Silent Wenger needs to get off the Arsenal bench!

Come on Arsene – Give me your excuse this time! by KM

There you go. Your favourite Arsene Wenger produced another shambolic Arsenal performance in defense. There’s not much to say really. We have an old out of favour idiot, running our club and that is ruining us. Forget titles, Wenger has to go.

There he is again, as silent as ever, not knowing that you could give your team advice from the touchline. There he is sitting again, clueless as to how to fix defensive problems. But hey who cares right ? I mean he will never be sacked, so why should he care?

He started the season with 6 defenders, none of which is good enough for a top 4 team, and he is paying the price. I feel bad for Alexis Sanchez I really do. If was him I’d be thinking “What’ve I done joining these losers ?”.

Totally unaware of when a substitution can be made Arsene sits on the bench. We are deservedly well beaten. We will struggle to finish in the top 4. Couldn’t have we hired Ronald Koeman ? Come on, we can drop a bag of money on Atleticos front door for Simeone. I bet that he will make players die on the field rather than defend like Arsenal.

Tell me how Gibbs decided to foul their attacker in front of the 18 yard box, instead of the center of field ? I know cause if its in the middle we wouldn´t concede. Oh wait, wait!!! A header in our box. What ? Another goal!

Go to hell Arsene, you are a shame for this football club.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. These days, particularly like yesterday, I just find it hard to say anything here becuz there’s nothing I will say that I or someone else hasn’t said before. Yesterday, I described Wenger as one who is “tactically nonchalant and characteristically enigmatic.

    My problem now is not even Wenger, it is those fans that keep making silly excuses for him. I wonder what folks like @ Big_gun and @61-never-Again will or must have said after yesterday’s game, funny AKBz.These days, particularly like yesterday, I just find it hard to say anything here becuz there’s nothing I will say that I or someone else hasn’t said before. Yesterday, I described Wenger as one who is “tactically nonchalant and characteristically enigmatic.

    My problem now is not even Wenger, it is those fans that keep making silly excuses for him. I wonder what folks like @ Big_gun and @61-never-Again will or must have said after yesterday’s game, funny AKBz.

    1. LMAO!!! What just happened? Sorry, guys, dunno how that comment duplicated itself.

      All I’m saying is we all know Wenger is our major problem. Let’s embrace the truth and stop making silly excuses for him. Both goals by Swansea came after their first two substitutes were brought on. The Miz (Monk) is even smarter than Wenger.

      1. Conspiracy Theory :
        Wenger didn’t buy defenders because then he’ll have no excuses. He’ll be found out as manager. He has lost confidence,hunger & desire.

    1. Klopp is a younger Wenger. He just have different playing philosophy(fast,pressing,counter-attack). He is just as if not more inflexible as Wenger. Don’t want him.IMO.
      Just my opinion don’t thumb-down plz.

    2. Defo not Simeone the fella is a walking timebomb and I wouldn’t want to give him our £200m war chest. As for Klipperty yes I would like him, but it is all irrelevant arsenal won’t sack wenger and wenger wont resign.

  2. @SaveArsenal, sup pal? Yesterday was fun on this site. All the AKBz fled like evil spirits running away from sacred materials.

    1. I have never found out who these AKBzs are ? They mysteriously thumbs-down somehow without even commenting or explaining. I have to say though they have gone missing since yesterday. No more thumbs down.LOL.

  3. A bit harsh to state Wenger must go to hell…

    However, I think it is time for a fresh start. I have always been a Wenger supporter, but I am finding it hard to keep defending him. We need someone young, with a hunger to win trophies. I think Wenger has lost that hunger.

  4. You guys are forgetting that Steve Bould is in charge of defense. Why is no one having a go at him and all the blame is directed at Wenger?

      1. And how the hell do you know that? Does Steve phone you after each game and moan about it? If Wenger doesn’t listen to him, then Bould is just a sellout, only in it for the cash, just like Wenger according to you. That doesn’t sound the like the Bould I know that sweated blood and tears for his club as a player.

        1. I’m pretty sure Wenger selects the team.
          I’m also sure that he makes the substitutions, and it was foolish of him to not get on bellerin.

    1. Disappointed with Bouldy’s silence especially on defensive frailties…his reputation too is getting tarnished along with his master!

      1. I’m pretty sure that when Bouldy started he had a run in with Wenger about the formation he was using and what should be changed. Wenger silenced him and said it was his way or the highway so Bouldy has been keeping his mouth shut ever since.

        1. Bull, Bould is not a little child to be told what to do, if he does not get on with Wenger then why is he still in wengers coaching staff? Bould too is clueless and only in it for his’s his day job now, he sold out.

