Signing ‘fighter’ Kolasinac looking great move for Arsenal

It may have taken the Bosnian international a few games to settle into his new career as an Arsenal player, but it is only pre-season and the new summer signing Sead Kolasinac really shook off the cobwebs today and put in a powerful and impressive performance for the Gunners on the left side of midfield.

The free transfer (FREE) from the Bundesliga club Schalke showed just why so many big clubs, including the Italian champions Juventus, apparently, were after him and why Arsenal fans should be very glad that Arsene Wenger won that particular transfer battle.

There was a report by this weekend in which a former teammate of the Bosnian’s and the sporting director of Schalke were full of praise for the new Gunner and suggested that he could be the perfect signing for Arsenal.

Timo Hildebrand said: “He is so strong that nobody can stop him He is really strong and also a fighter. He had those qualities even when he was a young player coming through the ranks at Schalke.

“He is a very good player and I think he is going to do well in the Premier League. He is the perfect signing for Arsenal.”

His strength and fighting qualities were well in evidence against Benfica in the Emirates Cup, especially when he chased down a defender and beat him to the ball to set up Walcott for our first goal. He showed some great ability but perhaps that determination and attitude could be why Kolasinac does prove to be another super signing from Wenger.



  1. Dashing Rino says:

    Kolosinac was execptional, so also was Nelson.Nice one boyz.

    1. Ian wrights bruva says:

      @dashing rino, I agree looked good and nelson look comfortable in that position.

      maybe the young gooner is what we need down the flank

      A strong fighter with quality sounds just the ticket kolasnic is just the type of player we need.



    2. Jan says:

      Haahhahhaa so was Akpom last pre season
      Guys wake up!!!!!please!!!

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Kolsanic was excellent today. Kolsanic, Mustafi and Koscielny would make a fantastic trio at the back.

    We need more fighters like him.

    1. neil says:

      excited to see our first choice back 3 finally play together…. Mustafi Holding and Kos or Monreal / Kolasknac in there or at left wing back… some good options pkus Ox and Bellerin at Right wing back with maybe also Nelson now as squad player if he kicks on

  3. Waal2waal says:

    ..sometimes you see players and at an instance you just know they ooze class and bring lots of A-game to the team, I like kolasnic alot, add just a few more quality purchases and we’re back in the mix for sure – we cannot be complascent, seville and cheski will present a much stiffer test, but both will struggle to contain a fully on song arsenal offensive.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      , I like kolasinac alot…

  4. Jan says:

    Well see with Sevilla tommorrow.
    Will be tested for real with our strongest (its Wenger style for years) cant wait for your comments after the match…

  5. adi says:

    if i was bellerin, I would be pretty worried with his starting line up. Surr bellerin is ffar more experience, but nelson looks like hes been playing for us a long time

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      This is the problem with Arsenal fans, they get ahead of themselves and are so so gullible. The kid is just 17 and perhaps a future prospect but he is no way near first team football, in fact what he has shown was expected, neither exceptional nor enough to break into a first team looking to challenge the league. He lacks physicality and stamina to be playing at the highest level and believe me, he will be exposed if we were to play him on a regular basis. Guess what, if that does happen and then he falls short, Arsenal fans will then start bashing him and calling him a deadwood. Please people let’s be realistic here and not fall for these sentimental shenanigans, we’ve been here far too many times.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Some kids just step up and surprise you, I wouldn’t be so quick to write of young Nelson, I am not saying he is the finished article as he isn’t, he can get better still, he could surprise a lot and do better than expected.

        Cesc was 17 when he started playing regular for us, over 40 games and cesc was a small lad as well.
        Anelka was only a lad when he done well for us, looked very light and yet still done well enough to earn a transfer to Real Madrid.

        MBappe was 17 when last season started and look at who wants him now.

        I will not believe you and assume he will be exposed, what player have you ever developed? We need to give the lad a chance when called upon but let the lad show us if he is or isn’t good enough now, if he is good enough then he is good enough.

        He has done well and credit to him, if he can perform like he has then that is a good backup and all backups should be looking to fight for starting role.

        1. Abel says:

          How old was Bellerin when he displaced Debuchy as our Right back?

        2. neil says:

          well said… lets always focus on the positive

      2. David Rusa says:

        This kind of mentality is retrogressive. How old is Kyilian Mbappe who is right now the world’s most highly valued player? How old was Messi when he started tearing teams apart? What of Rooney when he scored that wonder goal for Everton against Arsenal? How about Christiano Ronaldo? We should not over hype players but at the same time we should avoid making them feel that they can’t excel at a young age. We could kill talent that way. Different people behave differently. Some players develop early while others like Koscielny and Ground are late developers. It is not good to stunt the early development of a player. We all know both Akpom and Nelson but the two are different kinds of players. Akpom could score few goals but he was not as convincing as Nelson. Let Nelson be given the opportunity to realise his full potential.

