Since when did Arsenal start parking the bus? Will the fans put up with that?

I hear some Arsenal fans say that Unai Emery needs 3 or 4 transfer windows to build his team. On the basis of what I saw at the Etihad I continue to question what it is our manager is trying to build? Earlier this season when he switched to 5 at the back with 2 DMs in front of it, I questioned whether the Spaniard was in fact a negative manager after all.

I understand why he would want his two strikers working hard and tracking back against the champions but apart from that his tactics seemed to be to park the bus. There are certain sides over the years who defend like it’s an art. A Rafa Benitez’s Liverpool or Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea were masters of setting up to get a one-off result. For over two decades that hasn’t been in our DNA nor should it be. Arsenal are a club who have values of playing the game the right way, Ivan Gazidis told us in the interview process Emery impressed by sharing that ethos. Yet in Manchester our most creative individuals sat on the bench. Ozil didn’t come on for ‘tactical reasons’ while his teammates didn’t have a single shot in the second half.

Like Jose was never going to work at United due to being too negative, Gooners won’t stand for too many games like that when we show zero ambition. We have had heavy defeats on our travels before but it’s rare where we would not try and hurt the opposition. With the attack we have, we were always more likely to get a result by asking questions instead of hoping we lucked our way to a 0-0. Just 12 months ago, we looked more likely of getting a draw at the Etihad by being on the offensive. A similar mindset saw us knock them out of the F A Cup.

I prefer the time we lost 6-3, to what I saw on Sunday. You can hold your hands up to the opposition being better. We accept their owners care more than ours. But to not even try and attack, to be defensive, to try and just hope Aguero has one of those days? That’s not an Arsenal I want to see.


  1. ForeverGooner says:

    We didn’t have creativity either
    Aubameyang and Lacazette have been wasted

  2. tuOyremE says:

    Emery is an average manager we should sack him asap and hire Jardim , also #KroenkeOut

    1. Admin says:

      I am considering sacking you as I have not seen one worthwhile comment from you yet.
      Slogans and rhetoric are no way to conduct a reasonable conversation….

      1. A.ball08 says:

        Well said admin
        It’s getting very boring reading u constructive comments.

        1. ozzziegunner says:

          I agree, there are certain posters on here currently, who knock but offer no suggested solutions.
          Jardim was sacked and reinstated by Monaco to replace Thierry Henri after he failed to deliver results; yet people have want both to manage/coach at Arsenal!

          1. A.ball08 says:

            We have a manager and in my opinon he is pretty decent for us considering the climate and restriction he is working under.
            Judgement should be passed after a few more transfer windows when he Is able to get rid of the dead wood and bring in his own players
            Right now we are a top 6 team punching for a top 4 spot. Considering the resources the top 5 have at there disposal…we are doing ok just to stay on there coat tails for the 4th spot
            Even though our away record is poor we are still doing better then last season
            People stop bleating and show the love..which means backing the team and manager even in trying times

      2. jon fox says:

        Mr Admin, Though I much agree personally with your frustration at this rather silly persons posts, banning is a draconian step not condusive to educating those who may not be used to thinking deeply. A warning is sensible; it is now up to him. I hope he learns. But please Pat, it is of course your decision alone and I only give my tuppence worth here.

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      I don’t think ANY manager has won more trophies than Emery in the last 5/6 years. He’s been a success at every club he’s been at, apart from Spartak (and that was more a cultural issue). He’s also used to working with small budgets at all his clubs, bar PSG, so that’s good for us.

      Everyone keeps banging on about Liverpool, but they’ve won nothing under Klopp, and I think it’s now his 4th season. And guess who beat Klopp in the EL final…Emery!

      Give him time, and have some patience.

      1. ozzziegunner says:


      2. Achala says:

        Emery finished 3rd 3 times in a row in Spain with Valencia, beating Simeone’s Atletico in those consecutive occasions and we all know about those 3 consecutive Europa wins with Seville.

        Let’s be realistic and accept that he’s the best we could have gotten and we have to stick with him for 1 and half seasons at least until passing a firm judgement.

        Not more, though, because giving a manager years to build the whole team exactly how he wants it is a thing of the past.

        1. Midkemma says:

          “Let’s be realistic and accept that he’s the best we could have gotten and we have to stick with him for 1 and half seasons at least until passing a firm judgement.”

          That isn’t the only realistic view.

          Rioch was sacked after one season, he achieved what was asked… But not good enough.

          I am glad Dein had the guts to act when he did as Rioch was replaced by Wenger and we had a decade of joy.

