Six things the new Arsenal manager must sort out immediately

Unai Emery may have been sacked as Arsenal manager but huge problems remain.

There is no point kidding ourselves, Unai Emery may have gone as Arsenal manager but there are still some massive issues to resolve.

There is no way that the players can escape their part in the farce that has become Arsenal football club.

But it is not just them either. Here I list six things I feel the new manager must sort ASAP. That applies to Freddie Ljungberg and whoever takes over from him.

Sort the defence out

Hardly rocket science to know what is the biggest issue. It has to be tightened up at the back and a proper formation used. If Freddie or whoever takes over from him cannot tighten up the defence then they will not last long in the dugout.

More creativity

When you have players like Dani Ceballos, Mesut Ozil, Nicholas Pepe and even Joe Willock available then surely you expect more creativity. Whoever takes the job long term must play these players right to bring the best out of them.

Get the best from Nicholas Pepe

This lad cost a serious amount of money for a reason. He is a damn good player. It is clear his confidence is shot and he needs integrating back into the team ASAP. Under the right man-management, we should see the best Pepe has to offer.

Get the board to spend big money

Ther is no chance Arsenal will be competitive if they do not invest significant money on rebuilding the team. Everyone and their uncle knows what is needed, The new manager must insist that the board loosen the purse strings.

Keep the fans onside

The new manager has to keep the fans onside. All he needs to do is put out a winning team playing attractive football. Do that and he will be a hero, fail and he will go the same route as Emery and all that came with that.

Aubameyang and Lacazette contracts

Another no brainer, the new man in charge has to get these lads to want to sign new contracts, if not, then he has to advise the board to sell them and get in new fresher players loyal to the club.


  1. Agree. I would also add the seventh one:

    More physical training for players. 100 burpees a day would go a long way. Our players are not physically optimum for EPL.

  2. Good start with Freddie taking over. He understands the club and fans. We’ll come out attacking and playing better football; quick passing and proper positioning.

    Adjust during the game where we are soft or weak, and trying to control tempo and play to our strengths.

    We got a taste with his U-23 squad; question is whether it will translate to the first team?

    Will the players trust in Freddie’s tactics and follow him as the new leader?

    1. wish luck to Freddie one of my favourite players, but with the U23 he had eager and energetic players at his disposal.Do you think that Socrates , Ozil and the likes can be coached at this age? Can you expect Ozil to deliver every match? Can Luiz Socrates Xhaka play a single match without errors leading to goal? If PEA and Laca think they are bigger than the club they can go, what have these guys given us? Giroud gave us 2 FA cups Respect that, yet some called him stupid names.Yesterday Ozil could have averted the winning goal, did not go for it, why? because its not his job, no need to be a team player.So can Freddie work wonders? Martinez admitted that.Andre Santos commented on the work culture at Arsenal.Xhaka giggling after the loss.That sums up modern day Arsenal.Freddies woes just began, lucky fir him he will be incharge till Feb.
      Good luck Freddie!

  3. As stated yesterday, Pochettino is Arsenal number one target for the role of head coach with Arteta being a plan B. Arteta has also decided to finish the season with City even if he should move on but can still be tempted to leave the club.
    Allegri and Nuno to Arsenal are off

  4. We will certainly see more of youth coming through under Freddie like John Jules, Burton maybe. And maybe Mavro would see some playtime.

    I’m positive that we’ll see the classic Arsenal gameplay under Freddie and play like protagonists.

  5. You cannot sort out a defence that includes Mustafi, Sokratis,and Luis.You will not manage to convince the Board to spend unless you can unload the 7/8 poor performers who are on huge ,unjustifiable wages.The priority for any new Manager must be to instigate a clearance of those who are sub standard and only then will the Board respond positively.Sanellhi has a lot to answer for in my opinion and it’s about time the Board took him to task for his involvement in the recruitment of Emery and indeed David Luis.For a Club to be successful there has to be a structure of accountability for failure just as there is in the business world.

    1. Another gem of Grandad wisdom. This club has tolerated , even encouraged scroungers. for a full decade plus , ever since Walcoot first conned us for a decade plus in fact I loathe ALL LAZY PLAYERS, QUITE IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT NATURAL TALENT THEY POSSESS. THEY ARE CHEATING THE CLUB , US FANS , THEIR TEAM MATES AND MUST BE DRIVEN OUT AND SCORNED.I, more than almost anyone recognise that vital truth and say so loud, clear and often, which I will continue to do whilst shirkers remain at our club. Which several do right now, including an expensively paid German.

      As for defence we do not so much have a bad defence; more like NO DEFENCE AT ALL!

