Smith-Rowe follows Nelson to Bundesliga in hope of regular action

Arsenal have agreed a deal with RB Leipzig to allow Emile Smith-Rowe to play for the Bundesliga side until the end of the season.

The midfielder is yet to taste any Premier League football, despite making the 17-man matchday squad on three occasions, but has been in-and-around the first team since the beginning of the campaign.

ESR did manage to pick up his senior Arsenal debut this season however, coming off the bench in the Europa League back in September, before following that up with five more appearances in the League Cup and EL, where he managed to notch up three goals.

Despite his impressive performances in those outings, he has had to settle for minor minutes for the first team, and he has now been promised more regular action out on loan.

Smith-Rowe will be hoping to emulate fellow England youth international counterparts Reiss Nelson and Jadon Sancho, both of which are currently impressing in the same league.

Denis Suarez agreed a deal to join Arsenal in a similar deal this week, where he will play on loan for the remainder of the campaign, and his arrival may well have been the final coffin for Smith-Rowe who had hoped he was knocking on the door for action.

Leipzig are said to have been admirers for the Young Gunner for some time, and will be pleased to get a closer look at the 18 year-old, who is tipped to have a bright future in the game.

Arsenal may need to be careful next season when both him and Nelson return from their scheduled loan deals, as they will not take returning to limited roles lightly if they finish the season well..

Could Rowe have helped our first team out this term? Should Nelson be the man challenging for a role instead of chasing Carrasco, Nkunku or Perisic?

Pat J

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  1. Nelson and Smith Rowe are both good enough to make an impression in the Premier League.They are the type of young talented , quick attacking players we need to play in wide areas where we have seen Mik and Iwobi used without being entirely effective .Managers really must start trusting in these youngsters who are our future.In the case of Arsenal , a major Club which is currently strapped for cash, all the more reason to give these guys a chance.In my view the one player who has exceeded my expectations this season is Guendouzi, aged 19.I rest my case.

    1. From an interview I read with ESR he spoke about how good unai has been for his development. One key factor being the one on one sessions he has created for him.
      The one hurdle ESR has, that he himself noted was the self belief factor. He always spoke about being a shy lad. His first trial at AFC he missed because he was so nervous he became physically sick (afc were nice enough to let him come when he was ready).

      So I am hoping this loan deal is a final step to overcome (or partly overcome) his barrier of confidence by being in a foreign environment and just focusing on football.

      I’m expecting, and looking forward to Nelson and ESR being an integral part of our squad next year. Top players with a bright future…Hopefully with us.

      1. An interesting comment from Tom, about lacking self confidence. I give public talks on many subjects and it is obvious how many of todays “super smart” kids lack any real self confidence once the veneer of “coolness” is peeled away. In part this is directly down to so many of todays youngsters having been pampered as very young kids and kept away from real life problems. Thus, when they encounter the horrors to be found on the internet, self harm sites and suchlike, they are unequipped to deal with anything outside their own direct experience. Being super clued up -as so many are, in theory – and being ABLE to cope with seeing things they have never personally had to endure (thank God) are opposite extremes. In part, this is precisely WHY as a man who grew up in the 1950’s and regularly had the slipper at school, even for as little as dirty P. E. kit, I and most of my generation are much tougher mentally and all the healthier and more down to earth for it. I do not expect many younger fans to agree with me though, as they have not experienced what my generation commonly went through. Young society today is far less tough and you see it clearly with such as Ozil who would have been drummed out of top football for laziness as recently as George Grahams era. Indeed, he had an Ozil equivalent in Charlie Nicholas and fell out with him, thinking him a “big time Charlie.” Geoerge was himself as tough as old boots being born in Glasgow in the war years. He was down to earth and a hard task master , though he was far from perfect as a human being even so. So many now make excuses for lack of physical toughness and prefer to stress great artistic ability. as if that is ENOUGH. It NEVER HAS BEEN. This post though is NOT about Ozil but about how relatively mentally immature that so many teens and twenties regretfully are. Football at top pro level soon sorts the men from the boys. I offer Milner and Balotelli as evidence of opposite extremes. I would not touch Balo with a bargepole but give me a team full of Milner types all day long!

