SIX reasons why Arsenal FANS hate the transfer window!

The sad and unsettling truth about the club we love by Ozzy AFC

So fellow Gooners we are again into January and apart from the fact that it’s depressing enough with the hangover of Christmas to contend with, we find ourselves living in a state of “Forlorn Hope” during the winter transfer window.

I’m sure we are not unique in the fact that we are most likely all to a man checking the headlines and the forums on a daily if not hourly basis in order to see if our club has made any progress towards improving the squad and moving a little closer to successes in the relevant fields.

We sit eating up every scrap of gossip and whilst most of us have become cynical enough NOT to believe the paper talk and journo rubbish, I would bet my house that when you, like me, read the outrageous claims that we are about to bid for Isco, or that Cavanni wants to make a transfer to Arsenal, you may not believe it but you do wish that it would happen, that anything would happen, while our rivals fans have a January period of realistic hope, all us Gooners get is tantalising titbits from the papers that never amount to anything solid.

Now consider the situation so far, we currently have a Squad of mixed talent, some of whom are “World Class” some of whom are really just mediocre, we have an abundance of talent in the midfield but lots of these players seem to be only able to play in one position, and while there is almost a queuing system for attacking midfield we have a huge great gap in both defensive midfield and in the defensive area as a whole. It appears that Wenger has assembled a group of players that individually could all be world class but who as a team’s seem to have little cohesion or drive unless one or two of them take the lead and play out of their skins. Sanchez and Carzorla are two that spring to mind.

We all can see that we as a team need a world class Defensive midfielder and a central defender with intelligence and pace, as well as pure goal scoring animal that exists purely to put their boot on the end of the ball whenever it’s within the opponent’s area.

3 Key signings that’s all it takes, maybe a spend in the region of 65 to 85 million to bring the cohesive and disorganised group of potential world beaters together and actually compete for, if not win, some of the real prestigious trophies on offer.

BUT what do we get? Year in and year out? Dithering, quibbling over pennies and links that tie us to either proven stars or promising new talents that never amount to anything.

While the rest of the teams in the EPL are making concrete moves and, at the very least, putting out the feelers with potential players to boost their squads either for right now or the summer, Arsene Wnger and the mighty AFC quibble over what amounts to pennies for a 17 year old Polish boy who may or may not be the new Patrick Viera in four years’ time.

Meanwhile real live potentials who we could use and who are still (for a wonder interested in coming to the club) are ignored and passed up and generally let go, along with the players that are being loaned out due to their perceived lack of use to us, (Podolski and potentially Sanogo), though why the latter was ever considered a potential is beyond anyone with half a brain.

Three Key signings is all it takes to Re boost our Brand worldwide, to enable us to really and I do mean REALLY compete for honours and to actually, and most importantly, give some faith back to the people that actually make the club what it is, THE FANS!!!!!.

And this is where the nuts of the matter really lays, The board are made up of Ex merchant banker public schoolboys whose interest in Football begins and ends with the share price Men who are more interested in smoking big cigars and drinking brandy in private members clubs than seeing the club that they represent winning a trophy and clucking about how many millions they have in the bank, Parody? Yes, but you get my drift they don’t CARE about football after its entirely still in their mind a working class yobbo’s interest.

On top of this plump soft overfed heap sits a man who owns half of the United States sporting clubs (all of which have suffered under his control), a man who bought a lump of shares from his mates for a club he’d never really heard of before, involved in a sport that he vaguely knows about, in a country that is considered the poor 51st state. And we wonder why he apparently has nothing to say about anything?

Running the whole corporate circus is a man who at one stage was revolutionary in his methods in bringing in new talent and creating teams who could win things but who has now (in my opinion) succumbed to his own egotistical and now outdated approaches and who is really still dining out on the fact that at one stage he really was a top notch manager.

1) Ten years without a significant trophy yet the Manager is never questioned
2) Selling off key “World beater” Players season after season and replacing them with mediocre at best replacements
3) Keeping a 33% shareholder who is one of the world’s richest men AND a true football fan as far away from the board as possible
4) Charging possibly the highest prices in Europe but NOT reinvesting within the team in any really significant way
5) Classing 4th place in the EPL as a trophy
6) Boasting of a £100 million war chest for transfers then quibbling over a few hundred thousand on deals.

The above are just a few of the indicators that the club has no real football ambition and that it’s not going to change anytime soon. All you “Arsene Out” fans will be in for a big surprise if he goes because the board will only replace him with someone of the same mind-set, and all you AKB’s really need to wise up and realise that until real change is implemented NOTHING is going to change. I guess my point is that I don’t really know how we, as the foundations of the club, can ever really get what WE want, and what WE deserve. And that’s a club that competes and sometimes wins silverware and that respects the fans and the foundation of the club, and doesn’t either ignore us or treat us like idiots. But I’m not going to hold my breath.


