So Alexis wants out – Should Arsenal STILL force him to stay?

So it looks like we have now come to a crossroads in the Alexis Sanchez saga, and the Chilean appears to have decided that he wants to throw his toys out of the pram and play Champions League football next season. I wonder who with?

“I want to play in the Champions League,” he is quoted as saying. “The decision isn’t down to me, I need to wait for Arsenal.”

But as Wenger has re-iterated many times, he wants to keep Sanchez even if he doesn’t sign a new contract, and let him leave for free next season if he so desires. But Alexis reckons that he has made his thoughts clear and has not been told by Wenger that he is staying. “I’ve made my decision, now I wait for Arsenal’s reply.” Alexis continued. “The idea is to play in and win the Champions League. It is something that I have dreamed about it since I was little.”

So it looks like this will become a Mexican stand-off. We all know how Arsene feels about honouring contracts, and now we know that Sanchez wants to leave. If it turns into a battle of wits I can only see Wenger winning, but of course the Arsenal Board may have something to say about this….

Our captain Per Mertesacker thinks that our Durcell battery striker should be given more space to consider the options. the BFG said: “I have not spoken to him. He needs a break now. He needs to relax. He has done a lot for us,” Mertesacker said.
“He played almost every game last season and then the Confederations Cup. You need to leave him alone to make up his mind about what he wants to do.”

But the BFG does go on to say that it is not his decision to make this summer, only to decide if he will sign a new contract or not. “He has one more year here and then he makes his mind up. It’s his decision.” the German continued.

But Mertesacker still believes Sanchez will stay at Arsenal, saying: “I am very confident.”

“It’s his decision. If he feels good, comfortable, he can play with freedom. He has his qualities. You cannot find those everywhere.”

So what would you do if you were Wenger? If he forces him to stay then Sanchez may cause unrest in the dressing room, with the other players knowing that he doesn’t have faith in them. It will definitely cause a rift between Wenger and Alexis, but surely he has signed a contract and can be forced to honour it, or could he ‘buy himself out’?

I really don’t know what I would do in Wenger’s situation, but I DO know that this needs to be sorted out quickly….



    1. Alexis should keep his mouth shut

      he probebly messed up some targets we are after the likes of Lamar and god knows who els unless he did it on purpose because his joining City and his making it dificult as posible for us

      1. I switched off Sanchez in my mind the day he laughed at the Bayern Munich game. He was a reject at Barca. He should ask for a transfer away from the Chile national team seeing they lost in the Confederations cup final. With seemingly inferior players, we never missed out on the Champions League but with ‘super sanchez’ we did. It’s a team sport… Did you see the one-two Lacazette did with Monreal before he assisted Giroud? There’s more than a 50% chance that Alexis won’t give back the ball but try to dribble and have a crack at goal.

    2. We should have bought Douglas Costa when he was available he would’ve been the perfect replacement. Now I don’t know who to suggest.

    3. I agree with you 1000%. All this Sanchez talk has made him feel he is some kind of God. He is now feeling to much of himself. Good he may be, irreplaceable he is not. Rather than wait our time with him, I’d sell him off to a European team, get the 40/50 million pounds for him and add it to make a Lemar bid that Monacco can never refuse. I would have got rid of a potential trouble maker and a possible future pain in the ass Sanchez and replaced him with a younger dynamic, explosive attacking midfielder who will definitely scare the toughest of premier league defenses on his day, Lemar. After Lemar all we need is Van Dyke of Southampton. He’s tall, powerful and very commanding in the air plus, he’s no slouch in terms of pace. After that we need no one else. We can shut up shop and just watch the magic….lol TRUST ME…

  1. Guys don’t worry about giroud. He has been in contact with family. He will most likely be an arsenal player next season. Alexis on the other hand is staying at arsenal as the club are adamant and are confident of agreeing a deal mid season with the player. Of course with transfers all this can change but one thing is for sure, Lemar is a gunner:)

    1. Y would Sanchez sign a deal in mid season when he could leave on a free at the end of the season?

      Hes free to join any club he wants and could even draw higher wages when his contract is up

      1. Things could change. City might look at younger and better talent. His wage demands are very high and arsenal have tabled a great deal for him.

