Six Free Agents that Arsenal should consider

It is reported that our transfer budget this summer will be between 50-70 million. Why/how we have so little to spend is a debate for another day and one we will probably revisit throughout the next few months. Most Gooners have long realised our current owner does not have the ambition to give the cash it would take to make us championship contenders. That means our recruitment team have to think outside the box and find value elsewhere. Evaluating who is out of contract may not be fans first choice but considering we are run by Stan Kroenke we don’t have much choice. The club’s policy seems happier to have a large wage bill then pay inflated fees so throwing thousands at a free agent is more realistic then paying millions to a club.

Here are a few names whose deals are about to expire who might be worth us thinking about?

Giroud – Chelsea
While many say you should never go back, this makes more sense when you look closer. Along with Ramsey and Cech, Welbeck was given a plaque on our last game at the Emirates, thanking him for his contribution. So, we will be looking for someone to be back up for Auba and Lacca, and with a limited budget this is an area where a freebie might make sense. We know more than anyone that Giroud can be an effective plan B and doesn’t mind spending time on the bench. The reason he went to the Bridge was his family wanting to stay in London so this deal would make sense.

Godin – Atletico Madrid
I don’t care how old he is, you cannot convince me he would not improve our defence. Not only would you acquire one the best defenders of his generation but someone who would immediately be a leader. We probably have a policy not to pay so much to someone over the age of 30 but for what he can bring to us in the short term it would be worth it.

Kompany – Man City
Okay first thing is that I can’t see City not offering their captain a new deal, if there is one man their owner might show sentiment towards it would be the Belgian. The second, the moment it became clear he was willing to leave, a who’s who of clubs would be ringing his agent. Again, it comes down to ambition. We have the money to entice a man who would bring leadership qualities to our dressing room, but would we pay over the odds for someone in his thirties.

Luis – Atletico Madrid
A left back might not be our priority but I’m tired of us having to play 5 at the back just to accommodate Kolasinac. I’m sorry if you’re a full back who can’t play in a back 4 that tells me you are not good enough for our level. Coached by Simeone, Luis knows how to defend and has strong game management. We can’t ignore when these types of players are out of contract.

Juan Mata – Manchester United
The irony being that we so nearly signed him when he first came to England, he visited the Emirates before choosing Chelsea. He wouldn’t replace Ramsey in terms of being box to box but in terms of someone who could come in keep the ball and bring experience. As a squad player, he’s worth it

Sturridge – Liverpool
I have argued this before.
This would be a natural replacement for Welbeck just someone who can finish better. Yes, he’s equally injury prone but remember we have to save money where we can.

Dan Smith


  1. Hmmmm.. I’m sure Oli G would come back in a heartbeat!
    Godin is very good, but the age puts me off a little..
    Why would Kompany come to us??
    Definitely don’t want Mata… Sturridge – as good as he can be, I can’t help but think he’d spend most of his time on the treatment table!!
    Luis – good, but he’s getting on a bit too… but then at the end of the day, beggars can’t be choosers!
    I just don’t fancy anymore Lichtsteiner’s!!!

        1. Why? Seems to me you just want to curry favour rather than fearlessly state your own views, caring not a jot who agrees or disagrees, as a real man(or woman) should do! Thumbs are for kids only, not sensible and free thinking folk. Thought you were wiser than that and suggest you rethink it , properly, and see the wider picture Th14. After all this is a debating forum and some will always agree , some will not, That is the nature of these sites and if you need to change the rules to suit your own insecurity and gather “likes” then perhaps you are not tough enough for general debate. I ask you in all honesty what do “likes ” achieve? I say nothing! They stifle debate and that is harmful. Think on seriously, please!

    1. Agree about Oli Sue but he would need to bring someone with him who can cross the ball?. City have confirmed Kompany is leaving.

  2. sturridge-as injury prone as welbeck

    mata- He will probably be as awful as ozil and Mikki and would still command extravagant wages.

    kompany- a city legend and fan favourite why would he risk all that to come to a rival..

    godin-might have probably agreed terms with another club already.

    giroud – already have aubameyang and lacazette and we should be considering a wide forward.

    Felipe luis- maybe

  3. What about Robben and Ben Arfa?! I know the former is old but we can get him on a short term contract like that joker Lichtsteiner. If it works great, if it doesn’t he will be out soon.

      1. Why not? Can’t be worse than Xhaka or El Neny. We can get him for a short term deal, like a season. But after Lichtsteiner am apprehensive about these oldies.. probably it would be a bad idea.

        1. Ben Arfa had a massive falling out with Emery when they were both at PSG, which was never resolved.

  4. I’d rather promote the academy prospect (Edie, ESR, Reiss) and utilise the restricted budget.

  5. As soon as the EL & UCL finals are over with is the only time to start speculating to who to bring in… UCL confirmation & none of these players are no where near what we need in terms of quality. As mentioned here in the comments Adrian Rabiot is free, young & arrogant enough to come in and make a difference in thsi team as Ramsey is gone, Elneny will join him for a small fee away. Xhaka is a handy squad player to have & can go on the bench until needed… Torreira & Rabiot could be a good combination. AMN can move back into midfield for our youth along with these 2.

