SIX interesting facts on Arsenal’s SIX-nil Champions League win


What a great performance and result against Lens and as I scoured the Internet for reaction, I noted SIX facts that we, as fans, should be aware of and celebrate!

1. We are the first English club who have led 5-0 at half time in a CL match at home. (Not sure about away as well).

2. In just SIX days, we have topped the PL along with winning our CL group.

3. The first time we have appeared in the CL in SIX years, but what a way to return to Europe’s Premier competition.

4. The first club to win a CL game with SIX different players scoring and SIX different assists.

5. Saka only the third player to score a goal and an assist in three consecutive home UCL games (following in the steps of Benzema and Luis Suarez) against PSV, Sevilla and Lens.

6. Saka will equal Benzema’s record of four goals and four assists, if he can do the same in the last Sixteen game coming up.

The number SIX has taken on a special meaning and wouldn’t it be perfect, if we could put SIX past Wolves, although three points is the first objective.

There you go fellow Gooners, can anyone come up with any more points (excuse the pun)?

ken 1945

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  1. Very good points Ken. One thing I might add is that this is perharps the first time what I reckon is Arteta’s preferred front five started together and played for an extended period. This has been diffucult to achieve so far this season because of injuries. I saw them swapping positions multiple times which made it difficult for their markers. Sometimes Jesus would drop into midfield and Havertz would pop up upfront. Could this attacking unit make our attack more dangerous? Let’s hope so. I think Havertz(who likes to make runs into the box from midfield),was bought with Jesus’ playing style in mind because Jesus does the opposite sometimes(vacates the box and drops into midfield)- it can be a good tandem.

    1. Also what a good footballer Kiwior is. I hope he can get more game time either at LB or CB. His ability on the ball is probably one of the best in our current squad. Defends well too

      1. Onyango, I noticed Havertz’s interplay with Saka during our last home PL game as well.
        Your point about Kiwior :
        We have Tomiyasu, White and Jorginho who can also fill in at various positions and I agree, Kiwior is a very good player.

        1. It’s good to have these players fit & playing well, because Saliba may need a break, as he was being beaten for speed most of the time by the lively Wahi.

          1. Zeus, I’m exposed again my friend!!
            Thanks for the correction, but it does ruin my six different scorers and six different assists!!

  2. Ken, there’s another group game yet for Saka to score & assist before the last 16.
    It was very good all round performance with Havertz having his best game for us, being involved in at least two of the goals.

    1. That’s a tough situation because I think most gooners would hope that MA sits Bukayo for most if not all of the PSV game.

      Havertz is playing better by the game and you can really see his confidence starting to return. When he was at Chelsea, I witnessed him displaying some extraordinary skills such that even when they were playing so poorly around him, he seemed to be one of the few players to always keep an eye on and to fear. Does he have it in him to be a consistent contributor? I hope MA turns out to be right.

  3. Arteta started with Arsenal’s best 11 for the first time this season as I predicted yesterday, and did not experiment with fringe players.// It was good that he gave the academy players the squad experience, unfortunately they never saw any game time but must have enjoyed the atmosphere and training sessions. He may give them a look in next time or maybe not. He may also be worried that they could get tapped up seeing as they have no long term pro contracts signed, so it is probably best to keep them hidden until they commit pen to paper. I think he is also keeping white and Raya happy as they are yet to sign an extension or new contract. If Ramsdale stays the course he will get more game time after Raya commits his future to Arsenal with a long term contract, I have no doubt.

    1. Dave, did you forget Partey and Timber when you said our strongest team?
      I would suggest that they would be at the very least, part of the squad.
      Makes me realize what a strong group of players we have.

  4. Point 7 – Its the 1st time that the wave of Arteta’s constant critics have magically dissapeared into thin air.

    Just hope they are safe albeit misserable wherever they are.

    1. BangBang, I have been critical of MA, especially when we collapsed last season.
      I find it hard to understand why pointing out one’s negative opinion, seems to be frowned on with regards to Mikel.
      Players, the owner, fellow fans, ex managers are all regularly fair game to be criticised, but suggest MA might have made an error and the knives are produced.
      I’m not miserable, I’m safe and enjoy watching MA learning as he goes along (the boss even said that himself) and, as a long suffering Gooner of over 70 years, I sincerely hope he carries on being successful… but am I allowed to criticise when I think he’s made a mistake?

    2. Harverts was being played frequently while it’s obvious he was low on confidence. I remember pointing out it’s best MA withdraws him from the “WAR FRONT” and introduce him gradually. MA has done that now and it’s paying off and we’ve become anti-MA to the MA is always right.
      Criticism is needed in life for growth. Pointing out MA’s mistake and suggesting solutions doesn’t make one less supporter than ‘Arteta knows it all fans’

  5. The demolition started early and it may have helped the atmosphere that it was the big German that struck first, his winner at Brentford last weekend felt like a springboard moment and on this evidence, that is already proving to be the case.

    Two goals in two games for the big German, now the home crowd and pundits alike is starting to show some love, as you listen through the set you could hear fans singing his name.
    ” £60 million down the drain, the big German scores again “

      1. SueP, its interesting Ken mention red faces among our own fans if Havertz continues on his rich vein of form.
        Shortly after the Brentford game I said the big German scored again, a fan who’s a regular contributor came down on me like a ton of bricks, took admin to intervene and scold the ranting fan 😄

        1. Blimey! You called him “HAVERTZ”.

          I had not realised you even knew his actual name, but only his size and nationality!

    1. If Havertz carries on as he has done in the least couple of games Gunsmoke, there will be a few red faces amongst pundits and some of our own fans alike…. plus, MA will be due an apology from the aforementioned groups, as he has already brought the smile back to Havertz play and one can see his confidence returning – which makes the treatment of Aaron Ramsdale even more puzzling.

  6. Wolves are not Lens. Especially when the wildly enigmatic Gary O’Neill in charge. I have no idea how he saved Bournemouth last season from relegation and put Wolves in 12th place currently. Very calm, very calculative and very tactical. We cannot underestimate managers like this. They have already put Man City and Totties on the sword this season.

  7. Ken

    My comment is more aimed at those who ‘constantly’ criticize Arteta and have an ulterior motive to sow doubt and insecurities amongst our ranks. There is a new type of war out there and the launching pad are on social media. Platforms are being used to either boost or destroy the confidence of opposition supporters and even players ie. PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.

    I agree criticism is good when its positive. However if criticism continues but results are positive then it becomes negative criticism, unwarranted & subjective.

    Also dont forget that VAR contributed to our downfall last term when we got robbed @ Brentford.

    Sorry if you felt under attack by my comment because i know you are a hardenned Arsensal True Supporter.

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