Six Things Arsenal Fans Learned From Our Excellent Win Over Chelsea

What a way to go Gooners! After a frustrating loss to West Ham last week, Arsenal bounced back in style as we put Chelsea to the sword – courtesy of two first half goals from our Frenchmen, Lacazette and Koscielny, which leaves us with just 3 points adrift of the much-coveted Top 4.

Here is my take on the 6 things we learnt from a solid Arsenal display:

Big Game Mentality:

Going by our form in recent weeks and the loss to West Ham last week, you would have been forgiven if you had predicted an Arsenal loss today, but that wasn’t to be as Arsenal frustrated Chelsea to claim a much deserved and needed victory at the Emirates.

As usual, we had been written off by many in the match build up, but in my mind, I knew this team could surprise us. We seem to be developing a big game mentality. Our approach to big games this season has been fantastic after our first two losses and the drubbing at Anfield, (one that I blame the makeshift defence for) it is obvious that there is a planned, deliberate way we approach the big matches now, especially at home, which is a welcome development for me. Chelsea were lucky to be only two goals down. Emery talks a lot about improving our mentality and even though we still have a long way to go, I think we are definitely improving, and we won’t always be bullied!

Koscielny Proves He Is Still The Boss:

Many, myself included, thought Koscielny was finished at the top level, but we might have to rethink that, because our captain proved how vital he is at both ends of the pitch today and in a match that really matters. While he has looked a little rusty at times during his return to the first team after a long-term injury, he never lost his experience, his understanding, and his innate positional sense, making him the Man of the match today. Is he back to his best? Well time will tell…..

The Top 4 Is Still Within Sight:

After our loss last week and the form of United, many of us have started to wonder if we can still make the Top 4 but with our win today, we are definitely back in contention. Spurs have lost Harry Kane and Son to injury and Asian cup respectively, that’s two players extremely vital for them and I believe their absences could really hurt them. Right now we are just 4 points behind them, but they have to play Fulham who are fighting for survival away today, let’s hope they start missing Kane and Son from today.

Chelsea, like us, have been inconsistent and have been lucky to be in the top 4 in my opinion. They still have many tough games coming for them so I believe they will drop points, but the question is, are we ready to take advantage when they do? Let’s not forget we still have a resurgent United on our trail therefore, like Emery said, all our matches are now finals and we cannot afford to lose many more.

Arsenal Can Actually Defend:

It is generally known that Arsenal have one of the worst defences in the league this season which is a little surprising to me as Emery’s teams are known for defensive stability. But in this game, Arsenal completely turned the corner and excelled in their defending from start to finish, displaying perfect concentration and alertness throughout the game, which makes me wonder if it was the combination, the personnel or the game plan. Whatever, the case might be, I think I’d prefer this system that see us limit Chelsea to just a shot on target and ultimately a clean sheet. Now that we have proven that we can defend, hopefully, we will continue to do so as the season progresses.

Lacazette Is A Better Player Than Aubameyang

I am not saying this because he scored today, but if I was the manager, Lacazette would get in my team before Aubameyang. His all-round play is simply fantastic, a well-rounded player, a complete modern-day number 9. He tackles, holds the ball, and is always involved in the build ups, he scores in big matches, and he is strong.
He scored a really difficult goal today at a very important moment, had he not scored at that time, the story might have been different. You would notice our offensive play died when he came off, as he was dictating our offensive play alongside Ramsey superbly. What a player! But why is he always subbed?

We are Lucky to Have Emery:

Yes, we are! Tell me the top manager who would like to work in a project like ours. Well, only a class manager like Emery will. If replacing a manager, a culture, and a mentality that lasted for 22 years wasn’t hard enough. Surely, working with a tight budget in an extremely crazy, competitive league and with a team like ours is certainly difficult. But his mark is already showing on the team. Of course, he has made mistakes, but other top managers make them too. He got his tactics spot on today, well done boss! If he is not getting enough support from the Kroenke’s of the world, the least we can do as fans is to give him maximum support and patience because he is worth it.



  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Not sounding neither negative, but I ain’t getting carried away,
    “Now that we have proven that we can defend, ”
    Goonerboy I don’t think we’ve proven anything though, that defense will need fixing at the end of the season, Because of one game you guys shouldn’t think Kos is the player we should rely on, age isn’t on his side.
    You guys should also take into considerations that they played without a striker, while the whole planet knows Hazard on the wings is very deadly.
    I’m not taking anything away from our performance, if we’ll play like that in every game, it’ll be perfect.
    But all these sudden turn around concerning the defense is baffling…Even though it’s the FA cup, let’s wait to see the next step our defense take against a proper sharp United attack on Friday.
    I hope they stand up to whatever united throws at them.
    Consistency has always been Arsenal’s problem, hopefully we’ll have it all sort out and have a better season come August 2019

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree. Don’t get carried away

      The next tests will be the upcoming three EPL games. Just use young and fringe players for the FA Cup

      1. Sue says:

        I don’t want to lose to United! So hope Unai fields a really strong team COYG

        1. sol says:

          Sue I hate to lose to M.uni….

          1. Sue says:

            You & me both sol

    2. Pat says:

      Eddie in an actual fact, in an overall fact and in the fact of facts, we are not doing well at all. We are totally an average team. I miss Arsene. If I knew we will be like this with the next manager I wouldn’t want Wenger out. We are not a top 4 team in this modern premier league. If you watch Fulham v Spurs yesterday then you will see the spirit of a top 4 team.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Yes Pat we are still far from matching City and Liverpool , we still need to stop getting carried away after performances like that against Chelsea, this team lacks stability, and do I miss Arsene? No I don’t, even though I find it hard to believe Emery will do the job we need, but the chance was needed in the Club, Arsene had to move on so we could just try something different, now it’s a point that since Arsene has left, any manager who fails to do the job will be sacked, If it finally happens to Arsene at Arsenal, it will happen with any manger who takes over.
        I’m not excited or impressed about this process under Emery, but it’s necessary for us to take it to start solving out our flaws.

