Smile Rowe is keen for Ozil to train him to be his replacement

The 19 year-old giant Emile Smith Rowe was very impressive when given a few chances in the Arsenal first team early next season, and was sent out on loan to Huddersfield Town after the Gunners were eliminated from the League Cup and the Europa League.

Since then he has made 10 appearances for the Terriers under Danny Cowley, and is looking forward to helping them to survival in the Championship when it resumes next week. He has been talking to The National about his time on loan in the lower league. “It is very physical,” he said. “It was definitely a surprise to me when I first came. We played Brentford in my first game. I found it really tough and it is a physical league but at the same time there are still a lot of technical players.”

At 6feet tall, he is learning to mix it with the big boys, but he is keen to make his mark in the No 10 role like Mesut Ozil, and many other Arsenal legends. “I like to be versatile and I can also play in other positions,” he continued. “But I probably would say I do enjoy playing in the No. 10 position the most.”

“At Arsenal, I look up to Mesut Ozil a lot,” he said. “I watch him in training and the movement he has and the little touches he does. For me to train with him every day, I can’t think of anything better.”

“My dream was always to play for Arsenal,”

“I used to watch Thierry Henry a lot. Dennis Bergkamp was definitely a player I always looked up to. We play in a similar position. Freddie Ljungberg was there and he is working at Arsenal now, helping all the young players.”

“In that era when [Lionel] Messi, [Andres] Iniesta and Xavi were in the Barcelona team, I used to watch almost every game with my dad. Since Kevin de Bruyne joined [Manchester] City, I like to base my game around him. I look up to him so much. I just like the way he plays and everything he does.”

Well, he has certainly named a lot of people that he looks up to, and if he can become half the player of any of them he will become a massive asset for the Gunners. Considering he is still not 20, he is certainly on the right trajectory…


  1. Maybe he is the one to take the CAM role. One season working and learning under Ozil, in his last season at Arsenal will do him no harm at all.

    Hope he does well in last few games at Huddersfield. Be keeping an eye

  2. I think that could actually do a lot of harm. ESR would be learning off a player in the worst form of his life, and it isn’t temporary. Ozil has been very poor for around 3 years now, and he’ll only get worse.

    Ozil has a terrible attitude on the pitch, poor team player, doesn’t assist, doesn’t score, and just does the absolute bare minimum game after game. No intensity either. I wouldn’t want youngsters learning off a player like that.

    One of our major problems for years has been mentality, typified by the likes of Ozil.

  3. TMJ
    You are so negative
    Such a turn off
    You never have one thing positive to say about either our team or our manager
    Absolutely disgusting mate.

    1. @Jah son

      You’re factually wrong. I do make positive comments, it’s just that many of my comments are perceived to be negative, whereas in fact they are just steeped in reality. It’s been very tough to find any positives when looking at Arsenal for years now. That said, I have been upbeat about Arteta, and how the new regime are rebuilding the mess they inherited.

      As you have proven, this is a constant problem for many fans. They hated to hear the truth about Wenger, and now they hate to hear the truth about Ozil.

      So what is it that you don’t agree with me about Ozil? I haven’t made anything up, or spun the truth about him.

      1. The only thing you talk positive about is bloody Emery ,and he was the worse mistake this club as ever seen .
        Which makes it even more weird when you constantly slag off Wenger .
        I get you you don’t like Ozil blah blah blah , but you saying Smith Rowe would not learn off him is absolute bull rap even coming from you.

        1. @Dan kit

          Yet more lies! I have made many positive, and negative comments about Emery. In fact, I have said many times, that he should have been sacked earlier. You need to apologize, or back up your wild claims with factual evidence.

          In regards to Ozil, let me put this to you. You own a business, and you have a promising young apprentice/employee join, and you need one of your experienced employees to mentor this young kid. Would you use one of your worst employees for this task? An employee who is seemingly disinterested in his work, struggles to even perform basic tasks in the work environment, and who is leaving in the very near future anyway. How would that benefit the business, and the young apprentice/employee?

          1. “Wild claims “haha it’s just a comment regarding your demeanour on here Your posts and comments are the most negative I’ve read on here ,and I stick by what I wrote ,I’m not going to go through old posts to back up my claim ,I did that before and you called me childish .
            I’ve never once seen you write a negative comment about Emery but mention Wengers name and we can’t shut you up on how bad he was .
            And if you think no young player would learn a thing or two off Ozil you have no clue about football .

          2. @Dan kit

            I have called you childish on here before because you act like one. You went through a period of constantly attacking anything I said, and never backing up what you say with any facts (like you’ve just done yet again) and it looks like your back to your old tricks again!

            And of course Wenger is going to get far more criticism than Emery! Do you even know what’s happened to our club over the last 15 years? Wenger, along with Gazidis, brought this club to its knee’s! Even though it ended badly for Emery, he wasn’t here anywhere near long enough to cause chronic and institutional problems like Wenger did. You seemed to have forgotten that it was Emery that inherited these problems, he didn’t create them.

            Learn your Arsenal history!

  4. First of all Ozil is one of the best #10 to play football. And I would suggest Smith-Rowe go as far as watching clips of oldies if he likes the #10 role. But the thing is
    Q. Who should Smith-Rowe learn from when did this person play and what have this person done that Mesut’ haven’t done.

    1. I am truly shocked that you have just said that Ozil is one of the best number 10’s to play football. I honestly have no comeback to that. Astonishing thing to say.

  5. There is so much that Smith-Rowe could learn from Mesut’
    That silent touch
    Weight on a pass
    How to orchestrate a counter
    Bringing fullbacks into play
    Why is it that you TMJW think that it’s only the lazy side of ozil’s game Smith-Rowe will learn. Because apart from ozil not tracking back he’s an absolute genius at what he does. Just ask any other player.

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