Sky confirms Arsenal in talks with French midfielder

It has just been revealed by Sky that we are talking to a France U20 international, who has been playing for Lorient in Ligue 2 in France. The Sky report says……

Arsenal are in talks with Lorient over the signing of France midfielder Matteo Guendouzi, Sky Sports News understands.

Sources say the Gunners are closing in on the 19-year-old, who has played for France at U20 level and was linked with north London rivals Tottenham during the January transfer window.

Guendouzi came through Paris Saint-Germain’s academy before switching to Lorient in 2014. He broke into the Lorient team during the 2016/17 season, making nine appearances as they were relegated from Ligue 1.

He featured 20 times last season as Lorient missed out on promotion, finishing three points outside the play-off places in seventh.

Could this be the “young player” that David Ornstein spoke about the other day when he confirmed that Torreira was joining us this week?

Someone has already hijacked the youngster’s Wikipedia page and has written about him….
Mattéo Guendouzi Olié (born 14 April 1999) is the greatest ever footballer widely considered as football’s messiah.Some may even consider him to be in the same bracket of high-calibre modern footballing legends such as Lor Bendtner and Danny Welbeast

It’s funny, but it doesn’t tell us a lot of the facts!



  1. gotanidea says:

    After Yacine Adli successfully used Arsenal to get a more lucrative contract extension, now there is this unknown youngster

    I hope he is a hidden gem like when Vardy, Mahrez and Kante joined Leicester City, because we already have too many unsuccessful gambles (Chambers, Holding, Bramall, Joel Campbell, Asano, Sanogo, Gnabry, etc)

    If Mislintat is truly an exceptional scout, he would give Arsenal more than those ex-Dortmund players

    1. Break-on-through says:

      8m for a 19 year old from France, and Mislintat might’ve identified him whilst Emery and his assistant worked with him. Good chance that the boy is just raw but he must be a bit of a warrior already to go 8m for a CDM who has barely tasted senior football, it seems like we’re trying to do a deal well before the lad makes a name for himself. Elneny was 5m, Holding 2m, Mavrapanos?. City and Tots are said to be keen on him too.

    2. RSH says:

      Campbell and Gnabry weren’t bad scouts. Campbell AW just never gave him solid enough game time, and Gnabry was just eternally injured and we didn’t do enough to keep him on board and guarantee him a future despite being out for so long. He still has a lot of injuries even now. We’ll see how he does at Bayern. Let’s never mention Sanogo again lmao.

  2. BenardoM. says:

    The young French Dm is said to have been solid last season.

    1. gotanidea says:

      His appearance looks like David Luiz and Mohammed Elneny

      I hope he is more skillful and energetic than both of them though

      1. BenardoM. says:

        He is a combination of David Luiz and Adrien Ribot.

      2. kev says:

        Who remembers when I said Ospina to Fenebarche is a done deal and that he’d join after the World Cup?

        Juventus have made a £15m but for Mustafi and Lucas Torreira is in London.Apparently the Soyuncu deal has not been completed because Mustafi’s still here.

        1. BenardoM says:

          What is the transfer situation regarding Mustafi to Juve???? Are we for the deal

          1. Xxnofx says:

            Ffs kev you have repeated this comment on another post ,
            I do remember you saying jack was done deal to fenebarche ,what about that one
            Just give it a rest m8 .

  3. ruelando says:

    Not the robust, energetic, hard tackling monster one would expect, but, more a smooth moving interceptor or reader of play, not the out and out DM.

    It is important to invest in youth, yes it is a gamble but a small gamble compare to fees being paid for youths these days. Even one of these youths reaching arsenal final 11 is a continuity.

    He can be viewed on youtube (i have no rights to this video)

    1. Counsel says:

      haha so you have a legal mind ignorance to the law is not an excuse

      1. Phil says:

        OMG watch out-Rumpole of the Bailey is at it again

  4. RSH says:

    So this pretty much kills off the N’zonzi rumors I think. This guy was getting regular playing time at Lorient and he probably wants so guarantees at Arsenal. So that’s Ramsey/Xhaka/Torreira/AMN/Elneny/Guendouzi as our midfield options. There is a lot to work with there. The fact we have barely been linked with any winger makes me think Emery already is satisfied with the players we have and Nelson and Nketiah will be given bigger roles this season. Emery actually used a lot of youth players in his PSG lineups so I’m excited to see him use some of these youngsters. And another round of applause for Ornstein who called us getting one young talent for the future. According to him that should end our transfer busienss now. What a summer if we end it Lichtsteiner/Sokratis/Leno/Torreira/Guendouzi. A mix of experience and youth and although none are world class players this is some great squad building going on and there a lot to work with. Can’t wait for the season to start! (Anyone ever see Guendouzi play btw?)

    1. Phil says:

      Emery is on record as saying AMN is a player he is keen to bring through.He had game time in the cups and as a RWB and LWB under (still looking for a job despite having LOADS of offers Wenger) But it was THAT performance at OT that surely showed the player needs to play centrally.
      I’m all for investing in youth but let’s not forget we have good prospects at the Club in Eddie Reiss Nelson AMN Willock that could be the future

      1. RSH says:

        yes, I mentioned all of them. Besides Willock who I still think has a ways to go. A lot of games this season for the young english players to challenge for spots.

      2. ACE says:

        Emery often infused a healthy balance of
        young players into his PSG sides, no reason
        to think that wont continue at the Emirates this
        season. I personally loan out Wlllock and
        Nelson to Championship sides providing them
        the opportunity to play every week. Both have
        talent in there locker but other than Cup games
        shoudnt feature for AFC in such a crucial year
        for the club.

        I concede that it was a Youtube greatest hits
        album but the few minutes I observed left me
        VERY impressed with this young Frenchnen.
        Kid has all the necessary physical attributes
        to be a fantastic player for Arsenal.