  2. I think the writing has been on the wall since last season and we have all known it even if we wished otherwise, Sanchez wants to leave.

    Personally, I would not want to force him to play out his contract. Do we really want a guy who doesn’t want to be here? Is that really what is best for the club?

    I say we should find a suitable replacement and try to get as much money as possible for Sanchez. Don’t force him to stay around the squad and fester, fake injuries so he can stay fit for next season, mope when we start to lose etc.

    We probably should have moved more aggressively for Lemar but IMO we should be out there and move decisively on a replacement for Sanchez, we should not wait till it is too late for the selling club to replace who ever we buy. We know Monaco don’t want to sell if they don’t have to after losing a number of their best players. But let’s not make that mistake with who ever we target as a replacement for Sanchez and move now with force and not haggle for an other 4 weeks.

    Time to move on from Sanchez.

    1. Wenger might force him to stay to buy time for lemar to adjust to epl the let him go. Its such a sad thing that Sanchez won’t be remembered as an arsenal great. He doesn’t know it, but he’s the loser here

  3. What does alexis mean by he wants to play champions league?
    The once he has been playing with Barca and Arsenal what has he achieved?
    He was our best player last season, no doubt but Man U signed Pogba,Mhikitaryan and Zlatan without being in the champions league FFS!

  4. Offer sanchez to Monaco in a swap, there you go sorted! Cl football and we get mbappe/lemar.

    He’s got to be sold but I’d say to sanchez I’ll let you go but overseas only here’s the list if clubs tell us your preferences and we’ll make it happen.

    If you only want to go to a pl club then you stay.

    Truth be told he’d probably not take the above and then we’d end up selling to city.
    if we sell to city it must be for around 60m upwards.
    Alexis is a game changing superstar and when you consider how much they paid for walker and stones previously 1 yer left or not he is a 70m player.

    If we sell sanchez we must get someone of mbappe or aubameyang quality.

  5. Arsenal should do all they can to keep alexis,make a promise they will mount a serious title challenge this season.

  6. Sanchez the little shit needs to man up , the loss of CL football is down to him with the disruption he caused in Jan/Feb. I don’t think we should keep him but make it clear he isn’t going to city or any other club in the prem, Sling him out to China or Europe if he’s so desperate to leave, given that option I have a feeling sulky Sanchez may have a change of heart.

    1. It is laughable to blame Sanchez for losing CL football. He was the only player fighting till the end and he was the only player displaying a desire to win at all cost. To somehow suggest Sanchez hurt us last season is ludicrous.

      Ozil hurt us with his bad period and bad games, Bellerin hurt us by not playing to his level, Mustafi hurt us by going from a hero to an average player, Wenger hurt us by taking to long to fix a team in free fall, Ramsey hurt us, Santi being injured hurt us, but Sanchez didn’t hurt us and fought as he always did. He was the only player with a winning mentality.

      Am I disappointed he wants to leave? Yes of course! Can I blame him for wanting to win the CL? That would be silly. Do I believe Wenger made him promises about building a winning team when he signed? Yes. Did Wenger keep that promise? No. In fact, he didn’t sign a single outfield player the season after Sanchez signed and Xhaka was his best effort last season.

      Sanchez is in the final stage of his career he knows and we know that he will not win the CL with Arsenal in the next 2-3 seasons and neither the PL. The truth hurts but only fool closes his eyes to the truth.

      1. Sanchez was a part of the team that failed to qualify fort the CL, so he is partly to blame. He also went missing in quite a few games and had clear chances which would have meant a different final score. Arsenal will be around long after he has gone and if he wants to go, let him. What he seems to have forgotten is that arsenal gave him the platform to perform. He would otherwise still be on the bench at Barca. I not really phased about whether it’s to another English team or not. He will suffer a similar fate to all other players who left arsenal who got too big for their boots where is van persie, sagna, etc now.