          I refuse to say that any manager should be given more than a season to see how things are going. No. Why not every half a season? If they are not progressing as hoped then get rid rather than waste time dillydalling.

          I find it ironic that I read about how Arsenal needed to act swiftly with Wenger but we need to give Emery time. Hypicitial. Wenger had the issues Emery has to deal with, Emery isn’t doing any better than Wenger did… Wenger wasn’t good enough then Emery isn’t.

          1. jon fox says:

            Utter nonsense. I would like to ask in all seriousness, how many times a day do you change your socks. 6? 10? 15? Ever heard of giving a manager a chance to build and with his own players? Obviously not!

            1. Midkemma says:

              Jon, you really want to do this?

              I change my socks when needed. If I play sports and they are dirty and smelly then I’ll have a shower and change them… Does it matter if they was the 3rd pair or 10th? Nope.

              Like my underwear. I change them every morning and if I have an active day and need to freshen up then I’ll shower and change them.

              How about you? Just the once even if they smell?

              Seems like the guy you would be, too old and set in your ways to change.

              You never countered my Rioch example and how Dein had ambition.
              You stayed quiet on that didn’t you to insult me.

              I used a past example of when Arsenal had ambition.

              Care to talk about why we should have kept Rioch?

              If you are going to say we should have kept him then lol, your stupidity is clear for all to see. If you say no, it was right we got rid of him then you are agreeing that 12 months is more than enough to make your mind up.

              Tell me we was wrong in removing Rioch for Wenger.

              Go on, tell me that Dein was wrong for removing Rioch for Wenger.

              All I am saying is that we need to have that ambition… If you are happy with failure then that is you.

              To compete or to placate fans like Jon…
              F.. the Jons, I want ambition.

  3. Isah says:

    I doubt whether Unai Emry is the rite manager to steer Arsenal to its olden days, the earlier we think about it the better. I know some will say, but this is his first season, its true, but for how long shall we wait to get back to champions league in order to attract good players? One thing I remeber about Wenger is that, he was very patient with his players in order to bring the best out of them. Look at the likes of Ramsey, Vanperse and the likes. You can’t sideline your best play maker for whatever reason. He ought to help him perform to his best, or to play a system which favours his style.

    1. gotanidea says:

      You mean Ozil is Arsenal’s best playmaker? He has never been able to dictate the tempo in a big game

      He is just a man of chances statistics, creates simple short passes in the final third and cannot even create decent through balls like what Guendouzi does. You can check his through ball statistics in this season and last season

      Maybe Ozil could control the game as what Cazorla used to do in a deeper midfield area, but he has never been assigned there at Arsenal

      1. crispen says:

        So Guendouzi is a better playmaker than Ozil….Go play checkersor something football is not for you

      2. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Gotanidea, personally left for me, we don’t have what we can call the best playmaker in the team, I see your point, but I also see their own point too.
        As poor as Iwobi is, he’s our best option for the LW,
        but why should Ozil be any different when he’s what we have as best for creating chances in the club?
        Xhaka and Iwobi despite how poor both get to play like they’re both Messi but Ozil is not allowed the same privileges? Come on bro it’s not as if we have better choices or as if the players we’ve given the chances have done better

        1. Gily says:

          I felt sorry for Iwobi yesterday because he was almost useless. But it was Emerys who put him on the Right instead of his LW.
          As much as I like Emery and want to defend him, he keeps shooting himself on the foot by abusing players proper positions, and freezing out Ozil

      3. Midkemma says:

        Ozil through balls this season: 7
        Guendouzi through balls this season: 5

        That is from premierleague(dot com) player profiles.

        Seems you like to talk a load of BS.
        Gets the facts.

  4. Adajim says:

    What other option do we have ? Its not as if we can outplayed them in an open played. If ozil couldnt affect cardiff game, how anyone will expect him to boss city midfied of DB,Fern, silver and co. Is beyond explanation.
    I wasnt disapointed with our boys except for iwobi whom i was so disappointed in, jenko couldnt have performed better than leich with sterlin pace.
    Credit to our mf duo, even the defence really tried but city atrack was 4th podition is still not decided, chelsea and utd arent out of reach, they both have tgere weaknesses too , it can only get betrer now

    1. crispen says:

      You can only effect games if you play regularly and get going..But should we be surprised, This coach of ours got run out of town in Paris because he thought Neymar was not suitable to his System…whatever that is.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        crispen,please get your facts right; Emery was not “run out of town in Paris because he thought Neymar was not suitable to his system.” At PSG Emery wanted Neymar to work when the side was out of possession, as hard as he did when the team was in possession. The management of PSG backed their record signing over Emery.; a classic example of player power.
        It will be interesting to see if Thomas Tuchel has more success than Emery did at PSG, where Champions Lesgue performance is the measure of success.

