SkySports reports Arsenal increased bid for Buendia but Villa still interested

Breaking News! Arsenal launch second bid for Norwich Star

Arsenal have launched a second bid for their long-term target Emi Buendia, according to Sky Sports.

The Gunners’ second offer is believed to be worth £35m, a £5m improvement on their previous offer of 30 million. The Canaries reportedly want a fee in the region of £40m for the Argentine, who still has three years left on his current deal at Carrow Road.

Buendia’s former club Getafe have a 20% sell-on fee on any sale made by Norwich. Thus, it is natural that The Canaries will try to sell their coveted 24-year-old at the highest possible price.

Aston Villa, who could be looking for a replacement for Jack Grealish, and few major European clubs are also believed to be tracking Buendia, who was named Championship Player of the Season.

Sky Sports News has reported interest from Atletico Madrid and Valencia in the past.

Buendia is currently part of the Argentina squad preparing for the Copa America but missed out on his debut in the 1-1 draw with Chile on Friday.

Arsenal can wrap up the signing of the Argentine, who recorded an astonishing 15 goals and 17 assists in England’s second tier league, before the commencement of Copa America on 13th June.

Ajax’s Andre Onana looks to be the second player Arsenal are closing in on.

If the North London outfit can wrap up the signing of both for under £50m, it will look like a solid start to the Gunners’ summer overhaul.

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  1. Unfortunately he will bench Smith-Rowe or Martinelli if he comes and those youngsters’ chances will be even slimmer if Willian stays, so I hope we get a left-footed CAM like Odegaard instead. Besides, we have more pressing needs in CF and LB departments

      1. If Buendia comes and Willian stays, our LWs will be Buendia, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Willian, Nelson, Pepe and Saka.

        And our CAMs will be Buendia, Smith-Rowe, Willian, Nelson and Saka. Cottrell, Patino and Hutchinson can also be included

        Martinelli didn’t show good hold-up and link-up abilities when playing as CF, but maybe he needs to start as a CF in more games. Smith-Rowe showed better link-up play as a CF in Villareal and hopefully he’ll get another chance to play that role

    1. No he wouldn’t, he plays on the right wing, yet Gabi and Rowe play on the left wing. Maybe pepe and saka would be affected but since he uses both feet, he might as well play as a central attacking midfielder.

      1. I believe Buendia’s main position in Norwich is CAM. His stature is also similar to Willian, so I don’t think he has the pace to get to the byline on the right wing

        However, on the left wing, he doesn’t have to race with the opposition’s fullback and he can cut inside like Sanchez. We’ve already got many attackers like Buendia, as mentioned in my reply to @Kedar above 👆

        1. To my knowledge he usually plays right mid/wing for Norwich. Definitely looks like more of a playmaking winger who cuts inside rather than one who goes for the by line.
          Willian probably is the most similar in playing style we have currently but there’s a massive gulf in intensity. I do think buendia could improve the squad massively – as I’ve said before, would not be shocked at all to see him end up playing CM in Xhakas position, but he would be more like Cazorla or Fabregas, which could seriously improved us all round.

          1. Willian just started as LW and CAM in very few matches. I bet we’ll see the better version of him next season, if he’s assigned to left wing or CAM positions more often

          2. Is there a chance he’s leaving? It could be that he plays better next year if not. I think Chelsea fans always saw him as a bit inconsistent but it’s really surprised me how bad he’s been – he used to have more of a burst of speed to beat the first man before a cross/pass/shot, but he seemed to be lacking that this year.

    2. The idea of buying Buendia is about upgrading the quality of the midfield with good players increasing our chances of getting into the top 4 and subsequently winning major trophies. This will enable the team to rotate with quality players and also play different systems. Look at Man City and Chelsea midfield; even if we get Buendia and possibly Bissouma our quality in the middle will still not be up with them.
      Remember our title winning midfield in 2003( Patrick viera, Ray Palour, Gilberto Silver, Edu, Frederick Ljunberg, Denis Berkamp, Kanu, Robert Pires and even LE Mayer can play their).Most importantly let’s allow ESR and martenelli to develop at their pace so that we won’t have another case of Wilshere in our hands.

      1. Buendia could be good in EPL, but our own CAMs could also thrive next season

        I think Arsenal are unwilling to gamble, hence their bid for Buendia. I just wish they’ll look into other options before purchasing another right-footed CAM

    3. Whats your obsession with left footed players? Buendia is much better than odegard and even cheaper.. Odegaard can go back to madrid and no regrets there

      1. Having different player types is crucial for positional based tactics and we’ve already got too many attackers like Buendia, as mentioned in my reply to @Kedar above 👆

        1. if we buy buendia then i see xhaka staying cos we cant be losing a left in midfield. I hope we get bissouma though

          1. True. We shouldn’t have three right-footed central midfielders in a double-pivot formation, unless we play with 4-3-3 like Liverpool

        2. You say we got so many attackers like buendia but then recommend signing odegaard? What are you smoking man? I want some of that

          1. The only left-footed CAM in the first team is Saka, who played better as an RW. We won’t need Odegaard if we promote Cottrell, Patino or Hutchinson

  2. Gotanidea
    Buendia is better than Odegaard and can operate at LW

    Arteta is so crazy about Odegaard who offers little moving forward. He lacks the ability to dribble to breakdown tight defence. He slows down play and is scarce with goals.

    The reason why Arteta should be sacked is his preference for older players who offers nothing. Despite Auba’s poor form he continued to bench Martinelli. Until recently he preferred playing Willian to Pepe.

    Arteta must go along with Edu who also knows nothing about players in Europe and Africa. Edu if not sacked will pack Arsenal with only retired Brazilian players

    1. Concerning odegaard I hope arteta must change his mind because when you compare buendia and odegaard hope buendia understand EPL very well so let arteta land on singing buendia in these summer for next season squad changes

    2. If you think Arteta is Obsessed with Ode why is Arsenal not breaking the bank to make him return or why didn’t we offer him loan instead of a straight buy. As far as I can see Arteta has always been interested in Buenda but because Norwich wouldn’t sell we have to get a temporary option in Ode

    3. If Buendia comes and Willian stays, our LWs will be Buendia, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Willian, Nelson, Pepe and Saka. Too many for the squad balance and we’d better use the quota for the player types we don’t have

      Odegaard might seem to offer nothing in the final third, but he’s essential in diagonal passing to the left wing after an overload

  3. I would like Buendia as do most Gooners BUT in this Covid age of deflated prices, Id not go above the reported £35 mill, take it or leaveit. There are other players out there at better value for that sum IMO.

    WISER FANS REALISE WE HAVE TO FACTOR IN THAT OUR OWNER IS KROENKE , NOT ABRAMOVITCH OR THE SHEIKH. Were either of those our owners, I’d say bid whatever it takes to land Buendia. KROENKE is the cross we constantly have to bear!

  4. Word is that Norwich City have bought out Getafe’s 20% interest for £1,million, thus Norwich City has full ownership of Emi Buendia.
    Personally, I believe Yve Bissouma from Brighton & Hove Albion should be a higher priority for Arsenal; however I will be pleased if Arsenal sign both. In the case of Bissouma, Brighton may be interested in Nheketia as part payment, given their need for a goal scorer.

  5. Is he a top priority now? We need steel in the middle! Bissouma + Lakongo or Locatelli for 60M is a bargain. We could even get the three. Offload Lucas, Willian, Guendouzi, the Egyptian and Willock and save some massive wage overlays before talking about an AM. Do not sell Xhaka UNLESS we are getting a PROVEN and FAR BETTER replacement.

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