Signs the tide has (finally) turned in Arsenal’s favour?

There is still plenty of time and lots that could go wrong for Arsenal in this topsy-turvy and hard to get a grip on Premier League season. For instance, all that Leicester City need to do is not to lose two games and draw another of their six remaining matches and the Gunners can do whatever they like and not affect the destination of the Premier League trophy in May.

However, I do get the feeling that after all the bad luck that the Gunners have had this season with refs, injuries, hitting the woodwork, dodgy goals against us and all that, the tide might just be turning and things might just be starting to go our way.

That tweak of the hamstring of Alexis Sanchez last weekend, for instance. It would have been typical of the season so far if the Chilean had suffered an injury setback just as he hit top form and I thought he would miss at least one game but he seems to be fine to face West Ham today.

We also had Wilshere and Rosicky back in action for the under 21 side last night and both came through with no problems and we even saw the forgotten man Serge Gnabry play and score a thunderous goal. We have Iwobi bursting onto the scene, Elneny looks settled now and an absolute steal and to top it all off the spuds are tottering again.

All we need is a Leicester slip, and they have been far from convincing recently, and maybe it will be Arsenal´s turn to get some good luck at last.

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  1. We are going to need more than luck. However I see draws for Leicester and sp*ds this weekend, so a win would be great today. Leicester have had their fair share of luck this season so I see your point about luck. In the sun newspaper they have a feature called the real premier league table that corrects referee mistakes and notes the changes to the premier league table. No prizes for guessing who is top. And who would be top if all shots that hit the woodwork counted as goals. I’ll give you a clue: It starts with an A and ends with rsenal.

  2. pLs Lets hear something else other than common gloats……..few hours from now we hit the Boleyn ground

    Unfortunately, we start the matchday….. Thus we won’t be seeing results from Leicester or spuds to determine how we go into the games against the hammers

    what we do today, will affect or effect our EPL fate!

  3. Tides turned? ?… Did we beat West ham, whilst the spuds and Leicester lost?…. Is Kane, Mahrez, Kante and Vardy all out injured, for the rest of the season? … No! ?
    Well…. that’s what I would call tides turning! ???

  4. A turned tide for me would be:

    1. A board that cared other than fiscally
    2. A new manager for next season.
    3. Player and payscale revision
    4. A team assembled (of skill and character) capable
    Of winning the league and/or in europe.

    Otherwise different day, same sh$t!

    1. Would winning the title not just be the best thing all round. You want those changes to aid us in winning titles but if we do it a different route well then the target is still met.

  5. Good to see Wenger sticking with Ospina. Cech is still our number one of course, but Ospina hasn’t put one foot wrong

    1. Hope it’s just precaution or match fitness. Because Cech doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone and Mourinho was an idiot for thinking he could get better.

  6. That Alexis confession, I was surprised hearing it, after seeing him put everything into his performances up until that injury it did throw me a little that he would admit to having such fear in the way that he did. Last season not a bother, it was great. I can’t imagine he would’ve said that to Barcelona, the reason why my form has dipped is because I fear getting injured. I think this is new, and you can imagine why he would adopt these thoughts playing for Arsenal. Our injury record is terrible, fair enough we are not the worst this season but we never get a season when we are one of the best in this field. I think this is what worries Alexis, he must look at Wilshere, among others, and knew of Diaby, and he must think to himself I couldn’t live with a thing like that, I need to play.

  7. Same line up, as expected, with Ramsey on the bench which is a miracle ?? that must have hurt uncle wenger ??

    No doubt that Ramsey will be the first player to be subbed on!! ?

    Come on Arsenal… “We need this!”
    ( ? @ NY_Gunner )

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