        1. jon fox says:

          Well said Ozzie. The triumph of truth over misinformation ref Emery / PSG. I remain a massive fan of Emery and recognise that he has barely started yet, with almost every “out of his control factor” possible going against him so far.
          OT. Who else was as pleased as I am that Kroenkes Rams lost last night? I do NOT expect many to disagree, though I guess there will always be a few. How unhealthy (since he is our legal, but NEVER our moral owner) but how natural it is for almost all Gooners to want anything to do with Kroenke and family to fail. All we need now is for Walmart to go bankrupt. PLEASE GOD! Though a realist in life I do , as many others also do, indulge myself in private fantasies. IMAGINE A BANKRUPT KROENKE WITH THE BAILIFFS REMOVING HIS FURNITURE. BLISS!

          1. Midkemma says:

            Walmart is owned by the Walton family, Silent Stans wife is part of that… Married into it (Silent Stan).

            What was you saying about misinformation?

            1. jon fox says:

              That is precisely WHY I said ” family”. Proper information therefore. . Your post is the misinformed one. It fails to replicate what I ACTUALLY SAID. YOU REALLY MUST TRY HARDER IN FUTURE. I assume your eyes work properly?

              1. Midkemma says:


                Do you tell people with one leg to ‘hop it’?
                you know that I have this Jon, you was kind enough to break up some of your trash… I mean posts, to help make it easier for people with this difficulty, to read your mashed up text.

                Any wonder I missed ‘family’ in such horrid formatting?
                You can’t type correctly, using capitals randomly like a child, really… it makes it easy for people with dyslexia to miss a single word.

                Sorry I missed the word Family.

    2. Ariesz says:

      I’m just trying to understand which part of the game you dud not watch by saying you were bot disappointed with the boys. This guys knew conceded defeat even befire the match, comparing jenk with lich is is like comparing a mack truck with a ferrari. To Emery he’s just a big joke keeping Ozil on the bench for whatever reason, sometimes experience plays a big role in games and When it comes to mancity ozil sure has that. How can we have a shot on target when there is no creator? and a dude here dared to compare ozil with guendouzi, what madness thst is. Emery is just a problem to himself and the team, the earlier he realises this the better for all parties.

  5. Dan kit says:

    It’s all good and well setting up to defend but when you concede in the 1st minute then I’m sorry you don’t stick with the same tactics and formation .
    Why didn’t he change it as soon as they scored ,i mean us mere mortal beings could see what was coming .
    30 odd games and he still dosent know is best formation,the defence as bad as I’ve seen ever seen it .
    He needs to backed in the summer to get quality players if he does not then I’m afraid he won’t last and will be hounded out (as you can see from the comments above me )
    Also in my opinion he needs to get ozil or even Ramsey in that starting 11 because the two up top yesterday were wasted ,there was no need for them to even be on the pitch that’s how awful we were.

  6. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Emery wanted his team to be ultra defensive, but maybe he wants his players to understand his concept by asking them to play in different formations

    Guardiola used 3-5-2 at the beginning of last season, then 4-1-3-2, and finally 4-3-3. I believe this is also what Emery intends to do, to make the players gradually adapt to his system rather than sticking to one formation

    Arsenal looked defensive last night, but that was because Man City controlled the game and the quality difference between the players was obvious. We could have someone worse such as Van Gaal or Moyes, therefore it is better to give Emery at least two seasons

    1. crispen says:

      Those two years will be wasted time. There are plenty of coaches that play the way Arsenal should play.Lets waste our time with those ones . Emery is useless. He is an Everton level coach. That is NOT what we aspire to at the Arsenal

      1. ozziegunner says:

        crispen, I’ll ask you the same question I have asked others previously without response:
        Who are these “coaches that play the way Arsenal should play”?
        Should Emery leave because he is not supported by Kroenke and the board in the transfer market, which well credentialled coach/manager with a CV as good or better than Emery, would be prepared to follow him to the Emirates given the quality of the current squad, the transfer budget, the self sustaining financial model and Scrooge Kroenke as owner?

        1. Billy says:

          Ozzzie I ask you why did Emery come? Is he the Spanish Big Sam or Tony Pullis, I don’t think he is, as he has a half decent record In Europa. However a manager that does not keep hold of his best players. Time will tell, but perhaps there was a reason he was chosen over others.

