Signs that PSG star IS set for January transfer to Arsenal?

If this recent Arsenal transfer rumour turns out to be true then perhaps before January someone at Arsenal could get in touch with our possible signing Lucas Moura and get him to have a word with his current club colleague Edinson Cavani.

As good a player as the Brazil international might be, I think most of us would rather have the Uruguayan international striker at the Emirates. There were those reports of dressing room strife between Cavani and Neymar and although the club and both players have played it down it seems like there is a problem.

PSG apparently are going to try for the transfer of Alexis Sanchez in January and if that happened I would be even more keen to see Cavani head the other way, but it seems a lot more likely that Arsenal will be adding Lucas Moura to our playing staff.

The versatile and talented 25-year old has been in Paris for over five years now and has been a big part of their team but this season has seen him drop down the order and play just over half an hour so far, which is The Mirror is reporting that he has been advised to leave and the former PSG defender Alex seems to think Arsenal will be his destination.

He said, “I would like to see him at Arsenal. They play cleaner football, more technical.

“He had contacts, I believe. That would be a good option for him this winter.”

With his pace, power and technical ability I think Moura would fit in well at Arsenal and with this apparent contact, could it be about to happen come January?

Sam P.


  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Here we go again talking about who were gonna to sign in the next transfer window. It’ll be the same old story, Glued to the box for a month watching Jim White waiting for us to make a move, constantly checking online, sign nobody and just as were all getting frustrated Wenger will pick up a player for free, offload a couple and they’ll turn round and tell us it was a successful window. WENGER, KROENKE, GAZIDIS OUT

    1. Jay says:

      So, what wasn’t successful about this transfer window? Are signings only good if you pay for them? That is such an unbelievably childish mentality. Although, that’s probably fair enough, as judging by your comment, you’re no older than 14.

      We got a brilliant full-back for free.

      We signed one of the top strikers in the whole of Europe.

      We kept arguably our 2 best players.

      We off-loaded a fair few players that weren’t up to scratch.

      We got £40m for the OX.

      And here you are, making out like it was a horror show. Utterly pathetic.

      1. Redmau5 says:

        Ur beyond deluded .
        No point even arguing the point

      2. Lance says:

        Admin. Can’t we disagree with each other without hurling insults?

      3. Kenny Rolfe says:

        For a start the name Jay wasn’t even about when I was a kid. Without disclosing my age one of the first ever games I saw at Highbury was the original Busby babes when they beat us 5-4 in a thriller on a Saturday and went off to be killed in a tragic air crash a few days later. 14, I wish I was! The only sensible line in your abusive post was the one about the Ox. I suggest you learn a bit of respect and go and watch American NFL.

    2. jermaine bryan says:

      If you look at things that way messi is free in the summer so your not making sense
      (I’m not saying we can sign him)

  2. gotanidea says:

    Draxler, Moura and Di Maria have great skills, but their work rate is not as high as Sanchez’s. Draxler would be a great addition, but Moura is the one that will most likely leave.

    1. If we can get both Draxler and Moura I’ll be extreeeeemly happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost both Alexis and Ozil and Wenger declared Lacazette and Wilshere can fully replace them.

  3. Vijay says:

    Draxler is a talent waiting to explode. We need him more than moura

  4. Marty says:

    Getting fed up with the January transfer window already !!

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Moura’s a very good player, he scores and assists. I haven’t seen enough of him to know if he’ll fight for us though. His stats are good when he gets some games. Player who does not want to play second fiddle, it could be a good move, that’s how we got Alexis. I think right now we’d prob need Rabiot a bit more, cannot believe we didn’t make a push for Goretzka.

    1. Kilted Gooner says:

      How do you know we didn’t make a move for Goretzka?
      Bayern rule all in Germany and its rumoured he has had a pre contract agreement with them for some time, we really never stood a chance!

  6. Willy007 says:

    Wenger is so stubborn that he ll not sign Player in January window, carzola should be back a new signing.

  7. The barrel says:

    Maura for Sanchez and Draxler for Ozil. Not Carvani nor Di Maria. U should be discussing the partnership of Xhaka and Ramsey, because its a major concern

  8. Sarmmie says:

    I would want to see draxler more than moura, moura is a winger, I haven’t seen him play behind the striker before but draxler can play across the three attacking midfield positions. Who would partner xhaka come January shouldn’t be much of a problem considering cazorla’s return. but the fact that he might not stay fit should make wenger go for rabiot or goretzka but we know wenger now.

  9. Sarmmie says:

    But I would like to see any of the linked psg players come January, except cavani, though, lacazette’s presence would make us need him less

  10. jermaine bryan says:

    IN January we should sign Lemar and sell Sanchez and Ozil if they won’t sign before January. That covers cost of getting Lemar.

    Gimenez (athletico)and de vrij (lazio)should be signed on pre contracts in anticipation of Mertesacker retirement and one of chambers Or mustafi asking to leave.

    Juanfran (athletico)can be signed on the cheap whilst we offload jenkinson and debuchy

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