Signing Lautaro Martinez would be a massive boost for Arsenal fans

Despite having another whole month until the end of the transfer window, there are always the few fickle Arsenal fans calling for Mikel Arteta and Edu to be sacked for not spending 250m GBP before the season starts.


But in fact the THREE signings we have already made have looked to be real quality, and any further additions could be just the icing on the cake.


But we still have a lot of outgoing decisions to be made, and if we can use them to bring in a top quality superstar like Lautaro Martinez then there will be very little for Arsenal fans to moan about for now.


It would appear that our interest in the Argentine is very real, and despite the 23 year-old’s exceptional ability, it seems that cash-strapped inter Milan are willing to cash in on Martinez, who scored three goals at this years Copa America to help his country win the trophy.

This has been confirmed by the Arsenal oracle David Ornstein, who tweeted….


We’ve known for some time that Inter want Hector Bellerin to replace Hakimi, but as they can’t pay cash up front, it looks like we may be able to pull off a coup by getting Martinez as part of a swap deal, and if we can throw in Alexander Lacazette as well then they will have a replacement for Martinez.

I am personally very excited about this, and if he can settle in London very quickly we can have a lot more confidence for the new season approaching.

Could Arteta and Arsenal really be that lucky?

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  1. Would certainly be an exciting signing but I would say it’s unlikely at the moment and depends on what happens with lacazette, but if were to get him and added Johnstone(gk) Aarons(rb) Guimaraes(dm) Bernardo Silva(am) you’re looking at a top 4 challenge minimum.

    Aarons/chambers White/Holding Gabriel/Mari Tierney/Tavares
    Guimaraes/Elneny Partey/Lokonga
    Pepe/Saka Silva/SmithRowe Martinelli/Balogun

  2. Before people come for my head here now and attack me.
    For the amount Inter want, I don’t want us to sign him.
    Lol, before you attack me, please go watch his football game, he’s just a faster Lacazette, and that’s the only reason I want him. The only reason I don’t is because of his ridiculous price.
    Arsenal fans of course won’t care about his abilities, as long as he’s big money and we want a fancy player.
    He’s exactly just the carbon copy of Lacazette, plays better with another striker which is why he’s a SS. Now he might come and own the striker role. I’ll be glad if he does, but knowing we can’t sell both Auba and Laca.
    If we sign Martinez, it will mean less playing time for the likes or Martinelli and Flo because no way we’d have a 70 million player on the bench.

    Once again, watch his game, if you can’t, do your findings about him and read about him. While a very good goalscorer, he can be wasteful too, but that won’t be a problem if we bring if can create a massive influx of chances.

    I’ll prefer we sign Maddison instead and sell Lacazette. Move Auba to 9, and Flo/Martinelli compete with him.
    That way no youngster will fall back.

    My verdict is this, if we can get Martinez for good money + player swap, then I’ll be over the moon as I like that he’s the faster version of Laca, and very younger.
    If Inter insists we pay 77m then I’ll prefer we walk away.
    I’m not after a fancy signing, even though most won’t agree with me because he’s a big money signing

    1. I agree with you, Eddie. I don’t think he’s enough of an upgrade to justify the amount being asked for. That said, I wouldn’t be against us signing a tall no.9 in some form in order to give us some tactical flexibility, although if Laca stays (and, as with most of our players, there appears to be little demand), buying another striker would be excessive.

      An AM, RB (if Hector/Cedric leave) and a backup GK and I’d say that’s a pretty tidy window.

    2. Good shout Eddie. Good player (not great) but not for the numbers quoted. It’s another case of fans only wanting big name big price signings, regardless of whether they offer vfm. IF (unlikely) we came up with the cash we couldn’t buy anyone else. Is that what fans want?
      If there were two areas where I wish some Arsenal fans were more realistic (despite their demands that we immediately win the EPL) it is that 1) we don’t have much cash and 2) we dont have to spend huge sums on high profile players to create a good team.

    3. Totally agree with your assessment of Lautaro’s playing style. In our ultra-defensive lone forward set-up, he’ll suffer the same fate as Laca.

      If Lautaro is going to be played as a second striker with Auba up-front, one among Saka, Pepe and ESR must make way for him in the starting eleven, assuming we play the 4-2-3-1 formation. Plus, Auba can’t do the things Lukaku did for Lautaro’s style of play.

      Lautaro wasn’t prolific before partnering with Lukaku. We don’t have a player similar to Lukaku here at Arsenal right now. Investing huge in Lautaro without investing in a player like Lukaku is just as investing in an expensive saddle without a horse to ride.

    4. But Eddie, we don’t care about the f…ing money, it’s not our money anyway! Who cares about Kronoike stinking money, get him here for £150M, we just want the decent players, don’t mind the money!

    5. i agree eddie. im not bothered if we dont get him. im fine with going into season with Auba/Flo/Martinelli as our options and splashing on a CAM instead. I think ppl think he’s Aguero level just because he’s Argentine as well, but yes, he’s pretty wasteful and i wouldn’t pay over 50mill for him which Inter probably wouldn’t take. Keep the energy towards Maddision (and hopefully not Odegaard)

    6. But remember He is still young and hand His best football ahead of him and if you describe him has the faster version of Laca it means He is A complete trailer cos Laca is a good striker but not fast

    7. I agree with you. Lacazette is undervalued by many on JA and Martinez is over valued. Notwithstanding the fact that midfield upgrades should be the priority, if Hector Bellerin can be sold to Inter Milan as part of the deal, I would be receptive.

