Done deal – But does this mean Arsenal are NOT buying another DM?

So it looks like the Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta has been handed a one year extension to his contract with the Gunners, despite all the injury and fitness problems last season restricting the Spaniard to just 12 appearances in all competitions, but if he recovered will he be one of the LANS (Like a new signing!).

According to a Metro report, the respected Spanish journalist Kike Marin broke the news on social media and I cannot see much reason for him to be making it up.

It will come as a surprise to some Arsenal fans and those in the football media, because the emergence and then the consistent and ever improving form showed by our young French midfielder Francis Coquelin in the second half of the season had put Arteta´s place in the team under real pressure.

But the 33-year old is still very useful and not just because of his vast experience and leadership skills. Arteta does offer the Gunners something different on the pitch, with his precise and metronomic passing giving us a much more creative platform in the centre of the pitch.

It could be that Arteta is preferred in some games and Coquelin in others, where we expect to be under much more pressure from the opposing team. But there is also the transfer market to consider and if Wenger does do what many of us are hoping for and sign a Schneiderlin or Carvalho, where would that leave Arteta?

Sitting on the bench with Rosicky I presume. I just can’t see that happening if he’s fit, so why would Wenger buy a new DM right now?….

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    1. Arteta would not be a regular and be used sparingly.He is not an adequate cover for Copuelin and we need a top class DM and a Striker.It makes no sense putting in good effort and coming short of winning titles due to lack of adequate cover.

      1. Exactly honest opinion! Would arteta get into utds midfield….NO, would he get into citys midfield….No, chelseas….NO, liverpools….No! So why the fcuk is he adequate for ours, if we dont buy a world class midfielder coz of artetas new contract then it will be another transfer window wenger would have fcuked up once again

        1. Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Coquelin, Wilshere, Arteta, Rosicky
          Coutinho, Lallana, Henderson, Milner, Can, Leiva, Allen
          Fabregas, Matic, Willian, Oscar, Ramires, Mikel
          Mata, Herrera, Blind, Fellaini, Carrick
          Silva, Toure, Nasri, Fernandinho, Fernando

          Am I missing someone

    2. Arteta is an OK player,probably good to play in a team like Newcastle or westbrom.he is just not good enough for us,we can’t rely on him. I’m sorry but arteta just doesn’t cut it for me. We need a solid top class DM. Hope we can get carvalho or Morgan.we need to improve our team,using arteta as a cover to lecoq is not good enough. We need a new face in that department

    1. I still think there’s an unnecessary stigma associated with the phrase. When used as an excuse to not strengthen a position when the odds of it being maintained over a period of time were slim like in Diaby’s case it obviously has it’s strong merits.
      But when young, or late blooming players at the club like Coquelin and Bellerin step up the way they did this season their impact was of a similar level to that of a new signing.
      Debuchy’s another player who’s luck with two freakish injuries stifled his first season impact. People forget he’s an international quality fullback who’s performances were keeping Sagna out of the national team. Personally, I think he’ll reclaim RB this coming season. Not knocking Bellerin who’s amazing to watch. But Debuchy has the experience and is far better defensively.
      Theo did also manage 22 goals and 14 assists the last full season he completed. Towards the end of this season he seemed to be showing glimpses of re-finding that form. I’m not suggesting he’s near as complete a player or offers as complete a package.. But those stats were of a similar level to Alexis and Hazard in terms of goal contributions this season…
      As it stands Cech, Walcott, Debuchy, Coquelin, Gabby, Wilshere and Ox were all luxuries we didn’t have for the majority of last season.. I’m not suggesting they’ll all be regular contributors every week of the season, but my money’s on the majority of them stepping up!

      1. I get the point you’re making but new signings always give a boost and create a buzz,look at the Cech signing everyone associated with Arsenal is buzzing right now fans,players and staff alike are optimistic for the new season

        1. Oh definitely!! And I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t be looking to add a few more quality signings of the Cech, Ozil and Sanchez calibre.
          With the players we have at the moment I think we have every tool to mount a serious challenge. Our defence is immensely stronger than our dreadful start to the last season with Cech, Kos (fit), Debuchy (fit), Gabriel (new), Mert (no world-cup hangover), Coquelin and Bellerin now with some valuable first-team experience.
          But the injection of a few new faces lifts everyone and raises the ambitions of players. Can’t wait to see who’s next and hopefully give us a bit more edge!