  7. @chinaks1.
    It’s the only valid professional reason he can formally quote. We all know that’s not the reason.

    He can hardly say “when I came to arsenal I thought they were a better club and I was told that arsenal had ambition. I’ve not seen this yet. After the embarrassment of bayern Munich mauling I lost respect for ny teammates and decided to leave. The bust up in the changing rooms has also caused friction between me and other players”

    That’s what he means but can’t say!

  8. @Ronny
    that’s his own cup of tea. I don’t have his contact to talk some sense into him.
    Like the say *soldier go…soldier come* Arsenal will still remain.
    But honestly we will miss him atleast for a season.

  9. Sanchez got a real eye opener a couple of years back when Wenger only spent around £10 million on a 33yo keeper, that we didn’t even need, during the all important summer transfer window. He got to see the almost non existent level of ambition from Wenger, the board, and probably from some of his own team mates as well.

    Sanchez has put in a 110% during his stay, and I don’t think one can say that about any other person at the club. Sad if he goes, but the club hasn’t done enough to build a quality team around him.

      1. I’d rather kiss his ass than Ozil’s (on nearly 300k p/w if he signs, and people have the cheek to call Sanchez the mercenary!), or Wenger’s (£8 million a year…what for?), or any other player at Arsenal!

        It’s unacceptable, the disrespect, and sheer forgetfulness, of some of our ungrateful fans in relation to what Sanchez has done for us.

        1. no one is showing disrespect to sanchez… until we hear from Sanchez we wont know how much or what he is asking for… rest is media hype !
          Sanchez puts in 110% but not always for the team.. he often runs up a blind alley looking to shoot or pass to someone else so he fets2 the ball back.. all the best strikers in the world are selfish and nothing wrong with that.. however needs 10 others to make a team
          also he is inferring that only HE wants to win CL… he was 110% part of the team that most 10-2…

          1. I don’t think you can blame Sanchez for Arsenal conceding 10 goals in two games. He scored one of our goals, and was about the only player pressing! Yes football is a team game, but that doesn’t mean everyone offers the level of contribution, and it’s ridiculous to even suggest that! Sanchez scored 30, and assisted 16, so clearly his level of contribution outweighed everyone else’s, and be quite some margin.

            I agree that he has bad games as well, and sometimes tries to do too much, but he doesn’t play as badly as often as EVERY OTHER Arsenal player. On current form, one could argue he’s the third best player in world right now, especially when you consider that the Premiership is the toughest league in the world.

            We know it’s not money with Sanchez because Arsenal have offered the most any other club would offer, bar a Chinese club (although I think their transfer window is now closed. If he does go it’s because Arsenal are not a top club, and are not ambitious…and who could argue with that when looking at the facts.

            1. Lukaku refused to sign a new contract with Everton because he wants to play in the Champions League, did you at any point see him kick up a fuss or alluding to his teammates as being mediocre? There are better ways than trying to barge your way through to getting your point across, this ain’t some street soccer team where you switch sides on a whim. He has shown us in the past season how much of a disruptor he can be in the dressing room, what do you think is going to happen if Arsenal decide to disrupt his career by making him stay away from the team for the remainder of his contract, would that be fair or honourable on the part of the club?

  10. Gazidis should grow some balls and tell him that he signed a contract no one held a gun to his head to do so…and a bit part player and barca needed funds to sign Neymar…we saved his career!…he gladly increased his salary from £80kpw to £130pkw..

    If he wants CL football he should work harder next season to get arsenal in to the CL

    I am against a stupid £400kpw contract…from experience whenever a team gives in to a player demand under duress they almost always regret it…

    I won’t even sell him to Bayern he will calm down and get on with it..with him we maybe be able to challenge for the league and if we do probably won’t need him that much..

