Shouldn’t we support Arsenal even when we’re not winning?

Arsenal may be out of the Top Four after this weekend and may be out till the season ends By Sylvester Kwentua

The weekend games have kicked off and for the first time this season, Arsenal will not be featuring in any game because our scheduled opponent, Southampton, will be involved in a EFL cup final against Manchester United.

To many Arsenal fans, this weekend may be a boring one, while for others, this weekend will be a weekend whereby our darling team takes a much deserved break and probably recharge their batteries to continue their journey to ending the season on a high; especially as it is likely we may drop out of the top four after the weekend games.

With Liverpool almost sure of beating Leicester city based on current form, we may find ourselves out of the top four and may never get back in, unless we sit up and improve our form. Arsenal players are ona low at the moment and we are finding it hard motivating ourselves back to form. The WengerOut bandwagons are doing more harm than good by persistently taking out their frustrations on Wenger because the more they do this, the more they heap pressure on the team and it will lead to more damaging results.

I am one of the honest Arsenal fans who believe that Wenger needs to leave at the end of the season but then, I also wish we would just stop groaning and support our team till the end as whatever we say or do now, cannot alter our season any longer. We need to see ourselves and Arsenal F.C as a married couple and married couples always settle issues, after any misunderstanding.

I implore us as genuine fans of this club to please give Arsenal a chance to end the season before pouring out all our anger and pain on them because that is what supporter-ship is all about. This is just a temporary setback; Arsenal will be great again and all we need do is to keep hope alive as we have chosen to support Arsenal F.C! “If the heat is too much for you to bear, get out of the kitchen” is what my inner boy-scout will always say to us!

I choose to support Arsenal till I die, what about you?


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger has had the fans undivided support for a long time, but one has to accept that the support will, and has, wavered over time because of the consistent failings of Wenger, and the board. Fans can only take so much, especially at the prices we’re getting charged!

    You claim “The WengerOut bandwagons are doing more harm than good”, but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s Wenger, that’s doing more harm than good, and fans like yourself, who think we shouldn’t act! You say we should support fully until the end of season, and not to disrupt things, but what is the point of trying make ourselves heard after the season, when no one is listening? Pointless act! Wenger has had it so easy, from the board, the media, and the fans, for too long.

    It’s high time we put some real pressure on during games, and it won’t make any difference to our performances, or the results, because I don’t think we could play any worse. If anything, the fans actions might actually spur the players on, or at least get Wenger thinking about finally changing something for once!

    After we take yet another beating in a big game against Liverpool next, coupled with a shocking performance, should we as fans be expected to all unite, and be supportive again?

    1. bran99 says:

      very true bro. keeping quiet shows the players that whatever they are doing is acceptable, and Wenger will feel like last season after the soft protest, loved again. we don’t want that, voices should be heard during the peak hours (during matches), protesting at the end of the season is like trying to teach a class after the bell has rang for everyone to go home, who would remain or even listen to you?

  2. tweety says:

    hopefully who express his opinion on this popular site are all genuine arsenal supporters who only wish to see our loved club to sit above all others. but something is wrong, or the managers tactics or the players are not giving their 100% on the field, or maybe we have no good players to compete with the big clubs = gooner for ever

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I realistically hope we:
    1. Win the FA Cup
    2. Finish 2nd in PL
    3. Finish above Spurs
    4. Beat Bayern in second leg
    5. Wenger leaves (ideally voluntarily)
    6. Alexis, Ozil, Bellerin all stay with us
    7. Wenger Out

  4. GoonAR says:

    I want what’s in the best interest for the club and for us and that is the only reason my opinion is that he should go. I don’t have a personal vendetta against the man and appreciate his service to the club but the results speak for themselves. My ambition for the club is to win the league again and then get closer with UCL. Maybe I would want AW to stay if I just wanted a 3rd/4th place league finish and a Round of 16 thrashing every year in the UCL.

    Whether he stays or goes I’ll support the team but don’t think for one second we’re a bunch of neanderthals that don’t know we’re capable of more than what AW has brought us.

  5. Ozzy AFC says:

    Blindly following a manager and board who’s idea’s are outdated and destructive and are only focused on profit and minimising expenditure is NOT supporting a sporting club in my opinion.
    Ask8ng for advancement and success are the natural things for sporting fans to do especially when they pay the prices they do.
    It’s not like we have a free service and are questioning things we do, after all support the club financially and without the fans there would be no club.
    Yes I’ll ALWAYS be an Arsenal fan, does that mean I Blindly follow without questions? NO it doesn’t.
    Don’t you want to see the club you love win trophies? If not then you should question your loyalty as supporting a sporting venture is by its nature a competitive venture in itself
    Stupid article really and it’s attitudes like this that continually allow the board to rip off the fans season in season out

    1. verstellung says:

      “Stupid Article really”
      That’s a little harsh
      It’s just his opinion…

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Lol ?? Married couples?? I take it that you have never heard of the phrase ‘seven year itch’ before? ? and yes, divorce settles a lot of married couples issues and there’s no misunderstanding that. ?
    And it’s not as if Anyone was thinking of supporting another club while we’re not winning either. ??
    There’s nothing wrong with letting off a bit of steam with a moan and a groan when things aren’t going great, if you didn’t then that could only mean that you don’t care and that you’re are happy with the current situation.

  7. luvdaguns says:

    this is the year it changes, there are 4 teams that have a high chance to finish above us, one is spurs, these teams will remain on a drive to finish top next season, this year we finally find out if the ownership demand winning. this no UCL may be what ozil & alexi are waiting for, no UCL make it more difficult to draw in talent. As an Arsenal fan, I must admit, top 4 means very little since we crash out of the UCL every year early, simply put, we are not in the same league as the elite teams,

  8. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Like unconditional love for my children of course I support Arsenal if we are nor winning. I might not support the manager or the board but I could never stop supporting my team. Anyone who does is PLASTIC !

  9. Arsenal007 says:

    STATEMENT: Shouldn’t we support Arsenal even when we’re not winning?

    RESPONSE: Haven’t we always?
    Truth is that…If you are HONESTLY content with how the club is doing, then you might not be a fan.

  10. Onochie says:

    This author sounds like a newly inducted Arsenal Fan. If u have spent at least 15 years supporting this Club,you wouldn’t have written this crap of an Article.

  11. vinie2000 says:

    I implore us as genuine fans of this club to please give Arsenal a chance to end the season before pouring out all our anger and pain on them because that is what supporter-ship is all about. This is just a temporary setback? TEMPORARY SET BACK? Are you kidding me? 13 years set backs is enough to make me jump from the edge of my moving car. We had enough period. The big ones will only get stronger and they have already spotted their targets for next season to WIN THE EPL. what about us? our scouts are in Bolivia to bring Galindo and brazil wellington ( Yes we bought this players few years back ) and the Goal machine Sanogo. this is the Ambition from our Legendary manager to fight all fronts. Please, true fans get behind the CHANGE. it will take a while but look at the debacle our Beloved team is gong through. it is no hatred towards Wenger but honest time for him to move on and bring someone else to change this team possibilities to be called BIG TEAM AGAIN.

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