    2. Waal2waal says:

      @Adi, bellerin already has the world at his feet, while r.nelson is regarded more a work in progress

  6. Fazel Faz says:

    kolsanic is very solid in strong.Good spirit and hardwork.Nelson should play more to be more aggressive.Wenger must show the best team againt Sevilla in the next game .

    Bravo bravo santa maria

  7. ZA_Gunner says:

    This is the best game I’ve seen so far of Kolasinac and I hope it will continue, I really do like his style of play bar the moments in the game where he was caught out in defence but I am sure he’ll improve with game time.

    On the more pressing issue we really need that central midfielder as Cazorla replacement and perhaps a stronger box-to-box player than Ramsey with the ability to defend and cover when the wing-backs are caught in offense. I think the midfield is area lacks grit and composure and is a more serious issue than the RW.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    I hope Wenger doesn’t try and move him into a CB role, or replace Koscielny/Mert when time comes. We need more outfielders with his kind of attributes, no point in just looking to put them towards the CB position. Also for a wide defender he’s a good height, but for CB it is a little on the short side when you consider Kos and Mustafi too. We struggle at the aerial stuff, but with more outfielders with qualities/stature similar to Kolasinac, it could become a thing of the past.

  9. Hero says:

    Please I don’t like the idea that Nelson could soon be a flop. Am sure Mbappe is a year older than him. No body is saying that Wenger should start him over Belarin but he could be a good substitute on Thursday.

    After his first match in Sydney we question his ability to perform against a more improve teem mine you Benfica is a Champion league teem and also the Portuguese champion. At least let’s be optimistic.

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    In terms of our youngsters (23 and younger), I am excited about Holding, Chambers, Nelson, Bielik, Niles and Zelalem.

    Holding and Chambers are 21/22. Now is the time for them to work hard and start improving. They are good at the moment but can be better if they work hard.

    Oxlade would have been in there still if he didn’t want to leave. Sad as he is currently an excellent squad player

    I think Nelson will become better than Theo within a few years. Very impressive and mature for 17 years old. Very exciting player. Time is on his side. In 5 years time he will still be younger than the age Ox is now.

    We need to make sure Nelson signs a new contract when time comes up. Don’t want to lose him.

  11. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    Well sead looks like the real deal.Physically strong,mentally tough,good control and quality on the ball and above all a FIGHTER.Let us hope that this performance yesterday was just a sign of things to come and that he will continue to give these kind of performances on a consistent basis coz we desperately need everyone to step up in order to win the epl.

  12. invisible 88 says:

    hmmm, everyone is talking about the wingbacks, but I’ve concern over lacazate, he looks lazy and giroud looks even much sharper than him. I believe lacazate will bring the best out of giroud because of the price tag but lacazate needs more time to gel into the team.

  13. Ronny says:

    I knew kolasinac would be great for us.
    I watched him for schalke when he was playing in one of those face marks, he was charging down the flank with opposition players bouncing off him trying to tackle him. He cut inside a scored a great solo goal.
    I remember thinking wow this guys amazing a juggernaut and soon after we signed him! 🙂

  14. Ronny says:

    I think lacazette looked a bit over awed with the Emirates and the crowd yesterday, these initial nerves showed. He also seemed a little surprised by the rain hence his poor touch and passing a couple of times.
    I also think he will remain intimates by giroud whilst they are on the pitch together. All started by that nonsense from giroud the other day when giroud scored and blanked lacazette.
    He’ll come good bit may need many a big up and lots of cuddles from Wenger before he suddenly clicks.

  15. Sean Williams says:

    “Fighters” make a great difference to a team. Kolasinac is imposing and willing and looks a man mountain. Players don’t have to be imposing monsters to be fighters. Little ‘Jean Michael Seri’ is a tenacious Santiago Cazorla clone and is also a little fighter. His passing range is excellent. Never mind Thomas Lemar, this little guy can be a game changer. I would snap him up right now. Also Riyad Mahrez is available. He’s not a fighter as such, but he is a game changer and better than Walcott.

  16. ade says:

    Good game Sead, n Nelson I wish they both keep it up. Lacasette hasn’t settle well, I believe he ll impress but Giroud won’t take it cool, he will work hard to get shirt. Let’s keep watching.

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