Sky pundit tips Arsenal to secure fourth despite fierce competition for places

Jamie Carragher has claimed that Arsenal are likely to win the race to finish inside the top four of the Premier League, in what is looking like the toughest race for the Champions League places yet.

Just five points currently separates West Ham in fourth from Tottenham Hotspur in eight place at present, with the Hammers having played at least once more than each of the teams below them.

We have now gained the advantage in the battle for fourth, given if all those with games in hand won it would be us that occupied the highest spot in the table, but at present, there is next to nothing separating any of these sides.

Not long ago it was Tottenham who were thought to have had the advantage, but they have no longer played less games than us, and have lost three matches on the bounce to leave a huge cloud of doubt over their campaign.

Our form in January was dreadful to say the least, although we didn’t enjoy the most favourable schedule, but we returned to winning ways to beat in-form Wolves last week, and Jamie Carragher believes we are now the team to beat in the race for fourth spot.

‘I think it will be tough for West Ham to get in the top four, Carragher said live on Sky Sports Sunday coverage, as quoted by the DailyMail. “Arsenal, what a win that was for them away to Wolves. The games in hand, no European football.’

Carragher also added that teams with European football will no doubt be hampered in their efforts to push for last Champions League place, but fully expects the race for the top four to go on until late in the season.

He said: ‘You think about how long Manchester United will be in the Champions League, that could play a part. It feels like it will go to the wire.’

As much as I’ve heard some fellow fans claim that fourth is too high to be aimed at, while some more biased fans think it is nailed on, I’m somewhere in between. While I believe our squad numbers are slim which give us little leeway with suspensions and injuries, I do believe that we are playing the best football of those in contention for fourth.

We appear to have the mental edge over all of them, despite having the youngest squad of the lot, and even with my doubts over our credentials, the reality is that only Wolves in the top eight appear to have any form of consistency, and surely we are not expecting Bruno Lage’s side to be able to maintain that form for the next three months?

Do you think Arsenal are most likely to earn fourth through their own impressive form? Or could we get gifted it as all our rivals beat themselves?


WATCH – Mikel Arteta discusses the Wolves win and Arsenal’s red cards

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  1. We have to be favourites for 4th place, we have spent a massive amount of money to supplement the very good young players we all ready had here. It is in our own hands, we cant have any excuses, over half way through the season and its there for grabbing. Oh and a few weeks ago Caragher said we had no chance, WHY ARE WE GIVING THESE PEOPLE SPACE.

  2. Man Utd were shocking yet again, this time against Southampton, but still managed to pick up a point.

    That’s why I still favour them for 4th. They should be out of Europe and in the bottom half of the table given their performances, but still alive in both. If they’re picking up this many points playing consistently shocking football, then just imagine what happens if they start performing.

  3. personally I wouldn’t put money on any of these sides, at least not at this juncture, as none the available options appear ready to separate themselves from the pack…ManU are definitely the best “on paper” team, but they can’t seem to find a way to play together as a team; the Spurs have the requisite firepower, but their defensive unit as a whole has been a bag of toys for large chunks of the season; the Hammers aren’t an incredibly deep squad and their preeminent Striker has 1 goal in the last 16 matches, and the Wolves are fairly defensively sound but their goal-scoring record is rather atrocious

    meanwhile, back in North London, we’ve experienced similar difficulties of all of the aforementioned varieties at times, which makes this race a functional coin toss unless one or more of the teams in question figure their proverbial sh** out…if I had to hazard a guess, I would suggest that the team with the most talent from a scoring capacity, ManU, will find a way to secure the 4-hole, whereas the other 4 will likely battle it out tooth-and-nail for the remaining Europa spots until the final day…of course, I hope I’m wrong, as I think our lack of incoming activity in January will come back to haunt us if we don’t finish in a top 4 position

    1. Hey Dude, you are surely wrong. Arsenal will not only be in Top 4, but we will surely finish 3rd. Watch ou2

  4. Carragher like all the pundits change their views every week. They have picked Man U Spurs West ham and now Arsenal to win the race for 4th. No doubt in May who ever gets 4th they will all say how they “knew” that team would get 4th all season 🙂 I have said 5/6 is Arsenals probable position since August. And I stay with my prediction

    1. Finishing 5th / 6th this season would be poor for us. You have to adjust your predictions throughout the season.
      We came into the season having overly overhyped our rivals strengths. But we have been in the ring with them and realised we had overestimated them. We have discovered that they too are walking injured like ourselves.

