Sky Reporter claims Bernd Leno just one step from Fulham move

Goalkeeper set to finally depart the Emirates

The German international Bernd Leno is now expected to leave the Emirates Stadium, after a deal with newly promoted Fulham was agreed.

The Arsenal keeper has agreed personal terms with Marco Silva’s side, which will keep him at the club until the summer of 2025, with an option of a further year.

Despite both the clubs still negotiating on the final fee, it is believed that it won’t be a sticky situation, due to Fulham’s determination to land the 30-year-old.

He is The Cottagers’ first choice for the goalkeeping position, and meeting Arsenal’s asking price of around £10 million does not seem to be something which will break the deal.

After signing Aaron Ramsdale from Sheffield United last year, the Englishman has been a mainstay in the starting eleven of Mikel Arteta.

Since the arrival of Ramsdale, the former Bayer Leverkusen man was relegated to just eight appearances in all competitions last season.

With the World Cup in Qatar fast approaching, Leno will certainly be looking for a way out of North London.

However, it is believed that the 30-year-old loves London and thus a deal to a West London club in Fulham makes a lot of sense.

Leno was a very good signing and I want to wish him well for his future adventures.

However, it was clear that Arsenal needed a ball-playing shot stopper to unleash a new dimension to the team.

Thus, now is the right time to part ways, especially after the arrival of USA international Matt Turner.

Yash Bisht


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  1. From a reported £22.5 million to £10 million in just five seasons – that’s the way to run a football club!!
    Good luck to you Bernd and thanks for being a model professional while at our club.

    1. In recent years ken1945, we’ve made no profit on player sales infact we pay others to leave! Quite intriguing how we pay obscene fees signing players and sell for much less beyond even the players market value. Mustafi , torreira, bellerin, mavro,auba, ozil,guendouze,xhaka……. To name a few something is deeply wrong with how we are managing our transfer outs and other clubs are taking full advantage. Look at how fiorentina acted on torreira transfer

    2. Why do we always see every deal from Arsenal as bad business,

      @10m after 5 years for a 30year old who isn’t really world class, if you want world class that’s David de gea, despite having terrible defenders, he single handedly saved Man United, thibaut courtois too.

      Rudiger and Christensen left for free, Jordan sancho has dipped, Paulistic, Timo and others have dipped, but you won’t see that Arsenal must always be faulted,

      Saka, All the Gabriel’s, Smith-Rowe, are appreciated assets but you won’t see that.

      1. Exactly, we should question those who sign mediocre players on inflated fees rather then questioning those who release them because they are so poor in form or fitness. If Leno is world class, how come no top 6 team across Europe seems interested? Mikel has raised the bar, raised the standard of recruitment, discipline and commitment. Shape in or ship out. Leno never was an outstanding keeper, I would rate him below Manuel Almunia or any day Lucas Fabiansky would do a better job. 10M for a retirement bound Peter Check, 20M for Leno, and Ospina before that and the clown zipping his jacket were terrible to watch. We should grab that 10M and escape from Craven Cottage.

        1. LC are you referring to the following players, all of whom were signed by gazidis and /or Edu and MA and given contract extensions by the latter?

          Leno – Aubameyang – Torreria – Mari – Pepe – Licht steiner – Socratis – Guendouzi – Willian – AMN – Nelson – Nketiah – Xhaka and I’m sure I’ve ve missed some out.

          1. Ken, Mikel is a fair and just coach, he gave equal opportunities to all, no favourites unlike other regimes. those who are not good enough have to go. we can’t be 8th every season.

            1. Exactly – we had not finished lower than 8th since 1994 /95 season… not until the players signed in my list arrived.

              So I ask you again, are these the players you are referring to, when you say “mediocre players signed on inflated fees” that saw us finish 8th two seasons in a row?

              As for “favourites” , Willian, Aubameyang and Xhaka come to mind, while the opposite can be said of the likes of Pepe, AMN and Martinelli.

