SkySports confirms Arsenal are in advanced talks for fourth summer signing

So it seems that Arsenal’s summer transfer window is progressing nicely. The Gunners have already signed Cedric Soares and Pablo Mari, who had both been on loan at the club last season, and have also secured Willian on a free transfer from Chelsea in a three year deal.

Now this morning SkySports are confirming that Arsenal are in “advanced talks” with Real Madrid to bring Dani Ceballos back to the Emirates for another season-long loan.

The report stated: Arsenal are in advanced talks with Real Madrid to sign midfielder Dani Ceballos on another season-long loan.

Ceballos established himself as an increasingly influential player for Arsenal as last season progressed, and boss Mikel Arteta is keen to keep him at the Emirates Stadium with the club increasingly confident of a deal in the coming days.

This is great news for Arteta and Arsenal, as our new boss made Ceballos into an integral part of his side towards the end of last season, and the 24 year-old really started to look like the extremely talented midfielder that Madrid plucked from Real Betis for 18m euros back in 2017, but has so far been unable to secure a first team place in the star-studded midfield at the Bernabeau.

They are likely to get a more complete player when he returns to Spain after another year under the tutelage of Mikel Arteta.

Things are looking up. And once the negotiating team are finished with Real Madrid they can pop across the City to have a word with Atletico about bringing Thomas Partey home with them!

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    1. Here we are at it looking for cheap fix, why loan a player to them polish him and send him back to parent club. Why can we not buy a permanent fix for this creativity issue we have in middle. I prefer we go for buying a Midfielder on permanent basis then loan a player. We are behaving like a some third tier club who do not have fund to finance a Midfielder. Before any one give example of Bayern n other big clubs remember they brought the loan players as additional help / supporting cast not as main player.

      1. He’ll do a job for us, for sure! I’m not fussed that it’s just a loan, actually who am I kidding, I’d rather have him permanently, but that’s not on the cards right now, who knows maybe later? I’m very happy with this deal, Mohsan.
        With how things are, there will be a lot of loans this season… and not just us!!

  1. Why are we not after Wilfred Ndidi?! He’s better and younger than Partey! PL proven! Should be around the same transfer fee..?

  2. I will admit I’m not overly keen on him as a player ,he played well in the last half a dozen games for us but he see nothing special about him ,but if this is what Arteta needs then so be it .
    I suppose if the financial restrictions we supposedly have are hindering us then this might be a good stop gap for this coming season .

    1. He is a stop gap, we do not have the luxury of throwing money around at least this season, if we sign him, he can help us achieve top 4, by next season we can go for our major signings.
      I doubt those marque player would leave UCL for uel clubs, especially we are not Utd who can entice them with huge wages.
      This cebalos might mark the end of our interest in Partey

      1. Well, from my point of view CannonSpike, he has openly said he is a RM olayrt and thats were he wants to be.
        So I we are doing, is paying for the privik and training and keeping him fit, so that RM can reap the benefits when they are ready.
        His only real standout game, in my opinion, was his very first one against Burnley.
        Apart from that, I can’t think of one man of the match performance.
        Let’s concentrate on Saka, ESR, AMN and Martinelli – players we know want to play for the club for many seasons to come.
        Still, it’s up to MA.

        1. Completely agree Ken, I have always held the same view. I prefer we invest time and money on our own player.

  3. Don’t love Dani. Recently watched the highlights of the FA cup final and our 2 – 1 win against Liverpool.

    In both of these games I felt dani was at fault he would loose his man in the middle of the park and spin around like a spinning top and look disappointed when the other teams had scored. I am not excited by us signing him at all tbh. I think there is betyer players out there but since its should just be a loan I guess its not too bad.

    Let’s get tp in and thiago then i will be happy. So far still disappointed in this transfer window. I beleive auba, tp and a CB were the priority and we have none those things

    1. There really are equally good players of his type in Spain and Portugal and a few better ones, but since he already played for us in the EPL and is a LOAN, I guess it makes sense for now so we can buy a good defensive midfielder. If we don’t, then we’re just making money for the Kroenkes so they can somehow weather this covid-times profit of only 300 M.
      I just hope Dani has fewer shit games than he had last year and stops doing Xhaka type passes near our box (which Xhaka actually did less than Dani last year).

  4. McLovin, could it be because Leicester City are not prepared to sell him?Having sold Chilwell for 50m they are not short of a bob or two.

  5. Seems we don’t have many options, as we are struggling to move some of our players on to get funding for Partey and Aourora, cebalos remains the only reasonable option we have, he is established in the team ,know the system well and is one of the best performer in the EPL restart, better than Elnely and cheaper than Partey, but if fund become available we need to push for Aourora, after cebalos sign

  6. Ndidi would definitely cost a fortune and Arsenal won’t want to afford it giving our stance for big money spendings given our finances in the pandemic

    1. Where will Ndidi play in that Arsenal team. He is a defective midfielder we already have Xhaka there. Ndid can’t push attack or give a killer pass. So wonder how he will perform as a boss to boss. Midfielder

      1. Did you just compare Wilfred Ndidi (The DM in the league , best tackler in Europe for 2 seasons )to Xhaka .lol

  7. My only disappointment is the signing of Soares. A 29 years old player for 4 solid years when we have Bellerin and AMN. I don’t know what MA was smoking when he agreed to this deal.

    1. AMN wasn’t sure of playing RB… Otherwise it’s a waste of space and now we may need to sell one of AMN or Bellarin and have him as a back up

      With Tutu coming back from loan can’t see him staying beyond next season

  8. Nice to see Ceballos back, but that only brings us back to square one. We still need some quality midfielders or we will be quite behind other teams….. AGAIN. Plus we need a quality replacement for Lacca who will be leaving us. Season is about to start. C’mon Mr Kroenke, no dosh, no cosh. Hand in pocket time.

  9. Most of us condemning Ceballos actually shows how we don’t appreciate our own, we’re always clamoring for new players, give the same player some months the reverse will become the case. The likes of these players were once new Pepe, Laca, Eneny, Xaka, Toreirra but presently we are so comfortable doing away with them.

  10. He is not good enough! Slow and slow with the ball. I’d prefer one of the younger players to be played and learn the role for the future. We already know that his heart is in Spain and his dreams and desire are to play for Madrid or his boyhood club. Money down the drain in my opinion.
    Come December we will all be calling for him to be out of the team if he’s not already!

  11. Well, well well…..

    Ceballos is not my ideal choice because of one strong reason…


    That’s the same position M-Niles is also good at. So one of them has to sit on bench.

    Simply put; we have no effective right-sided midfielders. And I thought our goal would be getting one.

  12. We don’t need Cebalos. They should bring in Aouar and Partey and send Soares on loan somewhere because he is not good enough to play for us.

    Soares 4 yrs contract indicates the continuing influence of Kia who happens also to be the agent for Edu, Luis, Mari, Soares and Willian.

    Its a tribal system in place for recruitment at Arsenal now; very unfortunate.

  13. I think we should have gone for players like draxler instead who could play in three positions along with partey and aouar

  14. the idea professed by some that AMN has the same skill set as ceballos just beggars belief … i dont know if former can improve … hope so .. but at this moment there is a massive gulf between them in footballing terms … so happy ceballos is back now we just have to offload xhaka and elneny and bring in a quality DM and we are set to go

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