        1. Jon-George Graham was one of the laziest players ever to wear an Arsenal shirt.I can recall countless times he would come off the pitch without a dirt mark on himself and his kit.His nickname -Stroller-was So apt.He literally strolled around the pitch.But a good player nonetheless.
          But I have to say your continued fixation on Mesut Ozil is sort of condridictory as well as misleading.So it was ok for George Graham to “Stroll”around the pitch but not Ozil.Yes That is without doubt confusing.I know we are talking about different era’s but you can’t have it both ways.
          And with Ozil being accused is”stealing” the Clubs money with his wages being what they are,let’s not forget George Graham was actually sacked for accepting over £400k in cash bribes from a football agent.And £400k in 1995 was a lot of money.That made him a thief In most people’s minds.Ozil is certainly not that.

          1. Phil You confuse two totally different things and that is pointless. All we oldies know how lazy Stroller was as a player but I referred only to him as our manager. This post was never intended as a defence of George Graham , ESP SINCE HE STOLE FROM OUR CLUB. But that is beside MY point!. He had a mere fraction of Ozils natual talent but that too is irrelevant to my point. Phil, you and I will have to disagree on OZIL- it IS allowed btw! My long term stance is firmly against all players who do not give their utmost. I READ ALL YOUR POSTS WHICH TRY TO CLAIM Ozil does work hard and say you are fooling yourself. Ask yourself WHY so many fans write the same as I do about him! He IS lazy and that is not good enough, esp with that obscene salary but not good enough even without it either. Lazy players in ANY team sport are poison to team spirit and effectiveness. I do agree with you over his immense ability BUT that makes his laziness all the more dreadful, IMO. IMAGINE A LAZY 4 BY 440 RUNNER. IMAGINE THE TEAM ROWS! Lazy players are cheating the club you, I AND MILLIONS LOVE. SIMPLE AS THAT. I am sure he will be gone by next season , even if we have to stump up a portion of his obscene unearned salary to oust him. We should all support the club and team above ANY player , if we are true Arsenal fans. It is clear that Emery will never indulge him as WENGER SHAMEFULLY DID.

      2. Clever observation Tom, about a stint abroad possibly building up some confidence. I didn’t realize Emile was lacking here, you wouldn’t know it to see a ball at his feet.

  2. It’s been reported that Leipzig even made a loan bid in the summer but Unai wanted him to stay.I hope he gets more chances because the Leipzig has a good squad.
    What I don’t get is why Nketiah loan deal was not allowed go through after Perisic/Carrasco deals fell through considering they were not strikers.I pray he’s tested in EPL rather than another league though.There should surely be an EPL club that is interested in taking him on loan next season.

  3. Really good move, and they like giving youth a chance in Germany. Hopefully he’ll get game time, and this will speed up his progress.

  4. I want ESR in arsenal squad come next season. I love the way he moves with the ball. He has potentials. I pray he gets a good playing time in Leipzig

  5. Look at all the stick arsenal and unai got for being up front and saying we can only do loan deals. It seems so typical for the media to come at arsenal. Even on talksport yesterday ex palace chairman was joining the bandwagon of ‘arsenal have no money…’ without actually understanding having no money is Spurs who spent £0.00p yet don’t get any stick

    But it’s too easy to attack arsenal because it’s the in thing to do and fans happily go along with it too and chat shows like AFCTV or whatever they are called now just continue the mayhem…. we are the most un-united fans within the top 6 clubs yet United haven’t won the league since fergie. Liverpool 29 years without, spurs just haven’t…

    But a holistic view of the market shows us that..
    Higuin loan deal
    Morata loan deal
    Batsyu loan deal
    Clyne loan deal
    Defoe loan deal
    Kevin-Prince Boateng loan deal….

    Last year 37 of 178 transfer of players leaving our league were permanent. Most clubs have spent their half season paying wages for players who are not playing. Loaning in January is fundamental. Buying in January is normally a pre agreed plan. De jong to Barca wasn’t a 2 day event. That was set up a season ago.