        Gotanidea I’d like to see a team of

        And whatever attack Emery chooses.
        i think Ozil and Iwobi would play the united game

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Eddie, Unai Emery is well respected by fellow coaches, but yet after only a little more than half a season in the job gets no support from many on this site. Some believe Wenger should still have the job even though the club was stagnatimg, yet also expecy Emery to be Merlin the Magician.
          Everyone acknowledged that following Arsene Wenger would be difficult, as was following Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. At least at Man U the manager inherited a title winning (albeit aging team). They have had 4 managers in the meantime.
          Emery has already questioned the corporate line in stating that there are no funds available in this transfer window for buying players, only loans. If he is not supported in the summer, he may walk.
          I ask again, if Unai Emery walks or is sacked, who do you believe Arsenal can attract given the current squad, the transfer budget available and Kroenke’s self sustaining model?

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Ozzie, I have no idea who will take the job or replace Emery when his time comes but I do know all these changes needed to happen and Wenger had to leave.
            What we should be thinking or worried about is not who will manage us, Jesus Christ I just want Kroenke out!
            If Kroenke is still there it doesn’t matter if we get Pep, we won’t buy players he needs.
            That’s one reason people are questioning Emery’s motive, he was aware the club isn’t the type that’ll give him everything he needs or the funds he needs and he jumped at the job like someone ready and okay with what with already have, he even assessed the club and its players, and there’s panic everywhere because the defense seems to be worse than it was under Wenger and still struggle to play attack fluently.
            plus now he’s not using the team to its full potential, Ramsey, Ozil, Niles heading down the path of Chamberlain, might as well call Niles the Ox 2.0.

          2. jon fox says:

            Whilst agreeing with all you write, I would point out to all that “Kroenkes self sustaining model” refers to HIM , NOT the club. And that is OUR tragedy! Yes, of course he wants the club to sustain it’s model too, but NOT at the cost of HIM spending his own money. That terrifies him! People who criticise Emery and want him gone as some stupidly do are, frankly, nuts! We can all query such and such a selection, as all fans everywhere do and that is normal and natural. But to call for his sacking is beyond sanity.

          3. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Jon I don’t think I want him sacked, and because he shouldn’t be sacked doesn’t mean I shouldn’t question some of his decisions as a fan.. yes I haven’t been impressed with his handlings but I still insist we need to go through all of this, this is necessary and that is why I don’t miss Wenger a bit and it’s why personally I’m not excited about this phase and I’m always shielding myself, it’s because of the process we are going through..
            I might not like this process with Emery but like I said in my first response to Pat, it’s something that we’ve needed, the change

          4. jon fox says:

            Eddie, ” you don’t THINK” you want him sacked? Christ, you sound like a politician and how much double speak can you write. I at least say my points unambiguously and put them out there for approval or for someone to jump on . Why don’t you try that same honesty sometime? Do you want to keep Emery or do you not? Your several posts recently give the impression that you want him gone. If you do, I say that is nuts. Unambiguous, and NON politician speak, whether you like it or whether you don’t.

          5. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Jon Fox do I want him gone? Yes I do, mpt because I don’t rate him, I do, when he was employed, I vouched for him and said I believe he’ll lead us to Europa league glory… But I’ve seen a lot under this six months to change my mind concerning that..
            Now that’s why I answered Ozzie and said I don’t know who will replace him because even if we bring in Pep we’ll still go thru this büllshit…and this is necessary, oh do I prefer to have Wenger coaching us ? it’s a Big NO..Emery and Wenger of the last 2 years, hell I’ll go with Emery.
            But do I think we could do better with another coach?? Yes I do!!
            Problem is will we? Under Kroenke are we gonna do the necessary stuffs needed to be done?
            You and I and everyone on here knew Emery knew what he was getting into, he settled with whole structure of the club.
            My stand is very clear, Will I have Emery over Wenger?? Yes I will.
            Will I have a better coach over Emery? yes please I’d love to

          6. jon fox says:

            Well at least and at last you have come clean . Now we all know your thoughts but a shame I had to dig a bit to get them out there. I love straight talking and think it avoids misunderstandings.

          7. Eddie Hoyte says:

            No you did no digging bro, this came up because I admitted to Pat that I don’t miss Arsene and that we needed Emery for a change even though I don’t believe in him a bit that’s why this discussion of if I want him gone or not came up, further downwards I pointed out why any other coach wouldn’t make a different to this team because of the owner.
            but still, left for me? I don’t want either Emery or Arsene.

          8. jhud says:

            How do you not like a coach that has minimal funds to implement his plans, takes on a team with serious mental definicies (consistency, handling pressure, half hearted performances) under wenger and turns around the team to at least show some fight and spirit. liverpool at home. chelsea at home. yes its a work in progress. we dont have a squad with enough top level players. think this showed over xmas new year when the injuries piled up. Before that the 20 odd unbeaten games. Yes you can criticise and say they were not the top teams but still its about doing and achieving and Emery did. He will take time to change us. The midfield is not what he wants. He needs to change ozils style of play. If he can. Miki was a bad buy in my opinion. we’ll find it hard to offload Ozil but I’d ship Mhiki out to create some space. Emerys having a good look at the youth in the squad, because budget wise he has to. Managing Arsenal under Kronke is not an easy task but give this man a chance. I think he’s good coach who really wants to prove himself in the premier league. I’m happy to sit and watch at least till Xmas this year and them see where we are at.

          9. Discostew says:

            Could u at least give the man a chance at the helm in all fairness he has inherited a bang average squad he needs a few transfer windows to put his team and idea’s in place. And wlit the budget we have he done well in the market. Torreira and guendozi (sorry bout spelling) and Socrates for 50 million was good business.of course he won’t get everything right like letting Ramsey leave when he wanted to stay is a big mistake in my opinion. Only time will tell wit ózil but ozils character is hardly emerys fault and Wenger left ózil away wit murder at the club days of any time he wanted and basically left do as he pleased. Another bad habit is the double subs on the 60 minute or earlier and having subs done bye 70 minute and then a player gets injured it hasn’t happened yet but come an important game we will get an injury wit 20 mins left and have all 3 subs done definitely going to happen. But that win against Chelsea was down to coaching definitely. So some backing from the board with another few windows at least and he could do well. Some people on here are like bad doctors ye have no patience.

