Six pundits predict the Arsenal v Southampton result

Arsenal faces Southampton on Saturday in a game that both managers need a positive result.

There is no doubt that Arsenal manager Unai Emery is under severe pressure and nothing less than a win will do. The same applies to his counterpart Ralph Hasenhüttl, though a draw may suffice in his case.

As usual, the pundits are giving their opinions and it must be said, most come to the same conclusion.

The BT supercomputer has been dropped, it was just ridiculous and it has lost its appeal even as a humorous participant.

I have included links for some, however, those that write their predictions for betting sites will not have a link.

Mark Lawrenson Arsenal 2-0
Charlie Nicholas Arsenal 4-1
Michael Owen via BetVictor Arsenal win
Phil Thompson via Skybet Arsenal 2-0
Jeff Stelling via Skybet Arsenal 3-0
Matt Le Tissier via Skybet Draw 1-1

Michael Owen does not give a scoreline but the other five pundits do. Thompson, Lawrenson and Stelling reckon Arsenal will get the win and a clean sheet. Nicholas goes with the highest score for Arsenal but predicts they will concede a goal.

Only former Saint Matt Le Tissier reckons Arsenal will not win predicting a 1-1 draw. Wonder why that is?

Basically, if you take out the biased Le Tissier it is fairly unanimous. Arsenal will win and by at least a couple of goals.

I agree with the majority of the pundits and also will be predicting a convincing Arsenal win when I post up my match preview and score prediction on Friday.


  1. LOL @ Matt Le Tissier
    He is a former Southampton player so can’t blame him lol.

    I usually am happy with ANY win but for once I would like to see a BIG win on Saturday. It would really help our belief


  2. I feel bad for saying this because I always want us to win but surely a loss at home to struggling soughthamton would be enough for the board to get Emery out. The way there playing a side like us should be scoring seven shots them, but that won’t happen, so just lose three nil. That how much damage I think hes doing to us and I want him gone

    1. Haha guys also said Emery would be sacked if we lost vs Leicester…he’s still here! Let’s just get behind the team because if Spurs win and we lose they will usurp us, Mourinho will be ahead of us and Emery will without a doubt still be incharge.

  3. Will Auba or Laca even have a shot against them? Anyway, I think either 1-1, but more likely, an unconvincing 2-1 win for us.

  4. Not that hopeful personally. A very narrow 2-1 win for Arsenal, or 1-1 draw. I can’t see any more Arsenal goals happening. I’m not a man of faith and see no reason whatsoever for any better result, because all the variables are still the same, expecting a different result is just a mistake.

  5. This days don’t know what to expect from GUNNERS, but still believes in the team, an unconvincing 1-0 win. We gooners have become the crawlers.

  6. Hey gunners, our mood as the arsenal family is pessimistic at the moment. We are fed up , tired and exhausted. Its match day tomorrow and i am more worried than happy. More stressed than anxoius. I really miss those times my heart would race before kickoff. Me asking myself can we win?
    Looking at the team now, it really has killed my passion and my love. I watch games because arsenal is in my blood but the feeling, that anxioty of slight hope before a game is gone. In its place comes the bad and horror vibes of,”damn we might loss this”
    Our main issue from wengers last years and till now is playing football without direction. We get the ball and dont have any sort of urgency or desire with it. Flat football at its best. We never create chances for our forwards,we really struggle alot at this. Also the backward passing and sideways literally kills any momentum we have. Since teams will quickly fall back into shape making it difficult for us to break them down. So we need to fix the issue of how to get the ball quicker to the oppositions third. Any creative player will suffer with how we play coz they need the pocket of space between the opponents defence and the midfield to be effiecient. This is not possible with arsenal as we pLay wingers who narrow the pitch and our gameplay is so slow and backwards that the midfield and defence get time to close this gap
    I am a depressed gunner. I also preditc a 2-1 win or a draw but it will be anything from convincing and beatifull.

  7. I think we should win comfortably and more important than scoring more goals is keeping a clean sheet while winning. Hope Emery selects a attacking formation and goes for it. We should be supporting the team irrespective of Emery situation, because if we lose the Spuds with Mickey Mouse will be ahead of us. We have to win. Hope this is the beginning of a string of victories because we are all fed up of the pessimism around and hope that we get our Arsenal back and firing.

  8. Bloody hell, Charlie thinks we’ll win 4-1!! Wow, I wish I shared his confidence!
    I’m just praying we have more than 1 shot on target 😜

  9. I can’t see us winning big. Maybe 2 0 or 2 1 victory. However, I won’t be surprised if we draw or even lose the game.

    If we drop 2 or 3points tomorrow, then Emery has to go. Period!

  10. I think its time for change ,
    The players playing regularly like the manager are not good enough.
    Heres my team till january worth a go.
    Chambers. Holding. Mavro
    Bell torrer. Guddenz. Tierney

    Pepe. Auba. Martinelle

  11. Jim,

    I’d go with that, about time the team changed it around and went with a team that can at least give it a good go!

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