    We have a new manager. His work is now. Summer could be interesting.

    For now, welcome Saurez and bring on city. I expect a performance and let the result take care of itself!


    1. Very good rant I thought! Haha!

      I love the fact that, unlike the previous regime, Emery was upfront and honest with us. It was a refreshing change from the constant rhetoric from Wenger and Gazidis. It took a lot of pressure off Emery, and fans in my opinion. By this time, we’d usually be in meltdown, but because Emery told us early what the deal was, it cushioned the blow.

      Like you say, January is a very tough month…even IF you have money to spend. Suddenly the market is a lot smaller when you can only do loans, and there’s no CL football to entice players. I’m sure we’ll see some major rebuilding in the summer…I hope!

      1. Tom, thank you very much for your well presented post.
        I have found so many recent posts and comments on this site so negative, I have felt like not bothering to be involved any more.

        1. Well said Ozzie, i have felt the same for a long time and only check the site from time to time now. Admin would do well to let JF know this site is not his and others to spout their negative views about Arsenal, their players or ex managers.
          I note Phil don’t comment often these days, shame because i respected his comments.


          1. Billy, What a spiteful post . Can you show me the evidence you have gathered , where I say this site is mine? It is the stupidest and most offensive claim I have seen on here. And as you are well aware , it is also a grossly offensive LIE! You may be comfortable with spreading lies for all I know but I ALWAYS write only the truth, as I see it. No one forces you or anyone else to agre with me. Equally no one, esp a littl wet behind the ears school kid will prevent my democratic opinion being heard. If you cannot cope with that , sonny, I suggest you shield your delicate eyes from my searing truths.

            1. jon fox I was not referring to you. My complaint is more to do with Arsenal currently in fourth place, with a better point score than last season, despite a terrible injury toll, yet the coach Unai Emery in his first season in the job and the players are constantly criticized.
              I’m very much a glass half full type of person having followed the Arsenal through good times and bad over 57 years. I am disappointed that so many on here lately make no constructive, but only negative comments; they see the problems all of us see (Kroenke), but offer no solutions. I just want people to get behind the club, coach and players and see what the season brings.

              1. Ozzie I never thought your post was intended for me. In fact I had not even read it till this very moment. My reply was to Billy only and to his offensive suggestion to me.

    2. The best rant I have read and I hope that sinks in. My thought exactly since everybody and the moronic explayers like Nicolas had being throwing shades at us for only want to do a loan deal. No remember spurs like you said hadn’t spend a penny this transfer window. Even goal called us a loser because we declared we don’t have money to spend and got Suarez on loan. Our club is the easy target and she is helping building careers of nitwit and frivolous journalists and pundits. Just write and say a lie about Arsenal and you are up there.

    3. Interesting that you describe this totally truthful and to the point post as a “rant”. I realise of course that you are being self deprecatory and this is wise but you are an intelligent and aware person whose posts I have come to relish. Stating the truth , unequivocally, is never a “rant”, at least not to us who always speak plainly and to the point. It could better be described as honesty! Personally I find Emerys public honesty a breath of fresh air after the sly years of Gazidis and a complicit Wenger.

  6. We really needed defenders, I’ve got all my fingers crossed that we make it into the CL but the lack of defenders doesn’t really ensue confidence. Nonetheless arsenal through and through and welcome to Denis Suarez

    1. Malik, please name the defenders of the quality required by Arsenal available in this transfer window for sale, let alone loan?
      Arsenal has some real talent in the U23’s and U18’s, who are doing well in their respective competitions. Hopefully they can be given opportunities.