          10. Midkemma says:

            “but yet after only a little more than half a season in the job gets no support from many on this site.”

            Nothing to do with his subbing Laca all the time, even if we need to maintain a goal threat?

            Auba hasn’t been looking as happy as he did, making a few tweets about Laca being subbed, doesn’t seem like he is convinced.

            Ozil being thrown under the bus? We couldn’t create enough chances against WHU and Ozil doesn’t even make it?

            No Ozzie, many gave Emery a free slate to impress, he has failed and if anything we are getting frustrated at his style. High line with slow CBs… Thought Emery was suppose to know about tactics?

            Any wonder we get a clean sheet when we do not play CBs on the halfway line for 89 mins?

          11. ozziegunner says:

            Midkemma, in the game against Chelsea, Emery tactically out thought Sarri; using Ramsey to pressure Jorninho, splitting our strikers with Lacazette right and Aubameyang making runs across goal from the length, exemplified by the missed chance early in the first half, every player pressing and a high intensity start. Taking off Lacazette was a tactical decision at 2-0 up, after Lacazette had run himself into the ground. Emery changed formation during the game from 4-3-1-2 to 4-3-3 and finally 4-5-1.
            As far as the defense is concerned Emery has had to deal with injuries to every one of Arsenal’s defensive players, including long term injuries to Koscielny, Holding, Mavropanos and now Bellerin. It is difficult to coach defense when you cannot play a settled formation to develop teamwork, understanding and discipline. It would be expected that Arsenal’s defense will improve now that Emery has 4 fit CB’s to choose from.
            Midkemma, I think you are totally unfair in stating that Emery has “failed” given he is part way through the season in a new League, is better off points wise and the team is in the top six, given the comparative small transfer budget compared to rivals, the inherited problems in the squad (contracts, wages) and the injuries he has had to deal with.
            Yes I agree that he is human and to us appears to have made mistakes, but I don’t know any manager willing to come to Arsenal who could have done a better job thus far.
            We all have to hope (probably forlornly) that Scrooge Kroenke’s success with the LA Rams may “inspire” him to make more personal investment in Arsenal.

  2. Sue says:

    Nice article Goonerboy ?
    I should have had more faith in my team, as I wasn’t convinced we’d win! Let’s be honest though it isn’t every week we see a team performance like that (So I think I can be forgiven just this once!)
    I agree about Laca – he has it all.. he’s been so good for us, I really am baffled as to why he rarely plays the full 90. I love Auba too & he did work his socks off… just wished he’d scored!
    I really am gutted for Hector.. am seeing articles stating that he could be out for 9 months.. that is a huge blow…
    I hope we can carry on playing like this.. it amazes me how things change… last week after losing to the hammers (?) I was absolutely gutted.. today I’m on cloud 9!! Please keep it up AFC

    1. John Wick says:

      9 months ? bloody hell how many more season ending injuries we gonna get ? fear not Sue you’re favourite player Lichtsteiner will be more than happy to deputise ? me too I don’t understand it Sue, maybe he prefers to shower alone ? ? I heard old bill were questioning Koscielny over Eden Hazard going missing apparently he was in his back pocket all along ?

      1. Sue says:

        Hey there John! What a match that was hey?! ? can’t beat sending the chavs back to West London with nothing except bruised egos (& in Pedro’s case a bruised arse where Kolasinac had him on it so often ?)
        Oh Christ I don’t want to see Lichtsteiner ? if he’s in the starting 11 on Friday, I may just have to turn over & watch Coach Trip ??
        Well you could be right about showering alone ??
        Hahaha brilliant!!! Love it ?

        1. John Wick says:

          Hi Sue ? I didn’t see it, I was out and about but managed some minutes on the radio ? excellent result though and that goal from Koscielny ? I reckon he meant that ? funnily enough I scored a goal like that in an u15s semi final many moons ago just flicked straight off the shoulder and in the onion bag ? no you certainly can’t and about time only one win in 14 league games I remember a time we beat them for fun Kanu treble at the bridge being my favourite ? if he plays we’ll be on a coach trip to the fa cup graveyard ? haha well Pedro and kolasinac is David and Goliath isn’t it ?

          1. Sue says:

            Haha he meant it alright ? good on him!! No work for me today, so may just watch MOTD (again ?)
            The onion bag ? surprised you can remember back that far ?? just kidding!!
            Good old Kanu! Remember when RVP got 3 against them too (he makes me sick btw ?)
            Hopefully Kolasinac will play on Friday & bulldoze whoever comes near him… I really don’t want to lose that game

          2. John Wick says:

            Haha have it on record do you Sue ? ?? Damn even Andre Santos got in on the act that day ? yeah can’t stand him either but was great for us when not bloody injured ? haha yeah I remember also remember losing the final 4-1 I was in tears ? oh and year later another final lost again…. To the same team ? hopefully yeah Sue same team without Bellerin maybe Jenks or Niles still can’t believe we got a player called Niles thought I’d only hear that in Frasier ?

          3. Sue says:

            Haha yes!! Always do when we win ? jeez Andre Santos he was soooo pants!! Liked him scoring that day though!!
            Oh no what a bummer losing to the same team twice!! We’re you any good then? What’s better – your football or your fishing? Now there’s a question!!
            It has to be Jenko or AMN for me!
            Frasier? That’s old isn’t it? ?? ha but I do know what it is.. so I can’t say a lot ?

          4. John Wick says:

            I just rewatch the highlights on sky sports news if it was on BT sport I’d go online watch the highlights, I can’t stand anyone one MOTD ? I know he was useless and that shirt swap at halftime with rvp was the end for him ? I know right ? but wasn’t too bad the 2nd time I was 16 and was losing interest in playing football ? I was decent obviously not good enough though ? I’m no pro at fishing either but I’m a good amateur Sue ? well it’s only old for youngsters haha it only ended in 2003 I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times ?

          5. Sue says:

            I don’t blame you- I do like it when Ian Wright is on there though ? well John I’ve never played.. (I’ll stick to darts!) haha just doesn’t seem right women sliding in with tackles.. some of them do look very manly!
            Don’t they say practice makes perfect?!

