Six reasons why Arsenal could challenge for top honours this season

Can Arsenal win the league this season? by ThirdmanJW

Whether it be a comment, or an article, I will always try my best to base my arguments on facts, logic, and reason. Which has proven difficult for many of us at times, when discussing such divisive topics as Wenger or Ozil for example. Emotion can take hold. Even when taking the emotion of my love for Arsenal out of the equation, and looking at the facts though, I could see us possibly winning the league this season. Before you all get me in a straight-jacket, and ship me off to the asylum, let me explain my reasoning.

I should state, that whilst I could see us doing something special this season, it is not my expectation. I am realist. Liverpool, and City are so strong, and although I have not been overly impressed with Lampard thus far, Chelsea have gone nuts in the transfer window. In my opinion, that will probably be the top three. For a lot of clubs, a lot will be determined on how they do in the transfer window. There’s still plenty of time for things to change.

Now to explain my crazy reasoning. If Arsenal can get one or two more quality signings in, then our squad will be complete. We are very short in central midfield on numbers, and I would still prefer to see Bellerin replaced as well. If we can do that, we’ll have a great chance of achieving something.


As we’re all aware, the current regime has chopped and changed a lot in just two years. They also inherited an absolute nightmare, but are performing well given the circumstances. They didn’t back Emery in regards to transfers, but have changed their tune with Arteta. Which is what every club needs. You cannot have a manager and the board pulling in different directions, and expect a smooth ride. It seems the board are starting to stabilize, which is good! They are, and have been, trying to ditch the deadwood, and overall, have done well in the transfer market. One or two more signings this window will really help Arteta out.


It’s still fairly early days, but Arteta is quickly proving himself to be a top-level manager. From discipline, to tactics, to studying his opponents, he seems to have to it all! He also has the ability to identify his own team’s weaknesses, and really motivate his players. Against the top teams, and in the high-pressured games, he’s delivered, and consistently. If this is what he’s capable of with a poor team, whose confidence was at rock bottom, just imagine what he can do with better players, and more time. Arteta may still be very inexperienced, but he now knows how to win trophies. I feel we have a manager capable of winning the league.


Although the squad still needs some work, it’s improving all the time. I feel our defense has hugely improved with the likes of Gabriel, and Saliba coming in. It was our weakest area, but will be a lot stronger now. We also have the best striker in the league in my opinion, and although I am still not a fan of Auba out on the left, it has been working really well. The squad has balance, a determination about them, a lovely blend of youth and experience, and they’re really onboard with what Arteta wants.


I really feel that Arteta has brought the fanbase together. Winning trophies will obviously do that, but I think the majority of us are enjoying watching Arsenal again, and we love how Arteta conducts himself. He has a strong, assured personality. Unfortunately, because of the governments utterly conflicting Covid-19 rules in place, the fans may not be able to contribute much this season. It’s a shame, because there’s nothing better than a united fanbase roaring their team on. Our players were probably happy to have a break from the fans, given how toxic it’s been for years, but I think they would benefit even more with our positive presence back.


We are beating the best teams in England, and outperforming them. Back-to-back trophies is a massive confidence boost. If we continue to evolve, and improve, then surely, it’s only logical that we’ll be closer to winning the league?


This is the major reason as to why we won’t challenge in the league. Many teams seem to struggle to juggle the Europa League and the league. I would love to see us win it, but an early exit would be a massive boost for our chances in the league.

In my opinion, a good finish to the transfer window, and we’re in a great position. I still feel we’ll more likely be in a battle for 4th, up against the likes of Spurs, Wolves, Everton, and Man Utd, but could I also see us achieve the unthinkable…yes!



  1. I have been quietly hoping we will challenge but I am waiting to see our PERFORMANCE and RESULT against Liverpool at Anfield.
    It will also depend on how well we do in the transfer market, I look forward to an exciting season. coyg!

  2. PL title, I believe is difficult. The EUL title is more possible. Get Partey and Aouar in. We need spine and creativity in our midfield.

