Signs bad for Arsenal as Bayern pull out of Alexis race

Bayern Munich have pulled out of the race to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal this summer, leaving few favourable options for our side.

The Chilean international stated that he wanted to be playing Champions League football, and that he aspires to win the competition, and is said to have been revealing his intentions for this season.

With only one season remaining on his current contract, he appears to be ruling out any chance of extending his deal, and that leaves us with little routes to uptake, with the choice of either forcing him to see out his contract and leave on a free transfer, or sell him before the window is out.

The latter option appears the most likely, due to the money we would lose by failing to sell, paired with the likelihood that his attitude could have a negative effect on our playing squad should we force him to stay.

According to the bookmakers, his most likely destinations are Manchester City, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, but unfortunately for us, the latter has now ruled themselves out of his signature.

Speaking before Bayern’s squad flew to China for their pre-season tour, Rummenigge said: ‘I don’t know what [Sanchez] has said but we are no longer involved.

‘We are in agreement with the coach [Carlo Ancelotti] and we won’t be doing another deal for an attacker. That makes no sense.’

Die roten have already agreed a deal to take James Rodriguez in from Real Madrid this summer, and the club have no need to further bolster their attacking numbers.

PSG are next in the betting after the Red Devils, and I strongly hope that we will either stick with our guns and refuse to sell, or let the French giants try their hand at trying to tempt our superstar to move to France.

Would selling to a league rival be unforgivable? Which clubs could still take Alexis off our hands?

Pat J

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  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    No. We must not sell Alexis to City
    If we lose money so be it

    We must NOT sell to PL rivals like City, Chelsea unless they part way with their top talent in exchange (ie Aguero, Hazard)

    Selling Alexis to City, United, Chelsea will be improving them and improving their chances of winning the league. We could hand them the Title by selling Alexis to them like we helped United when they bought RVP

    Saying that they will get a world class player even if we don’t sell them Alexis is wrong too. They may not get one. Chelsea at the moment is having a difficult time getting a Top striker. Few clubs are willing to sell their best players.

    1. Nayr says:

      Seems like mahrez has his heart set on a move to arsenal.

      lacazette also wanted to play for us hence the change in stance by saying the europa league is not a dealbreaker.

      I would take lacazette and mahrez over a sulky sanchez.

      1. Jimbeam says:

        At the moment the ship has sailed and we are left with two really bad choices, sell him to a rival or let him go for free.
        This has happened again and again in the last 6-7 years in Arsenal. Why is this happening? Who is in charge of making sure that players we value and want to keep do not enter the last year of their contract? This is amateurish at best, criminal at worst. Wenger and Gazidis are actually costing Arsenal a lot of money with this continuous debacle.
        In this market even if we had to let Alexis go, if he had a few years on his contract we could surely get 70-80 million quid for him. Today the best we can get is 50 and that’s from a direct rival.
        Same can be said for the situations of Ozil, Ox, Jack and Gibbs. We have to learn to sell well when we can and keep when we want to keep. Take a look at Chelsea and the amount of money they made from players that have left in the last few years.
        Wenger is inefficient on and off the field. Any manager of any company would be fired a dozen times by now.

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      I hear what you’re saying, but we’re only denying our rivals Sanchez for one year, and losing out on £50 million, or more, in the process. And what happens to our season when it comes out in January that he’s joined City/Chelsea, whilst still having another five months at Arsenal to see out? It will destabilise the club probably more than what we saw with the Wenger saga last season.

      Arsenal are not even in the race for the title anyway, so it wouldn’t affect our chances should he leave. Sanchez got 30 goals, and 16 assists, and yet will still finished fifth, and miles behind first. Clearly, the problems lie else where within the squad, and management, irrespective of whether Sanchez stays, or goes.

      I badly want to keep Sanchez, but it’s pointless if he wants out.

      1. TobyG says:

        Spot on!

  2. Fab says:

    SOME think signing Lamer will open way for Sanchez to leave, but the question here is, does Lamer has the level of Sanchez or will he reach that any day?. Do we really need him today or its because we need just new signing?. If we want midfielder why not Vidal?, Why not that Everton man called Gueye?, why not the AC Roma man called I don’t remember his name but Vidal like?, why not Isco?,

    If we want wing player why didn’t we go for Costa Deoglas? Why not Mahrez?. Some people, has an age concerned, they always think young players are what needed during transfer window, my friend this is BIG NO, what Arsenal need just now is to have players who can deliver and win us mojor trophies even if for a single season, we don’t care of their ages

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Vidal is awesome and Wenger had a chance to at least bid for him two years ago but didn’t
      I would’t mind Gueye. He is a good defensive midfielder. Wenger should bid for him

      Isco is impossible. Madrid fans LOVE him and he loves Madrid. It won’t happen

      Lemar is a winger, mainly left winger. I think Lemar will become better than Mahrez if he isn’t already. He is 21 and Mahrez is 26 but Lemar is fast, excellent dribbler and passer. He is worth getting. He isn’t as good as Alexis but he is still better than most of our wingers. Lemar is young and already very good

      1. kev says:

        I’m not saying Lemar won’t be better than Mahrez but how do you know he would.I usually see people here assuming that the fact that a young player has potential usually means he’ll be better than an older player who has already been developed.Mahrez is currently a better player than Lemar and to me we should not allow him to move.This is a former PFA player of the year who had to create things for his team rather than vice versa.Wenger has tried and done as much as he can even wanting to go beyond £50.Monaco don’t want to sell him and Mbappe this season as they are their best players.We should move for Mahrez before it’s too late whether Sanchez leaves or does not.We need a left footed player with cutting edge like him.