          6. John Wick says:

            Since he was raving on about Totts and Dele Ali I don’t even listen to him Sue! So are you good then ? I haven’t played in years and I’m useless ? haha agreed Sue very butch but must say Alex Scott scrubs up well these days ? won’t be practicing anything right now I’m down with the Ozil (flu) haha

          7. Sue says:

            Urgh Dele Alli ? well I started playing when I was 14 (So practice obviously doesn’t make perfect!) Haha I’m alright, really good one week, then pants the next!!
            I was going to say butch ? But opted for manly.. I agree very butch some of them! I’d be scared going for a shower ??
            Oh no not man flu? Oh no I said it – Break on through will be on my back for that!!

          8. John Wick says:

            The only dart players I know is Phil taylor, van barny and that other Belgian dude with the glasses I think he’s Belgian or Dutch anyway haha you’re consistency is quite there yet then Sue ? ? Rightly so Sue some of those players are more masculine than men hahaha. Lol not man or Ozil flu more like swine flu I think bloody throat is killing me and damn cough as well I need a week in Dubai ?

          9. Admin says:

            Hey I stopped in Dubai on my way to Asia! The two most expensive gin and tonics of my life!
            Anyway I am spending the winter over here and every day is 30+ degrees, even when we have monsoon rains like yesterday. This I can handle.

            By the way that is why few articles yesterday, internet doesn’t like monsoons!

          10. John Wick says:

            * isn’t quite there.

          11. Sue says:

            You’re right… I just go for the laugh (& the fosters!) Sod the darts ?
            I much prefer watching it on tv (especially when Gerwyn Price is playing ?)
            Oh god that doesn’t sound good.. you obviously haven’t been having enough blueberry juice! Hopefully you’ll be better soon! Yes a warm climate would help.. only trouble is getting there, I hate flying!!

          12. John Wick says:

            Forget blueberry juice, Orange Juice the old vitamin c ? I rarely get sick so when I do you just know I’m not playing on it haha, it’s the first time I’ve been ill in over 2 years ? definitely I hate winter, I don’t mind a bit of snow now and again which is a rarity in itself! I don’t mind flying I’ve been everywhere so I should be used to it, I could have been Bergkamps flying counsellor ? haha so the darts is just an excuse for a few cold pints ? I’m guessing you’re an admirer of this price fella ? ? Keep your eyes on the board ?

          13. Sue says:

            Hate the snow & being cold (did -30 in Finland) much rather be hot!!
            I do go abroad just hate planes (that’s what you get for watching Final Destination ?) yes you should have been.. although you can’t blame him for not liking flying!
            I sure am – he’s so hench!!! I try to keep my eyes on the board ?

          14. John Wick says:

            Where did you go Lapland ? -30 Jesus I’m surprised you didn’t come home in a block of ice ? I would love to go to California that has to be my next destination ? haha true that would put one off flying.. i watched something called truth or dare the other day check it out it was entertaining for a low budget horror ? haha that’s why you’re consistency is off your not focused enough Sue ?

          15. Sue says:

            Yes it was Lapland.. even one of the engines in the plane had frozen, so we were delayed… so as you can imagine I was bricking it even more!!
            Next up is Lanzarote – won’t come back with icicles from there!! ?
            Truth or dare is good! Love a horror! A Quiet Place is really good!

          16. John Wick says:

            Oh god Sue you were probably all frightened I imagine ? I’d still go to Lapland and I’m an old git ? yeah true you can’t go wrong with the weather in the canaries bet you’re looking forward to that ? yes admin wasn’t that 30 euro ? If you’re a gin and tonic drinker you won’t last too long over there haha. A monsoon deary me I’m surprised you have electricity ?

          17. John Wick says:

            I’ll check that out Sue cheers ?

          18. Sue says:

            You’d go to Lapland… not just me that has an inner child then?! ?

          19. John Wick says:

            Oh definitely Sue i wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap or anything but I’d be excited to go there ?

  3. Vish says:

    Lacazette is way way better than Auba on any given day. He can produce goals out of nothing. I bet Auba couldn’t have scored this kind of a goal if he had a chance. Laca’s goal against the 1-1 draw against Liverpool was also pure class. Not saying that Auba is a bad player but he is more of a poacher+speedster kinds. He is at the right place at the right time and taps them in. Having said that he misses sitters also. But Auba is a very important addition to our squad and in my opinion both Laca and Auba should start together no doubt.
    Let’s put an end to United’s resurgence in the FA cup. If we play to our full potential United has absolutely no chance against us.

    1. McLovin says:

      This exactly. Aubameyang is a poacher, he’s always in the right place, right time. However, he misses a lot chances as well and has speed Lacazette can dream of.

      I don’t know why we can’t start both, like we did. They have qualities we need at the pitch.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Auba is already losing his pace, I remember seeing him for BvB and he could get a yard on a player easily but he is not having such ease anymore, his pace isn’t as it used to be. Still faster than me XD not hard lol. He is still fast and will scare defenders, I personally have noticed a loss of a yard in his initial sprint.

        For some reason Emery just doesn’t seem to like Laca, why else is he the one being dragged off? Even against Chelsea, he was the one making stuff happen and he was the one who scored.. yet he was the one dragged off.

    2. gotanidea says:

      They are different and have proven that they can work well together in the flanks

      Lacazette is a predator in the box and Aubameyang is useful for counter-attacks/ long balls

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Vish, McLovin and gotanidea, Rio Ferdinand who knows a bit about defending stated in his post match with Martin Keown, how difficult it is for CB’s playing against two attackers like Lacazette and Aubameyang. They noted how with them both playing up the middle the CB’s are split when one takes them wide.
        Arsenal needs to play to its strengths and 4-4-2 with the diamond midfield appears to best utilize Arsenal’s current squad.
        Hopefully the players can now see what they can achieve if they turn up, start fast and fully commit. A settled CB pairing with Koscielny, Socrates, Mustafi and Mavropanos available should provide stability. However with Bellerin’s unfortunate injury, the pressure is on Lichtsteiner, Maitland Niles and Jenkinson to step up.
        Unlike Sarri, Emery didn’t denigrate his players in public after the West Ham defeat; however he probably gave them a rollocking in the dressing room. Hopefully it has had an effect in the Chelsea game and for the future. The FA Cup tie against Manchester United, again at the Emirates, will be a good indicator.

