Should Wenger copy Barca boss and stop Arsenal guessing?

Well here we all are, still waiting for some indication about whether Arsenal will be playing under a new manager next season if Arsene Wenger decides to listen to the frustration of the fans and our calls for change or whether he decides to sign a new contract and stay in north London for another year, or two, or four!!!

The Frenchman has intimated that he will make his decision this month or next and we can only guess what he is waiting for. Perhaps a chance to win the FA cup final at Wembley in May to make Arsenal and the man himself the most successful club and coach in the competition’s long and distinguished history.

Whether that would make him stay or go is just as unsure, but most of us would like to know one way or another as soon as possible. There is a theory that an early announcement of his exit would be bad for the team but I do not and Wenger does not appear to either, as a Sky Sports report about his answers to the rumours linking him with the Barcelona job makes clear.

Luis Enrique has already announced his own intention to leave the Spanish La Liga champions at the end of this season, which is the reason Wenger was asked about his desire to take over at the Nou Camp, and the Arsenal boss denied that this would be bad for the players and even suggested it might help.

He said, “No not really, I believe that the players have their own targets, the team targets, I don’t think that can be detrimental, it can be positive as well.”

In that case Arsene, why not follow his lead. If you are going to go surely it would be better if the club knew as soon as possible in order to look for a replacement no?



  1. Arsenal007 says:

    Change is the only constant thing in life. As a team, Arsenal should not be scared of change.
    Truth is that even if Wenger remains with Arsenal till he’s 100, he’ll probably die of old age one day (not wishing him bad in any way). But if that happens, what do we do? Resurrect him from the dead for another century because we’re scared of change?

  2. arsenal_canada says:

    Any news on the alexis situation? Last I heard he turned down our 180k offer(don’t blame him).

  3. Tas says:

    We as fans and rest of the world outside the closed doors of our club might not need to know but if the board don’t know by now we are in deep shi7, i’m referring to Ivan Gazidis comment where his said they ” the board” are waiting for an answer from AW for a while now regarding weather he will stay or leave WOW i bet every manager would like to be in that position ” job for a life”

  4. Jansen says:

    I think part of the reason our psychologically fragile squad is underperforming and having difficulty showing motivation is because of all the uncertainty surrounding the club. The three main players when it comes to impact on outcome, Wenger, Sanchez and Ozil all have uncertain futures. IMO this has put a cloud over the clubs head and opened the door for distractions away from the field, be it newspaper articles speculating about who’s leaving and why, who wants how much, will the club be finished if Sanchez leaves etc. This is damaging.

    Leave or stay but Wenger should create clarity about his future soon and if he stays he should decide if he wants Sanchez to stay or not and sign him up if he wants him to stay. Sanchez at 250 per week is market vaue. If 180 is all you want to pay your best and most important player you can forget about major trophies. If he stays I don’t think it will be difficult to sign Ozil but do it if that’s what you want. The young guys in the squad need a boost and might very well be happy if Ozil and Wenger stay so you might as well create that posetive.

    If you plan on leaving that might also have a positive impact in two ways, some players might want to repay Wenger for his undoubted loyalty and start making some effort and some players might start to play for the next manager so they might also increase their effort.

    One way or the other all the uncertainty about these three guys doesn’t help IMO.

  5. Midkemma says:

    Wenger always leaves it late to sign a new contract, he has done it before and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is doing it again now.

    It is strange though that last time Wengers contract was close to running out we spent big at the WC and got Alexis along with a few English players. In Fact Ivan appeared to have a fever and wanted to splash some cash :O Signed Welbeck when Wenger only wanted to loan him. The club could look like they wanted to win stuff after that transfer window, more so when we think about Ozil the year before.

    Wenger signed.

    Cech was our only signing the following year… WTF happened to the clubs ambition????

    Hang on, is there a pattern?

    Year before Wenger signed in 2014 we bought Ozil and then in the crunch year we spent big.
    This time around, a year before and we spent on getting Xhaka and Mustafi and now crunch year…

    I don’t think Wenger should say now if he is leaving or staying, not if he is using his contract to try and force some ambition from the board… As I do not know if he is then I can guess one way or the other.
    I HOPE he is pushing the club to be more ambitious because if he is and we all slandered him then we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

    If my hope is correct then Ozil and Alexis backing Wenger along with Bellerin rumored to be looking to move if Wenger leaves will only give Wenger more power in the contract negotiations as we can all guess what Silent Stans primary concern is… profit.

    Also if Alexis and Ozil are not signing due to ambition concerns rather than money then how is Wenger going to resolve that? He needs to make sure we sign some quality. He has his contract as a bargaining tool…

    We do not know the politics of Arsenal FC as well as we would like.
    I honestly thought we had a better chance of progressing when Dein was at the club, for me he was the soul of Arsenal and Wenger got a lot of credit for this, how can I be surprised that AFC has dropped as a CLUB when they lost the soul that drove them onto bigger and better things?

    I am an Arsenal fan and I will support our players and manager, I will voice my displeasure against the people who can make things happen, the board. If they sack Wenger then I will support the new manager, if Wenger stays then I will support him in the job. I am more concerned about seeing a lack of action from the board over if Wenger will sign or not.

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