  7. This summer could, should, will be a bloodbath. We have 13 players that are leaving and/or should be sold.
    Cech,Jenkinson,Monreal,Lichtsteiner,Koscielny,Mustafi,Ramsey,Elneny,Ozil,Mhkitarian,Welbeck, Ospina and Asano.
    This should free up over 1.2M from the wage bill and hopefully net about 80M in sales.
    Reports say that we should have about 70-80M to spend if we make it to the CL. So hopefully we are looking at closer to 150M, and a nice big gap in our wage bill.
    A top CB, an LB, a midfielder and a winger is all we need.
    We will have to promote our quality youth to the 1st team and we are good to go.
    I would rather see Nelson, AMN, Willock, Saka, Nketiah, ESR playing then get Perisic for 35M at the age of 30.
    We have Holding, Mavros and Sokratis at CB so we need one top guy in there.
    A good winger like Pepe with Nelson, Iwobi, Saka, ESR should be enough for our wing play.
    An attacking midfielder and a Left Back and we are good to go.
    And every window from then on we can just concentrate on one maybe two areas of the team that is not working as well as we want or players that are getting old.
    We need one good sweep. I think Unai has it in him to do that.

    1. Why Perisic at 30, when we have ours eye or had been linked with younger wingers like, Pepe, Under, Sarr,and Carrasco. Secondly, will you and others fans be patient with those youngsters if they don’t give us cl and epl trophy that do many crave for. If everyone is ready to make that sacrifice and not throw their sanity into the bin 6 months into that project I’m in.

  8. Great post JB!

    I’ve mentioned in a few other threads if
    Raul, Emery and Co. are able to move on the
    players you’ve mentioned for a decent sum
    and Kroenke offers up a similar transfer kitty
    to last summer Arsenal should have no trouble
    signing any of the following players:

    Eric Bailly
    Jonathen Tah
    A. Landing
    Dayot Upamecano
    Junior Fripo

    Pablo Fornals
    David Brooks
    James Rodriguez

    Hirving Lozano
    Nicolas Pepe
    Leon Bailey
    Yannick Carasco
    Ismalia Sarr

    Franck Kessie
    Amadou Diawara
    Tanguay Ndombele

    Djibril Sidibe
    Kevin Malcuit
    Eder Militao

    Keylar Navas
    Albon Lafont

  9. Someone here said that their mate supporting Fulham, said that Chambers has been outstanding as a CM. I looked at his stats there and the stats would support that claim! 2.2 tackles and 2.7 interceptions per match is very impressive. In fact, he’s 3rd in the whole league in terms of interceptions. He could have a great shot at CM spot, replacing Elneny in the summer.

    Cech RETIRING 100k
    Welbeck LEAVING 70k
    Ramsey LEAVING 110k
    Lichsteiner LEAVING 90k
    Koscielny/Mustafi SOLD 90k
    Özil SOLD 300k
    Elneny SOLD 60k
    Jenkinson SOLD 40k

    These are the players leaving and hopefully being sold. So we will have +850k a week freed up.

    Bring in:
    T Hazard, LW, 26. Statistically best player in Bundesliga, 1 year left in his contract – £30m

    Nicolas Pepe, RW, 24. Highest scoring winger in Ligue 1. Now on 15 goals + 9 assists. Last season scored 13. 3.4 shots per game, 1.8 key passes, 2.2 dribbles – £50m

    Willi Orban, CB, 26. One of the best centre backs in Bundesliga. Has gone under the radar because Leipzig rotates so much but he has performed consistenly for them, for few years now. £15m should do it.

    Max Aarons, RB, 19. Young RB from Norwich has been very promising this season and we are also linked with him. Should bring him in to be understudy for Bellerin. Maybe even taking over from him soon. £10-15m. Enock Kwateng of Nantes is also an interesting option, he’s free in the summer.

    Emil Audero, GK, 22. I’m not sure about this position, I really don’t know which goalies are performing well at the moment but we were linked with Audero. I don’t think he has future with Juventus so unless Sampdoria gets him first, we could take a look at him. Cost probably around £10m.