  3. We won’t challenge if we don’t strengthen further.
    At least, another DM in the mold of Partey. Ideally, another creative AM in the mold of Aouar, except if Oxil can relive some of the capabilities we know he can bring

  4. For me, I think the league title is out of reach ( although i put a tenner on at 33/1 🙂 )
    We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves just yet.
    The gap was over 30 points last season and first that needs to be closed, just as MA said himself.
    I’m not saying its not a possibility as anything can happen in football but realistically its a step to far for our squad this season.
    We are making great strides in our performances and have had some great results.
    There are loads of reasons to be optimistic about this season, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride and lets just see what the season brings!

  5. I completely agree. I don’t think we WILL win the league, but definitely think we CAN. I think people get so tied up sometimes on who to buy. If you are weak, you don’t get new muscles, you make your muscles stronger. This is the main change that has happened this far. We have a manager that makes the players that looked poor under different management, into better players. And he is getting them performing better together. I know we still need additions. We lack depth in midfield. But we don’t need wholesale changes like I hear from a lot of people on here, who seem to find it hard to believe that players can improve in themselves. If people couldn’t learn and improve, none of us would be walking

  6. I dont hold such expectations, my expectation for the league is top 4. Bear in mind our new defenders might struggle at some point, fatigue would set in and the fact that our midfield still can’t control the game against the big boys for now.
    To challenge we need at least one of Aouar and Party if not both.
    The way I see it, it’s important we get both. Getting one and losing the other would only be a mere push by the tip of the finger.
    We’ve always needed a towering B2B midfielder, and we need a silky creative midfielder too.
    Get the both for Arteta and help him complete his puzzle. There’s no point doing shît halfway.
    That being said, I see a strong season coming up

    1. 👍 Without a midfield upgrade and given Saliba and Gabriel will need time, I would expect Arteta to improve the squad to achieve 5th or 6th, ie two or three positions from last season’s 8th.
      It must be considered that the teams around Arsenal have improved their squads and teams like Leeds United have already shown they are up for the fight. Points won’t be given away and will have to be earnt. Consistent high performance will be required.

  7. Well constructed, if somewwhat over optimistic article TMJW. You make many fair points but give insufficient detailed comparison to all our main rivals and that needs to be done in order to gain context.
    I forecast fifth behind last seasons top four, with Leeds being our main rival for a Europa spot and also Wolves.
    I see a fairly dismal season for Spuds with Mourinho being under increasing pressure in what I see being his final season there.

    I do massively agre that we are hugely better than this timelast year – hardly earth shattering news admittedly – and have total faith and even admiration , bordering on”worship” for our manager. But lack of enough money will prevent him seriously challenging the very top clubs , albeit only IMO.


  8. Great article, TMJW, once I got past those 2 words I see on here 500+ times a day – Ozil & realist 😜

    Even if we don’t have enough in the tank to win the league this season, I’m damn sure we’ll have a say in where it does end up!!
    So nice to feel so positive about our club… gone are the days where I’d wonder how many shots and goals we’d concede!!
    We’re on the up and I’m loving it 🙂

  9. With the few additions like a defensive midfielder and a creative midfielder, we are able to challenge for the title.
    But I think our main goal this season is getting the top four, atitle would be icing on the cake

  10. Just because Chelsea have spent big does not guarantee any thing. Look at Leicester, Very competitive last season. Recently won the league 2015-2016. Everton are stronger. Leeds look very good. Teams are getting tougher. There are no guarantees.

    It’s more about confidence. MA is getting this Arsenal side to believe again. That is what has been missing for a long time. MA is reigniting the Arsenal flame. Now, if we could just add Partey to the mix we will have a phenomenal chance of being amongst the top places with every chance of having a shout for honours!!!

  11. We can now match any team in attack and defense but our midfield still needs at least two players. It is important we don’t get carried away because there is nothing special about our transfer window so far. We have spent money only on Gabriel. Willian is a free transfer, while Cedric and Mari are squad players, with Ceballos back on loan. Our midfield is basically the same as last season, except the return of Elneny. A midfield that could hardly dominate matches last season. The team could challenge for top four, but we could even challenge for the title if we can just do the right thing by signing Partey and Aouar, or players who can do what they do. I am afraid we about to have our usual season if we don’t strengthen our midfield.

