Arda Turan’s little dig at Arsenal….

Barcelona’s Arda Turan has taken a side-swipe at Arsenal, by claiming he thought he would end up at the Emirates, if he had not turned out good enough to pay for the Blaugrano.

The Turkish international joined the Catalan club last summer, but had to wait until January of this year before being registered to play, due to the transfer ban Barcelona were under. Turan has since started in eight La Liga matches for his new side, but was only used as a late substitution against Arsenal in the recent Champions League encounter.

The midfielder has now moved to claim he thought he would have joined Arsenal in his career, had he not been classy enough for Barcelona.

The former Atletico Madrid star said: ‘I felt that I would sign for Barca.

‘In all honesty I used to think, “If I play very well I will end up signing for Barca, because my style fits into this team.

”If I play well, I will end up at Arsenal’.

‘Because of my style with the ball, playing simple, short, aggressively when needs be, but above all with high quality, I knew that I could make it at Barcelona.’

Turan was recently linked with being offered to Arsenal as part of a swap deal in order to land Mesut Ozil, but following his recent comments, that deal seems to have even less realism in it. It was a nice compliment for Barcelona to be linked with one of our top players, but obviously we don’t believe there is any real chance of a deal happening. Turan is not the type of player I ever imagined playing for our club anyway despite his impressive time with Atletico Madrid in the last few years…..

Do we even care what the midfielder thinks?

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  1. Did I miss anything from the article? If anything, he said Arsenal is only second to Barcelona. Not sure how is this a dig at Arsenal but hey, by al means go right ahead with your title.

    1. Other media is trying to put this like it was an insult. Only deluded fans fail to see that Barca is a bigger and more attractive club than Arsenal, unless you’re a very injury prone player…

  2. Our failure to win the title for more than a decade give the right to any player to consider us an average team
    If you want everyone to tell you are really good you must prove it not by worda but by titles

    1. You know, there are some words under the big red letters making the titles. You should read those as well. It enriches your vocabulary and your life in general. Give it a try.

      1. Budd it surprises me that day after day you personally insult people and you still get to post without a ban, you must be well connected @JustArsenal

        well i’m giving you a straight “RED”

        1. Pray tell what insults you see in my post. I am really curious. You can’t just use the word “insult” as a wildcard whenever you have absolutely nothing to say. Is just like “deluded” here. Whenever people want to actually insult you they call you deluded here because they think is a bad word. Well, let me tell you as well, it isn’t. It is like illusion. Same thing as religion. If you think that you insult anyone telling them they are deluded, well you are wrong again.
          Anyway, enough with the free lessons for today. Here’s some homework for you, spot the insult in my post. You can win the remaining chocolate eggs I have from the Easter and you will have a great shot at the great prize : a ticket at the Emirates. It is not for a game I must say, is just the stadium tour but nevertheless, it is something.

          1. your right i made a mistake, I don’t think anything i will say or explain will ever get me the Easter egg chocolates,

            1. Make an effort. Don’t just quit now when there’s still a glimmer of hope. After all this is what we want from our Arsenal in the last 8 games. Let’s lead by example.

              1. OK,
                why don’t you help me Budd as you pointed out if i’m close and for you to say or admit there is “hope” that means you agree YES

                Check Mate and where can i collect the tour and the half eaten chocolates

                1. It is called homework because you actually have to do it. No free cookies. As an Arsenal supporter you should be used already with this. Don’t be like that pigeon thinking he wins the game when he yells “check mate”. It is not the point of the game, seriously. Not sure who told you otherwise but I am sure you paid for nothing. Anyway, enough off topic.

            1. Oh, there’s a long story to that. I usually repeat it once a month when I have something to drink next to me. I do hope you are not one of those person judging a book by its cover. Not like you are not allowed to do it, by all means.

  3. I do not see this as a dig at Arsenal. All he is saying is that his style of play suits barcelona and arsenal. If he has enough ability he would prefer to play for Barcelona, no surprise there.

    Main issue for a Barcelona player is if they are not a regular first team choice, then they may wish to move (or regret moving to barcelona, no names mentioned).

    1. He played 13 minutes this year in UCL 🙂 But it is for Barcelona. Hopefully for him he will have another shot along the way.

  4. LOL…the way Arsenal fans react though.. what player would choose Arsenal over barca if not lazy players who just want the money alone? Barca is arguably the best team on the planet and then some of you expect players to say no to their offer? I can bet even Sanchez still cherishes his memory of barca because of what he achieved there… I can bet Ozil in his mind would wish to play for Barca even if he doesn’t admit to it. Be realistic with the way we’ve been performing Turan wont regret his decision. its a free world…let the man voice his feelings

  5. I can see the little dig he took, he says basically to play for Baca you need to play very well whereas to play for Arsenal you just need to play well. He may have a point here because we all know Barca are on a different planet, but why didn’t he mention Atletico Juventus Dortmund or whoever else was chasing him along with ourselves. Unless it’s like Budd says and he basically means that he would have chosen Arsenal if it wasn’t for Barca, but I think he knew what he was saying and he was calling us a safety net for if things went a little array on the pitch.

  6. Forget about Arda Turan pls, but Welbeck MUST be careful in the way he played for England against the Netherlands if Roy Hudgson selects him to start or play in that match.

    I watched Welbeck game for England away to Germany. And I saw how Welbeck was over exerting himself in that match as he threw his legs into the marking of the Germany defenders to impress Roy Hudgson. But at the expense of risking an injury that could be a serious setback for Arsenal in their remaining 8 BPL games campaign for this season.

    Has Welbeck forgotten Arsenal are still in the title race despite the breath taking form of Vardy and Harry Kane which has make Leicester and Spurs to be temporarily ahead of Arsenal in the BPL table?

    I think what is important for Welbeck to do as he leads the line for Arsenal against Watford is to try and be finishing his goals scoring attempts clinically in the way Kane & Vardy finished off Germany in that competitive friendly match.

  7. i read this from the daily mail, assuming is as bad as not tuning in; subjected, to a quote left for your interpretation. he was purchased in the summer and Barcelona could not use him until January. the two dates one of them being closer to this summer transfer period is more about a story to write to which speculation rules all.

  8. It’s funny how Barcelona want to swap 3 of their player’s for one of ours!
    And Arda was included in that.

    Yes, maybe the media have blown his comment out of proportion, but he could have been a bit more tactful with his words!

    At the end of the day, Barcelona have bought more player’s from Arsenal fc than any other club!


    was there anymore?

    1. The only 3 players we will accept for Ozil are:

      Messi , Neymar and Suarez anything less is not happening…….oh wait WENGER and KROENKE will do what they do best Cash in…..darn we are screwed

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