Should Wenger force his Arsenal contract rebels to stay – or cash in?

Along with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, Arsenal fans are still awaiting to learn about the contract situation of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, with Liverpool reported to be keen on talking the 24 year-old to Anfield.

But according to reports today, Arsene Wenger is blankly refusing to sell any of his stars to direct rivals for the title, which means that Alex would have to look further afield for a new club, or simply play out his contract and leave for free next summer.

If this is true then Jurgen Klopp will crank up his attempt to sign Naby Keita from RB Leipzig, although that won’t be easy either after the Leipzig sporting director Ralf Rangnick made it clear that Keita won’t be sold – at any price. “We will definitely not be letting any key players go. There’s nothing that will make us budge,” he said.

“It’s totally normal for clubs to be interested in our players, but that doesn’t affect our stance on the matter.”

I am sure Wenger would love to frustrate Klopp even further by blocking the sale of the Ox, but the situation could develop into a Walcottesque “sign Da Ting” situation during the next campaign while Chamberlain goes further into the new season without putting pen to paper, which is also possibility with Alex Sanchez if Wenger refuses to let the Chilean get his dream move to Man City….

Do you think we should cash in on any contract rebels or force them to stay against their will?



  1. I would make them stay and rott on the bench, no players are bigger than the club even if they r the best players

      1. He should be forced to stay and respect his contract. People saying he should be sold to the highest bidder even if it is Man City are talking crap . If peradventure he goes to City and they in turn win the league, fans will still abuse Wenger at the end saying it was because of him selling Sanchez. Force him to stay or sell him abroad. Period.

  2. Ox will surely stay, he should relax and let us sort the attacking four 1st, then we will extend his contract and that of ozil’s. but for sanchez? i don’t know for now if he will stay or leave but if he’s going to leave for only city then we should either sell him for £60 million and use the money and add more to try for Mbappe which looks unlikey, or Just swap the deal with Aguero and Arsenal pays the agent of Aguero while city pays the agent of Sanchez. With securing Lemar, Lacazatte and Aguero , ozil then we will have a good attacking 4.

  3. He should not let any of them to leave especially Sanchez even it amounts keeping him against his wish. Allowing Sanchez to join City will surely dampen the positive mood already at the club. Seriously, I don’t care how he does it, but he needs to keep all our players. Can’t wait to see an attacking line of Sanchez, Lemar, Lacazette and Ozil! No defence can withstand that. COYG

  4. Come what may Wenger has to hold onto alexis! He can let debuchy go. Gibbs has to stay for me. He is a utility player and can be used to play wing back,left back and left wing if need be tactically.
    Maybe one or two departures thats it. Our squad is never big enough due to injuries during the season.
    For those of you interested. AFC targets apart from Lemar are:
    bernard leno

  5. We lost Cesc and still got into top 4. Lost RVP and the same. Same with Nasri etc etc.

    And top 4 isn’t even good enough. Yet these contract rebels can’t even get into top 4 and do the bare minimum but want Messi wages.

    Get rid. He just signed a player for big money. I’m sure he’ll find others. No need to keep players that don’t want to be gooners.

    1. Robin VanPayslip am sure you’ll be the first person to abuse Wenger if they eventually win the league at the end of the season. He must not be sold to a rival.

      1. Not really. I don’t expect Wenger to win the league as 5th to 1st is too far and therefore I don’t think Wenger, by the same logic, could hand anyone the league and also unlike the RVP scenario, in today’s league one player isn’t going to swing it.

        If you re-read my post you will see that I am saying very simply that these players are not bigger than the club as this is the lowest the club has been for over two decades. The players are a part of that. So if Wenger can attract someone like Lacazette then I think he can attract more. Better to have those players than ones that think they are amazing yet are partially responsible for this message we are in right now.

