Signing this star means Arsenal will NOT go for Sterling!

The Arsenal transfer rumours connecting us with the Liverpool and England forward Raheem Sterling will no doubt go on for some time, until the young player is snapped up in the summer transfer window. It does look as though Sterling will be staying in England and joining another Premier League club, despite what Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers says, but it will not be Arsenal.

Today the Gunners have given us the good news that Arsene Wenger has decided to take up the option of one more year on the contract of our mercurial midfielder Tomas Rosicky, as reported by ESPN. Desxpite only making five starts in the Premier League this season our long serving star, dubbed Little Mozart for his amazing ability, has continued to show what a top quality footballer he is.

That pass with the outside of his boot after coming on against Sunderland on Wednesday was something very few players would even consider, let alone be able to pull off and with that sort of thing as well as his dribbling and vision, Rosicky can unlock the most stubborn of defences. I am not saying he is the same as Sterling but they are similar and I very much doubt that we would keep him at the club if Sterling was coming.

Now all we need to do is to get Theo Walcott to sign a new contract and the need for Sterling will have been largely negated by the prof. Do you think this is the right move for Arsenal?

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  1. As regards maturity and experience, Rosciky possess more than Sterling. In skill, I still rate Tomas more but certainly as regards fitness and endurance, Raheem is better. I so don’t feel they both possess the same skill-set all round so u must understand wen I say I feel we can have both Tomas and Raheem in our squard conveniently. Sorry Bob, but I don’t concur with the merit of your reasoning

  2. Why are these two players being compared? Hope Rosicky can get some more playtime next season, perhaps in a good league cup run?

    That being said, if Podolski moves on this summer, Sterling (or another left winger) can come in.

  3. SterLing vs Mozart………. Wrong comparison…… One is a natural winger, the other is only a CAM…….how do they compare?

  4. Hi Bob,

    Your articles always have deceptive and sensational headings.
    After reading headline, I thought Arsenal is signing new winger or attacking player but after reading it, I was very much disappointed.
    Very good job in making sure readers read whole article.

    1. u have unleashed another!…….naingolan?……… Tired of all these names….. We were even once Linked with one Krychowiak……. But They just don’t happen

  5. I love Rosicky, but who cares he’s signed on for another season. It’s not like we’re ever going to see him.

  6. Even if Rosicky was considered a similar player to Sterling (which he is not), why would that change Wenger’s mind? He purchased Mesut Ozil when Santi Cazorla was thriving in that AM role. The only reason Arsenal wont go for Sterling is if he costs too much in sterling.

  7. Wenger is not thinking the same as we fans, didn’t expect he will pull a sanchez or ozil deals so am waiting for another supprise. But on sterling only God and wenger know.

  8. Wouldn’t the word ‘Re-signing’ have been a better one to use in the title?

    Glad Mozart has decided to stay!

  9. Going by the statement of the Boss from his press conference today, I am not that optimistic he will sign Raheem Sterling after his reported interest in the player to sign him. And the boss has insisted on keeping all the current Gunners at Arsenal for next season job, irespectives of who hasn’t much positive contribution among them to offer Arsenal in my own personal view. The Boss is a football specialist and a top manager of top club Arsenal. I as Arsenal fan have no any power to impose my wish on him to comply with it. But I will and continue to express my kindid opinion for the betterment of my beloved Arsenal FC on this and other websites online. That’s all I can do. All hope is not lost to see the Boss upgrade the Arsenal’s center forwad position, the left wing position, the right wing and left back position with top quality player signings during the summer. If Walcott is converted to CF, there will still be a need for Arsenal to have an addition of a top CF because the games are going to be many for Arsenal to play. The current main Gunners forward line of Sanchez, Giroud and the intermittent Welbeck have not scored sufficient goals to make Arsenal win the Premier League title this season. Therefore, a new 3 injections of a CF, a RW and a LW are required at Arsenal to adequately cope with the long haulage of next season without suffering a breakdown in terms of scoring sufficient goals consistently during the campaign. The Arsenal midfielders and defenders have all tried with the numbers of goals they have scored this season. I give them my kudos. If I had my ways around the Boss, I would have convinced him to sign the LB Danny Rose from Spurs to give adequate competition to Monreal and Gibbs next season.

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