Should Wenger keep his word and force Alexis to honour his contract?

The latest Arsenal transfer rumours are saying that Arsene Wenger has told Barcelona that Hector Bellerin is not for sale at any price, no matter how much he really wants to go back and rejoin his family in Cataluña. We know all too well how Le Prof feels about honouring contracts and as the young Spaniard has already committed himself to Arsenal for the next six years then he should not be allowed to change his mind on a whim.

Is this not also true of Alexis Sanchez? If you remember what Wenger said after the victory over Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final. He said: “Alexis Sanchez was like the team, he had problems to start with and became stronger and stronger. He is an animal, always ready to kill the opponent. He will never give up. He will be here next year because he has a contract with us and hopefully we will manage to extend it.”

So why should Wenger lie? The fact is that the Gunners will have a far better chance of winning the League next season if we keep Alexis and Ozil, and ALSO get in an exceptional striker to knock in the goals.

Arsenal are on of the Top Five richest clubs in the World, and can surely afford to let Alexis go next season on a free transfer. We asked the JustArsenal readers a month ago about the Alexis situation, and this was the final results of the poll…..

Should Arsenal cash-in on Sanchez or risk losing him for free next year?
Keep him no matter what (42%, 900 Votes)
Refuse to sell unless he moves abroad (33%, 707 Votes)
Sell him if terms fail (25%, 522 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,129

If Wenger really wants to get the fans back on board then he should put his foot down and make Alexis honour his contract. We know that Sanchez will still play his heart out for us next season whatever his contract situation, and surely we will stand to gain more by keeping him if he can lead us to the Premier League title?

Will Wenger keep his word?



    1. Unfortunately, I’m not very optimistic that Alexis will remain…As much as I want him to.
      Regardless of what Wenger says. I tend not to believe him very much these days.
      I remember him vividly saying RvP was going to remain with Arsenal.
      RvP went as far as launching the Arsenal kit of 2012/2013. RvP played preseason matches, and captained also (if I’m not mistaken).
      However, as soon as Man U flashed £24m, the rest is history.
      I won’t believe anything Wenger says until I see it happen. I’ve been burnt too many times.

    2. If is wengen only the decider wenmger will keep is world ,but what about the bopard and other
      people in the administration may be they opt to cash on him

  1. I don’t know. I’m not sure exactly how much Bayern are willing to pay. For sake of argument let’s say it £50 million. That’s a lot of money to give up

    I would only be okay with Alexis going to Chelsea or City if we got Aguero or Hazard in return lol. Otherwise we must not sell to PL rivals.

    If Alexis really wants to go, I can’t blame him
    We deserved our 5 in the rankings last season. We were poor and Alexis is our only true WC forward

    But in my heart I really believe that he is happy to stay with us for £300k per week AND if we get some top players to challenge. Alexis wants to win the PL and CL. He has Ambition

    1. I also think he is happy living in London but that is not enough.

      If we lose Alexis, blame Wenger not Alexis

        1. Because he keeps players like Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey, etc… and keeps rewarding their phenomenal mediocrity with ever increasing wages, for starters. Sell these guys and bring in better players.
          Second, pay Sanchez the money FFS! If all he wants is 300k per week that’s cheap in today’s market for a player with 30 goals and 19 assists in all comps last year (stats from ESPN). He has shown the consistency, fighting spirit, and durability Arsenal fans have been begging for.
          Lastly, Sanchez earned better contract more than anyone, even Wenger. Can anyone honestly argue otherwise? The guy has more ambition himself than all our players the manager the board and owner combined.
          Show him the money and 1 or 2 WC players if that’s all we can get.

          1. Loool, you really think Alexis wants 300k and Arsenal are refusing to pay him that?, You talk about last season, were was he the previous 2? 300k is cheap in today’s make, you must be taking a piss, how many players earn that amount? Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey are good squad players, put them on the market and see if there will be no takers, even from some good EU clubs.

            1. Previous 2 years leading our team in goals scored that’s where.
              You’re right I don’t know if 300k per week is the magic number for him or not. Tell you what though, name me a player in premier league with goal and assist numbers like his making less than that per week. Didn’t think so.

              As for interest in Giroud and Ramsey I wouldn’t call West Ham a top club if rumors for Giroud are true, would you? Also haven’t heard Wenger tell anyone Ramsey is off limits like he did Barcelona with Bellerin.

              Keep smoking though bro, and kindly pass to the left if you’re sharing.

              1. What is Lukaku and Kane’s wages? Some teams dont pay high wages, that is a good model, but big players will look else where then. Arsenal has another problem, our low wage is too much money for pretty average players, that is the flaw we need to correct. Give 2 players 300k, 2 players 150k, 5-6 players 100k, and you have a top team. Dont keep paying players 50-60k for year after year of potential

          2. Lewandowski is on around £200k a week.
            Same for Cavani.
            Auba on £50k a week (surprised me and seeked other sources to confirm)
            Aguero £220k a week
            Lukaku on around £90k a week
            Benzema £150k a week

            300k a week cheap?
            Seriously, no City player is paid that much yet.
            What have you been smoking?

