win trophies.

He scored eight times in his debut season. This includes a memorable winner in the FA cup quarter final against former club United. The goal must have answered all his critics and also vindicated his stand that he has got many years at the top.

Injury has plagued his season, however. And once Olivier Giroud returned from injury, the central striker role went back to the French man. It is no secret that Welbeck left United to play in a more central role than on the wings.

Wenger knows that the value of Welbeck is much more than goals. His ability to bring the strikers into play, keep the defenders glued to him and run past defenders easily makes Welbeck an asset every manager craves for.

But, the jury is still out on Welbeck. His first season is not an entirely disappointing one. Goals may not have come to the extent expected but stranger things have happened to much more established players.

May not be a right comparison but even Gareth Bale struggled for goals at Real Madrid. For many, Welbeck is the most underrated player in the entire Premier League.

Now with the talk of a new striker being the target, should that put Welbeck on notice? Not exactly; because being linked to a striker is like daily breakfast for Gunners. And even if a striker is signed, it would only mean healthy competition for places.

But, Welbeck has to prove that he is worth the money Wenger splashed. If he can add a bit of goals to his work rate, it would make him an indispensable figure in the squad. This could be the year for Welbeck to prove his naysayers wrong.


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  1. welbeck is average and will never get any better. i have said this before and will forever say it.

    1. All of them are average strikers at best (I did’t give up on welback)…. Even though it’s still early on the transfer window, I can see wenger gonna overlook the urgency of signing top striker, I see it coming….

      1. Mate, the problem is that there are a very few excellent WC ST in the market right now. Except we go for Cavani. Benzema? Am not very sure he is far better. If there are many, Chelsea will not be muting Falcoa idea. How is Hulk doing now? I’ve not heard of him of recent. I just hope somebody(like Akpom) will step up this season just like Le coq.

        1. @Godswill
          You are right, there are not world class goal scorers in the market that will be guaranteed success.. I can only think of messi, ronaldo, suarez, aguero, lewandoski, tevez and neymar as the only goal scorers that will guaranteed hits at the moment and would be worth any investment but they can’t be bought. Even cavani, costa, benzema, higuain, falcao, ibrahimovic, martinez, dzeko, bacca would still be a slight risk even though we know what they are capable of , as you have to consider their prices and ages, not to talk of people like lacazette, benteke, bony, griezman, icardi, dybala, vietto, kane. They have a 50/50 chance of been a hit or a flop and that is why signing any striker has to be well thought out.

    2. He’s Like the Apple Watch, looks good, doesn’t really serve a purpose. Every time i see him in action i think wow, then i ask myself what did he actually do? Most of the time a few promising runs no end product..Unfortunately to challenge for the league or honors you need someone who can be effective he is not… I personally like him, but till he produces a substantial amount of goals or assists, he’s days are numbered.

    3. STFU, @Kenyanfan. What the hell do you mean h will never get any better? How old is he? How long has he played for us? How often did Fergie play him as a striker? Did u watch him against Madrid while at MUFC??? WTF!!! I say Danny should chill. Giroud is good, but he’d soon make way for Danny, if sentiments don’t blind Arsene. For now, Danny may be struggling, but he’s done quite well.

    4. Welbeck needs another year to show us the real danny. Trust me he will become a super sub and may even start quiet a few welbeck I trust

  2. Welbeck is not a striker. he is a left forward.Welbeck has never scored 10 goals in his career. call me crazy but i don’t see that chganging too much If Welbeck is a reson we are not buying a striker then we should be ready to embrace 3rd or 4th place.
    If you wnat to play for a big club then you must accept competition. Welbeck needs to work extremly hard on his composure and finishing. But I don’t see Welbeck becoming a Super striker. he is a very good player. But thats about it.

    And please Wlbeck is not underated. For a guy who doesn’t score so many goals I think 16m was huge. I think he had 4 league goals last season. Welbeck makes Theo walcott goal scoring record to look like Pele. Theo had more premier league goals than Welbeck and that say alot. After coming from ACL.

    1. Just an FYI: Wenger didn’t buy Welbeck, from what I read he was bought without Wenger knowing.

      Think it was meant to be a loan or something and if that was the case Welbecks first season would of proved Wenger right for not wanting a permanent move.

      I don’t really care about a striker that crates moments of magic, only one that takes his chances.
      That means we would of beat, Monaco, Man United and Man city.

      1. Our midfield is top class, we need someone to convert those chances, doesn’t need to be some flashy player.
        Surely someone fits that description.

