Singapore Select XI v Arsenal Player Ratings – Akpom & Le Coq shine

Arsenal v Singapore XI player ratings by Anonymous!

Martínez – 7 – Hardly touched the ball in the 45 minutes he played. Showed some good distribution when called upon.

Monreal – 7 – Good going forward putting some decent crosses in and offering more options up front. Tidy if not spectacular. Let their Argentinian winger in a few times when countered.

Mertesacker – 7.5 – Solid game from the captain rarely putting a foot wrong and showed good distribution from the back.

Gabriel – 7 – Improved as the game went on. Made a few rash passes in the first half but was solid in the second, running into space created by tired opposition legs to hasten attacks.

Debuchy – 7 – Very eager performance from the Frenchman as he got up and served as a second winger at times while not neglecting defensive duties. Superb stamina. Crossing left a lot to be desired and misplaced more passes than the crowd would have liked.

Flamini – 6.5 – Typical headless chicken, undisciplined game from our own Napoleon. Was generally tidy on the ball but dived in far too often and was lucky not to give away more fouls.

Coquelin – 8.5 – Started as he ended last season. Covered the defence excellently and showed us just how good a footballer he is – with his occasional forays forward and excellent vision. One of the best players on the pitch.

Wilshere – 7.5 – Mixed the superb with the poor. Made some excellent bursts and was the heart of our attacks in the first half. Lost the ball countless times however and the heat seemed to hit him in the second half as he always seemed to walk. Still coming back to full fitness but promising display from the England international.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7 – He was fairly anonymous in the first half but provided a few nice runs in the second. He’ll have to do better than that to earn a place in the first XI.

Akpom – 8.5 – A good hat trick but much more than that he always wanted the ball and, especially in the second half, showed some fantastic touches and technique. Looks to be a real prospect.

Iwobi – 8 – A superb first half and solid second. The boy has great technique but, apart from a few magical moments, seemed a little afraid to show us what he has in his arsenal. His finishing was fairly poor today.


Szczesny – 7 – He had a bit more involvement than Martínez and was solid when needed.

Bellerin – 8 – One of the later subs but sparkled with pace and desire. Assisted the last goal with a great piece of skill and inch perfect cross.

Crowley – 7.5 – Shaky start as he lost the ball a few times but really grew in confidence. Everything went through him in the last 30 minutes as he showed a great touch and slick passing. Had an effort that dragged wide.

Zelalem – 7 – What we saw of him was tidy if not unspectacular. Burst forward on occasion and distributed well. Close to a 7.5.

Toral – 6.5 – The least impressive of the substitutes. Lost the ball more often than retained it. Showed a few nice link up plays with Akpom.

Willock – 7 – He didn’t have a big chance to showcase his abilities but what he did was promising. Seems to be very much in the one-touch Arsenal mould and was involved in some good moved around the edge of the area towards the end.

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  1. okay!……….. I really do praise our boys for their performances…….. But, fact is……. I don’t really rate this Singapore XI team

  2. so fLamini’s still being sh*tty?……. What to do with him this window!……. What to do with him!

    1. love the physique of Toral but have some reservations if he’s gonna make the first team. too slow and shy. maybe… maybe…

  3. I wish we could organise a friendly against Barca or Madrid, just to see how our chances are before the start of the CL league..i know it’ll only be a friendly but would be fasinating to see how we match up.

    1. Exactly what me Thinking……… Square up with the big boys…….. See how u handle the pressure and run the show…..Take the credit with pride if u beat em……… Not jubilate over some unknown , unheard of singaporean team

      1. but I bet you if we had played and won Barcelona in the same friendly, you guys will still say your usual “it’s just a friendly game”

        1. @napersie
          & if lost…..maybe thereafter you might have seen the weakness and the signings that the fans crying for.

      2. Well their keeper was named MOTM against Japan. Unknown, unheard? Singapore vs Japan was quite recent dude. This Singapore tour is more for the fans. So please be more sensitive instead of bringing other country’s team down.

  4. Did y’all know that when Juve and Athletico beat this Singapore team in their preseasons they went on to win their respective leagues? *hint* *hint* *winks*

  5. Meaningless game…

    this game is used just to tune up their match fitness and to pocket some money…..

  6. Having half the team
    go through their paces
    and come out unscathed
    is a positive at this early
    stage of preseason

  7. The recent Improvement Wenger has shown tactically and also in buying is because of mourihno criticism indeed boring is 10yrs without a title.Wenger is now hungry for success than before cuz he thought top 4 is success,now am waiting for mou to take another jibe on wenger and we,will get that wc striker

  8. Wenger and the mgt keep ranting how we now have money to compete with big clubs but when it comes to bidding wars they start shivering like a bunch of pussies.Would heaven fall if they spend on a striker.Mourihno has brought competition in england big teams are strengthening to match chelsea,I will be aob till wenger lifts the title!

  9. the rate at Which Fans moan on here is just disheartening.
    Guys calm down we all will see things happen this window,I have my intel on this.
    You guys will be overjoyed but for now just calm.

    1. you are a legend…i mean a cry baby legend…because you tell the world the opposite of your feelings….i doubt you wanna see suarez at Arsenal rather than Giroud…i’m I right???

  10. u moan inside of u……like a burning fiery furnace….yet you keep a straight, calm face like a summer sea…….you pretend , you pretend!

  11. @princegooner…..u moan inside of u……like a burning fiery furnace….yet you keep a straight, calm face like a summer sea…….you pretend , you pretend!

    1. Lol the lunatics have actually taken over this asylum….getting more bizarre and deranged by the day.

  12. @SoOpa Aeon why should i contradict myself when i know What I’m talking about.
    Well because I’ve been supporting Arsenal for over 18years now.
    One thing i do know is that wenger always signs players every summer,note the Emphasis on players not players meaning more than one.So chill cuz i know

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