SkySports confirms Arsenal still interested in top Ligue 1 midfielder (plus video)

With Jack Wilshere’s future at Arsenal very uncertain at the moment, and the worry that Aaron Ramsey is yet to commit to a contract extension, it is very likely that Arsenal will be looking for a dominant central midfielder this summer, especially as Granit Xhaka has failed to really make his mark as the player we all hoped he would be.

Sky report that they ‘understand’ that Jean Michael Seri is set to be Arsenal’s top target and they explain clearly why this is happening. The report said:

Seri has a £35m release clause in his contract and almost joined Barcelona last summer – when Arsenal’s head of football operations Raul Sanllehi was working at the Nou Camp.

And Emery tried to sign Seri in January for Paris Saint Germain, but concerns over Financial Fair Play Rules meant the French club opted to bring in Lassana Diarra on a free transfer instead.

So he is obviously very highly regarded by the new Arsenal setup, and if you take a look at this video by Scouting Nation you can see why the Ivory Coast international is coveted by such star studded teams like Barcelona and PSG….

So what do you think? Could he be our new Santi Cazorla?



  1. John0711 says:

    Im not convinced hes what we need unless we intend selling xhaka and wilshire is going. He forward stats are very good however, his defensive stats are very poor

    1. gotanidea says:

      Cazorla’s defending stats are also poor, but he has world class ball control

      Xhaka is definitely staying, but Seri could still replace Wilshere or Ramsey

      1. John0711 says:

        I agree with your comment, however, Cazolas advantage was he could use both feet equally. It’s really hope Xhaka is going if Seri and a DM came in I would be dancing or play AMN with seri

      2. jon fox says:

        You cannot know whether or not Xhaka is staying. I much hope he leaves and asap. MERELY BEING ALLOTTED A NEW NUMBER MEANS NOTHING.

  2. Simon Williams says:

    The dude loves a back-heel – can imagine the league getting use to that trick

    But looks good. Very short, but strong so prob not an issue in middle of pitch (doesn’t seem to hurt Carzola / Kante )

    I’d take him

    1. gotanidea says:

      Short footballer has lower center of gravity that gives them better balance and ball control

      He could be our deep-lying playmaker, because our current so-called playmakers could not control the tempo well

    2. Xxnofx says:

      I like the look of him ,but last season he said he couldn’t play in a cold league because he suffers from chilblains.which means he’s in pain unless it’s warmer,and as some else said is defending stats are one of the worst in the French league last season .but going forward he looks a real player

  3. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    Fantastic player! I’ve been raving over the guy since last summer.I sincerely hope we get him and caglar and then an exciting winger plus of course a keeper preferably butland .then we turn out this team

    Bells. Sokratis. Caglar. Kolasinac

    Elneny. Seri

    Ramsey. Ozil. Mhki



    1. gotanidea says:

      Butland came from a relegation zone club like Mustafi and Evans, I prefer Leno because he brought Leverkusen to the fifth position

      I agree with the other choices though. Malcom would be nice because he has a strong left foot

  4. Juhi McLovin says:

    Get LUCAS TORREIRA from Sampdoria.


    Look at his stats and highlights. He’s a tackling, intercepting Santi Cazorla.

    1. gotanidea says:

      The YouTube highlights could be showing his good moments only, but we can see his performance against Fiorentina:

      He looks like a less hardworking Kante

      1. John0711 says:

        Just had a look and you tube can make Xhaka look decent, however, just what we need

  5. Banks says:

    Crazy idea but can we try Chambers as defensive midfielder. He’s got a good pass sense only needs to work on his tackling. Just a thought tho!

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      That was our problem under Wenger, too much experimentation. We need ten outfield players in their natural positions. Chambers is our best CB right now, and a CB by trade, so keep him there. We’ve been begging for a natural DM for a decade, so no more messing about, that should be our number one priority.

      Just cannot wait for next season. I honestly cannot remember feeling this excited as an Arsenal fan.

      1. jon fox says:

        I can . It was back in 1958!

    2. gotanidea says:

      Yes, Arsenal should try him there, because he has good technical ability and stature

      He is slow like Xhaka, but maybe he is more mobile

  6. CannonSpike says:

    I’m pretty sure we’ll start off like this.

    Starting 11
    Bellerin — Sokratis—Caglar–Kolasinac


    Wish we could add
    Meyer / Jorginho

    1. John0711 says:

      ozil wide in a 3 no no no and the teams shape is all wrong

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Max Meyer has been signed by Hoffenheim, so unavailable.

    2. RSH says:

      I’m not liking Lacazette wide. He played there for France frequently and was not effective. I know Emery likes one striker, but I think it’d be such a waste not to have two upfront.

    3. sanmi.marvellous says:

      You are sure?
      If you get that right, I owe you a lunch when we play ATM again next season in Quarter Finals.

      Don’t be scared.
      We will beat them this time around.?

  7. Sue says:

    Well if that’s true then get on it & seal the deal!! Don’t want to see anymore dithering!!

    1. tas says:

      might not be a bad idea Chambers this season looked solid and hard but why move him from CD where hi started to do so well recently, i fear its Laurent’s last season with us or he will be more of a bench player he has been suffering from back pain for years it must be working on his mind with every tackle

      1. tas says:

        sorry Sue this replay was meant for Banks 🙂

        and Sue dithering is our middle name 🙂

        1. Sue says:

          It might change this season ?

