Six Arsenal players still involved in the Euro 24 Q-Finals but who will reach the semis?

Euro’s QF’s predictions

The round of 16 is now over in the Euro’s and we are now left with 8 teams who will compete against ne another and try get to the semis and then finals of the tournament. Arsenal is lucky enough to be represented across the board with 6 players in contention to play for their countries in the quarter finals of the competition. With 4 games to play until the semifinals, here’s how I predicted things will go.

First game is Germany vs Spain, where two of our Arsenal players could come up against each other, Havertz and Raya. Havertz has had an impressive campaign so far, scoring two goals for Germany and has bene one of their best players. Raya has only been called upon once against Albania and was able to keep a clean sheet but is unlikely to get another start over Unai Simon. Personally, I think Germany walk away with the win here, Spain have been very good, but home advantage will play a big part and I can’t see Germany losing.

Portugal will then take on France in a clash that should be action packed. William Saliba has been a huge part of this French side in this tournament and after proving himself on the big stage, I can’t see him getting dropped. Saliba hasn’t conceded a goal from open play throughout the tournament and has been one of France’s best players. Portugal obviously has a star-studded squad that won’t be easy to beat, but I think France will come away with it and will then face off against Germany in the semifinals.

Then England will take on Switzerland in what should be a nail-biting clash between the two. Declan Rice and Bukayo Saka will most likely be starting again and hopefully manage to find a way to beat Switzerland who have been very good this tournament. Ramsdale is obviously also available for selection but unless something happens to Pickford, I don’t see him getting any minutes. Personally, I think England are going to drop the ball, they’ve had a shaky tournament and Switzerland have looked very good. I hope England go through, but I have serious doubts and think Switzerland are just too good.

And lastly a game where we won’t see any Arsenal players is The Netherlands vs Turkey. Turkey have been the dark horse of the tournament and probably the country least expected to make it through to the semi-finals but have played some great football so far. The Netherlands have had good and bad games but are still one of the best teams in the world and I think they will just edge it past Turkey and go onto play Switzerland in the semis.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. The Spain vs Germany match is the pick of the matches. It is very unpredictable since both teams are very good but maybe Germany hold the edge due to home advantage but you still cannot count out Spain. Saliba is a commanding presence at the back for France and I dont see France conceding goals with him in the defence and although they havent yet scored from open play I expect France to go through. The Netherlands are back in form after losing to Austria and I see them beating Turkey. As for England, they have been dismal in the tournament so far and have relied on the brilliance of Bellingham to get them through. Switzerland are a very organised team and unless England raise their game they will find it difficult to beat the Swiss. However football is a strange game and anything is possible in all the four matches.

  2. Interesting to see that our “key players” won’t be available for the pre-season games due to their run in Euros and Copa America, Even more interesting to see the back ups take the mantle in their absence.

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