Simple Arsenal Poll: Are you Pro-Arteta or Anti-Arteta (or neutral)

A simple poll to see whether the divide on the support for Mikel Arteta is split amongst JustArsenal readers.

You can vote once only and the poll ends on Friday night…

What is your position on Mikel Arteta as Arsenal manager.

  • Pro-Arteta (54%, 489 Votes)
  • Anti-Arteta (29%, 263 Votes)
  • Neutral (17%, 158 Votes)

Total Voters: 910

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    1. I’m pro Arteta and I believe he has a hell of a job to sort out the mess and turn things around, and the pandemic hasn’t made it easier for him.

      I’m sure that managers with a nicer CV could have turned us down. As a manager and business owner I understand how difficult this job is. From my point of view Arteta has done much good work, not everything is perfect but I have decided to back him. I expect top six and consider top four as a big bonus.

      Next season do I expect top four and a final in a domestic cup. Let’s back him he has a very difficult job. COYG 🔴⚪️

      1. Top 6 wow!
        He literally got the job as the previous managers had finished 5th!
        I don’t get this”he was left a mess” define what mess your talking about?
        Inherited a team ranked 5th and one of the best cup teams in Europe that won him the fa cup in his first 6months.
        Dean smith, Eddie Howe they were left a mess but Arteta are you for real?

  1. I am a neutral.
    I am like the way he has dealth with our entitled overpaid, overhyped, overrated and over pampered primadonnas like Ozil (The shirt selling genius), Auba and Guendouzi.
    I like that he is ruthless about clearing out the deadwood.
    I rate him on being able to identify the same problem areas that we fans agree with and tries to address them by in each window.

    On the management front I am not yet convinced. But let’s see how he performs to the end of this season.

  2. I am neutral, I want him to come good as that will mean Arsenal are back to their best. I am more anti Edu, not sure on him. Arteta has at least got rid of the dead wood , that had been bought by three managers, If we can stay clear of red cards and get our best team out each week we will make 4th 5th or 6th.

  3. AA.

    Nothing personal but I don’t like the one paced, uninspiring, unidentifiable and inconsistent football.

    1. Yes, that is exactly why I chose Neutral as I don’t care about Arteta I only want what is best fir the club.

      If thatbis Arteta great and if not he should d go.

        1. Hi Gily

          See my reply to Pat. I do find it quite ironic that you are talking about putting words in other peoples mouths while insinuating, incorrectly, what I meant.

          No one likes a hypocrite mate.

      1. No overly sensitive Pat! It’s simple English, are you an Arteta supporter or an Arsenal supporter first and foremost?

        For the simple minded one opposes the other but that’s just simply not true…come now Jon Fox you are always going on about how you are such an competent thinker right?

        One can be pro Arsenal and pro Arteta but when the times comes, when Arteta is not the right man for the job, then who would you ultimately support?

        Hundreds of examples on this site where we have played an absolutely rubbish games with useless tactics but the pro Arteta brigade comes out and defends that specific game.

        I will support Arsenal over and above any manager when the time comes for them to part.

    2. Any peron whatsoever that did not answer THAT suggestion of yours with PRO ARSENAL, is not a real supporter. I think being pro Arteta IS being pro Arsenal.

      I realise you do not though. Thats how fan sites work; they encourage debate.

      1. Where you pro emery then at the end of his tenure? Otherwise you weren’t pro Arsenal by your reasoning.

    3. Because the way you put it doesn’t make any sense, as it was already pointed out to you in the previous comments.

      First of all if you are not Pro Arsenal, what the hell are you doing in this site named Just Arsenal?

      The question is simple, do you support Arteta as in you see what he is trying to do and you have some believe that he is going to succeed or you don’t and you want him gone. And there is the neutral option which means basically you are undecided on the subject but ofcourse you hope that Arteta will succeed because you are an Arsenal fan and this is the best outcome for Arsenal

  4. The good; He played for Arsenal, he worked under a manager that will go down in history as one of the greatest, he’s young and hungry for success, cleared out a lot of deadwood in the team, already won some silverware for the team, made brought in some good player for the team, I am impressed with the team that he is assembling a few more summer signings and we will have a very strong team.

    The bad; our predictability, sometimes we look as though we have no idea in games, late substitutions sometimes the subs need to be introduced earlier, team selection in some games we could all see auba needed to be taken out of the team benched earlier and we all know xhaka will let the team down at some stage.

    The ugly; The way he has dealt with some of our young talent Mavropanos, saliba, guendozi, Nile’s, the money the club will potentially lose on these players, his “ants in his pants” management in games screaming at players from the sideline being in there ear for the whole 90+ minutes. Playing his favourites, persisting with xhaka, William, to me signing Bissouma was a no brainer he would have definitely made our team a lot stronger in defence and midfield!