    2. @Big_Gun, I really used to like u. Ur comments used to be very truthful and realistic. But Wenger happened and u changed. U got bitten by that Arsene the Vampire, but I won’t give up on you. No, not so easily. #sobs

    3. OMG how can you support Arsenal and not know the history of this???
      When Bould arrived our defense quickly became the best in the PL, at a press conference when asked about Bould’s success with the defense Wenger threw his toys out of the pram and said “its not all him!”
      Result was that Bould was not allowed to coach defensive drills and our defense started to leak goals.
      Only late in the season with a CL place looking lost did Wenger allow Bould to resume defensive drills and we scraped 4th by 1 point.
      Bould has never been allowed complete control of the defense since then as Wenger want’s his sweaty mits in every part of the club.
      Wenger’s jealousy and stubbornness costing the club points and silverware.

      1. Fans are fickle & short memory. Dats why !
        I remember those chain of events clearly & state once again : Bould has No Power.

      2. Bull crap, only fickle fans like you believe this can Wenger stop Bould from coaching defenders? Are you serious? The problem is the way we play as the players we have…it does not matter. Look at City, they have Yaya, Fernandinho, Fernando all playing in the same team but still leaking goals. It’s all about the team playing as a unit. Attack ad defend as a unit that all we are lacking… I think Wenger has gotten stagnant, he just seems clueless.. I am an AKB, but you can’t keep defending someone who is not trying to change.. So Wenger deserves all he is getting…

        1. Well Wenger is all powerful at Arsenal, he is Bould’s boss, he has to do what he is told on the training ground.
          If Wenger could completely stop defensive drills completely he can also curtail them.
          I feel the truth will out once Wenger goes, which doesn’t look like it will be too long.

    4. @Big Gun
      I don’t see Bould stopping Wenger from buying enough defenders that we required!
      I don’t see Bould telling Wenger not to buy players until 5 minutes to the end of transfer window.
      I don’t see Bould telling Wenger not to make substitutions until 80′(minutes) in our matches.
      I don’t see Bould telling Wenger to square peg players ( playing players out of positions).
      I don’t see Bould telling Wenger to signing players nursing injury: Kallstrom; Amauri Bischoff.
      I don’t see Bould telling Wenger not to be able to challenge FA where referees got many wrong decisions against his team. It is now a tradition both at BPL and in Champs!!!!

      Wenger is a defiant coach. But some fans are sick by believing that without Wenger, Arsenal is finished! So, if he dies suddenly (God forbids), Arsenal dies too ? No, I disagree.
      We are too predictable nowadays! Change of tactics even if it warrants coach!

  5. Why is that we all see the problem, know the problem, know how to fix the problem and yet our Wenger can’t see the Elephant in the room?

    Afraid every mistake, every criticism is forcing Wenger to retreat further into his stubborn narrow mind.

    1. My men, members of the Special ANti-Wenger Squad (SAWS), were here yesterday. It was fun.
      Every comment on this site was a stick to Arsene’s butt.

      1. @ kickassfan…….really we should turn those sticks into physical weapons …. God bLess whosever raises the 1st “WENGER OUT” banner in the emirates

        1. That’s right. Crucify the man that has made Arsenal what it is today. When Wenger eventually does retire, you would want him to move up and still be a part of this club? No doubt he is and can still be a massive asset and that is why you will not see any of those types of banners at the games. That, and the fact that you lot do not have the stones anyway. The sensible fans are the ones who realize Wenger is on his way out, but rather than act like children and be hostile towards him, we see that he can still continue to contribute towards the club in a huge way and that is why we support until he retires.

            1. Wenger will be gone in 2 – 3 years. I think we owe it to him to stick it out and give him respect and support until that time is up after all, if he didn’t become manager all those years ago, I can guarantee you that half the mugs on this forum would be supporting United or whatever other club was doing well in the early naughties. Too many glory hunter/fickle fans and not enough fans willing to stick it out when things get rough.

  6. Many times i hear that we should not complain and that the club is in the CL every season and we are in a healthy financial position etc etc.
    Is it really too much to ask for one of the wealthiest clubs in the world to at least compete for the domestic title?
    Is it really too much to ask that we actually show some tactical awareness related to who we are playing and what the scoreline is?
    It is a total disgrace for anyone to say that us gooners are trophy hunters and that we should just shut up and be happy that we are in the best stadium in the UK.
    We have 60,000 supporters at every home game so enough of this rubbish about the loyalty of the fans because if it was any of the other plastic clubs messing it up year on year the ground would be empty. Remember that while everyone from the shareholders to the manager and players are making money from the club we are the ones giving money to the club. We are the ones who are gutted when things go down the drain because we love the club and whoever comes or goes whether manager, player or shareholder we are the ones who remain gooners for life. We are supposed to have professionals in the medical team, management, and on the pitch so whoever is not performing according to their salary should go. Sorry for going on so much fellow gooners but i am so annoyed to see us taking one step forward and three steps back year on year.