    Cech -> Audero
    Lichsteiner and Jenkinson -> Aarons/Kwateng
    Mustafi/Koscielny -> Orban
    Elneny -> Chambers
    Özil -> T Hazard
    Welbeck -> Pepe and Nelson
    Ramsey -> Smith Rowe

    GK Leno, Audero
    RB Bellerin, Aarons
    CB Koscielny, Sokratis, Mavropanos, Holding, Orban
    LB Kolasinac, Monreal
    CDM Torreira, Guendouzi
    CM/RM/LM Chambers, Xhaka, AMN, Smith-Rowe
    RW Pepe, Nelson
    LW Hazard, Iwobi
    CAM Mkhitaryan
    ST Aubameyang, Lacazette (+ Nketiah)

    That’s not so much spent after sales and the wage bill will be a lot lighter.

    1. I wouldn’t be opposed to any of the players
      you’ve mentioned being moved on in the
      summer and seriously think Miki and Xhaka
      might be included in that pack as well. If
      Arsenal decide to make serious enquiries
      for a new CAM like Fornals, Ceballos, Fekir, or feature Suarez there and he impresses than
      the Armenians days are probably numbered.
      WTS I would love to see Henrik recapture his
      8form of a few years ago at Dortmund when
      he was the best CAM in all of Europe. Xhaka
      has shown in his three years @ AFC that he
      simply brings nothing consistently to the pitch
      and imo should be replaced with a Doucoure,
      Kessie, Diawara type that can physically,
      technically and athletically dominate the middle
      of the pitch.
      The majority of incoming players you’ve listed
      would immediately improve Arsenal, although
      I would prefer to see them add some experience
      at RB(Sidibe or Malcuit) and goalie(Navas) to
      compete with the likes of HB and Leno. Pretty
      sure Audero would cost Arsenal about the same
      chunk of change as Leno since Sampordia made
      his loan deal permanent this week. He is a
      fantastic young GK but considering the many
      areas Arsenal need to upgrade is such a
      financial allocation the right decision this

      My dream additions:
      Jonathen Tah….£35M and £100K in wages
      Hirving Lozano…£40M and £100K in wages
      Franck Kessie…£45M and £100K in wages
      Djibril Sidibe…£15M and £75K in wages
      Keylor Navas…£10M and £65K in wages

      Would cost AFC around £150M in transfer fees
      and £450K in wages. The sales of the players you’ve mentioned above: Ozil, Mustafi, El Neny, Jenkinson and adding Xhaka, in addition to the transfer kitty for this summer makes this
      financial investment more than affordable for
      the club. Heck just removing Ozil, Mustafi and Ramsey from the weekly books would cover
      these new wages. Such business by the club
      would see AFC for the first time in many, many
      years years drastically improve the quality of
      the product on the pitch and as well as
      successfully reducing the collective cost of
      it off the pitch

  10. Welcome Denis Suarez, the Spanish Aaron Ramsey.;)
    (He even looks like him)

    I wait for the summer and what small change AFC have available to spend with baited breath..

  11. Glad ESR has gone on loan, our fans are the harshest critics and the exposure of our club in the media is always negative which doesn’t suit young players. It’s not the sky sports pundits but the social media punditry and these young players grow up in an age where you can’t really escape it and aren’t raised to do without it as they use it for sponsorships ect.

    Getting out of the country and living a different life and experiencing a different culture is good for their development as no country plays the game in the same way.

  12. Three points towards the discussion:/

    1. If we don’t pay the going rate for players salaries, the wish list will carry on being just that.
    2. If we sell all the players listed, then don’t pay the going rate, not only have we reduced the squad with no replacements, but we will have to go for players whose abilities do not command top dollar.
    3. The deal for Suarez is brilliant. Try him out, see if he fits in at the club / PL and then make the decision.
    More of these deals please.

    Just an observation with regards to the media…once again we had lots of names being linked, but only the one signing.
    So it looks like another accusation aimed our clubs way under AW has been debunked.
    It wasn’t him that kept making the false promises of players we were interested in to keep the fans happy was it?
    Brilliant that UE let us know that only loan deals were available, but it didn’t stop the spread of numerous names being linked and talked about as possible signings did it?
    Only difference was they were all reported as loan deals…. what a farce!!