    I’m sure we could all add to good, bad and ugly. He’s here and I’m willing to support him still and no one knows how this season will end. If he gets top 4 everyone will love him and he’s the man for the club. Top 6 and fans might be split outside of the 6 and most will want him gone. That’ll be the way it is.

  5. Arteta has done great to our team, I have no problem with him. He is good. If we want a successful team let’s kip our heads on ground as we watch the success from arteta. He is building something incredible

    1. Please define, great. Or perhaps you shouldn’t. It probably means, reducing ones expectations and putting up with Artetaball.

  6. Anti- Arteta and Edu. Two many problems
    happening since they took over. It’s not good of the team and club. Ozil, Saliba,guendouzi,mavrapanous,willen,Nile,pepe,xhaka,Socraties and aubameyang. This shows he’s man management is very poor and a rookie manager.

    1. All of the people you mention need or needed to go and was pretty good decision to get rid of them.

      Poor man management? The players are backing Arteta, so you are obviously not correct.

      Perhaps vision for the future and determination?

    2. Spot on… My thoughts exactly. Arteta and Edu walk on in the summer, cos an extra season may be too risky. Arteta because his man management is suspect in my opinion. All these players can’t suddenly be low quality, badly behaved and unprofessional within the last 2 seasons. Arteta is the common factor to all of them. His public communication of facts is also poor as he prefers to stay silent and give little away on the subject.
      leaving you wondering what the heck is going on… He needs to share his plan, or at least a summary of it, so he gets all the fans support. Funny enough I like Arteta as a player and as Arsenal coach, and I really want to see him succeed, but it is a proven fact that when the man management is poor in an organization, everything else goes to crap – be it a football club, company, family or even a charity organization, it’s the same principle. Then Edu – transfer money aside, I now question Edu’s ability to secure top players for Arsenal as too many players now ignore Arsenal’s interest and choose to move to some other club, sometimes even clubs that you don’t expect to beat Arsenal in the race for a good player. And then there’s contract management – good players leaving without a penny going to the club.. so if you aren’t making much in transfer fees, how are you going to build the bigger purse to compete in the market??? Top clubs sell once they see a problem looming… Arsenal let’s them walk for free and even pays compensation for terminating the contract. Not good enough, has to be better and fast too…

  7. Artetaball is boring, unreliable, generally slow and repetitive. Arteta has problems getting on with players and seems to hold grudges (on many occasions). After two years of Arteta we are still floundering for consistency. With Potch probably going to Man Utd and Conte at the Spuds, we are going to fall behind WHATEVER, because Arteta is simply not good enough at his job and he has cost us millions of ££££s. Sadly many Arsenal many supporters accept the poor, boring Artetaball.

  8. One fallacy being promulgated is that Arteta got rid of the deadwood. This is quite plainly untrue.
    If Artea was really getting rid of the deadwood these players would all be gone last summer or the summer before but no they all stayed as long as their contracts allow. Everyone who left ran their contracts down or were paid to leave. Ozil Mustafi Socritis Kolasinac Chambers all ran their contracts down. Torreira Mavropanos Bellerin Mari Niles Guendouzie are all running their contracts down on loan. Lacazette Nketiah Elneny will run their contracts down and leave in June. Cedic will be paid to leave. Leno will be sold at a loss. Pepe is in the third year of running his contract down and will leave 6 months before his contract runs out like everyone else.

    1. So most of them are currently not playing for AFC either permanently or on loan. What does the way their contracts are handled has to do with the simple fact that they are gone? Not playing, not relied upon, not here…

      28 players that were here 2 years ago are now either gone or going to leave in the summer. And you say this should have happened overnight … ridiculous.

  9. I am still neutral for the moment.

    Very early success with the FA Cup, followed by a dip, then a slow progression containing inconsistency along the way. I have seen some things I like and not like on the pitch. One game we’re looking fantastic, the next, flat as a pancake!

    Off the pitch, massive progression, and I couldn’t be happier. Dead wood almost all but gone, and about as quick as it could be. Much needed discipline restored. A clear plan…for once! Arteta really went after the culture, and has changed it for the better.

    Clearly Arteta has made mistakes, as we all do, especially for a rookie, but overall, more positives than negatives for me.

  10. If I wrote anything that describes me as not pro Arteta, I’d have peeps calling me out.

    I’m definitely not anti Arteta- so no vote for that

    What I am conscious of is his relative lack of experience. He has played for and worked with the best. Articulate too with a clear idea of what he wants and expects which I believe to be important.
    Because we are not voting on an experienced manager I have to take into consideration his elevation from an assistant to becoming a manager at a top club without having earned his stripes in a lower league or at a smaller premier league club. That is my dilemma. I’m pro him for the speed at which he has grown into the role, although accepting that it hasn’t been plain sailing

    I’m pro him for now, but without question if i feel in the future that Arteta hasn’t progressed sufficiently whilst all the time gaining more experience then I’d change my mind. No question about it.

