Should Wenger leave if Arsenal win the FA Cup but fail in Top Four race?

It would have been an absolute disaster if Arsenal hadn’t beaten Sutton yesterday and also if weren’t to beat Lincoln in the next round. Assuming that the Gunners win against another non-league side, Arsenal would then find themselves in the semi-finals, with a trip to Wembley a date in the diary. A semi final, and a chance to go all the way in the competition, would bring light to what has suddenly turned into yet another disappointing season in the space of a few weeks. Yet even though another FA Cup win would be something to celebrate, it will be disappointing to notice that we still haven’t made a lot of progress after looking to build upon the side’s 2014 win.

It could also be made worse if the Gunners league form continues to drop, something that pundit Graeme Souness believes is quite possible. Souness said: “Their top-four spot is under real threat and this is where it could get ugly. The fans will turn on the players and manager unless there is an immediate revival. Another FA Cup win, which is quite possible, would feel like a hollow joke if they failed to qualify for the Champions League. That’d be the wrong way for Wenger’s Arsenal career to end.”

If the Gunners were to win the FA Cup once again, it would be a good way for Wenger to end his association with Arsenal. Regardless of whether you continue to support Wenger or not at this current moment, we will all surely like the Frenchman to leave the club on a high, rather than be full of disappointment. However if the Gunners were to miss out on the top four this season, regardless of our FA Cup results, it would be a very sorry end to Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and one that is likely to take precedent over much of the work he has achieved with the Gunners.

Although being beaten by a non-league side isn’t anticipated, Arsenal being Arsenal never fails to surprise us. As for Souness suggesting the Gunners could miss out on a top-four spot, of course there’s every chance it’s possible, and I agree it would be a very sorry finish to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal career. However of course there’s still a number of games to go in the league and a lot will change in the table between now and the end of May.



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Whatever happens…he has to go. Given how many strong teams are in the QF of the cup, I would say it’s very unlikely we’ll even win that. We’re already out of Europe, and there’s no way I can see us beating L’pool away in our next league game (which we need to do), so a top four place is the only thing Wenger is capable of…despite spending nearly £100 million in the summer.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    YES, Wenger has to go
    and I value the FA Cup highly. To me its a major trophy
    winning back to back FA Cups was awesome

    However, we are getting worse and worse
    Wenger doesn’t sign the right players and doesn’t use properly the ones we have
    Not only did Wenger not get the Top forward and DM we need
    but he hasn’t used Lucas often enough, the forward he did get
    He has given too much attention to Ramsey and Iwobi
    Most of Our top players are not performing well too
    I would say are most consistent players are Alexis and Koscielny
    Also, Wenger should have stayed with Alexis up front and Giroud as SuperSub
    and used Lucas or Welbeck and Walcott on wings

    Wenger just has no clue

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Love him or HATE him, the delusion one will still be our manager next season, the facts are that there’s too much respect and high regards for Mr Wenger to be sacked by the board/owner and it’s no secret that his contract extension is only awaiting his signature.?
    And if any fan actually thinks that he will walk away from Arsenal Fc at the end of this season?? you better sit back down because you’re just as delusional as he is.??
    The man has already lived through all the verbal insults, Wenger Out banners from some of the fans and it clearly doesn’t bother him enough to make him quit.
    Doesn’t anyone remember the outcome of last seasons (supposedly) protest at the emirates ? ?
    Wenger stood up with his arms out wide and the majority of the home crowd sang “there’s only one Arsene Wenger” ??wtf! ?
    Just goes to show that the fans can be as bigger bottlers than our team at times…. Oh wait ? and here’s the stop moaning part and get behind our team ?bull? ?

  4. Budd says:

    Statistically we are getting better in the last three seasons in EPL. 4th, 3rd and 2nd. We had 2 FA cups back to back and we could probably had a third one if we didn’t capitulated again against Watford last year.
    However, only a blind man can not see that football wise we are regressing. We are regressing in terms of games approach, season approach and mentality. Only a blind man can’t see that many of our players are frustrated to play in a system where the requirements is to fit around our star players no matter how bad form they find themselves in. Our football is ugly, full of fear and predictable. Wengerball does not exist anymore. For Wengerball you need enthusiastic players, you need happy players, you need players believing in the manager and what he tries to achieve. This is why players like Arteta, Podolski and even Giroud accepted a change in their regular position. Did anyone checked youtube on Giroud when he was playing for Montpellier? It is incredible.
    I said it last year and I will say it again, Wenger can’t take this club forward anymore. For what the ambitions are, he simply can’t do it. And I don’t think is fair for the next manager to start a total rebuild of the squad when Arsenal still have some very good players now.
    Wenger must leave now until his legacy is not tarnished any more than that. I have no doubt that we will struggle (but then again, maybe not) in the following years in getting top players but if Leipzig taught us a lesson is that when you know how to put a team together and when pay your players decent but not obscene salaries (that was verified also on Leicester) and when you have a manager understanding the modern game then you can dream about anything. I have let go already in the beginning of the season, this sorry state we are finding ourselves in is a surprise only for people believing we are a changed team. You just need eyes to see that in football terms, we are stagnant if not regressing.

    1. Disturbance says:

      Budd is that you mate? You were Wengers number 1 fan! Now you think he should leave? I am happy to see that people are waking up from the Matrix we are in and realise that Arsene is not the saviour. We need the old Frenchman to leave, unfortunately I can’t really see it happening!

      1. Budd says:

        I am still a fan of what Wenger achieved and where he brought the club. Is just the fact that in modern football he only get this club that far. And that is well documented in my posts in the last two seasons. Absolutely his #1 fan for what he achieved but unfortunately his legacy is a bit tarnished. We stop playing Wengerball, I can deal with loses as long as we play beautiful football. I can deal with loses as long as we genuinely compete. The team is not fighting and there’s only one reason this happens: lack of confidence in the system, lack of confidence in the fact that whatever they do they will end up second best. There are many reasons for that but one huge factor is the manager. Or at least it looks that way.
        PS: I will always praise anyone (be it Wenger or not) when they actually perform. I don’t care, never did, about who does it as long as its good. I don’t hate a person, hate is not my thing, it wastes so much energy and is so poisonous. I prefer to look the other way and ignore.

  5. Ronny331 says:

    What if what if, yawn!!
    If we win the cl, finish top 4 and win the fa cup he should still stand down. The time has come in fact it came years ago.
    Ot what a crazy entertaining game between Monaco and city, madness!!

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Looks like Man City will go through to next round
    5-3 in first leg, unlike us 🙁

    Our Champions League performance has been consistent over the past 13 years
    Group stage or losing in next round

    Another reason for Wenger to go

  7. the arsenal club is a reflection of the fans Wenger management is a reflection of the fans if the fans things Sanchez is a effective center forward Wenger will stick to it now you tell me does Sanchez have a clue how to play center forward do you pe

  8. AsburtonGrove says:

    What?!? Wenger needs to leave – even if he manages to win the Champions League and the Miss World competition! Enough is enough.

  9. Jansen says:

    Wenger should leave no matter what the outcome of this season. Let’s just hope for him and us that he finishes in the top 4, wins the FA cup and says farewell with a big thank you parade to boost (on his way to PSG).

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