    1. The old leader of the Wenger fan club raises his name , unasked again! Yet when others do the same you ask why, Ken. Double standards ? Surely the real truth is that until ALL his players have left his mention will always be relevant. Too obvious a claim for some though!

      1. Jon, as you are aware, it was a footnote to my view’s regarding the amount of players etc being put forward.
        Shame you see me as a leader, as I don’t belong to anyone, nor do I need to mention others in support of my views.

        While you keep rehashing your incessant diatride about AW, I will keep calm and just point out as each one of your accusations against the man prove false and the misleading information unravels as each month passes.

        I also assume that, as you have not challenged the claim, you also agree?
        Good, at least it’s starting to sink in even with the dullards!

        1. Ken We will always have diametrically opposing views on Wengers last decade , save perhaps his final years where you , semingly, accept some of my criticisms. My post however was not about Wenger but about YOU. It was about the double standards , since you have often slaughtered me for mentioning him at all , saying he is no longer relevant. It seems that NOW you DO think he is still relevant enough to mention , as I have been maintaining all along. NEITHER OF US WILL CHANGE OUR MINDS . I REALISE THAT . DO YOU?

  13. Leno
    Maitland-Niles Holding Mavropanos Bellerin
    Guendouzi Torreira
    Saka ESR Nelson

    Reserves: Iwobi, Willock, Medley, Zelalem, Pleguezlo

    We have a very good future young team in the making, just need a few more quality youngsters to add to the squad. Hopefully we don’t lose anyone

  14. As virtually all deals done during the January window have been concluded on a loan basis,is there not a case for limiting this transfer period to loans or to do away with the window entirely?

      1. It can do harn if a club comes in and makes an offer for another teams important player(s) and unsettles them mid season.

  15. Clearing out all those players at once seems an attractive idea, but football’s a team game and that actually looks like ripping the heart out of the squad. I was really struck by the difference in the fans reaction to our ex players coming on against Chelsea and Man U. Ollie = singing his name all round the ground, Alexis = boos ringing out (not helped by the goal). For me that showed the difference between a player who played his heart out and didn’t really want to leave the club vs a sulky, technically highly accomplished player. Fans need to love their players and not just for their ability. So, with this in mind, why sell good squad players like Elneny and Jenks who happily sit on the bench and come on to run themselves into the ground when called on. We need the continuity of the Arsenal spirit which should (?) have been passed from player to player in a direct line from Pat Rice to Tony Adams to Lauren Koscielny. Rip the heart out of the dressing room and you risk losing that, and the love of the fans in the process.
    There, snow’s made me all phisolofical.

    1. But Elneny is NOT a ” good squad player” at all. Not unless you believe ,which I do NOT, THAT WAY SUB STANDARD PLAYERS MAKE “GOOD SQUAD PLAYERS”. Just as with Ozil, where I state that sublime talent without huge regular effort is next to useless, the polar opposite of both these, as shown by Elneny is ALSO next to useless. It may seem too simple for some to take on board but here is a revolutionary theory: Great teams are made up of top ability allied to top effort players. Each one without the other is next to useless. Jenks is slightly better than Elneny; no more than that!

      1. Agree John, El Neny seems to be a good chap
        and well liked in the dressing room but he
        doesn’t have a future at the club, much like
        Jenks. With Chambers shining in that role @
        Fulham and AMN’s flexibility to feature there
        Arsenal need to move the Egyptian along and
        add his transfer fee and £55K a week to the summer kitty. Arsenal can surely find another
        Torreria or Guendouzi that would walk to
        London to be on those weekly wages.

        1. Elneny is one of those players that if you want to see the game out, he’s an option. His positioning is his strongest attribute. One of the things people dislike about him, is also a reason for being chosen to try and see a game out …He doesn’t take risks, or he doesn’t like to take risks. You keep possession with him passing it, he doesn’t wander around too much, always tries to stay behind the ball and is rarely ever wrong side of his man. He doesn’t go to ground easily, will nearly always stay on his feet, that’s actually a good thing. He’s not a mess about player, very rigid. If you don’t rate any of that, well, you are you so it’s the right thing to do. I personally can see how some managers would have a use for this type of player, though us being us, Arsenal, we certainly should have some very high standards.

