Should Wenger get one more year to find his successor as Arsenal boss?

Even though Arsene Wenger said this weekend that he is not quite ready to ‘get a rest’ from the Arsenal manager’s job just yet, it has not stopped the rumour mill from conjuring up new candidates and possibilities about who could replace him or how the transition could be handled.

With the lack of any obvious successor at the moment, a new idea has been thrown up by the Gunners legend Martin Keown suggesting that Arsene himself should be given a simple one-season extension, and therefore give him the time to pinpoint the man to replace him. “My gut feeling is that he’ll stay and then it’s really how long he’ll stay for,” said Keown. “I imagine he’ll be given more time but I think maybe only one more season.

“Then the club can row back from that if they need to. If he was to win the Champions League or the league they could look at extending it again.

“But to get everyone on board and for the fans to buy into it, it would be like a one season to go, one more season for Wenger, and it would give the great man the time he deserves.”

“The problem you have is Arsene Wenger is a very special individual. You’re inspired when you’re in his company,”

“The board and the people around him, the decisions they’ve made, he’s had a huge influence in those, so they can’t just snatch him away.

“He has to help the club decide when the right moment is. We are getting closer to that. It’s the timing of his exit that needs to be planned.

“If he was to go at the end of the season I’m not sure the club would be ready. Which manager they would turn to?

“We’ve seen Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola arrive at Liverpool and City and they’ve not been successful either in terms of winning trophies.”

Well what do you think of that? Personally I think it would be great if Wenger spent a year pinpointing his successor, or even appointing someone this summer and keeping Wenger on as a mentor for a season to teach the new arrival the intricacies of running the club?

Do you agree or do you think we should have a straight split and the new boss has full control immediately?



  1. bran99 says:

    you know he will be getting more 8m a year! what are we gonna get? more heart rates?

  2. Bobbyraz says:

    from now till the end of the season is enough time to find a better replacement, we don’t need more heartbreak

  3. Disturbance says:

    He should leave and he shouldn’t have a say in who comes in. Just look what happened to the chosen one at Man Utd. I don’t want to be pesimistic but Bayern will expose us and Arsene will not take the blame as he should once again. If he really feels his job is to make us happy, he can do us all a favour and leave!

  4. RSH says:

    If He is going to leave announce around march so club has proper time to set up a replacement. No extra year, for what????

  5. nernlorg says:

    One more season! Rubbish! You are talking about adding one more failure to 13 failures! Since 2004 Man Utd have won five EPL titles, Chelsea are going for their fifth title during the same period, Man City, two, Leicester City one, Arsenal, zero! Since Chelsea were saved from going into administration in 2003, the football landscape in England has changed significantly but Arsene Wenger has remained stuck in the past and has not adapted to modern football management. He is incapable of building a team that will win the EPL ever again, let alone the Champions League. Those three EPL titles he won were given to him by David Dein, who did the buying of quality players. With Wenger’s ego, and having been made the supremo in managing and purchasing players, for get it.

    1. nernlorg says:

      Wenger’s ego is bigger than the club. We are sick and tired of this dictator! Arsenal must move on. You cannot expect instant success with a new manager, but at least the rest of the top managers in Europe are eager to win major honours, unlike Wenger, who is running a business empire!

      1. Admin says:

        I’m sure Klopp, Mourinho and Pep are all eager to win trophies too.
        How is that working out?

        1. rahul says:

          And ehat’s the league position of Simeone’s, Tuchels team in their respective leagues.. don’t tell me they have inferior players at their service compared to Arsene!!

          1. aluz says:

            You forgot to state how long those coaches you listed have stayed at their clubs compared to wenger and what percentage of those players were either bought or nurtured by them compared to Wenger’s squad.
            Like I said before, I still respect wenger but he has clearly lost his marbles and the most honourable this he should do is leave end of season.This will be good for him and the club.

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Why opting for a year extension when you’ll can be given another three years extension? I suppose the three years option will be the option Le Prof will consider to take at the end of this season and not the one year extension option. Right?

    All the talks of Le Prof likely going to leave Arsenal at the end of this season are just media and some football pundits wish talks and not those of the Arsenal board nor those of Le Prof’s I believe.

    I think as the faithful fans of the Arsenal fc, what should be our primary concern as of now is how Arsenal are going to catch Chelsea to the PL title this season. And beat Bayern Munich tomorrow night at the Allianz Arena in the first leg of the two legged encounters of the Ucl knockout stage match between them and us. And also how Arsenal will avoid being giant killed by the non League club side Sutton in the 5th of the FA Cup next week and not to be bothering ourselves with the issue of who should be the next Arsenal fc manager.

    Arsenal need our supports and prayers more than ever to succeed in lifting the three trophies they are still competing for this season. Gooners, please let’s give our unrivalled moral supports to Arsenal as they continue to compete in all three fronts.

  7. reddb10 says:

    The sad thing is taht we have so many people in the emirates that only know arsenal with wenger and therefore put him before the club.
    Every year we give him another year just for him to f##k it up. We are utterly screwed until wenger, gazidis and kroenke are all gone.

  8. DANDY GUNNER says:

    The Short Answer is a big fat NO.

  9. rahul says:

    Arsenal drew over both the legs against PSG & barca is 2 down before d half time… But but Wenger is shite! #WOBsLogic

    1. bran99 says:

      how many UCL and La Liga have Barcelona won and how many have your boss won? don’t talk about PSG matches while majority of fans are talking about Wenger’s failures not only against PSG, but for 13 years and counting. we don’t care how or against who does Barca lose, let’s care about our already sunk ship. So, does Barca 4-0 loss give Wenger a new contract? is that your logic sir? If it was Arsenal 4-0 Barcelona then I could say yes, you are making sense

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