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  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Ozzy for Next AFC manager!

    You said it all.. And only fools would argue.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      I won’t call them fools, it doesn’t mean they aren’t.

  2. muffdiver says:

    on point ozzy, respect from me.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    6 Reason why Fan’s hate the transfer windows?
    But there’s only one real reason and thats the obvious!


  4. jonestown1 says:

    Not sure where admin got their “6 things we hate about the Jan transfer window” title from. But always got to love an article and listen carefully when the author is a self-proclaimed possessor of “truths” and has an apparent intimate inside knowledge of the club’s dealings. So to re-cap, if AFC change the board, get new ownership, change the business model, change the manager (or give him an updated training manual), reduce the ticket prices, don’t sell any players who want to leave, only buy or sell players sanctioned by the fans, spend £65-85M this window, stop negotiating on transfer fees but just hand over the money then we will win the PL and UCL on a regular basis and this particular supporter will be happy. Anything else? “Delusional” is the throwaway insult to anyone who lives in the here and now and tries to support the team (remember when that was what football was all about?) but the real delusion is when everything has to change to fit your particular view of the world with everything premised on the causal idea that everyone at AFC is so obviously wrong . You are just SO far from having your wishes granted I seriously wonder why you would be bother. But no, seriously, don’t hold your breath.

    1. Usmanov says:

      You accuse the writer of being over-simplistic in his assessment of the club, when even you yourself are guilty of the same thing in your assessment of his article/world-view. Well, since that seems like the way to go, I also will (take that over-simplistic route) not bother about explaining further the reason for my comment.

      PS: I too, am not sure how Admin came about with that title. Plus I really love your name “jonestown1”. It is pretty.

      1. jonestown1 says:

        Fair enough. You got me there all ends up. His opinion, my opinion, your opinion all lined up in a row. You sort of giveaway the real “Usmanov” though by resorting to name tag abuse. A shame. “Jonestown” strikes you as “pretty”? Now that is odd and not of this world when you consider……well no, you go figure.

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      A “self-proclaimed possessor of “truths” ???? I like that one, however at no point did I say that and at no point did I say that I have an “intimate inside knowledge of the club’s dealings”.
      I don’t think any Fan needs to have the above, just an understanding of the way that corporate things work. If I was in full possession of all the facts I’d either be working for the club or selling my insider knowledge to the papers at large, the article is just how I see things and perhaps its not the full story and perhaps I’m totally wrong, I would say that anyone who thinks that the current situation at the club is acceptable to fans at large and who feels that fans who are unhappy about the situation and voice their opinions are “Delusional” is themselves suffering from delusion. If your happy with the situation then by all means be happy and keep hoping that the club will win things, I would suggest that if that’s the case your likely to be suffering from a severe bout of disappointment for a very long time. On an unrelated note, wasn’t Jonestown the place where Jim Jones instigated a mass suicide amongst his cult members in the late 70’s ??, Im sure that there’s probably a whole topic in itself there relating to the current “Cult of Wenger” but I’m certain that your intelligent enough and not delusional enough to see where I’m taking this ? lol

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    juz spend the money…

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Greetings to the house of Rahman!!!

    2. Usmanov says:

      The elevation, hope and lift that Mesut Özil’s signing provided the club is a testament to the necessity of big-name signings.
      The more I look at Alexis Sanchez’s signing and the season-saving impact it has had on our team, the more I appreciate what spending money (Hafiz Rahman my eye’s on you) on a truly world-class talent can mean for a team like Arsenal. I personally will prefer that the next 2 signings we make should include atleast 1 world-class talent. For this, I am willing to wait until next summer if that is when we are gonna sign players.

  6. Mk2013 says:

    I hate it when our main activity is selling and loaning players while other teams a busy strengthening their squad. Then the panic buying few minutes before the transfer window closes.

  7. sandziso says:

    Off topic, what about getting either Frank Regaard to replace Wenger who has deliberately failed to manager Arsenal over the years.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      There is talk of Rikkard taking over from Enrique at Barca should he loose his job after the coming elections.

  8. Usmanov says:

    From the article:
    “….we as a team need a…. pure goal scoring animal that exists purely to put their boot on the end of the ball whenever it’s within the opponent’s area.”

    The irony of it all when you realize that after years and years of wishing for this type of player (who’d just f**king finish-off all the little tippy-tappy passes around the 18), we eventually got him! But now, he is gone! Yes, gone and gone for good!
    Because he exists purely for nothing else but to put his boot on the end of the ball whenever it’s withing the opponent’s area!

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Ahahaha! Funny but true. Dubbed: “The best finisher”, yet left to finish on the bench.