        2. A “buzz” actually does nothing. It remains what it is the media hype around throwing money around. Look at the buzz around Man U and Liverpool last year. Both spent more than the eventual top three and for Man U brought in big name players but both were most unconvincing throughout the season. What wins you games is the quality of your squad (not necessarily the cost), their desire to succeed and the consistency of their focus through a long season and not the “buzz”. Their was buzz around Di Maria and Falcao’s arrival but that translated to nothing

  1. I’m personally glad we’re keeping Arteta on for another season.
    Yes, he’ll probably spend the majority of his time on the bench and I still feel we can use another defensively strong midfielder. But as far as a player to bring off the bench in a close game holding a slender lead Arteta’s a great guy to have. Can hold possession, makes good decisions and defensively he’s a lot better than a lot of fans suggest.
    I’m not suggesting we should be looking to sub Coquelin off at 75mins when we’re 1-0 up away in a tight game. More a late substitute for the deeper role Santi’s been doing with a sacrifice offensively but more security defensively.

    1. i agree I’m happy that arteta signed an extension, he is a very good player and can do a job when needed. He can step in to cazorla’s role next to le coq when santi needs a rest.
      And i don’t understand the constant slate arteta gets he’s a model professional and changed his game for us no questions asked for the betterment of the team. Him and rozza can be great leaders and bring valuable experience and make impacts when called upon.

      1. Totally agree with both of ya. Even defensively Arteta is solid considering, remember when he was last playing was when every player including fullbacks just tore up field and he was left outnumbered. This is a different Arsenal, Sanchez Ox our wingers will be protecting and tracking back then if its Coq beside him and now Monreal Debuchy on on the wings… its a total different scenario. I think Arteta and Coq could look real solid. And for the most part Arteta would do fine as lone def mid so long as the team has its shape and discipline. The only worry id have with Arteta is if he is the lone def mid when we are playing che or away to some other top form team, still, if it calls for Arteta and Ramsey will be tough competitors within this new Arsenal team ethic.

  2. Just get me a f***ing world class Striker .. Seriously now arsenal only need is that much.. I swear if Higuain/Benzema come to arsenal, We win the league hands down..

    1. The window has been officially open three days… Chin up buddy, got a feeling you’re in for a stressful few months 🙂

            1. We lost our shot at a word class striker with that 40m and one pound bull crap. What a difference he would have made and imagine if we had still went on to get Sanchez.

              Id say liv in the end were sick they didnt sell to us because im guessing there minds Sanchez would have ended there.

  3. A leader like him is needed and i am sure he knows he would be a bit part player for the team.

    1. how is he a good leader?,an as far as top level experience goes Jack wiltshere an Aaron Ramsey have got more CL an international experience than Arteta.I don’t know if theres some off the pitch reason why hes staying if there is fair enough,but as far as it goes on the pitch,Artetas not good enough for a top 6 epl side.

  4. One DM Coquelin.
    Then 7 may be’s
    Arteta Flamini Bielik
    Chambers Wilshere
    Ramsey Gabriel .
    Arsenal should have two
    seriously good DM’s .
    Two quality players
    in every position.
    How hard can it be?

    1. Hahahaha!!! You were totally one of the fans suggesting we play Vermaelan as a midfielder weren’t you??
      Ohh if it works on Fifa how hard can it be!? The positions aren’t that different after all.. Just have to tackle. Not like they have to read the game in a completely different part of the pitch, anticipate oppositions decisions at different points of the attack, withstand heavier pressing and ball retention or pass in higher traffic..
      In what world is Gabriel a DM?

    2. Chelsea – league champions and league cup winners, who were their 2 seriously good DM’s?

      And here is a team that knows how to park the bus.

      Our double pivot and no.10 role next season will be contested by coquelin, cazorla, wilshire, Ramsey, chamberlain, ozil, flamini, arteta, rosicky, zelalem, bielik, hayden and chambers. 13 players vieing for just 3 positions, All 13 are seriously good players, exactly how many players do we want? Sure we can get better quality and in the cases of flamini, arteta and rosicky younger ones too. I am certain wenger has thought about that.