    3. Of course, he is now five years older so one might well expect to pay less.
      Is that not just basic financial acumen KEN!?

      1. Not really Jon, compared to few years ago , players of the age of 30 years would have cost close to nothing, these days with advances/changes in fitness, training, nutrition…careers have been prolonged and it has become the norm for players to play well into their mid 30’s even up to 40.this the reason players of 30 are now costing 20/25M even more,few example like Mané who cost over 30M,Bayern have turned down 40M for Lewandowski who is 33 years Newcastle spent 25M on Chris Wood from Burnley, AC Milan around 20M on Zlatan, Juventus 115M on Ronaldo,Arnautovic was sold for 30M,Giroud 17M to Chelsea,Modeste get the gist.i will spare you the subject of wages players of Leno’s age command these days or the little thing called inflation.

        1. Education is the name of the game Siamois – love your examples and WHO can argue with those?
          The great Dennis Bergkamp was still performing his magic in his 30’s and Safe Hands was being just that, pony tail and all!!!

          1. Exactly Ken,Dennis was still performing in his 30’s when it was still a rarity for players of his age to still play at the highest level.

        2. Siamois, if the player is good, he will have a higher transfer fee. Leno is just not good enough. Now we paid 45M for GJ with 1 year on his contract, why? Because is that good. Would anyone even on dope offer half that for Laca? Youri is quoted at 25M, will any sane person pay quarter of that amount for Torrera? It’s just that someone or some people assembled a squad of players not good enough for this decade. Last decade, these dudes could achieve the “top 4 throphee” or “top 6 trophee” because Spurs, West Ham, Wolves, were very very poor! Now we have to add Newcastle to the group of those vying for top 6 and those fellas cannot do it. Go, please go!

          1. Ah!!! So it’s the same story as the one when Arsenal and manure were battling it out… there were only two teams in the PL!!

            Now, because we finished in the top four and had CL football it was because all the teams below us were very very poor!!


            So, now that we are out of Europe, 8th 8th and 5th it’s because those players who held off the very poor clubs before, have been replaced / given new contracts as per my list above are infinitely better?

            So why are we not in Europe, not in the top four, out of the fa cup in the 4th and 3rd rounds then?

  2. Can’t complain. We have a group of players that is so unattractive to potential suitors.. Not willing to pay more than £10 million for most of our deadweight players s..
    At least we might be getting something for Leno, Bellerin, Pepe, Etc..

    Very poor buys to overall.. But let’s move on step by step..

  3. Ken, by our recent standards, 10m for Leno would not be a bad deal, given his age and the fact that he is no longer our first choice stopper.I may upset many on JA, but I feel he is a superior to Ramsdale in most respects.During the latter part of last season, Ramsdale was found to be wanting on numerous occasions and his weakness defending his near post was alarming.In essence, I feel the lad has been overhyped and I do not see him as a long term number one for the English national team.

    1. Ramsdale lost form towards the end of the season…i don’t think he’s better than Leno…buh we move on.

    2. Grandad. I agree with you that Leno is a better goal keeper. Also 30 is not really a problem for a goal keeper, they tend to last a lot longer than out fielders. I wonder what the Ramsdale supporters will say when he starts making costly mistakes, which IMO he will. They will start saying we should have kept Leno. I just hope that Turner is good enough to fill the spot when needed.

    3. I agree with your comparisons Grandad, so why are we letting him go for £10 million?

      1. I really don’t know Ken.For some reason Arteta does not seem to trust him.I thought our Manager would have learned from the Martinez transfer, but apparently not.Could be yet another error of judgement by our Management team.

        1. Leno is a great shot stopper but does not have certain of the qualities that Arteta wants in a goalkeeper.
          As for the Martinez transfer, not everyone agrees that this was a ‘mistake’ whatever certain fans may insist.
          There is no doubt that Martinez is a great goalkeeper in his own right and we would have liked to keep him. However, it is clear that most critics conveniently ignore the context in which the decision to sell him was made.