    1. Hi Sue

      Sensible comments, I wrote a few weeks ago that for someone new into management he has done well. I suppose the issue we have with some fans, is that they wanted to be more competitive sooner and a more experienced manager may have brought that.

      For me it’s not that its MA that I support, but the “new Arsenal manager” trying he’s best with he’s little experience of management, so all things considered, I agree word for word with your last paragraph…..

  11. The club has not moved forward under Edu and Arteta.
    At times, like the embarrassing January window where the squad needed reinforcements, nothing of quality came into the club.
    The handling of Guendouzi and Mavraponis was poorly dealt with.
    At times I see them as Twiddle dump and Tweedle dee.
    We have gone backwards and will need to bring two to three new strikes next season.
    Along with two defensive midfielders.
    What hinders Arteta is clearly Kronke.
    He does not like to use his own money.
    I am willing to give both Arteta and Edu one more season.
    We will not make the top 4. Lucky to finish 6th.

  12. It’s funny how pro Arteta fans always argue from the viewpoint that he inherited a lot of deadwood therefore needs time lol every manager will always find players they did not sign deadwood and give multiple chances to the players that were signed under them. So no surprises Majority of the players he’s getting rid of are all players that were signed by Wenger and Unai, yet not long ago majority of those players were at some point considered good players and helped us finish 5th and 6th positions higher than Arteta has ever guided us to. Wenger for years was a master at getting the best out of players and we prided ourselves on that, fair enough things got a bit stale under him but us continuously making excuses for Arteta’s inability to get the best out of players he did not sign is laughable. So we trust a novice coach’s judgement on players now, who are we to be 100% sure the players Arteta is signing won’t also become deadwood to a different manager should he be sacked now? A managers job is to get the best out of players simple regardless of who signed them, I can guarantee that should Arteta go today some of his signings will also be considered deadwood so let’s not be oblivious and overlook Arteta’s shortcomings

  13. absolutely ridiculous exercise, as this is a very nuanced discussion…embarrassing exercise in
    back “Patting”

  14. At the end of the season would make for a better poll in my opinion. He has his squad, his choice players, and 2 1/2 years in charge of the players.

    If he can’t accomplish European football then his time is a failure. 2 1/2 years and still finish below 2 managers that got sacked.

    No more excuses, no more shifting goalposts, time for standards and accountability.

  15. I’m most certainly Anti Arteta and voted that way, should have been sacked last season. two 8th place finishes is nothing short of disgraceful and any other big club would have got rid of him 10 times. Also his brand of football is awful would send you to sleep.

  16. Polls are notoriously suspect to variables and interpretation. But the vote so far is interesting. I am surprised at the lead the pro arteta vote has. With 400 votes being cast that surely does not represent regular posters who would number less than a hundred. If the vote reflected the comments on JA I am sure it would be much closer. One assumes then that the anti arteta comments are being carried by a small group who comment a lot. Perhaps a significant mumber of voters are not posters? The “neutral” vote interests me. Its hard to believe one would not have a view on the success or otherwise of a manager. Or perhaps they are waiting a little longer before passing judgement or see other factors as being necessay in their perspective of the clubs position. But neutral is to me is a position I personally would not have thought of when it comes to football club Managers..

      1. Yes. It is quite understandable many are undecided ed at this point seeing both pros and cons so needing more time. Another poll in May should be most interesting.

  17. Not an Arteta fan. Didn’t want him still don’t.
    I keep reading how he’s done well at getting rid of all the ‘deadwood’. Are we to assume then, that a top class experienced manager wouldn’t have done the same? Would another manager not have got more out of the players he would have inherited? Would we still have had two 8th place finishes? And would we still not be competing in European competitions?

    1. To Further you’re point about the deadwood players ,are the players he’s bought all going to be fantastic and in turn none of them turn out to be deadwood players themselves ,because out of the 14 players or so he’s brought in I would not say many have turned out to brilliant signings thus far .
      All he’s done is get rid of players from the previous regimes and bought his own in .deadwood is just a term that comes down to if the one manager thinks differently from the previous one .
      Not a fan of the word Deadwood BTW

      1. Yes, I agree about the term ‘deadwood’. I am sure there are plenty of players around that failed at one club, but then went on to perform well at another club.

  18. In my opinion the most telling comments about Arteta have come from highly respected Martin Keown . He feels that the manager must stop falling out with players and start to put the interests of Arsenal before his own. This could be his inexperience but at the present time Saliba is playing the best football of his life in France and in a recent interview mentioned that Arteta doesn’t like him.
    Experienced successful managers put the interests and success of the club as the only priority.

  19. Still a neutral for now,though i wanted him out after finishing 8th last season&after the terrible start this season,but so far,it’s Arteta in when we are in good form&Arteta out when in bad form

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