      2. We won few cup with out robin van payslip dont remember winning when he was rolling at arsenal

  6. Has Sanchez forgotten that Arsene Wenger rescued him from sitting on the bench at Barcelona ??
    Sell the ungrateful git at £100 million to Citeh or £50 million to an overseas club !!!! No player is bigger than the club ! As for Barcelona chasing Bellerin Arsenal should report them to FIFA for “tapping up” at the very least unsettling the player mind you as it is Barcelona just a slap on the wrist would be the punishment !!
    GET RID OF SANCHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think we gotta keep spending buy the players we need.. we all know we need a strong tackling DM maybe another CB but I think he will stick with holding and chambers to compete with the others.. signing lemar will be tough but a decent signing.. but it will be the same as martial going to utd.. we dipped our toes in offered a low price.. Same as what we have apparantly offered for lemar is to low.. then utd came in offered more money and performance based instalments and got the deal done we gonna need to offer 45-50mil up front and prob 10-15mil in instalments to even temp Monaco into selling.. but surely we can offer that? We have the backing apparently so let’s proove it..

    Then surely we need to be getting rid of

    Coqeluin/ el neny
    Wilshire (maybe)
    Giroud (if we sign mbappe) lol!!

    I fill these are 2 formations with our 1st choice players for the position

    Bellerin kos mustafi kolasnic
    Xhaka Ramsey
    Lemar (if we get him) ozil Sanchez

    2nd formation

    Mustafi kos monreal
    Ox kolasnic
    Xhaka Ramsey
    Ozil Sanchez

    Either way I look at it we need someone to play with xhaka.. as long as he keeps him temper next season I think will see a smarter player.. we need someone who can break up the play and give the ball to xhaka so he can spray those passes.. Ramsey is a good squad player tho


  8. I would have loved to see Sanchez stay, but if he is asking the fantastic wages that are reported, then we could get get better value by signing several class player like Mahrez, Lemar etc.
    If Sanchez was paid £300,000+ per week, what would that do to the other players in the squad on very much lower wages; it could be a disruptive move in the changing room.
    I think to get £50,000 for him now (but not to another PL team) would be better than making him run out his contract with him moping about all season and then leaving for free
    I would like to see the Ox stay though; he was finally starting to realise his potential at the end of the season.

  9. if they are after the money.Let them go and win the lottery elsewhere.Its too bad that even at this stage they are not contented with what they have when they came from such humble backgrounds.
    Why did these players come to us in the first place?
    Let them leave if they arent pleased with us because they have also failed us at times.And chances are whatever club they go to will get fed up with them eventually.Cesc and van persie looked like they were from out of this world when they played for us and now where are they?Goodbye alexis and ox we will be watching you in the mls after two years

  10. swoop sanchez with one of real madrid wantaways, bale, james, morata.
    we get a good player for sanchez
    sanchez gets his dream move
    real get an upgrade

  11. With so many players on free in a years time, or wanting out, it makes zero financial sense to keep them around. I’ve always said, if a player wants out, sell them asap. We should be cashing in on the likes of Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, and getting better players. If Sanchez wants out, then get £50 million and reinvest it.

    1. I agree, if they don’t want to sign, sell them and buy a player who wants to play for the club.
      Ramsey will sign a new contract so there is no point talking about him leaving.
      Hopefully they can keep Ox
      Wilshere doesn’t want to sit on the bench so sell.
      Özil is just after money. Sell him because he doesn’t deserve a pay rise on last seasons performance.
      Sanchez may stay if Arsenal sign some quality. If not, cash in to an overseas club rather than let him go to Man City or Chelsea for free.

  12. The fact that some certain players keep as for randsom is proof that we as a club are not good enough. We should make players want to play for us and not question them if we as a team are worth their time.

    We are not in the lvl of keeping star players, and we should avoid them and focus in emulating Spurs.