    1. 100% correct. But every year we are two players short. Maybe we should relocate to LA, where the slimy snake may finance us.

  12. Thank you for an excellent summation of Arsenal this season. Who knows what can happen in the PL this season? Many teams have strengthened their squads and will continue until the transfer deadline. Injuries to key players on the top teams will play a big part to their outcome. I must confess being excited and very optimistic this season about our chances. Arteta has addressed our past area of weakness in defence and the future looks bright. Arteta has a plan/system and the board/management and players appear to be on the same page. I predict we finish in the top 4 as our squad now has quality and depth.

  13. Too much LSD can create hallucinations. We are two TOP players short of being able to challenge for the meaningful trophies. The board are meaningless. Kroenke is sole owner. They brown nose him. Arteta is fantastic, but he cannot work a full miracle. As per every year we are two players away from a challenge. The usual.

    1. Sean, you are right about the two to three players; for many seasons it has been thus.
      As for Kroenke, don’t get too hung up on him, as it is the Board and senior executive who are letting the Club down.
      How can Edu and Vinai make the public statement that Arsenal don’t need to sell to buy and then achieve so little in eight weeks? Moving highly paid players out is the key issue.

  14. If you don’t think you can win the league then you are a plastic fan. Leicester did it without world class players. All they need is to believe in themselves, fight and be strong mentality that’s what makes a player a good player. And saying bellerin should be replaced at least you could have told us who to replace him with because I don’t see many players better than him and those than can replace him is beyond our budget. Our target should be partey. Get partey and play him with xhaka, that will give Ozil or ceballos more room to do their jobs as creative midfielders

    1. “If you don’t think you can win the league then you are a plastic fan”.

      You were born without wisdom. Deluded. Ignorant.

    2. And Wiszley have the luck that Leicester City had, that the top clubs, including Arsenal, would implode.
      Every supporter hopes and prays their Club will win the League; that doesn’t mean you lose track of the relative chances of success or lack thereof.
      It doesn’t make anyone a “plastic fan”, the definition of which (as I understand) isn’t someone who follows a club through thick and thin, but jumps from club to club following/chasing success.

  15. As for me I think this squad can do anything from winning the epl to being relegated. But in this case if I take some reasoning from our previous performances under M Arteta I can see a lot of positives rather than negatives. What the team needs right now is confidence and support from everybody that’s Kroenke to us and me. I also can openly disagree with many who think that we are two players short from being epl champions. If we managed to win against Mcity, Liverpool and Chelsea with such poor player, to me these players are capable of great thing. Our main problem have been conceding too much and thank God the problem has been looked into with also addition of fire power to balance the equation. I’m confident enough that the team is going to above our expectations. Let those who want two more signing rage on it’s good for the team but the time for moaning is long gone.

    1. I quite agreed with u . To me the team is already balanced based on the performance against the two strongest team in England (Liverpool and Man city) and with the addition of Houssem and Partey i beleived not only winning the EPL but also the europa leage come end of this season. Ismail

  16. Last season Arsenal won 14 games, had 14 draws and lost 10 games. At least 6 of those draws, Arsenal should have won,which, would have been an additional 12 points to our tally and of the 10 losses, we could have at least 3 draws instead, which would have resulted in gaining an additional 3 points. That, could have been an additional 15 points to our tally and Arsenal would have been third. With that said, we have seen Arteta’ s impact on the team. Thus, I am confident and convinced that with Arteta at the helm for a full season, and with the improvements that the team has made overall, especially defensively, Arsenal should finish in the top four. However, Arsenal needs to strengthen the midfield with Aouar (creative midfielder) and Thomas Partey (defensive midfielder ),to have a realistic chance of winning the pl.

  17. You guys should calm down and let’s wait till the end of transfer windows, for now let’s relax and watch our club as they perform….. Winning the league or not is too early for now and what I believe is that anybody can win it, its depends on form of run of games, luck and help of fa official….. So let’s focus on our team play and win for now before glamouring of winning the league ….. I believe we will sign at least one more player before the end of this transfer window, so let’s chill and focus on our beautiful Arsenal…… Let support the coach and the team no matter what….

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