    The club should come first not players wishes..that includes Giroud…

  11. Can anyone blame Sanchez for wanting to run? Chelsea have bought Tiemoué Bakayoko from Monaco so Arsenal cannot buy Thomas Lemar. If Wenger had made a fair bid they would have got Lemar. We have probably lost Riyad Mahrez to Roma, so Sanchez must really think Wenger just cannot get us the Premier League with this squad. Wenger’s tight behaviour is beginning to harm us. It’s not hard to understand why Sanchez wants to run, run, run….. away.

  12. He now wants cl football? Is he not part of reasons we can’t make cl? Even d time of chamack and Lord bentner we had cl qualifications. He came, throw us in Europa and wants out. In my opinion he should see out his contract.

  13. I think Wenger should have a talk with him when he returns from his holiday. Lay out his long term plan and if Sanchez doesn’t seem to buy into it we should get as much money as we can from whoever we can and SELL him.

    1. Unfortunately I believe the final straw damaging Sanchez’s relationship with Wenger was when Arsene started him on the bench against Liverpool at Anfield. Sanchez had then gone from the bench at Barcelona to the bench at Arsenal.
      Sanchez doesn’t seem to stay more than 3 years at any club and chucks a wobbly when things don’t go his way.
      Given his age, it is best for Arsenal to sell to the highest bidder outside the EPL and invest the proceeds in an up and coming star such as Lemar. Otherwise he meets his contract commitments and if he doesn’t perform for Arsenal next season his future contract value wil be diminished.
      Sanchez may end up being sorry for what he wished for!

  14. I’m tired of this hostage situation we’ve been put under by Sanchez, this inner kid thing happened to RVP as well, if he wants to go let him, to any side he wants, if it’s a prem side nothing less than 80 mil will get us talking, reinvest that cash on Mbappe and Lemar, and see if we don’t mount a title challenge next season.

  15. I still blame Arsenwenger and dats y I still think with lacca and mbappe join with others (if he buys more than 3), he can’t guarantee anything 4 us. I am not raising my hope.
    Now on d issue, Arsenwenger system favours any player he chose to build d teams around but my question is, why players dat have less year on dia contract? Dis was same issue with rvp, almost with fab and now Sanchez. U build team around d player, u make him look better Like superstar now he thinks he is bigger than d club. Y is arsenal like dat? Liverpool could do as dey like with Suarez cos dey have done dia home work well but arsenal is always been force to loose dia players cos dey can’t do d needful. We could loose both Sanchez and ozil if not 4 ozil commitment. Dose at d helm of needs to be reschuffled

  16. If Alexis was injured tomorrow we would regret not having picked up the fifty million. Common sense says let him go to a non Premiership club. No one is irreplaceable .

  17. I think Wenger should short out Sanchez saga first and if he really don’t want to stay than go all out for Lemar, he is young and talented.

  18. Sanchez is very right to live arsenal,don’t let’s us forget carelessness of Wenger when it comes to transfer ,he should have built strong team around sanchez two seasons ago,but French man refused to do so due to his sturbboness,however sanchez isn’t to blame for all this transfer saga,what I think is,he can still be persuaded lets give him sometimes to rest and make his decision just like bfg had said,we hope he stays,player like sanchez will be a disaster if he lives

  19. ….our best players leave everyday while we are still keeping our lovely deadwoods, and the majority here seems to put a blame on Sanchez.!!

    …wonder if you guys will ever wakeup.!!!

    1. “every day” ???? Can you name ONE of our best players that left in last 3 years?

      Who needs to wake up?

  20. Sanchez is one miserable moody fatherless player who needs kicking out due to the friction he creates to teammate and fans alike.Sod the Far East tour Wenger and sort it out A S P.

  21. I know Sanchez scored a lot of goals last season but in a lot of our games he either missed a lot of chances or had awful games, i.e. lost or gave ball away by trying to do too much on his own. I think if he really wants to go then sell him, the harmony in the squad would be a lot better. We are only hearing snippets of so called quotes anyway and I bet most of those are coming from his agent who wants his cut of the money. If he stays fine but we have to get it sorted out quickly.