  3. Lautaro Matinez is a quality striker and if Arsenal manages to bring him to the Emirates that will be a game changer for them.Arsenal will however have to offload Lacazzete and Nketia to make the Lautaro deal a reality.

    As much as Arsenal is being seen by many as a mid table team having finished eighth last season it should be noted that had Arsenal started the season with a creative midfielder as was the case in the second leg of the season things could have been different. If Arsenal brings in either Lautaro or Maddison they will be a different team and those writing them off for top four might be surprised at the end of the season.

  4. @03 gunner, after we have gotten 3 non HG already, we should get mart, Johnstone, Aron’s, Bernardo Silva, Guimaraes…. That will be 8 in all, don’t you think its too much and where is the money?….

    1. You are wrong my friend. Lokonga, Tavares, Guimaraes, Martinez and Bernardo are non homegrown but Ben White, Sam Johnstone and Max Aarons are homegrown. In terms of having the funds to enquire them we would obviously need to offload some players (Xhaka Bellerin Maitland-Niles Nketiah William Runnarson Cedric Laca? Willock?

  5. All we need is go get him. In fact, the first and expected deal for us this window was a striking force. The issue of settling fast or not is natural and our two major goal contributors are 30 and above already. Signing Lauta will mean a lot for us.

  6. Based on his YouTube highlights, he’s just a faster version of Lacazette. He’s great in tight spaces and has an excellent close control, but he’s too short to win aerial duels

    I believe he thrives at Inter Milan because Lukaku does the hold-up play and the battles with the opposition’s CBs for him. Giroud also did this for Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott

    Unfortunately, we don’t have someone like Lukaku, Kane, Morata or Giroud at Arsenal. Theoretically, our midfielders should’ve won the ball headed down by the opposition’s CBs, but our CF should also pose a good aerial challenge to the towering CBs

    Our new CF doesn’t have to be very tall, but he must be involved in midfield and brings his teammates into play. Benzema, Lukaku, Kane and Morata showed these qualities in Euro

    1. Sagio Aguero wasn’t too tall yet the highest all time goal scorer for Man City. A good tactical coach can always find a way to use a player like Martinez. He is skillful and quick.

      1. Man City’s system is stable and established. They’re always able to play from the back successfully

        Our system isn’t, so it needs a tough CF who can battle the opposition’s CBs. This is because we’re forced to clear with long goal kicks when playing against a high pressing opposition

        Ours is kinda like England’s and Belgium’s in Euro. They also relied on their CFs to handle the CBs

  7. @ Eddie, I like your view about him, but I watched the guy a lot in inter, he is a joy to watch, he is a modern day striker that we have been missing…. To me he is more of a prime Suarez, Arsenal Sanchez, Chelsea Warner…. He is fast, skillful and all round….. Do you believe that mart & Balo, can take us to top 4? He is young and prolific…. Auba and laca will soon leave and I which Martinelli, Ball &Martinez ( if signed) would be future for us….

  8. Arsenal should try their best and sign Lautaro Martinez. Because he’s the one we need at this moment

  9. It’d be a good move given he is young & so fast as i watched him on U-tube. Regardless of his price, good add+ for AFC.

  10. If Arsenal can sign Lautaro and Maddison,that will be a great piece of business.Believe you me,Arsenal will challenge for the title

    1. Do you think we have the financial power to sign James Maddisson(70m pounds) and Lautaro(70m pounds) this window? 140m pounds for 2 players.

      I would rather we sign Aouar(30m pounds) and Bernard Silva(45m pounds).

      If Man City buy Grealish/Kane, there will be a domino effect.

      Raheem, Bernard Silva, Gabriel Jesus would be available for sale.

      Forget Maddison.

      Do business with Man City.

      My wish list

      1 Aouar
      2. Bernard Silva
      3 Raheem Sterling(Will be difficult to get)

      Give Lacazette a 2 year contract.

      We need more creative midfielders ( Buy both Aouar and Bernard Silva)

  11. Another transfer which unfortunately won’t happen. Just heard European football expert Chris Parrott say he would eat his hat if arsenal were able to pull this off.

  12. Well, I am one of the idiots now saying that Arteta and Edu need to go.

    Not because they have not spent $250m, but mainly because, with all the money they have spent so far, they have still NOT addressed the two major holes in the team.
    Another defensive midfielder and a forward who CAN score goals.
    Although it seems now that we may need TWO new defensive midfielders, after yet another injury to Partey.

    Since the author thinks the three signings we have made so far are all top quality, how come we still got out-played again by Chelsea.

    Maybe they are not as top quality as the author thinks!!!

    1. JW, you are correct in your priorities, but Edu and Arteta still have time to get an ACM and DM. Should Arsenal end the transfer window with these positions unfilled, I will be concerned.

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