            1. In today’s market it is in my opinion. You covered the goals part dude, but I said goals and assists (30/19). I appreciate the debate, and well done with players and their salaries. I intentionally said premier league because
              (1) it’s where Sanchez plays (for the moment)
              (2) premier league pays highest salaries compared to other leagues.

              Honest question; what do you think his salary should be based on his numbers?

              1. Lets debate on Harry Kane, and break it down to per minute then, you lose me saying 300k is easy money!!!

                1. Didn’t say easy money I said cheap in today’s market for the numbers you get.
                  It’s only my opinion neither right nor wrong, not a statement of fact only an opinion.
                  I wish we could get Kanes goals for his wages, no doubt. But we are not getting that value from Giroud.

                  Mismanagement of contracts huge problem at Arsenal. Letting some run down is poor management and over paying mediocre players another problem.

                  Theo probably make 180 week soon and Ramsey more than that.
                  Sell Theo give salary to Sanchez, not like Arsenal will miss anything.

        2. It will be wenger’s fault if he didn’t do enough to keep him
          Ie offering £280,000 instead of £300,000
          Or not buying top players
          That’s what Alexis wants

          As I said I believe Alexis wants to stay under the right conditions.

          Face it : Wenger has a LONG history of failure of keeping top players and failing to sign top players

          1. You really believe that nonsense that Alexis wants £300,000 and Arsenal only want to pay him £280,000? loooooool. Top players cost money and Arsenal never had it (its not a secret). Stop being obsessed and be a fan. If you I believe that Alexis wants to stay under the right conditions, then you can believe anything loooooooooooool

        3. Zed,
          It’s Wenger’s fault because he should have put the £300,000p/week on the table in the 1st half off the season when we looked like we where challenging. He would have signed and the rest would have been history. Instead he waited till our season imploded and then put the money on the table in desperation trying to keep him. How we can be in a situation where we went into a summer with Alexis, Ozil, The Ox and Ramsey going into the final 12 months off thier contract’s is beyond me. It’s total mis-managment on behalf off the Manager and the Board. Let’s face it anyways if the last 12 months has shown us anything it’s the board have no balls and Wenger has all the power at the club so it’s mis-managment by him that we are in this situation. Didn’t Gazidis say that our drop in form and the protests against the manager would be a catalyst for change bullshit. I read last week the whole backroom staff got new contracts with the manager, no Director of Football, No David Dein type figure behind the sean’s keeping the manager honest and negotiating transfers. All we have is the same old same old, I hope he signs some W/C players this summer otherwise we will be mid table come next May you mark my words.

  2. Red flag me if you want but the truth of the matter is:
    1. Alexis is turning 29 this year
    2. He has around 3 years at the top
    3. He is looking for his last big check before he calls it quits
    4. He is not looking to win trophies but the money involved
    5. If he does move, lets see if he is going to accept only 20-30000 increase all for the love of trophies
    6. When he joined Arsenal he knew well that the team had been struggling to win trophies but of the teams that were pursuing him, we paid the most
    7. Its not a secret that he wants to join City and he does not care what the move might potentially do to Arsenal
    8. He is not an Arsenal fan but an Arsenal employee, he plays , he gets paid, end of
    9. He is holding the club at ransom because he knows that he holds all the aces
    10. As good as he is, he is not bigger than Arsenal
    11. The club finished 5th with Alexis in it
    12. Of the three seasons he has been to Arsenal , last season was perhaps his only good one
    13. The desperation by some Arsenal fans to keep Alexis shows how much the club has regressed
    14. There is nothing called loyalty or ambition to with trophies with these modern day players, they kiss the Barca badge, kiss the Arsenal badge, kiss the Barca badge again and end up kissing the Chelsea badge ..WTF

    In conclusion, if Alexis wants to go , then let him go. Why pass the chance of getting 50mil by keeping a player who is going to be sulking even more each and every game and probably be a distraction and end up losing him to which ever team he chooses for free at the end of the season, where is the logic in that?

    Alexis Sanchez is not the God of football, move on………….

    1. I totally agree wit u zed, dat’s what i have been telling my fellow arsenal supporters in Nigeria bt they doesn’t seems to understand my point of view. For crying out loud is Sanchez better than Henry, Bergkamp, wiltold and even Kanu?

    2. 30 goals 19 assists great season. What you mean wasn’t great year? Wonder if you’re this critical of all Arsenal players or just Sanchez because he wants ambition from club and a pay raise.
      Only 3 more years at the top? C’mon now, dude will probably still score 20 goals and 10 assists when he’s 35.
      He is in great shape and ambition is still there.
      Wenger probably has 3 years left in the tank if anyone.

      Keep that list and replace “Sanchez” with “Ozil” and almost everyone would agree. Don’t hate bro congratulate

    3. You are 100% correct. He part of the 5th place disaster and cannot instruct the team on what to do. If Bayern wants him for 40m Please let him go

      1. Your thoughts make me remember his attitude and antics last season, like…..”This team and club don’t deserve me, am just too good to be here”..