  16. I wish ESR all the best, he’ll do well in Germany I’m sure.

    Now off topic on to the lack of money for transfers.
    Firstly I’m delighted Emery cane our and told it like it is saying we’ve no money this window instead if the Wenger truth protects himself and can only point the finger at one man Kroenke who we all know is currently building a billion dollar stadium as we speak.
    I still don’t understand if he won’t invest his own money then why not loan it to Arsenal for a contracted period. It would allowed a defender and maybe Nkunku to come in this window.
    Ad k9ng ad this man is in charge then we should never hope for much.
    I’m even envious of the sides that have Asian investors who are massive fans of the club and game and invest freely when needed. Kroenke is just a venenous rodent!
    Gazidis also had a lot to answer for. I wonder if Emery knew he was going to Milan?

    On Denis Suarez I’m excited to see what he can bring and at keast it’s a new player to watch/follow.
    It is me or does he slightly resemble Ramsey?
    We need some creativity back into the mf to feed Laca and Auba . I can only dream of the days not so long ago when we had Ramsey, Jack, cazorla, rosicky and a firing ozil coupled with the hold up and lay off king giroud it seems we sold so many and not replaced adequately bot too mention Walcott and the ox.
    Oh to be an arsenal fan.
    Supporting Emery through and through though!!

    1. Wenger was only trying to turn a con into a pro. Instead of letting everyone know that we cannot make any improvements to the team, he used as a tool to build player confidence instead. He’d say we are always looking for special players but they’d have to be very special because my squad is so strong. Unfortunately, while it is a tactic that only the best type of generals could come up with (Sun Tzu art of war type s**t), the problem was that if goals aren’t met then it is a huge con against the manager. Wenger knew this, he weighed it up, the pros and cons – with different approaches and possible outcomes, and he lived with it. Remember, we’re speaking in hindsight. Wenger was pondering on how close could we get to our rivals, and would extra confidence make even a slight difference, after being told that large funds are not available.

      Anyway, it’s a different era, Emery will make mistakes, and we need to help him out as much as we can. At-least more people are aware of certain things not being in a managers hands, as much as some people might’ve imagined.

  17. @jonfox
    Spot on about ability and effort.
    An example was Willian for Chelsea the other night he tried s flick pass which didn’t come off so took responsibility and tracked the opposition player some 30 yards before outpacing them and making the tackle.that’s what fans want to see effort and ownership.

  18. It probably doesn’t bode too well for Willock and Bielik if we are looking to bring in another young player for CM, PSG lad. Guendouzi is a big part of our first team plans, as is Torriera, then after basically losing Ramsey we bring in Suarez. If I were one of those lads I’d start doing more press ups than the next guy, run longer or faster than the next guy, also be the last one to leave the training pitch and making sure it is a noticeable difference. Willock, seriously mate, you need play up to Emery, get him on your side, whoever holds favor with Emery, you should try to pick up on some things. We’ve seen that you do actually have a bit about your game and you’re capable in more than one position, that is useful. A good height, strong but could be stronger, you likely are already putting in a huge amount of work and have worked for a long time on gaining your goals. I think you should try and up it a notch, and try to become a teachers pet of sorts, no shame in that, every tactic helps, maybe even learn Spanish or French. We are not totally locked down in the central midfield area as Guendouzi came in and shown. It’s in your hands Willock, and Bielik, and others, we all want to see the guys from the academy being ones to bring Arsenal’s glory days back. Good luck lads!

  19. Just read on bbc website that no words from Emery s pre match press conference yet as what he’s said so far is embargoed! Is he being too honest again? Who’s made the embargo? Kroenke? 🙂

  20. honestly they both should be here as we need them. Even Chambers even though I’m not too keen on him.

    I hope Rowe-Smith and Nelson are NOT on loan next season. They are good enough to be squad players in my opinion as is Guendouzi who is also a teenager and awesome for his age

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