  7. i really buy the idea of a mobiLization….. As incarnate had said…… Contacting DAVID DEIN and PIERS MORGAN may just be a boLd step forward ….. Oh! Plus arsenaL’s number 1 emirates fan “BULLY” ….. Lets start a Revolution…

  8. If you were confident we would hold unto our 1-0 lead yesterday and go on to win, can you raise your hand please?

    1. @Twig, I almost wept after the second goal, and to think it came from their second substitute. Normally, when I use the “f” word, I get some relief, but strangely I found myself starring at Wenger’s neck.

  9. Eventually Wenger will go, one way or another we all know that, question is when? The bigger question is, who at Arsenal is qualified and powerful enough to select his successor ?There`s no David Dein anymore.

  10. @Big gun …….. U act Like a natural AKB…… So now wenger’s supposed to do the sitting while bould does the standing, directing and subbing …. Under Wenger, nobody does nothing …dn’t u get it?

      1. Instead of writing a reply to this, read my article, should be published later today or tomorrow. I really can sympathize with all of you, but you guys need to put things into perspective.

  11. I see Wenger and Bould talking throughout the match, but I rarely see them stand up and shout instructions to the players. What are they talking about anyway? 🙁

  12. I remember when u get thumbed down for being anti wenger, now you are the man for being so, ive been silent for long just watching cos things have fallen apart for my beloved manager who made my club invincible, don’t know what happened, why didn’t he buy defenders or fill in the missing letters to the a_rsen_l, well it hurts but someone should wake me up from this dream, we all know its not this season anymore, maybe next but not never, wenger should find a way, don’t think losing our manager would help, look at spurs, even Liverpools manager was hiding in the shadow of suarez, if we change our manager we might be in for the worst, the devil i know is better than the angel i don’t know, thanks

    1. Time moves on and life is about risks. I understand the ‘better the devil you know’ comment, But time has come to take a risk and shake things up at this club because we are becoming that stale loaf in the breadbin that you think will be good for making toast but you ultimately know you need to throw it in the bin.


    But some reason ill never figure out, our manager(WHO HAS TO FAVOUR HIMSELF AND RESIGN TO SAVE HIS DIGNITY AS THE BEST MANAGER WE ”HAAAAAAAAAD”, yes HAD not Have).

    1. *our lanager CANT FIGURE THIS OUT YET, despite SO MANY WARNING SEASONS GONE. LOOK at Southampton at the moment, best defense in the league, and we all know they are not famous for their attack. THE END RESULT? 2nd IN THE LEAGUE.

  14. Over the weekend Arsene said if he didn’t believe Arsenal could win the title he may as well commit suicide. The irony of that statement is that he did commit suicide yesterday. We got a lucky break and got a goal on the counter. If Wenger had any tactical awareness about him he’d have made a change and played in a more defensive manner to frustrate Swansea and see out the game.

    The sad reality is ‘as is said in this blog, he sat there, said nothing, did nothing and continued to do so as Swansea set about pulling apart the Arsenal defence.

    I said at the end of last season that the FA cup win merely papered over the cracks. We were fortunate that Chelsea and Man City both had new managers and I believe that is the only reason we got to Wembley. For me it was a slightly hollow victory.

    Fast forward to this season and the extend of Arsene’s suicide was clear to see right from the off. We’ve sold Vermealen and brought in no replacement! We were only ever an injury or two away from a defensive crisis and here we are, not even mid November with half the defence out injured and the likes of Sanchez probably wondering how he can get out of his contract.

    I’ve said in previous rants on here that I will always love Wenger for the early glory days. I admire the fact that he had to work with a shoestring budget for many years and he kept us in the top 4. Now however I am starting to resent him for his negligence and inability to accept that this team and the way he plays his football are being found out at an alarming rate. I honestly think he believes that because he managed the invincibles team playing the way they did he can continue to carry on in this manner. Has he forgotten we had the likes of Viera, Petit, Henry, Gilberto, Campbell etc. We could turn up at most stadiums and the manager of the opposition would probably be thinking I could really do without this today! Now they probably relish the prospect.

    I hate that poisoned dwarf Mourinho, but that said look at what he is doing. I strongly believe they are the next invincibles. And I believe this because he has bought players that add depth to his squad, he has created competition for places, he has instilled not just a semblance of his arrogance in his players but also a sense of fear. Fear of failure. They are like a machine at the moment. I won’t deny that I envy them. I don’t like them, in fact I think most Chelsea fans are a classless bunch of ground feeders that are equally as bad at winning as they are at losing. But who can deny that Mourinho has got it spot on at Chelsea.

