Sissoko still prefers Arsenal move rather than PSG

The Newcastle midfielder Moussa Sissoko has been strongly linked with a big money move to Arsenal or Paris St Germain this month, and even issued a come-and-get-me plea to Arsene Wenger when he announced that Arsenal were the “club of his heart” earlier in January.

Now the French international has spoken to Mercato Foot about the ongoing rumours, and he has clearly stated that he would prefer not to go back to France to continue his career, but wants to play for one of the “biggest clubs in England”.

He was quoted as saying in the Mail: “My goal was to come to England because it was the championship that best matched my game and I do not think I am wrong.

“So I want to stay here and grow at one of the biggest clubs in England. I have a preference for the Premier League and I see myself staying here.

“I am focused on Newcastle. I have a four-and-a-half year contract so in my head I still tell myself I am still here for four years and a half. They appreciate me here and everything is good.”

‘I am not saying that I absolutely want to go or not. If it happens, it happens. I am at Newcastle and I will continue to work until one day I have the chance to play at a very big club.

Despite his preference for the Premier League, Sissoko then went on to admit that he WOULD stll consider PSG if a concrete offer came to the table. He continued: ‘Nobody has called me. My agent and I have not spoken to anyone.

‘PSG is one of the best clubs in Europe. If I’m lucky they are interested with me. These are difficult things to refuse. I cannot say yes or no but it is an interest I would take into consideration.’

For someone with a four-year contract at Newcastle, Sissoko seems to be talking about moving on quite a lot. Maybe he is being a bit ‘economical with the truth’ when he says that he hasn’t talked to anyone……?

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  1. Cappieee says:

    Will be a good signing as he is very versatile, strong, fast. And a no nonsense kind of player. still waiting for d paulista deal to be confirmed.

  2. Champagne Charlie says:

    Admirer of Sissoko but there’s a couple of positions that require greater attention….and specifically money.

    Coquelin is a blessing as he now occupies the “busy work” DM role Flamini sucked at, so massive upgrade there. That leaves the classy/technical DM role to fill (artetas boots), and I think we’re banking on Schneiderlin. Lastly while we have false 9’s, wingers, and false wingers galore, we only have 1 ST capable of playing the role both in terms of build up AND getting goals (Giroud). With Lacazette being the glaringly obvious addition I think we should save the pennies and make these two the summer targets.

    That means passing on any 12-15m player who might crop up in the final days of the transfer window. Schneiderlin (30mil) and Lacazette (25mil) would be a serious outlay for us in the summer and, given how we operate, a 15mil signing this window would only mean we go for a lesser player (Destro?) In the summer, if at all.

    1. themadhurata says:

      Don’t know what you mean by a false winger. First time I have heard that term. But generally I agree with your point.

      Sissoko is a good player and can add something to arsenal but isn’t the type of player arsenal are calling out for.

      Yes arsenal can benefit from lacazette but we will never be able to get him because his wages will be too high.

      Schneiderlin we can get but so’ton will hold us to ransom over it. Will arsenal like that and will the pay it? My feeling is no. So it is up to Schneiderlin to force so’ton hand.

      As for arsenal having one striker. I get your point on lacezette. But he is like having your cake and eating it. Main strikers mostly aren’t the goal scorers nowadays.

      Main strikers hold up play and link up play. This is the reason benzema isn’t a 60 goal man. That is why Suarez’s season has dried up. That is why lewandoski isn’t scoring like at Dortmund.

      Arsenal’s main area of concern is DM. Schneiderlin is the perfect fit.

      1. FFFanatic says:

        False wingers is a very good description of Arsenal wingers. Theo is a CF, Alexis is a floating AM and our other players we play on the wing (Ozil, Rosicky, Cazorla) are all AM by real nature. Ox is the only “winger” and even then Wenger states his long term place is probably AM or CM. SO who are our actual wingers? Who hugs the touchline and finds brilliant crosses? Who squares up their man and beats him?

        Well actually – a combination of those players DO do wing roles, but they’re most certainly not wingers in the traditional sense. Thus false wingers.

        To continue the debate though – Sissokho is a powerhouse but a bit flighty. He’s most certainly not the deep lying midfielder we’d like but more of a box to box engine. He’s a bit like Yaya Toure with less attack and quality, more defense and grit. We certainly could use that BUT it’s whether the money is there to do it. I’d say no because if nothing else it adds another wage to the bill.

        1. themadhurata says:

          Certainly you are right about sissoko. I was extremely impressed with him at the world cup.

          France actually looked like winning while he was playing. While pogba looked like the weakest link.

          Based on France’s performance at the world cup sissoko was extremely underrated while pogba was extremely overrated.

          So I know that sissoko will add something to arsenal. But how much does arsenal need physicality?

          Arsenal have oxlade, who is as strong as they get. Ramsey who is strong, rosicky is technical and isn’t weak.

          Then you have ozil and and carzola who both have great technique. Though not strong they both are hard to get off the ball because of that fact.

          Arsenal aren’t as bad off as perceived with regards to physicality. So sissoko would add to much.

      2. Champagne Charlie says:

        Not sure how you think we can’t pay high enough wages for Lacazette, if he were to sign he wouldn’t even be our highest earner. And I do note that Schneiderlin is a note important buy, but my general point was that to buy Sissoko would be to diminish the prospect of us getting truly superb CF/ST which we need IMO.

        I disagree about your idea that main ST “mostly aren’t goalscorers nowadays”, it’s still their fundamental quality. You quote Benzema and Suarez but that’s a little misleading as the “main” forwards for either team respectively are Rinaldo and Messi….who score the most. Suarez and Benzema scored their teams most goals at Liverpool and Lyon. Lewandowski is Bayern’s top goalscorer, then there’s Aguero, Costa, Mandzukic, IBRA, Sturridge, Rvp/Rooney.

        Our attackers are very good, better than most in fact. But compared to the elite teams we are a bit suspect in the CF role as far as goals are concerned.

  3. vijaygunner says:

    Not a genuine need right now but when ramsey gets injured we’ll need a Box-to-box midfielder. Should sign him as a replacement for diaby.

  4. Gooner Cape Town says:

    Where is Wenger getting all this money from in a Jan window?? Cissokko would be nice but a luxury really. We need a beast CDM and a top top striker. Rumours abound we back in for Suarez, or is this just media BS?

  5. True.Gooner says:

    Actually we have sign Suarez

  6. cheeterspotter says:

    If we get Suarez is that classed as a 2nd bite of the cherry.?

  7. Kotte says:

    Suarez all the way!

  8. fred cowardly says:

    Im okay with Suarez if his contract conditions include no biting. Also Giroud’s contract should include no headbutting. Finally, Wilshere’s and Szczesny’s contract should include no smoking.

  9. fred cowardly says:

    I’m fine with Sissoko because if Coquelin is injured we would have to rely on Flamini.

    Flamini was very helpful the year he came back however unlike Rosicky, Flamini’s quality has deteriorated far too much and has become a liability.

    I’d prefer someone better than Sissoko however if Wenger wants him, I’m okay with it.

    Also remember, there is a small chance that Coquelin may not re-sign unless he gets certain assurances. So Sissoko would be a good replacement if Coquelin leaves

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