          1. ozzziegunner says:

            Billy, I wonder too because it was always going to be a tough “gig” to take over from Arsene Wenger, who had managed Arsenal for 22 years.
            I wonder if he was given certain undertakings, which may not be kept?

        2. Midkemma says:

          You have asked me and I have responded. The thread where I said Emery is a good coach but tactically, he is frustrating me. I said to give him to end of season and you jumped on me like I said it was okay to rape children. That is how pathetic you was.

          Who was Wenger before Dein got him?

          Oh look, I answered your silly stupid question with another question.
          Point here is that there are loads of managers, we kinda got to hope that the board has Arsenals best interest at heart and not the security of his own job.

          Gazidis was too weak to get a strong manager, a strong manager would have pushed and Gazidis might have had to fight for power again like he had for a decade with Wenger. We do not have that weak CEO anymore.

          You ignore all that don’t you.

    2. Midkemma says:

      “We could have someone worse such as Van Gaal or Moyes, therefore it is better to give Emery at least two seasons”

      We should have stayed with Wenger if that reasoning is acceptable.
      We could end with a moyes so better have stuck with Wenger.

      Got No Idea indeed.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Midkemma, Arsene Wenger hasn’t exactly been inundated with offers since he left Arsenal. Last heard he was being considered to manage the Qatar national team.
        I respect Arsene Wenger for what he achieved, but please move on.

  7. Aeontisty says:

    I haven’t really said anything about Emery since he started coaching us, but on yesterday defeat am really disappointed. I fell in love with Arsenal because of the way they play and as such I expected whoever replaced Wenger to continue with that. Am not against playing with caution when playing teams really stronger than us but what I won’t take is being too negative and that’s what Emery did yesterday, from his starting 11 to his tactics all were appalling. Some said he played a flat 4-4-2 but what I saw was a disguised 3-4-3 with no creativity whatsoever, how he intended to play two strikers without a creator to release them is what am yet to understand. I hope he accept he was wrong yesterday and correct it.

    1. crispen says:

      The problem is he has been negative in so many games this season. How many times have we seen Auba and Laca??

      He is almost as bad as Maureen.

      1. Aeontisty says:

        Playing our two strikers without a creator is wrong. We all knew City will have majority of the ball yet he played two strikers and expected who to create? I hope he sorts this issue out fast, a 4-4-2 diamond would have been better yesterday than playing a flat one.

  8. Adajim says:

    I hear people saying UE should try to create a system that accomodate ozil, i reckon he gave ozil enough opportunity to prove himself, isnt in? I have seen lots of training pictures of UE working with ozil immediatly he took over the job, how many games did ozil miss in UE first 3 months? And what was ozil reaction? In those games, what was his overall contribution. I think admin shoul enlighten us with stats and analysis. Its only a fool, that repeat same process and expect different results.
    Pls dont give me iwobi crab, iwobi performance so far this season is better than ozil’s , even xhaka better him

    1. crispen says:

      Please look at the stats before you waffle on about Iwobi and Xhaka being better than Ozil.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        How unreliable has Mezut Ozil been due to injury and not being available for selection?

    2. Kenshi says:

      Why should a player like ozil prove himself to a system from an average coach? Please go find out why he was sacked from PSG? Same shit about an established world class player not fitting into his crappy style. Football is about how coaches utilise footballers to their strengths and cover their weaknesses. Ozil brings out the beauty in why we fell in love with arsenal in the first place.

  9. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “But to not even try and attack, to be defensive ”
    This has been my question for so many weeks?
    Are we an attacking team?
    Are we a defensive team??

    Hell we can’t do any of that right, You can’t play with 7 defensive players alongside 3 attackers, of whom it’s only one player who can create and work his goal all by himself :Lacazette.
    Aubameyang is utterly not a right choice when there are no services for him, yes he has wasted a few chances when the team created it for him, call him a better version of Giroud.
    Hell even Giroud contributes to the team’s gameplay, and make players around him tick like a clock.
    Iwobi is not reliable tho he’s our best option on the LW, then we go play him on the RW

    How do you make all those decisions with those sets of players and still leave your creative players on the bench.
    If Ozil and Ramsey have nothing to offer to the team, then why ship Out ESR? why not give chances to Joseph Willock and a few U23 then?
    Can you guys get logical for once and put out sentiments out of your assessments?
    If we intend to park the bus against big clubs and certain mid table teams, we might as well give the job to Mourinho then, we know he’ll have problem with players and won’t tolerate as most of you call him “Lazy” Ozil, but at Least we know he parks the bus perfectly

  10. McLovin says:

    We cannot even park the bus correctly.