  13. Trouble is, we are all going off what we hear in the press, and who knows if it is true? As far as I can see IF Arsenal are offering AS 300k, it makes no sense for him to go to Citeh. Citeh will not pay him 400k, as that is almost double their maximum salary at the moment and would irritate the other pre madonnas, he would not be the star at Citeh, and could not guarantee being played every week, I don’t think Citeh will win either the EPL or CL next year they weren’t even close last year, he would cut off all his ties completely with Arsenal by moving to Citeh – no Arsenal Legend, no contact with the club after his playing days are over, which a lot of players find very important. Citeh will just use him and bin him. They were 3 points ahead of us last year, and we had an awful year, so he won’t we moving to winners by any stretch of the imagination. The only thing is, that they are in the CL, but they didn’t even get further than us last year, playing much weaker opposition, against Monaco!

  14. There is no point in forcing Sanchez to stay…only for him to put in mesiocre performances and walking away 12 months later for nothing. Sell him now and get money for a replacement who will play like he cares.

  15. @Third man JW, have you heard of Lacazette, Mehrez, Kolasinic, Lemar etc. These are players that want to play for arsenal. please try to be factual with what you say. Do you think coaches like Jose, Pep and Conte will keep Oxlade Chamberlain and be patient with him during his formative years. Wenger kept faith with him and all he gets is disloyalty. As for Sanchez, i have said enough already but people like kg gunner crank me up when they say Sanchez is bigger than arsenal. With all due respect that is most idiotic thing to say. Where are the Rinaldo de Lima of this world, The great Pele, Diego Maradona, Robato etc the beautiful game of football left them in the past so too the clubs they represented. In five to ten years Alexis Sanchez will be history and ARSENAL as a club will live on. I’m not for keeping Sanchez against his will because if we don’t loss him now we will loss him when his contract expires and then we won’t have any control where he goes. The money from his sale is needed to recruit players that will play for us for the next five years. what’s the guarantee we will win the league if he stays on.

    1. If he wants to go abroad – fine, but not to a rival. We enabled Manure to win the PL by doing that, and we don’t need to do it again. We don’t even know his thoughts, all we have is the newspapers. Everyone was turning against Bellerin as well, until he said something. Let’s judge when we know the facts. Whatever anyone may think about him, we would’ve finished a lot lower without him last year, and we are basing all our feelings on heresay.

    2. There is no option where he goes anyway – no one but Citeh are willing to entertain his wages and he won’t go to China. Who are we going to buy for 50m? You can’t even get Lukaku for that. One thing we know is AS will play his heart out wherever he is, of course none of us like the lack of loyalty, but we have to adapt to today’s world, because we can’t go back. On paper, if Arsenal is offering him 300k, with the improved squad, it should be a no brainer for him, but let’s know the facts before we judge.

  16. If we sell sanchez to man city and they keep aguero fit for the season wit jesus and de brunye were selling them the league title same way we sold van persie we effectivly soldthe league title to Manchester United

  17. If Sanchez,Ozil and Ox wants to go, Wenger should allow them to go..sell Sanchez for £80-£100m ..Ozil for £60-£80m ..Ox for £30-£50m. Get James Rodriguez, Lemar and Mahrez.

  18. Make them stay. Arsenal need to get their shit together. Sit down with The ox. Let Arsene figure what his best position is and develop him there. What the ox thinks might not be best. (look at Kolo, thierry even alexis)
    Sit with alexis what does he really want? if it is winning the champions league he aint gonna do that with city or bayern. He should move to spain (but none of the top clubs need him.)
    If he wants money then he should go to china.
    Convince him to sign a new contract with a clause to be sold abroad next season or something.

    Also, get rid of all the deadwood. debuchy gibbs, jenkinson etc

  19. Tough…..letting Sanchez go……..especially to a local rival may come to haunt Arsenal…….Van Persie 2.0……….. keeping an unhappy player is never a good thing………..if we can get nearly what Sanchez contributed potentially from another player……I say sell him to the highest bidder……or let him stay till the end of his contract….and consider both situations as a loss from a high quality signing that didn’t pan out………otherwise pay him close to what he wants with emphasis on performance……..even without another signing Arsenal can win the league title and the champions league if Sanchez stays…..

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