Smith-Rowe is reportedly wanted by Newcastle – Should Arsenal let him go?

The other day, we asked if it was wise for Arsenal to cash in on Emile Smith Rowe. Well, it seems Newcastle are very keen to sign him.

According to the Sun, Eddie Howe is very keen on signing Smith Rowe, and they report that Howe reckons ESR could make a real difference joining Newcastle’s midfield and aid the attack force.

So, if Howe can persuade Smith Rowe that he has a significant role to play in his scheme and that it is his desire to sign him, the Newcastle decision-makers may support him. Do you think the Hale End graduate will end up in Saint James Park?

There is no doubt that Emile Smith-Rowe is a player we’ll be talking about often between now and the winter transfer window, especially if continues to be left on the Arsenal bench. His future at Arsenal is in doubt. In the attacking midfield pecking order, Kai Havertz and Fabio Vieira are ahead of him, and Leandro Trossard and Gabriel Martinelli are also ahead of him in the pecking order for the left wing.

It’s difficult for the Englishman, whose value to our team declined last season as a result of his injury and inability to rediscover his rhythm, but hopefully in the next 3 months he can get more minutes under his belt and prove his worth to Arteta’s project.

He may have hoped by now to have established himself as a first-team regular, but he has yet to do so. Ultimately, by January, it may be clear if he ought to stay or go.

Would you blame Emile if he decided to move away to get more playing time at Newcastle?

Darren N


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  1. £50m would be a decent price for him. Willock seemed to have similar abilities, yet he still can’t become a regular starter for Newcastle

    1. On personal front NO because I like ESR very talented.
      For the purpose of his career YES.. But hope Arsenal put a buy back clause in the sale. I don’t see him displace Havertz or Trossard any time soon.

      1. Rice has also proven that he could be a very good replacement for Xhaka, so Smith-Rowe has to compete with many central midfielders, including Vieira

    2. He was quite starting before he had injury, I watched some newcastle games last season and am so impressed by willock performance, i wish he was never sold reminiscent of Diaby

  2. Darren N needs to get his facts right and needs to do his homework thoroughly. Newcastle have only had an expression of interest in Smith Rowe. It all depends on where Newcastle are situated in the European Champions League. If Newcastle were to be progressing into the next round of that competition, they may well try and get Smith Rowe. But it all depends on their circumstances in December/ January. Aston Villa and West Ham are two other clubs interested in Smith Rowe. If all that were to be the case, it could make an interesting bidding war. But with all of that, I can’t see Smith Rowe leaving in January. Maybe in the Summer Window. Anyway his agent will be keeping the lad up to date with developments going on with various clubs. I would not blame him if he wanted to leave. Mikel Arteta seems to have an art at contradicting himself. He bullshits people to the extent of having the ability to bullshit himself

  3. ESR is a talented player, it’s up to Arteta to use him and help the team. A real pity Arteta has not “showcased” ESR like Havertz, especially since ESR has shown he can position himself and score, something Havertz has struggled with for 3 years.

    The so called “competition” Arteta lauded has never come to be, and a shame because I would like to see ESR and Havertz compete for the midfield spot in a fair competition.

    Havertz situation is Willan 2.0 all over again, and still unknown where Havertz “fits.” Not starting quality for midfield or attack, just over hyped over paid bench player.

    1. For Durand
      Agree with you about ESR.
      Havertz: I think when MA signed him he thought of him as a Aaron Ramsey making runs into the box with good finishing skills.
      But he does not make the runs and does not have Ramsey’s finishing ability.
      Only position I can see for him is striker so a downgraded version Giroud who may develop into a Giroud over time.

      1. I agree with your comments. Unfortunately Havertz can’t sniff out goal opportunities like Ramsey could, and he is not a good finisher to boot.

        As far as a Giroud type player, he lacks the positional sense and strength to be an aerial threat in the box.

        I harken back to Arteta’s comments when he signed Havertz, “I don’t know where he fits in,” is a pretty telling statement and a reason to bench him until he figures it out. Personally I thought the money was better spent elsewhere; a TRUE midfielder or a real striker, not some hybrid player poor at both positions.

  4. I think Arteta should loan him out to New Castle for half a season, January – May 2024. ESR needs someone or a team that will wake up his football senses and hunger to excel. Right now he has told himself he’s not as good as Saka, Martinelli or even Trossard, when in reality he can actually be better. There’s no reason Smith-Rose can’t look at Gascogne (Gazza) and tell himself “I can be as good, if not better” He’s got it in him; he’s just not been pushed enough to get the mental momentum.

  5. Arsenal paid over 65m for Havertz and pay him in the region of 300,000 grand a week even though he underperformed at Chelsea for 3 years.
    ESR is under contract until 2026 and overperformed before his injury so if Newcastle want him they should start with bids of in excess of 65m.

  6. No, I would not hold it against him if he decided to move on. Right now he props up our bench options I’d like to see him come on in place of Odegaard on occasion as he also has goals in him and he’s a tricky runner and hard to contain. I’d like him to try and match Odegaard’s output …then there might be certain games that we can go with both Ode and S Rowe

  7. ESR has the talent and ability to displace Viera and Harvertz if given equal opportunity. Arteta is pretending. He doesn’t like the boy. I will advise him to go to the club he will get regular game time. Those that rejected him will one day regrets their actions.

  8. One of the best players in our team. He deserves more chances by MA since he recovered from his injury, we didn’t see him enough!

    No, we need him.

  9. No to Newcastle, a direct rival. But yes to Brighton in part exchange with Ferguson. ESR and Tireny and maybe Eddie for Ferguson would make a great deal for us, we get rid of three fringe players for a potentially top one.

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