Should Wenger resign if Arsenal fail to make Top Four again?

Arsene Wenger - Justarsenal.comLast season Arsenal struggled in the Premier League and missed out on a place in the Champions League for the first time in 20 years, and there were many protests and calls for the Board not to renew Arsene Wenger’s contract in the close season.

But the protests were ignored and Wenger signed for another two years, and promised that he was still the right man ‘to take the club forward’. Le Prof then took a big gamble on not cashing in on Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, and bringing in younger and hungrier replacements, but so far that gamble has backfired spectacularly and we are currently sitting in 7th place in the League, albeit just a point below 4th, and we have been out of the title race from the beginning of the season.

One surprising person who thinks that Wenger should leave if we fail to reach the Champions League again is Martin Keown, who won many trophies under Le Prof.

He said last night: ‘Arsenal just haven’t got that cutting edge and are losing ground on their rivals. They are slipping deeper and deeper and deeper into that table.

‘It looks like the end and we talked about it being the end of the chapter for Arsene Wenger. But [Mesut] Ozil and [Alexis] Sanchez look to me… Sanchez didn’t give enough tonight,’ he said.

‘If it doesn’t get much better for him then at the end of the season he has to hold his hands up and say “well maybe I’m not the man to take this club forward”.’

So what do you think? If Wenger fails to make the Top Four again this season should he go? Surely it will be even more difficult next season when Ozil and Alexis are both gone and we don’t have the funds to replace like-for-like?



  1. Ray says:

    Should have left when his contract ended.. He wants to be the longest serving manager in the EPL. Hopefully he will be and then leave!

  2. barryglik says:

    Arsenal will finish 4th.
    3 home games coming up
    and clear 4th place by Xmas.
    Liverpool is too flaky and has ECL.
    Spurs the same ECL will drain them too.
    Even United could slide out of top 4 with Carabao, FA Cup and ECL
    Arsenal plays the B team in the Europa and the Carabao
    so always has the freshest League squad.
    The real question should be will Wenger
    receive an extension when 4th is achieved.
    The answer…yes.

    1. Ray says:

      How long have you been an optimist? Ever since Arsene Wenger came to Arsenal? He does that to you but you have to be stronger minded! Don’t believe the hype!!!

    2. sanmi.marvellous says:

      This season so far we have been, among the clubs involving European team, the freshest team in every epl game because we use 2 different teams for for epl and Europa. Yet, our epl results, especially away from home, is nothing to write home about.

  3. Colin says:

    Fourth place or not he should do the right thing for the club he claims to love and leave and to barryglik,I respect everyone’s opinion but I fail to see how so many fans can continue to back arsene Wegner ,when the style has gone out of arsenals game season after season you see the team struggling against teams we used to dominate,so are they getting better or are we getting worse (watford,Southampton,burnley and stoke)and if they are getting better why has it taken them so little time to catch up with arsenal considering our manager has had so many years to build the club to into being a super power in Europe.

  4. Colin says:

    How much more embarrassment do we as fans have to put up with before things change ,because we’ve had the heavy defeats home and abroad ,the standard of our football is declining fast ,we don’t develop players good enough to take us forward,the couple of world class players we have won’t sign new contracts ,we’ve got mediocre players on big wages and not good enough,the manager who blames everyone and everything but himself and finally the fans who blindly support a system that’s clearly falling apart but are to scared to change.

    1. Sue says:

      It breaks my heart at what we’ve become

    2. I think all we can do is wait. In the next 10 years Wenger will be too old and weak to continue managing and he will quit. We shall become free of him one day just be patient.

      1. Guneal says:

        10 years! Are you kidding me?

        1. I know its even painful to think of it but Kroenke will never fire Wenger. We just have to wait him out. Maybe he might retire sooner in 5 years we can only hope and pray that is the case.

          1. shark says:

            If Wenger stops bringing money from CL and player sales, Kroenke will fire him.

      2. Lance says:

        I will be old too in 10 years.

        1. Ivan says:

          He’s too old now. More than that though he is too incompetent.

  5. Sue says:

    I’ll be really surprised if we make the top 4 this season! We’ve been so bad I can’t bear to watch! I love afc so much it just really pisses me off! We’re so much better than that! I don’t want to be crying in the stands on Saturday so please Arsenal try & win & score 3+ goals ?

  6. Colin says:

    To sue ,I feel your pain and wish there was
    Something I could say to cheer you up ,but one of the many things that upsets me at the moment is how many loyal fans are losing interest in arsenal ,that for me is painful ,unfortunately I feel the longer this man remains as manager our pain will continue until he’s gone.

  7. Isah says:

    He will not leave, for he decides his future at Arsenal. But even qualifying for UCL and get embarrassed by Bayern and Barcelona makes little sense. I would rather we don’t qualify for as long as Arsene is still in charge.

  8. Jimmy Jazz says:

    I think he will go at the end of this season or next. If we win a cup and make the top 4 he will stay another year, but if that doesnt happen he will go. I don’t think Wenger going will instantly improve the team. Unless 3 or 4 of our youth team emerge as great players or the new manager persuades the board to allow him to spend a few hundred million, we will stay fighting for top 4 rather than the title.

  9. Nothing changed says:

    Most of us think he should have gone years ago but I guess most of us know he won’t go.

    Not sure if it is his legendary inability to evaluate his own performance or his legendary love for money but I don’t see anything in this manager that suggests he is in touch with the reality of his place in modern football.

  10. AndersS says:

    If he had dignity he would not have continued after last season. I doubt he will do it, even if we finish 6’th or seventh.
    We are sliding backwards and not only do we have problems getting the results on the pitch. The contract situation with several key players is a total mess, and it looks like there will be a major rebuilding work ahead, before we can compete again.
    Sometimes I think it would be better if we lost 5-6 games in a row, so the pressure could be so big to get rid of him, that it would surely happen.

  11. Shinoda says:

    There was a time when it was just Arsenal vs ManU, & then Arsenal vs ManU vs Chelsea, & then Arsenal vs ManU vs Chelsea vs Mancity. Right now, we’re not even in the title race & competition for 4th spot has become tougher & we are 7th, 19 points behind ManCity & it’s only 17 games played. If this doesn’t convince anyone that we’ve been on a downward spiral then we need prayers. Wenger is finished as a manager. I said I’m not spending a dime on this club until I see serious changes & improvements. Ain’t no way am I gona give my hard earned money to greedy people who don’t have the best interest of this club at heart. I love Arsenal too much to contribute to this rot. That’s my way of protesting against this regime.

  12. Ivan says:

    Wenger will never voluntarily leave Arsenal and he will try to stay a football manager as long as he can as he is addicted. Also he is a micro manager and no other club will give him the total control over all aspects like he is given at Arsenal. That and the fact that no other club would even give him 10% of the £10.5 mil Arsenal pay him and he is certainly loves money.

  13. Robert says:

    He is the Robert Mugabe of football

  14. gooner4life says:

    He should not have been given toe option to extend his contract. He always states he honours each contract he signs so there is little chance of him resigning worst luck and there is no one on the board who has the guts to sack him. Whilst on a legends guided tour a few years ago our guide told us Arsene has so much power at the club everyone just goes along with whatever he says. So i’m afraid we are stuck with him for another season after this one. So let’s all Pray he will go when his current deal is up.

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