    I rather lose 3-1 than 6-0, 5-1, 8-2, 6-3.

    Be the results either way, it just shows that we didn’t stand a chance. We are Arsenal FC, and we didn’t stand a chance against Pool or City. The gap of class is unreal. Yet our wage bill is close to Liverpool’s. I just sincerely hope next summer is going to be a fire sale at Arsenal.

    Cech, Welbeck, Ramsey, Lichsteiner – all guaranteed to leave. 19,2 million wages annually saved.
    Özil, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson all hopefully SOLD. That’s 37,1 millions saved.

    Total of 56,3 million in wages off the books by getting rid of players who have little contribution to the team. Just think about it, 56 millions worth of wages paying players who don’t have an impact on our performances!

    Bringing back Nelson, Chambers and possibly Smith-Rowe means we don’t need to buy equal amount of players we are getting rid of. There are also few interesting players available for free in the summer:
    – Hector and Ander Herrera, Milner, Pereira and Rabiot, all CM
    – Kwateng, RB (statistically best RB in Ligue 1!)
    – Godin and even Giroud is available!

    1. GunneRay says:

      Maybe wishful thinking my friend!?

      Very unlikely to see that much change so soon. We all want our old Arsenal back but I feel the identity and brand has already changed so much over the last 10 years or so. It may never return to what it was. Maybe we all just cannot accept it yet?

      Yesterday was the first time I saw an Arsenal side setup to “park the bus” and we failed. It was embarrassing really because it just confirmed to me how the mentality of the manager and squad has been affected due to the flaws of top-level management at the club. It’s true to say the club have never looked so far away from the Arsenal of 2005!

    2. crispen says:

      You bring in all those good players and save all that cash, as long as you have a coach who is negative like this guy we ain’t interested. Bring in a footballing coach before you spend more money…
      This BS about giving Emery time is nonsense. We can see his methods already. These are NOT ARSENal football methods. Get Emery out . .Quickly

      1. GunneRay says:

        Chil Crispen. We all hear you and to some extent, agree with you. You have to give Emery time though. It’s only fair!

        He’s been given a task to do with very little financial input. We need to give him at least until after summer and up to December this year. Then, you can judge him..

        1. ozziegunner says:

          crispen, again you knock Emery, but offer no alternatives (see my post above).

      2. McLovin says:

        Chill. It’s obvious that the SQUAD is not good enough. Emery might not be right for us but he has showed his capability with Sevilla before. And not only once did he win EL but three times in a row! Why didn’t win the Liga title because his squad wasn’t good enough for that.

        Mancini showed us how an average manager can win the title with great squad. We might have to do the same, overhaul the squad completely.

        Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis, Holding, Mavro, Monreal, Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendouzi, AMN, Auba, Lacazette. Those are the 12 players I would personally keep for next season.

        Squad needs updating, sooner than later.

        1. ozziegunner says:


        2. ACE says:

          To piggyback on your response MCL, I think
          Emery will bring back Chambers, ESR, Nelson
          and Marrinez back into the first team fold
          and hopefully sign a few of he following

          Jonathan Tah
          Eric Bailly
          A Mandi
          Davot Upamecano
          Hirving Lozano
          Leon Bailey
          Ismalia Sarr
          Nicholas Pepe
          Adrien Rabiot
          Abdoulaye Doucoure
          Franck Kessie
          Pablo Fornals
          David Brooks
          Djibril Sidibe
          Kevin Malcuit
          Eder Militao

          The money should be there if AFC commits
          to a summer clear out of Mustafi (£25M)
          Xhaka(£30), Ozil(£25M), Miki(£20M) and El
          Neny(£15M) and combines these potential
          sales with the summer transfer kitty.

          Should be a very interesting summer…

  11. malaysian gunner says:

    The Wolves manager is one who comes to mind.His high position in the epl is testimony to his management skills
    operating with less resources than
    those guys above him.
    Tactically he is amatch for anyone of them

    1. GunneRay says:

      We need to remember that most of the Arsenal squad have been pampered under Arsene! They played badly and were still guaranteed to play next week! Spoilt brats who were guaranteed a wage for turning up without having to to 100% in!!