    2. Nameless king says:

      Reality is unlike a video game mate, you can’t just say “well I’ll get him, him, him and him” it doesn’t work like that out of the names you mentioned possibly 1 or 2 are realistic

    3. David Rusa says:

      The reason why we prefer Thomas Lemar over the other options is because of his versatility. He can play on both wings, trace back to defend and also scores goals and makes assists. His size is an advantage compared to say Mahrez. He is almost tailor made for the English game. Furthermore he is younger at 21 years which means he can give us 10 years of active service or more. Anyone in doubt should read what Arsenal Legend Robert Pires said about Lemar.

  3. hazeldog says:

    If we sell to a premier league rival the supporters, including the moderate ones of which I am one, will be up in arms and the atmosphere will be so toxic that our season would be over before a ball is kicked. I do not think the powers that be within the club are stupid enough to risk a major fall out with the fan base so my guess is that we will hang on to him and let him go next year on a free. That is what Arsene has said will happen, so lets hope is not overruled by the board.

  4. Jibs says:

    Whatever side does want him (and of course there are plenty) why rush in to pay for transfer fee and wages? When you can get it for free next summer?
    These teams seem happy to wait.
    City have a batch of promising wide men that they have invested over 100 mil in to. Buying Sanchez would certainly bench one of them and based on last season from what they saw of sane and sterling(not to mention Jesus and KDB who can do the job there) I’m sure they’d like see that investment develop. They’ve still got a lot of spending to do on that back line. They can build that this season, get Sanchez sorted in January for a nice round number and job done.
    I’ve just made myself sad now….

    1. Jibs says:

      I mean they have invested over 100 mil in sane and sterling. Not all their wide men!

  5. Dennis the Menace says:

    it baffles me how Juventus sees szczesny good enough to replace buffon but we dpn’t consider him good enough to be even cech’s replacement

    1. kev says:

      When some of us said he was better than Ospina even during his bad form we were being thumbed down.Even others teams will rate Szczesny over Ospina even at the time of his bad form and now.The only thing Ospina had over him was being relatively reliable though somehow it has waned.People were bringing up all kinds of stats as to why Ospina ws better than him.I wonder where all those people are today.I prefer Damian Martinez to Ospina and I believe he can be a top goalkeeper.He’s impressed any time he gets the chance.

  6. Emmanuel Foga says:

    I think Arsenal are really okay in the midfield. If we can strenthen our defence then we may not miss sanchez afterall.

  7. Uzzi Gooner says:

    Seriously speaking I don’t see any of Alexis’ so called possible destinations that if he leaves Arsenal, guaranteeing him a Champions League trophy anytime soon. He might even end his career with laying his hands on it unless he joins Real Madrid or Barcelona, which I don’t see happening.
    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to say he can win the Champions League if he stays at the Emirates, but he has a chance of winning the Europa League.

  8. Uzzi Gooner says:

    All I see in Alexis is a player who no longer has passion for the team. Wenger needs to get rid of him and play Lucas Perez on the left side of our front three. If it means going on a free transfer, then I would suggest making things a little difficult for him. This is not the right time for a player to play big headed. It’s less than 12 months before the World Cup kicks off, we hold the key to his national team call up. So the issue keep but chop out of the first team until his contract expires.

    1. ruelando says:

      Sanchez is a NAtional Hero for Chile and you think us benching him would jeopardise his chance of playing in the world cup, PLEASE!, what we would be jeopardising is our own chance of winning the league if we keep him forcibly. Many see him as the catalyst of many things good at arsenal, but he is also the catalyst of many things bad last season.

      Sell him as soon as possible get the needed replacement and move on with our preparation for the new season.

  9. Dexter says:

    Swap alexis for aguero. if arsenal would play a 3-4-1-2 system, aguero and lacazette would strike. Ozil behind them both, lemar on lwb, mahrez on rwb, xhaka and coquelin in the middle, koscielny, mustafi and kolasinac/holding in defence. Good team to challenge for epl

  10. amb98 says:

    If Sanchez wants to leave, then sell him to PSG for £50m, there’s no point keeping an unhappy player at the club. If the Lemar deal is too difficult to agree then sign Mahrez for £30m and Danilo Pereira/Goretzka for £25m. I also feel we need another top quality centre back as it seems we will be playing 3-4-3. I really like Holding but it may be too much for him to be an undisputed starter so soon. Gabriel is inconsistent, Mertesacker should only be used sparingly and I don’t know what’s happening with Chambers. Van Dijk, Manolas, Gimenez or De Vrij would be suitable.

  11. Angello says:

    I read on this page where someone stated that Lemar has size advantage over Mahrez, on what basis if i may ask? I am certain Mahrez is heavier and taller than Lemar. What i love most about Lemar is age, long range accuracy which is lacking in our team…. I would be so happy to see Lemar in our team but let’s not waste our time if we can’t get him. Mahrez is a good option snap him up please.

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