  4. ForeverGooner says:

    I’m sick of the Koscielny bad mouthing
    Even after a good match, he still gets it
    He is one of the best CB we currently have. His experience as a former World Class CB is still useful
    He just came back from Injury last month
    He was able to contain Chelsea’s attack, one of the best teams in the Premier league
    Blame Emery or Kroenke for not getting better CB but when Koscielny is basically all we got, support him especially when he performs well!

    1. Sue says:

      Fair play to him, he did brilliantly & deserved his MOTM…. me personally I’d have given it to Sokratis ? – for that beautiful outside of the boot assist & his reaction when Koscielny scored… plus his tackle on Willian & his reaction! He is rock solid

      1. Sue says:

        *outside of his foot ?

    2. jon fox says:

      What Koscielny ” bad mouthing”? There are some who say he is not the player he was. That is fair opinion only. I suggest you re-learn English and use correct words. Such hyped language does nothing sensible for debate.

  5. Pat says:

    I agree with everything you said except that we are lucky to have Emery. We have been brainwashed by the board to the point where we can be happy to have Emery as our coach. He is not a bad manager but the way he does things is not going to win us the premier league any time soon. The board do not want to spend real money, Arsene was very good with that and always coming out to sell bull shit to us to keep our hopes up and nothing happens eventually until it became embarrassing for him. Emery accept the job with the promise he wouldn’t need to buy big players. But instead of depth in the team Ramsey was sent off, Ozil is on the bench, no new players coming anytime soon. He hasn’t improved the team beyond what Wenger can do, and our defence is absolute rubbish. We are not going anywhere soon because the other teams are going to be spending enough money to keep the in the top 4. I can believe I wanted Wenger out

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Pat letting Ramsey and Ozil go is something that’s still baffling.. I know people will say Emery didn’t withdraw the contact and the board did but If indeed Emery rates Ramsey and wants him he’d have said to the board, “No, we keep this one, he’s important to my plan” and they would sort it out, but letting him go, and losing Ozil too will affect us because to me honest we are not gonna spend millions upon millions to get world class players in every position, and we won’t spend millions just to get Ramsey’s and Ozil’s replacement just be on the bench.
      City has squad full of players Pep can call on fr the bench, and Ramsey is a player like that, I believe Ozil could also be a player like too while we getter classy players for the first 11..
      BTW have you read what Stan Collymore had to say about Emery’s treatment of Ozil?
      He had so much to say and pointed out Emery has been handling the Ozil issue wrongly even though he needs a tough hand and that shutting Ozil out of the fold completely as if he’s some sort infected person is bad

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Eddie, what is Stan Collymore’s record in coaching/management? Neither he nor any of us know the true story of what has gone on with Ramsey and Ozil; however Emery has been up front about the Arsenal wage bill issues. It wasn’t Emery who allowed these contracts to run into the final year. Wenger did “try and keep our hopes up”, but sold us rubish to run interference for the owners and board.
        Also Pat and Eddie, I ask again should Emery (with the good reputation and credibility he has in the football industry) walk or be sacked, who would Arsenal attract given the current squad, the transfer budget and Stan Kroenke’s self funding model?

        1. ken1945 says:

          ozziegunner, no it wasn’t UE who let Ramsey’s contract run out, it was Gazidis and the three musketeers.
          Collymores statement is his opinion, just as ours are on here and I take it with a pinch of salt, just as I do with anything Merson says.

          Would I want AW back as manager?
          No, he failed in his last two seasons to give us CL, top four or fa cup wins and it was time for a new era, both for the club and AW himself. His legacy is his history and we should appreciate that, but now just move on.

          UE? I believe he has shown that he is human, made mistakes and is under the same constraints that will affect any manager while kronkie owns the club.
          To believe he should go now is ridiculous in my opinion.
          We are still battling for the top four places, still in the fa cup and still in the europa cup.
          He has also hinted that it is the money that has been the deciding factor in letting Ramsey leave and I blame Ramsey and his agent for thinking that they could hold the club to ransom.
          I’m worried about his relationship with Ozil and, again I think the contract Gazidis agreed on is part of the problem, along with his seemingly inability to manage ” big named” players.
          Every Tom, Dick and Harry is saying this and I wonder how this might affect the dressing room aka pogba/Maureen?

          But the broader picture is one of change and progression under the same restraints as before.
          The so called disaster he was left with has not materialized, butwe have had a disastrous run of injuries culminating in Bellerins on Saturday.
          So, in summary, the man is doing a very good job with our often maligned players and I am looking forward to seeing him take us forward.
          Judge him at the end of this season in my opinion.

          1. ger burke says:

            very well said there KEN1945. straight up and honest . of course we expect nothing else from you sir.nice admission about AW, that pleased me no end.

          2. ken1945 says:

            ger burke thanks.
            I am always honest, but my views don’t always sit well with others!!
            I think the fanbase is finally realising what Gazidis has been up to regarding players and their contracts.
            Of course, as the CEO, it was him who had kronkies ear and ensured that kronkies wishes were carried out and that DOESN’T excuse AW for his last two seasons out on the pitch.
            Anyway, it’s good to know we have found some common ground, things might never be the same again my fellow gooner!!!!

          3. ger burke says:

            indeed ken, indeed sir.i suppose we would have the perfect club if he had a half decent owner. an owner who was willing to spend just a little bit of his own vast fortune to bring us to that other level. we do not always agree on here, but, if we did agree all of the time then i would guess there would be something wrong.i admire you for your honesty no matter what the cost.i wish there were more people in the world like you , i think the world would be a far more enjoyable place. cartainally , the football world would be a better place, lol.please understand, that i am not trying to take the p”ss here, my comments are 100% genuine.i do go on a lot now and then, it is my irish sense of humour, always trying to goad people.your honesty is very refreshing Ken.