      You can’t blame Emery for teaching players that mediocrity is acceptable and top 4 will do!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        malasian gunner, let Arsenal be like Chelsea and change managers every season, but it doesn’t change the basic problems with Arsenal’s squad quality, lack of transfer budget, self sustaining financial model and Kroenke ownership.
        Unlike Chelsea or Manchester United who have either a “sugar daddy” or Arabian Gulf country backing them, Arsenal has Stan Kroenke.

  12. Bur says:

    Just a poor showing yesterday. Defending was so juvenile and no flare.

  13. Adajim says:

    Crimpson, bring on your stats on ozil, am willing to learn. 2018/2019 season so far. Lets see it.
    How many goals/assists/ chances created/ interceptions, marks etc. Thats the basic of a mf, isnt it?

  14. Arsenal1963 says:

    #UNAIOUT… i agree with this article. How can our most creative player sit on the bench for such a big game, unless our coach went into this game already defeated and it was just damage limitation. Not one chance created in the second half, THIS IS NOT ARSENAL.. Please bring back Wenger, at least we will watch beautiful football. We blame our defenders, but who told them to play so narrow and allow City so much space on the wings. Please get rid of this coach, cannot be a coach of the size of Arsenal..

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Arsenal 1963, Arsene Wenger hasn’t exactly been inundated with offers since he left Arsenal. Last heard he was being considered to manage the Qatar national team.
      I respect Arsene Wenger for what he achieved, but please move on.

  15. Labour says:

    Too much has been said about Ozil , the bottom line , when we went 22 games unbeaten Ozil was playing, so you mean to tell me that he turned a bad player after that come on gunners, hw many goals have we scored after he was dropped

  16. JayJulius08 says:

    I don’t agree with this article. We aren’t a team that parks the bus. That isn’t our philosophy. But I’m all for playing a bit more defensively in specific games and situations. Going all out attack against City may have made the result even worse. We had a gameplan, which was being executed not amazingly but decent. Apart from a couple individual errors the loss literally boils down to City at this moment in time being a better team. Its that black and white.

    We will come back, we will get back to the top level. The signs are there. The right mentality is being instilled into the club, the players fought until the end. We just need better players which in time will come.

  17. The TRUTH should remain a TRUTH. UM isn’t the the right man to guide us back to champions league. Poor tactics, poor team selection and his insistence not to use sounding or let’s call them big name players. ONLY a fan of athletics can back UM to start Iwobi and Guendouzi ahead of our best creators in the squad that is O”ZIL and RAMSEY. And if i’ve forgotten, i want who ever is in support of IWOBI and GUENDOUZI tp start ahead of O” and R , To remind me of any game when that I and G started in the PL ARSENAL has won. ALL the games we’ve lost, the have started them that tells, they aren’t impact players. UM left PSG because of NEYMAR and MBAPE ,Give him more than one season, and GOD forbid ARSENAL will be playing in coca-cola league.

  18. GunneRay says:

    Ozil’s omission to the bench leads me to think he’s had a falling out with Emery and he’s being punished! Emery has made a stance and now has to stick to it to show who is boss?

    Or, Ozil will leave in the summer and Emery needs to know if he can depend on Iwobly? Of course, we all know the answer to that!

    1. JayJulius08 says:

      I don’t think so. I think its just cause of his style of play. Emery has given Ozil chances to show what he can bring but he hasn’t really so far this season bar Leicester. I don’t think there is anything personal at all. If Ozil was to step up consistently perform every time he gets a game he would earn his spot back in the team.

      I’ve seen so many people complain about Ozil in the comments some make good points and some are just straight disrespectful but at the end of the day none of us want him to perform bad. We want him to play well and give us the benefits of all the talent he has. Its just unfortunate that with how Emery wants to play he’s just not fitting.

  19. The TRUTH should remain a TRUTH. UE isn’t the the right man to guide us back to champions league. Poor tactics, poor team selection and his insistence not to use sounding or let’s call them big name players. ONLY a fan of athletics can back UE to start Iwobi and Guendouzi ahead of our best creators in the squad that is O”ZIL and RAMSEY. And if i’ve forgotten, i want who ever is in support of IWOBI and GUENDOUZI tp start ahead of O” and R , To remind me of any game when that I and G started in the PL ARSENAL has won. ALL the games we’ve lost, the have started them that tells, they aren’t impact players. UM left PSG because of NEYMAR and MBAPE ,Give him more than one season, and GOD forbid ARSENAL will be playing in coca-cola league. Is what we are watching the POSSESSION and PRESSING foot-ball UE promised when he first met with ARSENAL supporters? Please accept my to on line.

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