Simeone backed to manage Arsenal next season

Odds slashed on next potential AFC manager!

Now whether you’re into betting on the football or not, there’s a general assumption that when odds are massively slashed on a single price, then there may be something going on behind the scenes. The Bookies themselves may not know what’s going on, but a sudden flourish of bets on one price suggests that someone, somewhere, knows something. Like they say, there’s no smoke without fire.

The betting site in question is Ladbrokes, who have today slashed odds on Diego Simeone coming to England for his next top managerial job. The Argentine is just 6/4 to come to England for a Prem job by the end of 2017, and the bookies list Arsenal as the favourites at 5/1.

5/1 may still seem a fair way from being an odds on favourite, but with Chelsea at 8/1 and United at 9/1, it seems as if there is something swinging in Arsenal’s favour.

A Ladbrokes spokesperson said: “Simeone is ready for his big break in England, and Arsenal have pushed their way to the front of the pack to snap up the La Liga legend.”

Of course what may be pushing the drive forward is that fact that Arsene Wenger has continuously hinted that this may be his last year at the helm of Arsenal football club. After 20 years in North London, Wenger may finally see out his contract this season and wave goodbye to Arsenal upon the conclusion of the Premier League. Arsenal therefore may be priced as favourites ahead of Chelsea and United, both of whom have recently installed new managers themselves. Although in theory given both club’s records, it wouldn’t surprise me if either were sacked before Arsene Wenger’s reign comes to an end.
Diego Simeone has previously been mentioned in the media as a potential candidate to take over Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. The Argentine has worked wonders in Madrid, with Atletico rising up to challenge on both domestic and European scales.

Personally I’m not sure if I’m a fan of Simeone because although I recognise his talent as a manager, I’m not sure if he likes to play the way Arsenal are notorious for playing. His methods, style and tactics would be a very different approach to the one of Arsene Wenger and it could mean that a whole host of current players do not suit Simeone’s preference.

Could Simeone be in line for the next Arsenal job, or is there someone better suited to take over at the Emirates?



  1. I’m not a fan of the guy either. But he does get results from his squad. If it were to happen, then so be it. I would welcome him…
    Until then. Let’s take care of the business at hand.

  2. for me he’s a good manager. he will not work miracles instantly but I think giving him two years arsenal will be where they belong. take the case of athletic madrid. – goner for ever

  3. Problem is I am a huge fan of how we play. Simeone is of similar elk to Mourinho.

    Would like to gamble on Eddie Howe or Viera

  4. To all of those fans who want wenger out” Carefull What You Wish For” Just Look At Manu, Need I say more

    1. My point exactly. No matter what or who United brings in, they are still finding it hard to get the results and will miss CL next season again!! I don’t see another manager that is not already at a top club who will do what AW is doing now or better. And please don’t say Simeon. He will come with his park the bus tactics and his vulgar demeanor on the touchline. We need someone who will uphold the club’s reputation.

    2. @AR19

      Your comment is factually wrong because you’re saying that Wenger, and Ferguson, are on the same level, which they’re not! Wenger is a good manager, but he’s nowhere near Fergie’s level, and many others.

      After a difficult start, Fergie had Man Utd at the top for almost his entire tenure, winning everything! Everyone knew that the only way was down once he retired, and that’s exactly what has happened. Wenger though, hasn’t never reached the top, and has been very unsuccessful for the last decade! I don’t think we could get any worse, and everything has been in place for a while now, too be successful. Arsenal haven’t been anywhere near the top for so long, that surely the only way is up, once Wenger goes.

      I honestly cannot believe you still feel, this is as good as it gets! Having all your rivals fall by the wayside last season, and STILL Arsenal don’t get anywhere winning the league. Is that not the ultimate proof of how far Wenger has fallen? It’s because of that first decade, that Wenger has been given carte blanche ever since, and it really has backfired badly!

      I think a great question regarding the last decade, would be: If Wenger had been sacked in 2006, and Arsenal appointed a new manager, who would still be in charge today. How would you rate his performance?

      1. Wenger lovers are scared of a future without him. They’d rather wallow in mediocrity than actually achieve success. Saying we will end up like United is a pathetic scare tactic. Maybe if we get David Moyes to be our next manager we’ll be on that path.

        1. @RSH
          Just as Wenger haterz are off on some delusional trip, in thinking that the next guy will bring everlasting silverware to the club…
          2 sides to every coin dude.

          1. It’s irrelevant what our next manager does because none of us can see into the future. We can only pass judgement on what we already know, and what we know is, that Wenger hasn’t been good enough for a very long time, facts speak for themselves!

            If you have a striker only scoring a mere 10 goals a season for say, three years. Do you stick with him, in the hope he’ll finally come good or sign a new striker? That’s an easy question to answer

  5. no to simeone

    yes to thomas tuchel or if we look at the french league mr lucian favre of nice is doing a solid job atm but we will see what happens at the end of the season.

  6. admin,i no longer will be using this pls delete my account… (nothing to do with interest in this site)

  7. What has this got to do with Arsenal,we nowhere near the end of the season,am sure Wenger will still be in charge till end of the before making his own decision

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