Small clubs take another blow as FA take away Cup replays

My first thoughts on hearing replays will be banned in the FA Cup next season was at least there will be more upsets. Have you ever seen an underdog battle to a draw with say Liverpool but deep-down think, ‘Well I know Liverpool will just smash them at Anfield’?

While you can catch any team on an off day, it’s rare for it to happen twice. So, a lower League side has more of a chance if the tie has to be settled on the day, compared to the favourites getting a second chance to start afresh.

It will most likely entice more TV viewers, as a fan is more likely to invest their time in a game if they know it goes to extra time and penalties, increasing the chance of seeing a shock.

That of course is not why the FA have done this. This is the latest thing to change so players can get more rest. Every year there seems to be something new and it’s horrible that a generation of supporters will grow up listening to the likes of Klopp how professional athletes can’t play 3 games a week.

Did he win the title because he sacrificed the League and FA Cup?

I still wait for any evidence that shows winning one competition costs you another. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have the best clubs constantly winning Doubles and Trebles.

While the official line is it’s due to the pandemic and the sport trying to catch up with itself by removing some dates, what’s the bet that this isn’t a one-off?

Still I don’t have an opinion either way. I don’t want replays to go but I also won’t lose any sleep over it. That’s because I’m in a privileged position in terms of who I support.

Yet something tells me Fans Of League One and Two outfits, and particularly their owners, might feel stronger about it. Many rely on the FA Cup for income. I have read stories that earning a replay at Old Trafford, etc paid wages for a year or improved facilities.

I’m therefore shocked that they have not been compensated in any way. Even if you seeded the third round which guaranteed everyone some sort of pay day.

I can’t help see the irony that at a time where the EFL are asking for help to survive, where chairmen are giving interviews explaining how the loss of match day revenue has left them broke, we decide this should be the year we take away replays.

If your Man City’s and Chelsea’s need a break. If everyone wants to reduce fixtures, why don’t our leading clubs write to UEFA and suggest we keep the Champions League and Europa League under the current format?

Once you get out of your group, everyone goes abroad for a mini tournament. It’s not like this week hasn’t been enjoyable without the need for the away goal rule. That frees up 3 midweeks.

Of course, we can’t upset sponsors and plus UEFA and clubs want as much match day and TV income as possible.
Who needs more money do you think? UEFA or the EFL?

Who’s being sacrificed? UEFA or the EFL?

The rich are looking after the rich and letting the poor rot. This leaves a poor taste in my mouth

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Dan Smith


  1. Like I said before,with all these changes to give the players a rest,I still don’t understand why clubs have voted against prolonging the 5 substitutions, with so much football played after the restart,short summer break,no winter break and more games in European competitions,it doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Dan, you are so right. Unfortunately football is following the new right philosophy of dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. The rich get richer and the poor poorer. In the lower divisions a good cup run can be pivotal to a Club’s financial welfare, if not survival. The extra gate from an away game/replay at a big club’s ground can be a life saver.

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