          4. ozziegunner says:

            Ken, you and I are on the same page on this one, except for the comment that Emery seemingly has difficulty in managing “big named players”. Neymar causes problems for every manager he plays under including the Brazilian National Team. Emery just wants Ozil to be available uninjured and play consistently to his undoubted ability according to Emery’s requirements. Surely it is a coach’s perogative not to pick Ozil, if he believes it is best for the team? If the team fails, the coach faces the repercussions.
            At the moment we are seeing how Sarri appears to be the third manager in a row, after Mourinho and Conte, who can’t manage the “big name players” at Chelsea. Also Mourinho had issues with Pogba at Manchester United. Does this mean Mourinho, Conte and Sarri can’t handle “big name players”?
            This accusation against Unai Emery is ridiculous.

          5. ken1945 says:

            ozziegunner, no I don’t think it is and here’s w

            Whether it’s Ozils perceived lack of fitness, his inability to defend, his mental stability, his obscene salary or even that he plain doesn’t rate him, isn’t the problem.

            What is the problem, is the treatment of the player and how UE looks as if he wants to humiliate him publicly.
            That’s where the issue becomes very personal and very divisive.

            Of course it’s UEs decision who to play, but while he’s playing these mind games with Ozil, the club is paying a reported kings ransom to a player to sit on the bench or not even be selected for the squad.

            I believe that is what he’s doing with Ozil, playing mind games, but in a very public, vindictive and humiliating way.
            That’s not how you treat any player, let alone a perceived big player.

            As for your three examples of managers not being able to handle big names, surely mourinhos failings at Chelsea and utd, along with Conte’s last season at chelsea proves they can’t at this stage of their careers?
            As for sarri, let’s wait and see, as is the case with UE.

          6. ozziegunner says:

            Ken, I have always respected your judgement; however how is Emery “playing mind games” ” in a very public, vindictive and humiating way”, by having him on the bench or not in the game day squad. Emery has not made any public statements denigrating Ozil that I have heard and we don’t know what discussions they have had in private. I would love to see Ozil back to his best, but no player is bigger than the Club.
            Ozil has not been consistently available to play this season and Emery has not been able to rely on him. It is up to Ozil to impress Emery in training enough to be selected. It will be interesting to see if Ozil plays against Man U to allow Ramsey to be rested for Swansea, following his exertions against Chelsea.

          7. Midkemma says:

            “No, he failed in his last two seasons to give us CL, top four or fa cup wins ”

            Didn’t we win the FA Cup in 2016/17 season?
            This is the 2018/19 season, that last FA Cup was 2 seasons ago… Well.. Less than 2 whole seasons ago.

            Nice call on the contract tho Ken 🙂
            I would like to point out that it wasn’t pulled when Wenger got sacked, it wasn’t pulled when Emery came in… It was pulled after an individual left for AC, to oversee another club sale.

          8. ken1945 says:

            Midkemma, fancy ME getting AW’s legacy wrong.
            It just seems like two seasons ago since we won anything!!!
            Do you think we are finally getting the fact about the role of Gazidis in the contract discussions and signings of players as a real topic of debate?
            Or is it still seen as the fault of just AW?
            I believe we are making progress, especially now that UE is having to buy players on hire purchase and/or loan.
            Questions are being asked about the disappearing money and why we couldn’t afford the pittance to get our own player (Chambers) back from his loan deal.

        2. Pat says:

          Ozziegunner I really don’t know who could take over or where we are going as a football club. And the reason why I miss Wenger is because no one will tell him that there is no money especially if he wants to buy a player. I wish them luck.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Unfortunately Pat, Arsene Wenger’s major flaw (as great a manager as he was) was that he was such a good company man. He ran interference for Kroenke and the board by making statements such as, there is no quality in the market to improve the Arsenal squad, or not commenting when Arsenal bought Petr Cech for £10 million and no outfield players in a transfer window, without stating that there was no money to spend. How many top players did Arsenal miss out on (if they even went for them?) for want of a bit more money? Arsene’s list was large of the players he could have, would have, should have brought to Arsenal.
            At least Unai Emery has been honest about the state of the transfer budget and put the spotlight on Kroenke and the board – “where does the money go?”

          2. ken1945 says:

            ozziegunner, likewise fellow gooner, I also read and respect your views.

            So you don’t consider the fact that UE has publicly stated that Ozil is just like any other player disrespectful?

            1. Has he said that about any other individual player within the squad?

            2. That is obviously his personal view and he is entitled to it of course, but are you saying that this is the way to motivate ANY player?
            Wouldn’t you say that the objective behind that remark is to ridicule the player?

            3. why do you think Ozil is using his twitter account to inform anyone who is interested that he is fit, ready to play, loves the club and has no intention of leaving?
            I believe it’s to inform the supporters that he is ready to play if asked and it is not his fault that he is not being considered.

            4. In my opinion, the club is not being honest in its treatment of Ozil.
            Following on from the Ramsey situation (where it seems money was the issue), it must be patently obvious that Ozils salary is also a key factor wouldn’t you say?

            5. Now if UE was to actually state that, instead of trying to force the issue by making public other reasons for ignoring the man when picking a squad of eighteen players that fail miserably to beat WHU, I would change my opinion.

            6. What other player in the club has been treated this way?
            Has he come out and publicly criticised Lichsteiner for his performances?
            How about Mustafi and Socs for their disgraceful disciplinary records?

            No, this is a personal issue that UE cannot handle, so is trying to caste adrift a player , by any means possible, to the detriment of the club.

            Only my opinion of course, but following on from Ozils personal statements, I am very hopeful he will rise above this and see out his obscene contract with the professionalism he is showing to date.

          3. ozziegunner says:

            Ken, Ozil, and I admire him as a player, is a master at using social media to score points with his multitude of followers.
            Ozil is not a one man team, and as the saying goes their is no “i” in “team”. Ozil is “just anothet player” (regardless of his pedigree and wages) and is therefore supposed to train as hard as the rest of the squad, make himself available for selection and follow the coach’s instructions to play in the manner required.
            It is up to Ozil to prove to Emery he should be selected; not be played regardless of form or the structure required to suit different opponents.