  22. I think keeping Sanchez against his will shall be a huge mistake on so many levels first you will keep a player who clearly doesn’t want to play for you and hence will play with half esteem in a crucial season that has so much expectations floating around. 2nd you will loose on his much needed value if you let him off for free next season instead of making good use of this money to obtain a decent replacement someone like Mahrez or whom ever else would be a much better asset in that scenario plus Sanzhez being South American and all shall be very vocal about it and will throw tantrums and negative images through out the season for keeping him against his will and will simply will act childish which we all saw is very capable of and this would seriously affect team spirit for no good reason if you can actually avoid all that and offload him for a decent price now

  23. Alexis is a good player.He was a massive player for us last season.I remember during the earlier stages of the season, Wenger changed the starting 11 just to get the best out of him.
    By then the guy would score at least a single goal per game. He was the kind of striker we’d been yearning for. At the back of my mind, I was pretty sure the guy would at least hit 30 premier league goals.Arsenal were flying high.
    But then at mid-season everything changed.His contract issues and continuous bust ups.It was during this period that Arsenal were pathetic. It’s no rocket science to understand that his behaviour distracted the whole squad.That’s the bitter truth. In as much as he scored several goals, Arsenal’s failure to to qualify for champions league was his fault.Yea you got me right! Alexis made us not to qualify for champions league.
    Now, if I were Wenger I would let him go.No single player is bigger than the club.I know it hurts but right now our hands are tied.Further more, why would you keep an unhappy player just to see him go to your rivals for free at the end of the season?

  24. Sanchez acting like a spoilt brat.

    He wanted higher wages – so we offered it to him.

    He wanted to see ambition- we just bought one of the best strikers in Europe (2nd most efficient of any league). Excellent defender, and even bid for Mbappe

    He know wants Champions League – then stay, and help us get into CL next season you spoilt brat!

  25. …. @Admin ;
    you are asking me to remind you about 2-3 years ago.!!, don’t you know 3 years ago Sanchez was only signing his one and only contract at Arsenal?!, who else do you expect us to sell by then?!, and now even before his contract is up he wants to leave.!!, and he is our only true star at Arsenal, like it or not, am sorry for telling you the truth sir.!!!!

    1. You said ‘we are selling our best players every day’ of course I will ask for proof!
      And you haven’t given me an answer yet?
      Harking back to RVP and Nasri is like REALLY old news….

  26. …Admin:
    seems you are blind enough to see that trend is still going on.!!, and you still want proof.!, don’t you?!

    go up, read the title, see which name we are discussing here… u will find a proof you need.!!

  27. There’s every need for we Arsenal fans to be positive. With or without Sanchez the season will be great success. We should support what we have not some delusional player

  28. Remind me again what City won last season? He wants to go there, and play with Fraudiola – fine with me. But not for less than 80mil or so. He priced himself out of Bayern move on purpose, and he’s demanding 400k from us to stay. Sorry, Alexis, but it’s a two-way street. If you are going to be an arse and a spoiled little brat, so can we. So we either sell him for crazy money and buy a decent replacement who’ll actually want to play for us (both Lemar and Mahrez are dying for a move to happen), or Alexis stays and honors his contract in a nice, professional manner. And with a World Cup coming up he’ll want to perform to his best abilities.

  29. Sanchez or “Alexis” as he prefers to be called is a “cancer” to my beloved club, “The Mighty Arsenal”… Any player that wants to tarnish our great club by continuously dragging it’s name through the various media outlets with is ‘On & Off The Field’ antics can simply FU*K OFF!!

    And YES, I do blame him for our dip in form and ultimately not qualifying for the UCL.. Don’t get me wrong the mans a beast and one of the best @ his trade but we, The Arsenal are way, waaay bigger than he could ever be.. So Mr.Sanchez, please do one! You ungrateful good for nothing TW*T.. I like a lot of my fellow GOONZ fell out of love for you along time ago and though we definitely gonna miss you, the show will definitely continue without you .. KNOB!

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