          1. Tas says:

            Let’s hope so

  8. Banks says:

    Getting a vocal and a firecracker captain is just as important as winning the dressing room for Emery. I would never fault Emery for losing but I sure as hell will slate him for not doing that without a fight. That said, I look forward (for once) to a season where all the players can stand and be counted, defiance in the face of being underated.
    Finally special thanks to the Jon Fox’s, the Ken1945(hope I got the date right) and the Gotanidea’s of this world for their intelligent comments on here. as really proven to be a source of succour in my downtrodden times of being an Arsenal Fan.
    Wouldn’t you rather be a gooner!

  9. Adam Criniti says:

    Seri is a very good player and would be a perfect replacement for the departing magician, Santi Cazorla. However him paired with Xhaka or Ramsey in the middle of the pitch would be an unmitigated disaster for Arsenal. All three have there individual strengths but defensive awareness and physicality in breaking up play are characteristics that neither
    willingly display. I personally feel Ramsey’s only future at the club is for Emery to mold the Welshman into a deep lying playmaker similar to Seri and pair him with the likes of an N’Zonzi or Fabinho. Unless our new Spanish gaffer is planning on shipping out Ozil ?

    WTS, I would love to see the new boss, Sven and Raul make these moves prior to the WC.

    Players out:

    $127M recouped

    Players In:
    Jonathen Tah—$30M

    $180M on arriving players, net $53M spent.


    Bench…Wilshere, Lucas, Iwobi, Chambers, Mavro, Boss, El Neny, Martinez, Nacho, AMN, Nelson, Nkiteh,

    Just an optimistic punt, but damn this team would be fun to watch

    1. Malch95 says:

      Alot of movement doubt we can do that much in one window, Cedric is quite average as well would rather take Emery coaching Bellerin which I think will help him to progress to one of the best in his position in Europe. Definitely agree with Ramsey, I would say he should stay box to box. I just hope Emery signs one of Rabiot, Fabinho, Nzonzi or Ndidi accompanied with Yaya Toure cause we really need presence in our midfield. Someone to win the ball in the air and get stuck into tackles, someone other teams fear when we go toe to toe. it might sound crazy but I definitely see xhaka, Bellerin and even mustafi improving under Emery. We need 4 signings 2 CB’s, CDM & keeper, reckon we should keep Joel Campbell too, he’s a very good player just never got a chance under Arsene

      1. Adam Criniti says:

        HB could very well maximize his huge potential under his fellow countrymen and be Arsenals first RB choice for years to come, however I see the value of his sale if it affords AFC the opportunity to strengthen in more critical areas, such as CB. If AFC are able to recoup close to $100M in sales for Xhaka, Mustafi and HB and subsequently sign Fabinho, Soares and Jonathen Tah for around the
        same money I personally feel Arsenal have strengthened there side.

    2. jon fox says:

      I like your sales list, but would also include Iwobi and Elneny, neither of whom would get within a million miles of any of last seasons top five squads. I also thought their asking prices about accurate but probably only BARCA WOULD PAY THAT FOR DEFENCELESS BELLERIN. God, how very much I hope they do. This young “social media hair stylist” has not the first idea of what defending is and I believe he is just not cut out to be a defender. He has not the power, guts or “balls” for it. We need all the scrawny ” I fancy being a forward” so called defenders out the door ASAP. Bellerin is probably the very worst of the regular starting defenders I have seen in my 60 years watching Arenal. NB: Gus Caesar and Santos were not regulars. Schillachi runs Bellerin close though, with Senderos and Terry Mancini close behind both of them.

  10. Ozziegunner says:

    What about Swedish international Emil Fosberg from Leipzig as a winger/midfielder, as he should be well known to Sven.
    Is Wilfred Ndidi available from Leicester City as a DM?
    Both are in their mid twenties.

  11. RSH says:

    I don’t see where he fits in the squad. If its true Emery wants to build team around Ramsey where does Seri start? Arsenal need a real CDM, Seri is deep-lying playmaker. Is midfield going to be Xhaka/seri/Ramsey? It seems Ramsey will be getting a role change if this happens. I do think we need a new CM, but I thought it would be at the detriment to Rambo/Wilshere.

  12. Diana says:

    I have a player i highly rate, but no one else seems to rate him because of where he plays. Doucoure from Watford. Anyone else rate him. Imagine what he could do with better players around him

  13. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t think this lad is what we’re looking for. Keown mentioned Verratti and he is the quintessential midfield player any top side should be aiming to recruit. He’s so good on the ball, getting out of tight areas, but a hell of a scapper none the less. He has it all. Seri doesn’t even top 1 percent on average with his tackles, I reckon Ramsey is closer to being a tough all round player than Seri can be. Vieira as we all know, was such a force because he could do it all. Gundagon is an under rated player, he’s a good scrapper and is excellent in possession. Goretzka would have been a great capture, all round force like Vieira and he has the brute strength to go with it. But the smaller ones are still top players, they have that lower centre of gravity going for them. I don’t believe Seri is what we need. I don’t like when forward (MDF) players are mostly about the forward play, and defensive ones are really only good at sitting back. For me that is outdated, like extremely outdated. Xhaka was the right idea, he was the right thought process, but we just chose the wrong player.

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