        And other times, he laughs at his team mates, yes he is good but if Arsenal really want to replace him they, if he leaves, just get Douglas Costa and Aubameyang and we are fine…

        If he stays, Auba will do…period!!!

    4. I completely agree with the views expressed by Zed. Arsenal is so many times bigger than any one individual, whether he is a player, official or member of the Board. If Sanchez wants to go the best Arsenal can do I’d to extract as much money as possible from the sale. It would be very foolish to stick with a player, who within six months could talk with a rival like Man City, and then move in Summer on a free transfer. Why not recoup our money and reinvest it in Mbappe, Lacazette and other options who are all too eager to join Arsenal. If we get 3,quality players we have a lot of chances to win EPL. In fact our chances of beating Man City to EPL next season are very high. Let Sanchez go and he may live to regret it.

  3. Keep him and risk losing him for free next season since he will be 29-30. That should mean he’s a year older and slower. However, we should add quality to the team so we could get the best out of him for his final year

  4. Sanchez at Chelsea/ManC for free, or for £50 million? Easy decision for me, because their fans would have a field day getting a WC player free of charge off us. At least it’s £50 million that could be pumped back into the squad, and if Sanchez flops, then that’s £50 million wasted, and great banter for us.

    Also, if Sanchez or any other player wants to go, then it’s pointless keeping anyone against their will.

    1. Problem isn’t the £50m. The problem is that a rival has become stronger. It isn’t actually money in the bank when you virtually hand your own rival an advantage.

      Look at RVP. In all honesty the fee received wasn’t worth it because in the end it helped another team directly win the league. Not that Arsenal would have won it with RVP in the squad but that was kind if the point – even further away with money that bought more mediocrity in terms of players and helped a rival humiliate AFC and put them even further at the back of the line.

      1. I agree that it’s not nice directly strengthening a rival, but might as well get something in return, because they’ll still be getting strengthened with Sanchez in a year’s time…and for free! At the end of day we’re in this ridiculous position because of the incompetence of Wenger, and the board, and £50 million is probably the best we can make of it.

        It’s exactly like the Lewandoski situation. Everyone knew he wanted to go to Bayern, but Dortmond refused to sell him to Bayern, so Bayern just waited a year, and saved themselves around £30/35 million. Bayern had the last laugh.

        I see what you’re saying in regards to RVP, but he wanted to leave. There’s no point keeping players that want out.

  5. The most important contract situation is with Alexis, Chamberlain and Ozil but Wenger decided to extend Ramsey’s contract ASAP. What a pity. When is he​ going to realize he’s on wrong track.

    1. Because they are showing signs that they want to leave. Why waste all your efforts on someone who is not committed over someone who is?

      1. Again thats a lack of ambition by the club which has created this problem with players being able to get to that point with their contracts. Mediocre players like Ramsey share the same ambition as the Club and obviously were over the moon when wenger got a new deal cos that’s the only way they can be anywhere near Arsenals first team. Let’s be fair wenger has his pets but they are bang average. Anyone else sick of the self sustaining waffle and cash reserves nonsense? We are getting mugged off year after year by the greedy board and stubborn manager and to see the fighting between fans, hostile Emirates atmosphere and losing heavily to bayern still isn’t enough for the club to see we need a fresh approach. Top players have fight and ambition so can’t blame them for wanting out of a sinking ship, same old transfer window already panning out with wenger making bids for players just below asking price then losing out to some other club and saying he tried.

  6. If he doesn’t sign a new deal by the end of July.. with no real intent on signing one by the END of the transfer window we will need to sell him.. preferably abroad.. if to a EPL rival It has to be more than 50mil.. i would sooner cash in on him.. I can honestly see him going to city and doing what RVP did for utd when we let him go to them and for cheap if u ask me..

    What concerns me about more tho is why does it seem year after year we have players in last year of there contracts? Whoever is in charge of contract renewals needs sacking and it needs addressing.. its not just sanchez and ozil.. ox is 12months left.. a couple others are down to a year as of next season.. As much as I hate to say it didn’t dele alli get 2 new deals in the space of 12months? Pretty much half of spurs 1st 11 sign new long term deals during last season..

    But then again we sorted Wenger deal out pretty sharpish didn’t we? After letting drag on all season.. create alot of hate towards the club and Wenger and the team to be fair.. we are ranked 5th richest in world.. if that’s so go out and prove it..



  8. Make him stay if forbes and Ivan aint lying we dont need funds. Kroenke wont sell club so he doesnt need money..why sell your best player not for funds i hope…To the next point sign mbappe pay the damn price. Players arent getting cheaper. Competition isnt getting easier. No mbappe via his choice ok fine. Lacazette/P.E.A. Lol aka Aubameyang

  9. Put contract in front of him and say sign it or leave. He is a great player but no one is bigger than the club , I can not understand why we always allow this sort of thing to happen. This has been going on for months

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