      1. Usmanov says:

        LOL. “Left to finish on the bench”. No better way to put it.

        #Poldi. #The best finisher we never had.

  9. fred cowardly says:

    Debuchy (replacement)
    chambers (replacement)
    Ospina (replacement)
    Welbeck (replacement)- last day while Wenger was in Rome

    Vela (should have kept)

    Lost on free transfer
    Bendtner 🙂

    Refused to re-sign

    Loaned off

    If it wasn’t for Alexis Sanchez, it would be a horrible season of transfers.

    1. vijaygunner says:

      if it weren’t for a.sanchez it would be a horrible season overall

  10. Bolly says:

    What other teams are busy strengthening exactly? Yes we do nearly always leave things late apart from Alexis but take a look at transfers so far. Valdez has gone to Man U and is he really top drawer anymore? Shaqiri has gone to Real, Bony is likely going to Man City but not done yet. So who else of note has done anything? If I’ve missed anyone please let me know as am happy to be told. We are exactly one week into the window. Let’s have a little patience and bitch and moan in a couple of weeks when naff all has happened. Peace and Love.

    1. goonerretic says:

      Of the top 6 clubs in the BPL AFC is the most needy.Horriby short defensively, impotent upfront most of the time.One third of the window is gone and you think fans are being impatient..good riddance

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      You have a point there at present things are relatively quiet, however you know as well as me that by the end of January Our major competitors WILL have added significant signings to their squads can you really say with any real conviction that we will have? and this is coupled with the fact that we really really need several key players and they in most instances don’t!!!
      Patience, my friends is a virtue that the club has exhausted in most of the fans and most are asking how much more patience must we have?

  11. goonerretic says:

    Let me guess..another dull, sleepy,cold transfer window for the Gunners?

  12. Twig says:

    7) We only get active in the last 2 days of the transfer window.

  13. Rockylegendliveson says:

    Great article Ozzy!

    Chief Negotiator Dicky Law is firmly in Florida for the Winter.

  14. Kotte says:

    Wenger hates transfers thru windows!

  15. rickydon89 says:

    Arsene Wenger is like a man who was in love with his girl at first but no longer cares about her so he no longer buys her anything nice (quality players). He doesn’t take her out on expensive dates anymore (Champions League finals etc.) And he CERTAINLY doesn’t get her nice jewelry (Silverware) anymore! Arsenal needs a new love!

  16. antiwenger says:

    You know your manager is shit when opposition fans have a song asking him to stay……. “Wenger we want you to stay”

    clueless idiot#WENGER OUT!!!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      There is truth in that.
      Why would they sing this unless they knew the club wasn’t a threat with him at the helm. After all it’s common most.

      Again, it shows the mediocrity and stagnation that has befallen the club.

      Can’t imagine them singing this to SAF, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Guardiola, pellegrini etc.


      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Terribly wrong here..

  17. Gigi2 says:

    I am tired of Wengers approach, he seems to be praying or something, for something to happen.
    Listen in every winner team there are average or even lousy players. Dont tell me that Helguera and Salgado were Galacticos! but they had a superbe Iker behind and a stunning Zizou in the middle. Hell when Fat Ronaldo joined them they were better and still didnt get La Decima.
    Barza of 2006 was NOT better tan our Arsenal. Tell me that Oleguer was world class…the guy that struck the winnng goalin that final was then ignored and sold…his name? anyone?
    My point is, the coach should manage the team NOW and get to beat teams NOW …as is! we have amazing players, regular players and lousy players, just like every team that has won anything, or was Mansdzukic world class??

    Come on AW, pull one off and the retire with dignity!

    1. Gigi2 says:

      my point here is that the manager SHOULD get this team winning.

    2. ArseOverTit says:

      I’m sure he pulls more than one off if you know what I mean:)

  18. Grim Bligh says:

    People who say we need to wait until summer window to reinforce.just wait.
    Once we get there nothing will be done and the same voice would say we need to wait until the next one and so on…
    This has been going on for years.Wenger like to buy cheap and what he has he like to keep for a long time until it s good no more or he can make a good profit on it.
    The man has an issue with s clear for anyone to see.guess who has the highest salary in Arsenal.yes you know mr 8 million a year.
    The man does not give a monkey about winning trophies or about the fans.all he cares is his nice salary and you dumb ass buy ticket stadium and merchandise.
    I tell have the power to kick his ass out if you decide and take action against him.
    Let s wait and see if he bring what we all ask.a true DM and a Cb.
    If he does not bring the noise…….

  19. frankn says:

    Impressed with quality of debate (and abuse) after incisive, thoughtful article. Makes reading every article worthwhile. Pleased to know I’m not the only articulate, thinking fan who can spell and use correct grammar.

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