    Need a wide winger not a striker so if City are having a clear out try steal Mahrez for a smaller fee they paid Leicester. Left footed RW, premier league winner x2 & Exp… Iwobi, Baka & Nkeitah can be no2s & our youth.

    CB & RB are a priority to help us as Bellerin not back just yet, Leichsteiner will be leaving (never good enough anyway), Mustafi may be leaving to Ac Milan (paper talk) so chambers, Mavraponas & holding are back to fill the void I guess at least for Mustafi. Still need both positions filled as koss/sok are not getting younger…

    Martinez comes back for cup keeper & lower games for Leno

  6. Sorry, “we have to save money where we can” says who? I honestly do not believe this £40m budget rubbish. Nah.

  7. english premier league and cup success is driven by squad and staff investment. we can only hope to get out of next season something of the measure of what (£) we put in. mata has been successful at chelski and at man utd (imo), by that i mean he’s distinguished himself as a player when representing their shirt(s). Nevertheless wearing the shirt of (either) our foes or competitors is a great big put-off – a point which will be made more plain should petr cech be between the sticks in Baka. More often than not courting worn out players only suggests our scouting system is idling, complacent or otherwise failing in its duties.

    Mata and/or Kompany running out in our colours and standard is ridiculous rag news that ought to be taken with a pinch of salt and (personally) i never want to see any of it happen. sturridge although is proven lethal in front of goal but why resort to him and dampen the enthused spirit of young nketiah ? there’s no merit to it. Provided the coaching staff and scouts do their jobs i see no reason why we have to resort to any of the above “free agents”. Bring in the quality and pay were necessary is a recipe proven to ensure arsenal will be found in much better shape.

  8. Dan Smith seems to think we will be better of having an over thirties team (or fast approaching) it with no younger players being sought, if he had his daft way. After this silly article I have lost all credibility in anything he writes from now on. Never seen such nonsense on this site before! Why not suggest John Radford then Dan; after all he is still only 72!!! Perhaps we should change our name to Arsenal Grandfathers FC, if left to Dan!

    1. Jon Fox
      Lost respect for u long time ago mate so your opinion is worthless to me
      U sit on computer all day and can’t give a point of view without being a bully and making personal.digs

      1. Dan, You know as little about me and how I spend my day as you clearly know about the solution to our team problems. Not one fan was in support of your Dads Army idea. Not one! Ever asked yourself why ?

      2. This is unacceptable. It is sad how someone on here cannot air his opinion or even right him own mind without being bashed by the ITKs . If I’m not mistaken, one of the reason we all come here is to discuss arsenal so I will advice that irrespective of what we think of each other’s opinion we should respect them. I’m afraid we the oldies here have not respected ourselves enough.

        Kuddos to people like Sue, and the rest who always have a way of sharing the opinion without bashing everybody else’s. For me it’s a really boring period for Arsenal and any bit of news to keep ,e going will do even though I personally do not agree with any of the players suggested.

    2. i like jon fox’s input on this site – kinda keeps things authentic and real when contributors here are able to articulate thoughts in a clear, passionate and articulate way. i gotta admit, there’s scribes on these pages that i like to read, share thoughts and have an insight as to the restoration of AFC.
      Keep writing @jon fox, @the two ken’s, sue, john wick, kev, aussie gunner, declan, pat, dan smith, TmanTW, phil, Eddie H, mkdemma, quantic d and all the other gooner fans / well wishes – though i can’t say we’ll always see eye-to-eye on the ways forward, share in the same outlook but for the most part we’re all batting for the same side – i like to think.

      Let’s appreciate readers and visitors to this site are likely to agree and even differ from time to time in these articles.

      1. Great comments and some seem afraid if others disagree with them. I call that being totally honest and putting your own point of view without hiding or being scared. I try to live my life that way and am always to the point . I am also happy to apologise when I am wrong and have done so several times. But there is a clear generation gap in attitudes and I am among our older fans and will always be true to how I live my life and believe it my duty to challenge what I see, rightly or wrongly , as daft comments. If folk disgree with me and give proper thought out reasons why, then I do, sometimes , change my views. That is healthy, BUT IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF A TO THE POINT COMMENT YOU WILL NEVER LEARN MUCH. It is difficult to say “boo” to some of todays kids without them taking it as affront or personal insult. It is their views I challenge , not them as people. Provided that views are thought through and put over in a clear way, all debate is healthy. Thanks for recognising that important principle. But I will always challenge clear bias and views without obvious thought.

  9. U.can disagree without being personal
    Your only person I see who resorts to getting personal every article
    I assumed u were lonely and just took things way too serious but I think this is your way of getting attention
    Your own words though, I have lost all credibility so here’s a challenge
    Don’t comment to my articles
    There so bad it don’t make sense u comment unless ……u got nothing else to do
    See how long you can do it

  10. I’d rather have Mata over Ozil/Mkhitaryan
    Would love Godin and Luis
    Not sure about Giroud
    Kompany would be cool for a season or two

  11. Dedryck Boyata just left Celtic to sign for Hertha Berlin as a free agent. This kid started as a central defender cor Man City before moving to Celtic. A vastly experienced 28-year old that could have been snapped up for free by Arsenal.

  12. Why isn’t anyone talking About abdullaye doucore as a replacement for Ramsey and also Willy boly to make our defence alot better….with those two players and a left footed winger I will be very glad this summer

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