Shouldn’t Emery be selling Kolasinac instead of Monreal?

Sell Kolasinac Not Monreal by Dan Smith

The consensus seems to be that Kolasinac is better going forward then Monreal, while Monreal is better at defending.

Considering they BOTH play at left back, surely your defensive qualities should be prioritised, yet it’s the Spaniard who is rumoured to be leaving before September 3rd. It’s the latest question of UnAi Emery’s judgement. He got the club to end negotiations with Ramsey but gave an extension to Iwobi. He doesn’t trust Ozil for certain games in favour of 2 DMs, and apparently David Luiz is a better option then Koscielny or Mustafi?

Now some might say who cares who is back up to Tierney? Remember though our new signing can play on either side and surely the priority should be stopping Maitland-Miles being a makeshift full back?

In other words, only when Bellerin is fit should we be discussing who’s our second choice left/right backs.
The likes of finishing in the top 4 or winning a trophy can be decided by the smallest detail, such as who fills in for injuries /suspensions. Monreal is reliable, can play in the centre and who’s leadership can help.

Kolasinac is so not trusted defensively to the point we change formation just to accommodate him, often sacrificing an attacker for the privilege. His last start was in the Europa League. That second half collapse overshadows how many times the Bosnian got to the bar line and couldn’t pick out a teammate. Surely at his younger age he would demand a bigger fee then Monreal?

Emery has started Monreal in a back four every game this season, so it’s a bit contradictory he would sell him ahead of Kolasinac, a player he only sees as an attacking outlet?

Unless Monreal wants to return to his homeland this is another example of the club putting value ahead of what’s best for the squad….

Dan Smith


  1. A lot happens behind the scenes in football than just a match day, we can blame/attack/crucify Emery for the impending transfer of Monreal but we simply don’t know the little detail, maybe its just a rumour who knows? If he is leaving let him go. Lets embrace change maybe its for the better, we have a lot of test tubes and litmus papers in the reserve for Emery to experiment on, who knows the color might just turn otherwise.

    1. @Kedrick Mwape,

      Thanks for these sensible comments.
      Transfer is far far deeper than we see it. There is a devil in every little details it it.
      That’s the reasons why majority of us never believed the news of Pepe coming to us from the outset. The huge figure involved, heavyweight clubs involved lack of Champions League games, etc.

      Those little details that we didn’t see as ordinary fans made him to choose us over others.

      Monreal too may have reasons to sanction this transfer.

  2. very poor decision, its not all talented players that succeed in the premier league….. Di maria comes to mind. So what if tieney turns out to be like that then we are done for. Our board is still a money conscious board. Imagine selling iwobi in favour of reiss nelson…. They have started this their rubbish again. Mtcheeeeew

  3. once any team puts in a bid for any of our players they end up getting the player. We cant say No. Trust me if manchester united had put in a bid for auba we would have sold him. Thats how stupid and money consious our owners are…… Small crystal palace where firm on their zaha decision. Its just so pathetic.

  4. Kalasinac should be the one going not monreal, monreal is a gallant soldier and gives us more than kalasinac even with his decreasing pace.

    NELSON to me is not even even supposed to get the nod over martineli, some fans have started making excuses for him that he should be played in the middle, that it’s where he excelled.


  5. No, he got many assists last season and love the aggression too. Monreal is good but not getting any younger.

    Btw Kolasinac has to start next week, we need as many thugs as possible, WE ARE GOING TO WAR.
    Last season before the comeback, there was a moment the ref stopped the game and he was going to protest. Many spuds were blocking his way and he shoved them. Then Sissoko bumped into him, he was unflinched and pushed him back like pushing a schoolboy. Gotta love the angry Kolasinac!
    Love the spat between Ramsey and that smug face D.Ali too.

  6. I remember reading somewhere that Monreal wanted to go back to Spain, much like Koscielny wanted to go back to France. He was a good soldier for us and we should let him go (how I wish Kos didn’t go the way he did!)
    Kolasinac can be spoken to and trained to play to the teams need – he must be made to focus on defence and not bomb forward as much, because last season his crosses weren’t good. Emery wanted to make a creative player out of him to teach Ozil a lesson, so I hope he himself learnt the lesson.
    When Kola joined us he got the same hype that Ceba and Pepe are getting now, so us gooners should pipe down on accolades and brickbats quite a bit.
    It’s all down to Emery, and not the squad that cost millions. Hope he doesn’t make Pepe play CM like he already played Ceba out of position.

        1. @VIju Jacob, I read this comment form you and a few others on other topics but i really wonder which game you all watched. I will be pleased to know how he played Ceballos out of position.

          1. Crazy people claim he played Ceballos on the left wing while anyone with a brain who watched the game saw we played 4 – 4 – 2 with Ceballos in one of the midfield roles.

            Since he can play across the midfield, he was in fact played in HIS POSITION.

            On topic: Monreal is now only a temporary option due to his age and an option that can still be shifted due to his normal salary.
            Sead, however, joined on a free and has almost the double Nacho’s salary so selling him now would make no financial sense as no club will pay much for him. If he has a good season, yes, but now no one will take him unless we give him for free.

            Sead stays (although, like most, I hope he can play as well as he did when he was the best LB in the Bundesliga).

        2. Ceballos wasn’t play out of position. He was played in the midfield, part of the diamond midfield – we had no wingers…only Auba and Pepe was given us width.

    1. Yes Kolasinac can be spoken to on his defensive duties. Is age is better than the diminishing Monreal. Arsenal coach needs to teach his team aggressive approach to defending and “taking no prisoners” I only feel the sale of Iwobi is a minus 1 in our midfield bcos he can hold ball and defend when needed.

  7. MONREAL is past it went down the flank passed the ball to a Liverpool player could not get back Salah took on Luis but Luis could not foul him because he was on a yellow card result goal number 3 add to that the penalty was a very soft one

  8. It’s all rubbish! Monreal has stated he is still under contract!
    And kolasinac is NOT for sale (good young utility player)

  9. I suspect neither will be sold until Tierney is fully match fit, which could be Nov/Dec.On the subject of Tierney playing at right back which he has done for Scotland but very occasionally, he is far more effective on the left where he can also figure as a left sided centre back.He was outstanding in this role when Scotland player Holland in Aberdeen a couple of years ago and may well settle down in that position for his Country with Andrew Robertson in a left wing back role.

  10. Don’t get me wrong – I love Monreal, he’s been a great servant to the club but he’s diminishing and it’s probably his last season battling at the highest level. I’d love him to stay for this season but I totally get it.
    When Tierney is fit he’s obviously the starter, and despite Sead’s defensive issues he is decent cover and great to bring on toward the end when trying to protect a narrow lead.
    Viva Nacho! Wish you all the best (please sell him only after the Spuds game!)

  11. The fact he’s started the season makes it a head scratcher. We’re trying to get some regularity at the back so this just adds to all that. If he prefers Kolasinac over him then fair enough, but I’m not sure he does. Kolasinac has great physical qualities and good pace, but it’s that aggressive tendency that undoes him at times because he gets attracted to the ball/play instead of being aware of what’s around him and whether his teammate has it under control, they need to trust one another more but just be ready to cover without selling himself. I like Kolasinac but he’s just not yet kicked on the way we hoped, if he’s going to do it it has to be this season.

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