  6. If Aubameyang and Lacazette sign new contracts it will cause Arsenal some problems. We can’t continue playing one out of position we want to achieve more. I hope that mistake isn’t made.
    I want Ljungberg to be maintained as coach because there is a good chance he will be a very good coach. We need to give him time. He knows a lot of our youngsters well too and we are at a time where if we don’t manage them well lots of them will leave us

    1. I am sure I missed a lot of things GB but these are what came to me initially and I think six is enough for now or I could write an entire series and still not cover everything.

  7. I have taken my time to Ventilate,I thought this couldn’t happen but we are finally here and foward we match on.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish Emery,all the best as you move on.You were just not cut for this job.This is the premiere league&its not for the wannabes.
    There are glaring issues to be sorted immediately.This team is so unbalanced.We lack
    a.No nonsense defender
    b.A diffensive
    Midfield general
    c.A wing wizard on both flanks
    d.No one with a lethal shot
    All the teams above us boost of this potential &the new manager should be aware of this so that he can twick the personnel he has at hand to handle this scenario before its adequately addressed in the transfer window.I have a few suggestions on how to go about this.
    1.Break the partnership between Soks&Luiz.This two old men can’t keep up with the tempo if this league as CDMs.
    2.Plan to get a DM in Jan.You can go full throttle for Dacoure of wolves in Jan.After all we are abig club.
    3.Let’s get Pochettino Asap.I will tell u why next time but this guy can be our trump card or the master stroke depending on your religion.
    4.Last but not least.Freddy must get us a formation & a first 11 something that av never seen under emery.I fancy the 4141 formation but our personel is wanting.Therefore I will go for a 4231.I am actually tempted to give u my line up&I will but this is my opinion. Any thing else as long as The arsenal succedees count me .
    ………..Leno…… …
    Beklerin ..chambers.Holding.. K.T
    ………..LACZ…… …….
    I know I am long &boring.But I have watched Arsenal long enough to know what we are lacking.

    1. Don’t agree with a lot of what you said to begin with but i’ve been crying out for that formation or similar for weeks. Has a really good balance between creativity and pace, and defensive solidarity with good shape. I’d love to see this tried!

  8. Yep, we still need a miracle….but I just want to watch us play some decent football! We might not win on Sunday, but to see that the whole team have put a shift in and fought till the end and entertained us fans, is all I want!
    When was the last time we all enjoyed the whole 90 minutes?????

    1. Sue, I was happy and hopeful when we appoint Emery, I am happy and ready for a new challenge. My first point is that I wish whoever gets the job (from now on) a big success, I sincerely hope Ljungberg the very best. He has my support. Please Ljungberg don’t do Emery for us. I don’t mind a young manger. Look at lampard. But I’d love Brendon Rogers!!!

  9. When I asked yesterday “when is he going?” Admin blocked me that it’s a swear phrase. Okay Admin block Kronke and the board.

    1. You need to stop going on about it. We have simple rules, you broke one, I cannot see it anymore as deleted but you are welcome to post just stay within the rules please and stop going on about having a comment deleted. You are not the only one this happens to.

      1. Martin, has he been put under moderation like me? It’s several weeks now, so he needs to stop moaning about a deleted comment. Btw, I didn’t even cuss.

  10. Arsenal has been playing too direct and too fast, which led to sloppy passes and bad first touches. Should have slowed the tempo down a bit and played with short passes, to increase the passing accuracy

    However, the idea of using two conventional wingers is good. The wingers could break through because they played on their strongest sides and it made them able to cross more frequently

    If the Gunners can shorten the distances between them to receive the ball safely, we would win the ball possession

    1. Nonsense about pace! The real truth is that we are far too slow passing and pedestrian. All great teams pass at great speed and far , far more quickly than us. I suggest you watch, REALLY watch, Liverpool and City. Then reconsider your nonsensical comments about pace.

  11. Flawless post Admin and you got your priorities spot on. Number 1, the defence, the foundation of any good team. As for the players, who were equally to blame, they now have to perform, their scapegoat’s gone!!

    Sunday will be interesting though.

    As far as UE is concerned, he tried his best but was probably out of his depth and I do wish him well. At least now the powers that be have got time to hopefully make the right long term decision on a new head coach.

  12. Not just the defense, but the massive gap between it and the midfield, a midfield defensive wall needs to be put back !!
    Get Torriera playing where he did in Italy.
    A lot needs fixing from formations/tactics to players attitudes etc etc etc etc……….dont expect miracles straight away, we are on current trajectory heading for relegation zone, lets hope we get the “new” manager bounce !

    As for those feeling sorry for Emery, feel sorry for me and millions stuggling on the minimum wage who wont get a multi million pound payout if sacked tomorrow, if you want to take in a homeless Vampire fair enough !

  13. I’ve always called for a rebuild. I can’t see loyalty in some of big name players. If Auba and Laca would not sign new deals, make money on them and reinvest on young and hungry players,not necessarily expensive but with prospect and hunger.

  14. You failed to add stopping the players from holding on to the ball and get them to play quick, one-touch football, FAST!

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