      But if he brings in any of carvalho, schnerderlin, vidal or a couple of benders then players will need to be sold. We are already 3 players over the squad limits.

      1. Chelsea have Matic and they have Ramires,they also have Mikel(not as good).Chelsea were even able to play Zouma there effectively in some games last season,so im not sure what point ur trying 2 make,except tat you don’t know what ur talking about maybe

  5. Honestly I expect us to have a transfer budget of at least £60m this summer, pushing £70m really. We’ve spent £11m so far. That leaves around £50m or more. That’s a top quality player or two. We can start with Krychowiak. His release clause is £21m Mr Wenger! That would still leave £30m for a new attacking player.

  6. rumors that Arteta has a chronic muscular tissue injury meaning his calfs wont recover. He’s working on continental coaching badges atm.Real Sociedad have apparently approached Mikel Arteta to take him home

  7. Arteta is not a natural CDM. He lacks speed and is a liability against any team that can counter attack with pace. He is useful against teams that park the bus but in those situations I would rather use Ramsey or Wilshere than Arteta. I don’t have a problem keeping Arteta as emergency cover but if he sees significant game time when the roster is healthy that would be a mistake

  8. Marotta apparently insisted “Pogba is not for sale this season” but when asked about Vidal he said “no offers yet to be received”. hmmm

  9. Failing to sign a DM this window will be the difference between us challenging for the title and finishing 4th

  10. Arteta and rosicky were both in similar situations their contracts were running out but both had 1 year options attached to them, meaning that club or player could invoke that option. I remember djouro having a similar deal and it was he who invoked the option, because the wages were so good he wouldn’t get them anywhere else. Who knows whether it’s arsenal that have decided to keep arteta and rosicky so that should they nail their targets they could at least claim a fee for the players? Or is that the players are invoking the option, just in case any club coming in doesn’t offer enough.

    I personally think that we have as many as 9 players that would be allowed to leave either on loan or for the right money. But wenger won’t allow more than 3 to depart until he has brought someone else in.

    Martinez (loan)
    Szczesney (loan) or ospina (permanent) but not both
    Jenkinson (loan)

  11. OT: RIP Phil Walsh…coach of the Adelaide Crows Football Club (Australian Rules Football). Murdered in his home this early am, allegedly by his son who has since been arrested.
    A shocking tragedy. Its hit my city of Adelaide real hard and I guess the whole Aussie Rules community.

  12. “…his precise and metronomic passing giving us a much more creative platform in the centre of the pitch.” Oh please!!!

    More like side-side-back-side-side-never-forward passing skiLls.

  13. Giving squad places to players who do not have the right qualities is exactly why we cannot win the Premier League. Wenger should be bringing in players like William Carvalho and not throwing away our needs out of a misguided loyalty. Arteta is a good journeyman but is not a Pirlo. He has not matured with age and he has lost his intensity and ability to put his mark on a game. Unlike Arteta, Thomas Rosicky can be s genuine impact sub. He still has what it takes.takes to make a difference in a game.

  14. A new CDM for Arsenal has turned out to be controversial because Arsenal primarily have 3 DMs of Arteta, Coquelin and Flamini. And secondarily have Ramsey and Cazorla who can be adapted as DMs. To my understanding, Arsenal potentially have 5 DMs who they still want to keep. If those 5 are fit and infom, thus making them available for selection to play, what will be the essence of signing a new DM save if one of the 5 on ground is sold or loaned out. A fit and inform Arteta and Coquelin can together play for Arsenal in some games if not constantly. Let’s not forget that Cazorla & Ramsey will also be contesting for a starting place with Coquelin who will be the regular DM. So this most Gooners demand for a new DM maybe turn out to be an overzeleous demand. As for my own Goonership thinking for Arsenal reinforcements for our next season titles challenge, I prefer to see the Boss signs a top quality left-back and a top quality right-winger. With those 2 new additions, Arsenal are done to seriously more than in the past 10 years mount that long awaited titles challenge and wins them. I can see a fifthdruple on the cards awaiting the Gunners to take all next season.

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