      3. Counsel says:

        Wenger committed to this club for two decades,he sacrificed a lot including family live because of the love for this club,he built arsenal and now we have a solid foundation to progress.It’s time for him to take a break and know where to work next. Brainless fans will hate him even when he’s dead

        1. Phil says:

          What the F*** has this got to do with the Topic Headline? Who has mentioned Wenger other than you?Wenger is GONE.He was SACKED.He is no longer the Manager.FFS get over yourself.
          And you are calling who exactly BRAINLESS?

          1. Admin says:

            That’s enough boys……

          2. Ken1945 says:

            Phil, your starting down the road I have already been treading!
            Forgetting things that happen two minutes ago, but remembering the past in detail.
            Still looking for a job despite having loads of offers Wenger is there for all to see from your post timed at 1.44.
            Could this have prompted Counsels heartfelt and truthfull comments?
            If Pep can take a year out, then surely Arsene can?
            I do agree with your sentiments regarding our younger players needing to be promoted.
            If this rumour is true, why not invest the money as part of the fee for Saha (as an example)?

          3. Phil says:

            Ken-I have made a very conscious effort to NOT make disparaging comments about Arsene Wenger.It pleased me immensely the day he was SACKED and I pretty much left it to rest.But when brain dead Wenger worshippers such as @Counsel post comments like he did earlier then it just becomes too much for me to ignore.He continues to completely embarrass himself with his mindless little posts and I am more than happy to jump all over him.
            Wenger to me is long gone but NOT forgiven.I will NEVER forgive him for his last decade at our Club and I believe you will agree my opinion of this has never and will never change.For anyone to keep regurgitating his name when the the headline topic clearly doesn’t warrant it only leaves themselves open for me to reply.
            Your comments really should be directed at those who deserve it

  5. Goonerbeall says:

    What is going on with our beloved One moment it’s writing stuff without relation to Arsenal or articles so long you need days to cover them. Let me tell you Mr/Ms editor, just because we are in transition in regards to manager the club is rooted and stable. In fact it’s the only not to have been relegated. So no.need of publishing unrelated stuff like footie in India which has no relevance.

    1. jon fox says:

      Goonerball, I also don’t want non Arsenal related articles on here. BTW, we WERE once relegated and were only promoted when the old first division was extended. This was way back in the early Highbury days and was entirely thanks to SIR HENRY NORRIS, the towering and highly influential club chairman who is , sadly, not even known about by many younger fans. Suggest you look him up; he played a great part in our rise from also rans to a great club.

  6. Phelyx says:

    Ornstein is right. Does this mean no winger

    1. nassan says:

      Pires…. Henry…… Bergkamp….. Lujgeberg…. No body will ever match this in premier league, how much they spend, speed, vision, pace, skill and most importantly scoring for fun

  7. Scarra says:

    Nketiah is not a winger and 8m seems an awful lot for an unproven kid from ligue 2. When he finally signs hopefully the sum would be disclosed

    1. RSH says:

      He’s not a winger but that is going to be his position if he is going to get playing time b/c he wont be starting ahead of Lacazette or Aubameyang, even in Europa League matches. Young players like Rashford also have to play wide at first because most big clubs have established forwards that can’t be dropped for young players.

      And 8mill is not much of a gamble on a player that is supposed to have a lot of potential. Mbappe cost pennies a few seasons ago. Imagine complaining about that now. 8 mill for highly rated teenagers is a risk well worth taking.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        RSH, I am waiting for the time when Arsenal can buy a player like Torreira for €3 million and sell him a few seasons later for €30 million, or more importantly keep them because there is no reason to sell.
        I suppose Arsenal did make a profit from Oxlade Chamberlain?

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Ozziegunner, now that reminds me of a certain Nicolas Anelka.

          Just part of the transfer kitty profit that has gone missing over the years.

          1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. Scarra says:

    Btw Nelson is overatee and i do hope he makes the cut as he didn’t impress me in the games he was involved in last season

  9. Declan says:

    Young DM Guendouzi, €8 mil, medical tomorrow.

  10. jon fox says:

    Guendouzi looks a confident dribbler, getting fouled a lot, which is always a sign of real telent. Looks a bit temperamenta;l I thought, watching the video, throwing up his arms a lot and hitting the deck. Definite talent though and easy to see it.

    1. Counsel says:

      Among all the players linked with a move to arsenal he’s the only one who has least impressed me on YouTube, which clip have you watched

      1. jon fox says:

        ruelando posted a You Tube clip link above in this thread. Worth a watch and it runs almost 14 minutes

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I can see why you’d say that Counsel, but you’re missing something big, the lad’s a defensive player but the video is all about his passing and attacking abilities. These guys who bother to make the clips, they need to cop on already, if we’re looking up a defensive player then we want to see is defensive capabilities above all others, how obvious is that.

          1. Midkemma says:

            FootballNation do some good clips, I had a look and didn’t see one from them on the player 🙁
            I think it’s FootballNation anyway XD

  11. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Guendozi? So far he’s better than willock & elneny.Good,now pls loan out elneny and give torreira that no 4 jersey.we must get an exciting dribbler on the wings anyone at all so far he can dribble and deliver Good crosses

  12. Petit says:

    From the you tube video, dude shoots like Iwobi , no real power whatsoever, almost like he is practicing with the goal keeper.
    I didn’t see great passing or tackling ability from him as well.
    On the bright side, it looks like its impossible to dispossess him off the ball without fouling him, and he is type of playing who is comfortable with the ball on his feet.

  13. Midkemma says:

    Reading about this lad, he did play B2B so maybe he isn’t being looked at for the DM role?
    Just something I read and thought I’d share.

  14. Edwardjike says:

    The lad is good… sign him

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