Simulated 2020/21 season is still not so good for Arsenal

The 2020/21 season is going to be an important season for Arsenal as they look to get back among the big teams in English football.

Winning two trophies in a month has made the Gunners a team to watch ahead of the new season.

Mikel Arteta has restored belief among his current team members and the Spaniard will hope that his players will have the legs to put in impressive performances weekly when the season starts.

The number one goal for the club is to finish inside the top four and to earn a return to the Champions League. If the Gunners can win the Europa League, they will also have achieved this goal.

A new simulation of the coming season on the FIFA21 video game, however, shows that Arteta’s team isn’t ready to end the campaign inside the top four.

Sun Sports reported the simulated season and in it, the Gunners finish outside the top four again.

Arteta’s side finished the 2019/20 season in the 8th position and would have missed out on European football if they had not won the FA Cup.

They have been busy in this transfer window and will expect to finish in the top four this season, but the simulated season says otherwise as they end the campaign 6th on the table.

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  1. A bit premature given the transfer window doesn’t end until October. The final makeup of every squad is still undetermined, both players in and out.
    The issue with computers is BS in BS out. How can the Sun determine that Spurs will come third, based on their current squad? They are obviously giving a lot of weight to Mourinho’s second season.

  2. FIFARCE 21! I have experience with the game series and their simulations is not something over which you should lose sleep. I guess the newspaper didn’t have anything to do, so decided to do what has been reported here.

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