  6. gotanidea says:

    What I learned:

    – The players tend to be more pumped up for the big games, but they also tend to lose interest in smaller games

    – Koscielny can still defend well if the midfielders and attackers also defend with extra effort

    – Top four is still possible as long as Arsenal keep winning

    – All outfield players can defend if they are willing to spend more energy and do body contacts with the opponents

    – Lacazette is a predator in the box and Aubameyang is a speedster that is useful for counter-attacks. They are different and can complement each other

    – Emery has to be given at least two seasons to collect his own marquee signings and to show improvements

  7. Dan kit says:

    Hopefully now emery sees that playing with iwobi with the other 2 strikers does not work(stats don’t lie ) ,as we saw even a player who’s leaving in Ramsey is so more effective if we are playing this so called pressing game ,so emery needs to get us a good replacement for Ramsey (Dennis Suarez close apparently).
    Also playing back 4 is how we should be playing every game as was evident yesterday .

    1. ken1945 says:

      Dan kit, cannot argue when one considers yesterday’s game..
      I just hope that Aba hasn’t queered the pitch by suggesting he and Lacs should play together more.
      I don’t think he likes”big players” upstaging him.

  8. Jah son says:

    Well I guess it’s Monday and we can finally discuss the game at large. Am still Emery out! The game on Sunday was spot on because of the opposition one and the oppositions weakness.
    For me two things that sticks out is no recognize center forward and they play out for the back on almost every occasion giving Emery’s pressing game a very good look. And I liked it.
    But my major issue is what happens when other teams press out and go long especially lower teams on the table. I for one is HAPPY for the win but what I saw on the pitch was nothing to get excited about and you can see this from all the headlines since the game and we are still suffering from regular muscular injuries.

    1. jon fox says:

      You are crazy to call for Emery’s head. Totally nuts and unfair too!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ??jon, you have to question the rational thinking of some people.

  9. Jah son says:

    Also when I say Emery out I don’t mean booing him or anything like that am just not convinced he’s the one for Arsenal. Also winning the Europa is like winning the FA cup and winning the premier league is like winning the champions league. Emery had a great team in PSG and couldn’t make the cut. Now he’s ask to work magic at Arsenal.

    1. RSH says:

      Europa League is not like winning FA Cup. Europa League is a more prestigious trophy, and puts us back in UCL. Arsenal’s European trophy cabinet is quite skint, so we are hardly ones to brush off Europa.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Jah son, if not Emery, who is “the one for Arsenal”?

  10. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Jon Fox do I want him gone? Yes I do, mpt because I don’t rate him, I do, when he was employed, I vouched for him and said I believe he’ll lead us to Europa league glory… But I’ve seen a lot under this six months to change my mind concerning that..
    Now that’s why I answered Ozzie and said I don’t know who will replace him because even if we bring in Pep we’ll still go thru this büllshit…and this is necessary, oh do I prefer to have Wenger coaching us ? it’s a Big NO..Emery and Wenger of the last 2 years, hell I’ll go with Emery.
    But do I think we could do better with another coach?? Yes I do!!
    Problem is will we? Under Kroenke are we gonna do the necessary stuffs needed to be done?
    You and I and everyone on here knew Emery knew what he was getting into, he settled with whole structure of the club.
    My stand is very clear, Will I have Emery over Wenger?? Yes I will.
    Will I have a better coach over Emery? yes please I’d love to

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Must say, I am surprised by this Eddie, I felt that you were one of the – fair with criticism & or approval, but a level headed correspondent all the same, or at the least try to be.

      You’re not even giving him a chance, half a season? Sure Fergie would not even have made it, if he brought utds achievements here, took him a number of seasons before he got going, nearly relegated on his first try.

      Klopp would not be at Liv now trying to end the biggest drought after spuds’s. And he wouldn’t be so close to accomplishing it, only for Arsenal fans helping Liv to pip us by one point in his second full season.

      Emery is only getting a proper good look at his options.

      If anyone doesn’t like how Emery makes so many changes to formation and to the personnel, he is trying to figure things out as much as possible, because he knows how important the next couple of transfer windows are. That is why he doesn’t want money wasted on limited options for this Jan window, they have a list, and we need to execute it. But writing him off before he even gets a chance, it’d be different, say, if he sold close to half the team and spent similar to Peps first big spend.

      I want to see what he can do when he gets players more suited to his tactics. PSG played some of the best stuff compared to every league around. When he gets players for CM, like Ndombelle, powerful box to box player and has tricky feet, or Verratti/Matuidi. Fullbacks like Sandro/Rodriquez/Alaba. When he gets the wing players he wants, and the VVD, Laporte types, and such. Right now we have limited money, it’d be foolish to lose him now. They didn’t give in to Ramsey, and are playing hard ball with Ozil, wait til he spends some decent money, see if he has it, he may surprise you. Klopp got lucky with timing, lets give Emery some time.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        B-O-T I do understand everything you’ve wrote, yes it’s fair for Emery to be given until the end of the season before being judged.. Like I said, I stood behind him and I said it on here that he’ll lead us to Europa league glory, I don’t see him as a bad coach because I know what he has achieved and I respect that.
        Now since I know all this, why have I lost faith in him?
        Here’s why, we all know his gameplay, I respect it a lot and it’s amazing when it’s a success but he’ll need new sets of players to achieve his gameplay perfectly, means he’ll need funds, which unlike Pep and Klopp, he won’t get it bro, we all know our club, how we’ve had 200 million in the bank and yet to sign WC players takes years to achieve.
        Like I’ve said I’ve seen a lot with these months to change my mind, his style of play and handling of players isn’t working out. Not with these sets of players, it’s like trying to teach a dog how to jump on trees, it might work out with some of the players, some it won’t and we were all aware the club took him in to come utilize the players and not ship in a brand new set of players.
        Do you think even with five years he’ll achieve many if he’s not backed like Klopp and Pep financially? Be honest bro, do you think he will? plus if he doesn’t get enough financial banking, do you think trying to turn these sets of players into pressers and playing high line with then will work out?
        At least tell me you see where I’m coming from and where I’m driving at

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Eddie, I also had the same opinion of you as B-o-t.
          However, your criticism of Emery is totally unfair, given the results he has achieved with a squad decimated by injuries for a large part of the season, particularly in defense. It has been a revolving door between the pitch and the treatment room at Arsenal. How can you implement a style of play in the time Emery has had, when you can’t put a consistent defense on the field?
          That’s leaving aside the inherited squad balance, wages and transfer budget issues

  11. Mathew says:

    Emmry should learn how to work with Lacas & Aubas together, bcos dat is his major problem, Lacas is too good to be on the bench.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Mathew, Emery got it right against Chelsea; Lacazette had run himself into the ground, Arsenal were 2-0 and he changed to a 4-3-3. Note the big mutual hug with Emery when he came off.

