Sky Sports pundit slams three Arsenal players following Unai Emery sacking

Gary Neville rips into three Arsenal players including David Luiz.

Arsenal has finally fired Unai Emery to the delight of many fans, however, it is left to be seen if the club can achieve anything worthwhile with this current set of players.

In football, when the team is doing badly the manager gets the blame and in most cases pays for it with his job as Emery just did.

However, one conversation we Arsenal fans are not always prepared to have is the fact that players can be uncoachable and that makes the manager’s job even more difficult.

Neville isn’t afraid to have that conversation and the former Valencia manager has come out in defence of Emery by slamming some of the players.

Arsenal’s biggest problem under the Spaniard was their defending and Neville believes the club’s defenders David Luiz, Sokratis and Shkodran Mustafi were beyond reach in terms of implementing instructions.

‘It has been messy, let’s be clear about this, these defenders like [Shkodran] Mustafi, Sokratis and [David] Luiz are uncoachable,’ Neville told Sky Sports News as cited in the Metro.

‘I don’t know who has been responsible for recruitment over the last few years, but if I was on the board at Arsenal I would be giving them a right rocketing. ‘There’s no way Emery is telling [David] Luiz to step up two, three times to catch a player offside, or even some of the hideous things you see from other defenders. ‘You see what happened with [Granit] Xhaka the other week, Emery is a man of honour and this runs far deeper than just the coach. ‘He might be feeling quite happy to leave behind what is quite simply an average bunch of players.’

Well, Neville does not hold back there but is he right? Are those players really uncoachable?


  1. Innit says:

    We don’t have the best players by any stretch of the imagination and our defence sucks but Emery’s awful tactics, lineups and positioning of players is the reason he was fired.

    Also when we lose home matches to teams we should beat, then players lose confidence in the manager.

    I think players will have some confidence in Llungberg for the remaining months because he’s a former player and won trophies with Arsenal

  2. simon says:

    Neville didn’t a couple achieve anything as a coach,he should kip quiet..all they do is criticize,give them a chance they will fumble!!.crap

  3. jon fox says:

    The constant evidence of our own eyes shows that Neville is totally right. Simple as that . All three are constant mistakes on legs and not much else. I LOVE HEARING THE TRUTH EVEN WHEN IT IS UNCOMFORTABLE. Without truth and a lack of self delusion, we will never improve.

  4. SAGooner says:

    All the pundits now of course know exactly who is to blame for Arsenal’s woes, and what is maybe not so surprising is that every other manager sings the praises of Emery – they could at any time find themselves in a similar situation.

    But I would ask all who comment on Emery’s record and how good he must be to have won 3 EL competitions: Guys, who of you would have picked the teams, and let’s limit it, for the last 2 games that Emery fielded?

    Those choices indicate madness, idiocy, incompetence, anything but strategic thinking. I would venture that every single patron of this site, upon seeing the lineup, said to him/herself: WTF, here we go again, what is the man doing?

    Emery might be OK in La Liga with a relatively minor club, but that’s all.

    1. David says:

      I completely disagree with you. This man had a better record than Arsenal in the 5 years before he came. The fact is that he was trying to find the best system for what is in essence a mediocre squad.
      Hopefully, the new manager will turn this bunch into world beaters but I will not be betting on it.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Gary Neville has always been a straight talking pundit, who has even been critical of his own beloved Manchester United.
        The sacking of Unai Emery was the right decision, based on results and playing style. Although as Neville states Emery has not become a bad coach overnight, he has not turned out to be the right fit for the Arsenal, his difficult English communication skills and lack of toughness with players being major disadvantages.
        Neville is rightly critical of the players, the inability of the defenders to carry out basics and the poor scouting and recruitment “strategy” by those in power.
        As a one time adversary he was glowing in his praise and downright respect for this once great club.
        Now Emery and Wenger are gone it is now up to the players and management to address the underlying weaknesses. As Neville states let’s hope the Board get it right and Arsenal don’t end up on a roundabout of head coaches. Also those responsible for recruitment and the players themselves (who now have no where to hide) earn their money.
        I look forward to Norwich to see what transpires!

  5. DT, Claude and Don Robbie had an interview on Sky Sports today 😂

    1. Sue says:

      Were there lots of apologies for bad language?! 😄

      1. Believe you me there was no profanity, not even from Claude. DT did manage to sneak in his “son” jokes though 😂

        1. Sue says:

          I’m gobsmacked, QD! 😂
          DT is so predictable hahaha!!

  6. To some extent Garry is right. Our defence is in shambles and it is high time someone addresses it. But the tactics, formation and selection by Emery on match days compounded an already complicated problem. Arsenal players have to shoulder the responsibility and put performances meriting the shirt they wear.

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