    I honestly worry about the long term effect Wenger is having at this football club. I doubt he will leave before his contract expires unless there is a complete failure like we saw at Manure last season. Who will replace him? Who knows! I still think Jurgen Klopp, despite the tough time he is having at Dortmund at the moment, could be the man to take us forward. But whoever does replace Wenger needs to stamp their authority not just on the team but also the board. They need to be telling the board that Wenger can’t take his place behind the scenes and still try to pull the strings and control the purse strings. The board need to be told to get their act together when looking to secure player signatures because at the moment I honestly don’t think many of them could negotiate their way down a one way street let alone a contract for a new player.

    As always there will be nay people out there who will read this and think i’m a complete numpty and Wenger is still the man to do it. I respect your thoughts if that is the case. But ask yourself, is this REALLY the Arsenal you know and love? For me the passion and love I have for Arsenal and football in general is starting to fade.

  15. To be fair Arsenal is on track
    to close out a top four finish.
    The club pass mark for 5 years.
    ECL last 16 is a real possibility
    again the club pass mark and the FA cup to win again.
    We are ensured full houses, sponsorship deals
    TV coverage in both the EPL and ECL.
    Teams above and below us have spent obscene
    amounts yet only one team wins the EPL and I
    seriously doubt an EPL side will win the ECL this season.
    4th place is the only real trophy available to all except the winner.
    Without the pressure of winning the EPL Wenger looks
    relieved, calm happy even. Even us fans will celebrate
    a 4th or 3rd place finish. So many great matches to come
    against 4th place rivals City United Liverpool Everton Spurs
    Swansea West ham Southampton and now Newcastle.
    My expectations sensibly adjusted it’s gonna be an exciting season.

  16. So, the way it stands now, we will play 3 consecutive matches (in all competition) without a win. This is because I don’t see us winning either of United or Dortmund!

    If truth must be said, I think we simply overrate our darling team (Arsenal). We are far superior to Chelsea, City or even faltering United in terms of good squad, depth, winning mentality. I stand to be corrected. Some of our highly celebrated players WILL not get into Chelsea first eleven. Sentiments apart, some players currently warming Chelsea bench are sure starters should they get to our team: Petr Cech, Felipe Luiz, Willian, Ramirez, even the poor Mikel can play a holding midfielders more any of our current players cited there! What a shame!
    Wenger should not be allowed to sign cheque or determine wages for players. He is too stingy with cheque. He knows good quality players, but simply cannot pay the right price!

  17. Arsenal doesnt need a ”BIG NAME MANAGER” replacing Wenger to bring positives. There is a whole lot of very good managers who will do really good job if appointed. Alan Pardew, Unai Emery(seville fc), Dieter Hecking(vfl wolfsburg), Lucien Favre(borussia mönchengladbach), Larent Blanc, and the list goes on and on and on :/ pffff

  18. Guys pls read the whole text…

    Guys we should start to criticize and Demotivate Wenger & some Afc players like Monreal, Mert, Welbeck, Poldi & Ramsey.. And challenge them show what they can do & to prove themselves individually and also as a team again this season…

    In this way they will work harder & harder to prove & convince fans..
    Once they start to perform & giving their best we can again start to praise them until then dont praise them ..

    And we should do this on twitter, Facebook and on official site…

    We are doing this for Our club only, so guys pls come together and do this …

  19. yes wenger needs to get off the bench but permanently and f..k off to monaco or do some french tv anywhere but arsenal he has already ruined his reputation and is going further and further in decline its becoming embarrassing all he will be remembered for if he carries on is his 1 trophy in last 9 years and nothing else the board need to grow some balls and end wengers reign now! Wenger out out out!

  20. Konstantin, you’re an idiot, whose articles are more suited for Le-Grove than for JustArsenal. What has this site become? A bunch of whiners who praise Wenger after a win, and then make a quick 180 after a loss. I’m not blind, and I know that there’s a change needed, but to say that it was Wenger at fault for yesterday’s performance is a slap to his face, and true fans, like myself who watch and analyze the game without any sort of prejudice towards our manager. If you want to talk defense, talk Steve Bould, it’s his responsibility. If you want to talk about the first goal, talk about Gibbs who should’ve fouled his guy earlier. If you want to talk second goal, talk Chambers who had the worst game of his life, and Mertesacker who was nowhere to be found when he should’ve been defending Gomis. I’m sorry, but if I can pin Anderlecht’s loss on Wenger, I cannot blame him one bit for what happened yesterday – it’s completely on the players. Even the subs that Wenger made were right on the money. Wilshere and Walcott for Ramsey (who has been complete pants), and Flamini who did admirably in absence of Arteta. Then Sanogo for some extra height in case we’d win another corner or two. I repeat, enough with Wenger bashing, especially when it’s not his fault. Go join Le-Grove, you’ll be welcomed there with open arms.

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