Signing Mkhitaryan would have made more sense for Arsenal

Arsenal miss out on Henrikh Mkhitaryan!

Arsenal have already missed out on a fair few of their transfer targets this summer, with the most certain rejection coming from Jamie Vardy. Now it seems that The Gunners are set to miss out on another player, who this time is going to sign for rivals Manchester United.

United recently signed the mighty Zlatlan Ibrahimovic earlier in the week, but Jose Mourinho hasn’t stopped there, with the ‘Special One’ set to make his second signing Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The Borrusia Dortmund winger is keen to leave Germany this summer after running down his contract. With a year to go, Dortmund feel they have no other option but to sell Mkhitaryan now, and Arsenal were supposedly the front runners for the Armenian’s signature a few weeks back.

Arsenal were linked almost every day with a move for the 27 year old winger and many started to believe that it could be a deal that Wenger was keen to pull off. However a lot can change in a few weeks, because whilst Arsenal are today confirming Takuma Asano, the Japanese ‘prospect’, United are closing in on their second major deal of the week. Mkhitaryan would have been a perfect addition for Arsenal, because despite being packed full of midfielders already, what Arsenal do lack is a quality winger in addition to Alexis Sanchez. After Alexis, the quality of wingers we have at the club dramatically drops and for the style and formation that Arsenal play, we really do need another top quality winger. Arsenal cannot rely on the likes of Walcott, Ox and Campbell to be consistent week in week out and so Arsenal are certainly crying out for a new player in that position.

Mkhitaryan could have been the answer to that, with 18 goals in all competitions last season and at a reported transfer fee of £23.5 million, Arsenal have really missed out on a big opportunity. The 27 year old is now set to link up with the Red Devils, whilst Arsenal fans yet again sit back awaiting to hear promising news on any incoming player. At two years younger, surely Mkhitaryan would have been a much more sensible target than Vardy?



  1. It would have made more sense, if he wanted to come to us…He made his choice. Accept it.

    1. What year of EPL season that they’ve been watching in Armenia? Mikhtaryan just wanted to get the hell out of Dortmund, he didn’t even care about ManUre will play Europa League. Such a low expectation he has, hahaha..
      He had good stats indeed, but my opinion, ManUre still don’t have world class play maker. The one that run Paul Scholes role. They’ll still struggle to get out from that kinda “rumble in the bar” attacking style next season. Ibrahimovich is a Messiah short plan of The Sacked One. Moureen must clinch that title in two years time. Otherwise, he’ll fulfill his new epithet.

      1. because signing Kim Kallstrom with a broken back while we were in dying need of a striker makes sense

      2. Xhaka is a good signing granted, but would you be happy with that if it turns out pogba is available?

  2. You make it sound like arsenal did not try to sign him. He got an offer from arsenal and rejected it opting to go to united instead as that was his dream move. He even gave up champions league with dortmund to go there so that shows you where his interest lie

  3. Signing Mahrez would make more sense for Arsenal. Especially with the looks of Alexis’ ankle.

    1. He ticks every box skilful, goals, assist, match winner, crossing, hard worker

      An alternative would be sofiane boufal

  4. red devils have spent money like anything in these 3-4 years ….cant wait for the transfer window to close . this is like a slow death

  5. Same story as the Schneiderlin one. Player was probably interested in joining us, but he (and his agent!) got a better offer from Man United. Big shame because I feel this guy could’ve completed our frontline.

    But Wenger probably wants Xhaka, Cazorla and Ramsey in one team so the latter will probably get a free role on the right.

  6. Don’t think we were ever really in for him to be honest. United are going to try and play him down the middle is my guess. If that doesn’t work out they might have another expensive flop because Mourinho likes his Up Down wingers.

    Our 3 best footballers are Carzola, Ozil, Sanchez and 2 of those are cement set on their positions, Ozil and Sanchez. It is well known that Mkhitaryan prefers the left wing and hates the right wing. So Ozil and Sanchez means a Mkhitaryan move was never on, sorry.

    He would have sounded us out and we would have told him that his best option at the club was right wing. He than would have talked to United and they would have said you will become central to the team, be it down the middle or to the left.

    So given the higher wages and better position the options for him became, I believe, rather limited.

    1. T hen again mhikhytarian played his best season of football on the right last year. That’s were Man U bought him for Rooney will get the role behind Ibrahimovic martial has the left forward

  7. There’s no amount of suggestion of players in this blog u would want in Arsenal that would actually cause a change in Arsene’s mind to sign the player(s) you crave for in the club so pls forget Mkhitaryan and get to used to Wenger! That’s the only way you could live long while being an Arsenal supporter otherwise, reverse is the case!

  8. We are just three players short of beating the hell out of Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte, Pochettino, Ranieri and the likes. but just like our players who got the penalty opportunities and bottled them again and again, Wenger has the penalty. he needs to get a Winger, a striker and a centre back…The players that fit these three positions are being taken away and those that we are trying to negotiate are snubbing us. sometimes it does not have to be a world class but just a class player, as winning many times is what makes them world class. Mayrez, Subotic and Huguain would be three penalties scored and the trophy is on it’s way. however i would not mind Icardi, janssen and any hard working winger who is class.

  9. today bild the number one newspaper in germany published the details of the deal for the player,fee:42millions euros,the player get a 8 millions signing on bonus,contract to run until 2020,wages:240,000/week or 12,5 millions a year,the total value of the deal before bonuses exactly 100 millions!!what do you think gunners??

    1. Lets look at the transfer window objectively.

      Unless there is a strong reason that the player wants to come to a particular club, money & trophies play a vital role in making the decision. The combination of Mourinho + Manchester United + 200k/week wages make it an irresistible deal. With Mourinho players are almost assured of trophies or at least a very good shot at it.

      When it comes to Arsenal we all know the answers. The image of the club in the minds of the players probably is – “yes a very good team which plays attractive football but not sure I can win titles with them ” The only top team who we can win a battle against in terms of reputation and ambition right now is probably liverpool.

      With the quality of world class coaches and players coming in at Man city, United and Chelsea I believe we will always be second best when it comes to choosing between them and us.

      If I look around there are only 2 other teams who I see probably have a similar financial capability to us or may be lower but they win titles consistently or at least are fighting tooth and nail for it- Athletico and Juventus.

      Honestly I don’t see Auba coming- won’t happen. Higuain may be but I doubt we can afford him. Lacazzte and others I am sure we can get them if we splash the money (because none of the top 3 are after them)

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