      2. er…didnt welbeck scored v Manu and then we neat them for the FA cup?
        Givethe due credit to the guy. Being his former club i say the gy has cold blood.
        Just sayin

  3. Yes. He should be worried. Even with current crop of attackers there will likely be few chances for him to start. If Arsenal get any attackers at all through transfer….. I can’t see any way he breaks in.

    His best chance for playing time is through either marked improvement or another massive attack of injuries.

      1. We spent 16 mil on Welbeck, so we can sell him to Man City for 40 mill. #HomeGrown #IvanKnowsBusiness #WarChest

        1. Ivan for money sake cash in on Giroud…even the refs are faster then him! The slow coach is pushing 30 and cant see him getting any better scoring wise apart from may be off the field. #Hairychest

  4. I like the peru striker, in the few games I’ve seen he really stands out. But arsenal will never sign him and fans won’t want him because his not a big name yet.

  5. Wellbeck is a great athlete. Perhaps hurdles or 200Metres is more his thing because it is not being a striker/top footballer and I think we should be looking to buy the best (a.k.a already proficient and not another work in progress).

    He has been a professional footballer/forward for some time now and he does not have the necessary touch, technique or vision and ability to score goals.

    yes he tries, and gives 100% effort but so would I. Doesn’t mean he should be a regular forward for a big club like AFC IMO!

    1. With you on that Arse.
      Why spend that cash on him, maybe Akpom could have done the same job or Afobe and would of gotten experience.

      1. It’s easy, cause welbeck has a huge upside in regards to goals and being top class CF. If he’s always a 10-12 goal a season player (all comps) then £16m is not bad seeing a lot of his best attributes are intangible and he’s homegrown

  6. OFF TOPIC**

    If we can’t sign Vidal, i’d be really happy with William Carvalho. He would be a fantastic addition to compete with le coq or to partner him in tough away games. I would love him here because:
    1. he’s still young
    2. he’s strong
    3. his height will add some power in midfield and help us in set piece situations (defending and attacking)
    4. he keeps the ball moving
    The only critisism i have heard about him is that he’s from the portuguese league. Lets not forget, Chelsea (re)signed Matic from the portuguese league and look at him now.

  7. I keep reading that Napoli are demanding 95mil for Higuain.

    Let’s see…….. 35mil for Sanchez, 95mil for a player with less talent. Sure. Sounds good.

    They might as well put some fantasy price on his head – something like 800 gazillion martian-gold bricks.

  8. Welbeck is a winger, not a CF

    Keep him on the wing to focus and improve and make Podolski our third striker if we can’t sell him. Podolski is much better finisher than Welbeck

    That said I will never forget Welbeck’s game winning goal at Old Trafford to knock United out of FA Cup. Classic

    1. He is not brilliant at being a winger either is he now?

      Griezmann, Reus, robben, bale,hazard, ribery, Pedro, sterling, navas etc…

      All better.

      AW needs to acknowledge he bought a dud and move forward/change things. Otherwise with tryers alone we will always be also rans.

  9. he has room for improvement so he should be worried about him improving but the football world knows we need a cf to convert out numerous chances to goals.. Hope wenger is cech…ng!

  10. His competition is Giroud and Walcott. He does not need to worry about the BS transfer rumors that so many people at this site obsess over. Arsenal will not sign an established striker. Theo is the new striker. Like it or not that is the reality,

  11. I’m actually quite bored of all the transfer speculation at the moment. Will be happier once we know where we stand. Then I can rant and complain on here for certain 😀

    Re: Welbeck. Good squad player; great athlete who will run the channels all day long; has a poor first touch compared to many of his contemporaries. Joining a top-10 side would see him more or less guaranteed starts, but if he stays at Arsenal he’ll still be playing fairly often. Let’s face it, there’s no guarantee that we’re getting a striker. There’s no stone-wall guarantee that we’re even targeting one; the overwhelming majority of these rumours are most probably being started by rogue entities looking to boost players’ value for any clubs that ARE lining up bids for them.

    1. He did splash it on a kid named chamber who playeded only like 18 epl games before joining us … He isn’t too smart … Nothing wrong with the lads but he was overprised

      1. Good replay, @No-Giroud. Meh, I wonder why people think Wenger was among the wise men that went to see Jesus.

  12. I am disappointed by the lack of support shown here. I’d have Danny over Sturridge, Balotelli or Jovetic.

    And yes he is a CF being used on the wing.

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