      So finishing 5th or 6th would be proper failure to me this season considering how the other team have performed.

      So if these teams are as poor as they are right now and we can’t even finish above them this season? What happens next season if they play to their known potential?

      Lets go for 3rf or 4th place right now, 5th and 6th would be a complete disappointment this season with the way the other teams have performed.

      1. Hi Goonster, Whilst I agree that we must go for 4th now and from this position 5/6th would be disappointing, I am trying to look at it in the context of where we were at season start. Half a new team, mostly unknowns, started with 3 losses, loads of deadwood, not one truly functioning striker. I’d have bitten your hand off for a Europa place this season.
        I actually think we will get fourth (sorry can’t quite see 3rd), so will be gutted if we don’t, but in overall progress terms it’s upward.
        You need to compare fairly: you say spuds/man utd will be stronger next season – why? They’ve both underperformed for a while regardless of manager or players brought in. And what about us? You don’t see us improving with a new striker and midfielder, plus a team with a season’s EPL experience?

  5. Stan Kroenke’s Rams win the Super bowl. Yup our owner is a winner alright 🙂 Like Arteta our super Manager

      1. The half time performances were mind blowing. From Dre to Snoop to Blige that was crazy. 50 upside down for In Da Club. Kendrick loves dark colors. Great tribute to Tupac. Anderson Paak on the drums was amazing. NFL “No Knees” and Eminem comes with the most iconic moment taking a knee in tribute of Colin

        Special mention to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for his electrifying intro. And Yeezy what was that mask all about?

        Legends at every corner

        KSE Superbowl, can we get a glass of Champions League now? Mix it with a little EPL that will be just great. Thank you.

        1. It was special! All that talent on one stage was jaw-dropping, loved every second!! Stan’s a happy man; now for Josh 😉
          Dre is the man 👌

  6. Arsenal is now the team to beat in the fourth spot race now. We don’t need any pundit’s believe to be motivated. Let’s keep Winning our Matches now that the other teams are faultring.

  7. In my view it is still touch and go for 4th as we are about as inconsistent as the rest. Hope we get it by 1 point or by goal difference. We have only won 1 game since January. It could be a false storm. If we can win the next 6 – 7 games, I would be a bit more optimistic.
    Even though 4th place should be a minimum considering the outlay of funds.

  8. If anybody KNEW where we’d finish they’d have bet their mortgage on it, but we don’t, so any over-optimism/pessimism is totally unfounded 16 games out. Looking at the table today we have to aspire to 4th place, and accept 5th/6th only as second prize.
    Games in hand have been shown to be a poison chalice as “lesser” teams like Norwich, Southampton, Newcastle and Wolves are fast improving, Villa and Leicester WILL improve and the Brightons and Burnleys of the EPL give you nothing. There are NO easy games in the EPL and it’s annoying that so many fans assume we turn up and win. For me, points in the bank are preferable. Having said that, wins against Brentford, Wolves, Watford and Leicester ARE attainable and would put us in a tremendous position for fourth, even with an extremely tough run-in.
    Spurs and Man Utd, even whilst being chaotic and low on morale, have big squads, fine, experienced strikers and the ability to eke out results even when second best. But they both have poor defences. So they WILL pick up results, but not every week.
    I discount West Ham who are nose-diving, and Wolves who are a little too far back.
    Arsenal have a first 11 with no back-up but no fixture congestion. We are inexperienced but well organised and with a great team spirit. We have no attack to speak of but a magnificent defence. If we can win 3 of the next 4 my money is on fourth.

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