  4. He’s now at his prime age so Fulham will be getting a great deal if reported transfer fee is true ,us on the other hand will once again be on the Losing end of said transfer .
    But hey trust the new regime we were told so we have to trust the process .
    Great to see Fulham back in prem BTW just hope they stay up this season ,as they have a tendency to get promoted then go back down rinse and repeat.

    1. I posted my comment before reading others,it looks like we all agree on the fact that it is good business for Fulham and bad for us even with one year left on his contract.

      1. Wow, what a deal, the director of football department need a little more experience in my opinion.

        If we have to sell Leno and for that very reasonable cost, why could we not tied him to one of those players we want to get off our books Torriea for example?

        Arsenal need to do a little thinking out of the box, that’s why I suggested strengthen the department my hiring Marina Granoskaia, do it before someone snap her up

        1. While I can’t see your piggy back idea working, it’s good to see that the vast majority participating in this article, agree that Fulham are getting a bargain.
          A German international, in the prime time of his career as a goalkeeper for just £10,000,000?
          Just remind me again, how much we paid for Ramsdale and how much Villa paid for Martinez?

          Thank goodness it’s kronkie’s money being flushed down the drain!!!

          1. Well Ken1845, it worth trying something as opposed being nonchalant.

            What can sound more ridiculous than a club take a player on loan and had to pay a high fee to the loaning club, if said player happens to miss a match and not injured.

            There are some club that has earn a reputation for their tough negotiating skills, Napoli comes to mind, we are quickly becoming the opposite

            ,I remember Wenger saying we have a defender who will be a monster one day, yet we gave him away for less than £3 mil to make matter worst we were under no pressure to sell

            1. Gunsmoke, I don’t understand your “nonchalant” sentence, can you please explain?
              Likewise, the defender you are talking about and the Wenger quote?
              I agree we don’t have a good reputation in the transfer market and the Leno deal compounds it… in my opinion.

              1. Okay Ken when I said nonchalant, I mean when teams come along for our players we seems casual we don’t seems to put up a fight we just took what is offered.

                Have seen selling club in the pass saying how much their players are not for sale, how the player is happy there and is very much part of their future only to be sold a few days later.

                Sorry Ken, am not bless with great choice of words.

                1. No problems mate, just wanted to be clear as to what your points were.
                  I agree we don’t put up any kind of resistance when selling a player, but always bid too low when trying to buy someone.

                  Good to converse with you fellow Gooner.

  5. Having now seen Turner concede two goals, my initial impression is not favourable and the prospect of selling a top class keeper like Leno for a paltry sum alarms me.

    1. When will this madness end?
      It now seems Pablo Mari is about to go, after costing us a reported £14,000,000 – let’s see what we get back from another player who helped get us to that 8th spot Loose Cannon referred to!!!!

  6. Arsenal have been and still are, brilliant at devaluing players. We kept Leno and let a far better player in Martinez go for 20 mil. Leno two years ago had a far higher valuation than now. Yet another player we have devalued like Gouendouzi, Mavropanos, AMN, Auba, Lacca, Mari, with very poor handling. Forgot Pepe.

  7. The right thing. He needs to leave. The 2021 season was in my opinion his chance to make the number 1 jersey his own, prove that the club were right to keep him over Emiliano Martinez, and get the club into the Champions League via winning the Europa League. He failed on all counts and some of the clangers he dropped were AWFUL. He has talent, he could have been one of our greats, and can still carve out a decent career for himself. But he believed his own hype and thought he was better than he was. That was his undoing and Ramsdale could end up the same way if he doesn’t get his act together.

    He won’t make the World Cup squad ahead of Ter Stegen and Trapp who will both be playing Champions League football next season. But once Neuer retires he might be able to compete. In any case, I’m glad he’ll be getting first-team football at Craven Cottage. Good Luck to him.

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