  12. Jah son says:

    @ jon fox
    So you conclude that am crazy fine.
    Please explain to me Emery style of play.
    Can you say that you believe changing the lineup weekly along with the formation seems a successful tactic over a season.
    I am not convinced and the longer we spend trying to justify Emery’s short comings by blaming the players the more we fall behind.
    Hence # Emery out

    1. jon fox says:

      Yes, I DO think you are crazy because to change managers at our level twice within a season is crazy. Emery has hardly started yet and has clearly restored pride in the shirt and fight. He is hamstrung by our Scrooge of an owner and has to cope with a defensive injury jinx. Yet YOU want him gone. What did you expect; a title challenge and with THAT defence left behind and hardly any money to spend? I repeat my truth. You ARE crazy. And , moreover, you are not living in the real world but in a fantasy world of your own.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I agree Jon, this sounds premature, I’m very surprised that some fans are choosing to write him off so early. We still have the Europa to play, and that last match shows us we may have a shout …if our fans can get behind him and we begin getting a bit of luck on the injury front.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          jon and B-o-t??
          Jah son?We still await your choice of manager to come in after Emery; good luck with your search!

  13. Break-on-through says:

    I love Lacazette, I love how strong and clever he is at making that half a yard. I love how he finishes those chances off, like with his last one, that’s not the first time he scored one like that, and I’m willing to bet – Has a few more like that from before he arrived. Most players in that position would lash it across the keeper, or else they would look for power when aiming at the near post, hoping it passes the keeper. Laca gets perfect power, and his accuracy, just under the angle, if it rolled on the ground in the exact same direction would hit the post or go wide ..Beautiful – I remember someone pointing it out after the game, can’t remember who, but they said that the strike is as good as anything Theirry ever hit. High praise indeed, but as a strike, not what went on before it, as a strike, I’d be inclined to agree.

    Having said this, I can see why Auba is getting more game-time than Laca currently. Besides it being tactics, or striking up competition between the pair.

    Auba has more stamina than Laca, I remember Gotanidea, I think who mentioned it once. He has a higher threshold – and if you don’t notice that Laca does slow down a bit quicker when one or two other players are at a place when they also start to tire – well then your looking through rose tinted glasses. Another thing is the finishing, sort of – Auba’s numbers are better, but it is the amount of chances that come his way, many chances, that’s what puts him among the golden boot category. It isn’t luck that makes them all come his way, he knows how to move like a midfielder, and as a striker, he reads intentions very well. Even think about a time when a player was missing many, many chances, yet you hear the commentator saying – He will score goals here, he’d say: the main thing is getting into those positions, and he’d say: that this is not by accident, not at all by accident, how he keeps getting more chances than everyone. Then reckoning …it is only a matter of time before this player starts scoring more regularly. Thirdly – His pace, he is slightly faster than Laca. Laca has good pace, but Auba is blistering pace when he gets up to speed.

    That said, the bit about Laca and his all round qualities, said in article, I also love that about him. And that is why Auba loves playing with him too, Auba is also an admirer. If Laca could make as many chances come his way, as Auba does, it would be very interesting to see those statistics. I expect at some time in the near future – Laca to be a good shout for golden boot. Spu should miss Kane, how lucky are we, that we have two strikers of genuine quality.

    1. Sue says:

      When we got him, it was either Merson or Neville (surprise surprise) were saying I don’t know why they went for him, none of the other ‘big’ clubs were interested & look at the goals he’s scored – half of them were penalties! Just goes to show how wrong they can be hey?!
      He is brilliant, I really like him & Aubameyang, how blessed we are to have them at our disposal

      1. Jah son says:

        I think Alexander will leave summer he’s too good not to play 90 minutes more regular. I even hear people on here trying to justify by saying the guy lacks stamina for full 90 kmt

        1. Sue says:

          We’d be mad to let him go!

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Jah son, a number of people on here, including me, have tried to explain how Lacazette works harder in a game than Aubameyang and therefore tires sooner. No sensible coach runs players into the ground; they assess the amount of effort, note a player’s energy levels and make substititions before the player “hits the wall.”
            Also tactically if when 2-0 up you change to a 4-3-3 you kepp Aubameyang on to utilize his speed on the counter attack. In addition with Welbeck’s injury Emery doesn’t want to risk injury to one or both of his available strikers.

  14. Midkemma says:

    Biggest learning lesson…

    1 extra man forward helps in Emery pressing, sacrificing an attacking player for an extra CB has cost us for weeks and we finally play a back4 against Chavski and we do not play the CBs on the halfway line for 89 mins and we kept a clean sheet against Chelsea.

    Kos has shown everyone that we was too worried over his injury, fear made me prepare for life without him and I am so happy he put in the performance he did, words can’t explain how good it feels 🙂
    Thank you Kos the Boss! 🙂

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Midkemma, the formation at the back has not been helped by the restricted numbers of playing personel with regard to CB’s and FB’s. Emery has been limited in his options.
        Regrettably Arsenal has lost Bellerin (along with Holding); however with 4 CB’s available, we can hope for more stability and consistency, with Monreal now also available, as long as Lichtsteiner and AMN can step up.

    1. Jah son says:

      Could I ask you who was this lesson learned by please.

      1. ken1945 says:


        1. Jah son says:

          Hope we’re not moaning next game if we go three at the back apparently we need the lesson more than Chelsea as they are still above us on the table ???????

          1. Dan kit says:

            I do understand some of you’re points jah son ,but he needs time and the players he wants are not just going to appear in 1 season ,I’ve been abit baffled by some of his decisions recently IE this whole ozil debacle but I suppose he’s still testing the waters.
            You should vent you’re anger at the real criminal here which is the man who owns the club.

          2. ozziegunner says:


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