So Arsenal CAN still beat Chelsea to James Rodriguez transfer

Over the weekend the Arsenal transfer rumours surrounding our reported hopes of securing the transfer of the Colombian international star James Rodriguez from Real Madrid were not very promising at all, with most of the football media sources were suggesting that our English Premier League rivals Chelsea had beaten us to the punch.

Perhaps they were a bit premature though, because the Evening Standard is now reporting that Antonio Conte and Chelsea are not willing to meet the asking price of Madrid, who apparently want to make a profit on the £63 million they paid to Monaco for the player after he starred at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

So in a way you could say that Arsenal’s chances of completing this big name signing are looking brighter, while on the other hand we have to ask whether the notoriously careful Arsene Wenger would be willing to pay around £70 million for a player who did not even make Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid bench for the Champions League final win over Juventus?

We should soon find out, as Madrid apparently need the money to fund their own transfer pursuits this summer, such as a world record move for the young Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe.



  1. I don’t think lack of Champions League football is as big of a big deal as some people suggest. United were out of Champions League (still are) and got Ibrahimovich and Pogba.

    However, Chelsea being in Champions League is still a bonus and attractive to top players.
    Also Chelsea have more ambition then us
    Chelsea are prepared to pay more salary than us
    Chelsea can outbid us

    If they really want him, they will most probably get him

    Again Wenger’s fault for putting us in this situation with his lack of Ambition and wrong transfers

    1. Well Mbappe won’t be coming as he wants to play and win in the champions league. Not too big a worry of course we aren’t gonna pay the kind of money asked for him anyway.

      Like it or not we aren’t Man Utd, (2 UCLs while Wenger has been in charge) and Because of Maurenhos success with other teams he is the more desireable manager to play for and therefore so is any pitched future plan that is given to prospective players.

      1. Learn to separate sentimentality from logic people!;)

        Otherwise your in for a big shock.

      2. No top players are going to play for a old man who’s ambition tank has been bone dry for donkey’s years lol.The dinosaur should have left after the brilliant FA CUP final win over the plastics.

  2. Reports claimed that Arsenal only offered £50 million for that player, which got rejected straight away.
    I’m guessing that Wenger is waiting to see if he can persuade Mbappe to come to Arsenal before he starts making serious bids for other targets, that’s simply because the signing of that youngster will chew up the majority of his transfer budget. I just hope that outcome gets resolved quickly before all his other targets get snapped up.

    1. That’s exactly what’ on my mind, but he needs to be very fast about it, the reasons for delay is what i don’t know, however, he could get us all suprised, Like he did with Ozil in 2013, coughing out £42 milon which could be Eqiuvalent to £100-120 mill in this current market

  3. And here’s some Good News ?? @ RSH

    The Ox was heavily linked with a £40m move to Liverpool this summer rather than sign a contract extension with Arsenal.

    The 23-year-old has just one year left on his current deal and if he was refusing to sign a new one, the Gunners would have to seriously consider cashing in on the England international now rather than allow him to leave for free next year.

    Fortunately, according to Tribal Football, the midfielder appears to have chosen to stay in north London and has even come to a ‘verbal agreement’ with Arsenal, which will see him earn £100k-per-week.
    The deal, Tribal Football claims, will be announced by the club this week.

  4. We should try a huge push for Mbappe while Madrid are scrambling for funds. It’s a risk but when have we beat Chelsea to a player other than Kolasinac (in your face Chelsea, the beast is ours), but Rodriquez too will be a difficult signing. Besides, I’m not sure what we need in CM. Some say a Kante, Gueye. While others say a Cazorla replacement. Some say we need both, but who would play. Then you have to think about Xhaka, the type he is and the sort that would compliment him. We lacked creativity in that department last season, and we expect Xhaka to improve. Also how much money have we got to spend in this area. I think the CM is going to be tough, I just hope Arsene has a few good ideas.

  5. Again it just a rumor because nothing is covered by Sky Sources or BBC hence we cannot believe on such stuffs.

  6. Its obvious that Mr. Lazy Ozil will be on the bench. No one wants him, but Arsenal is willing to pay 275k/week. We need pace and skill. Imagine the Arsenal attack with J. Rod, Walcott, Sanchez, The ox, and Carzola pulling the strings. We will be the most scary attack to defend against

    1. Walcott wouldnt make the bench for any of the top 6 teams sans Arsenal but of course he would start scoring goals for fun with the arrival of James. LOL

      Rodriquez is a quality player but $70M is absolute larceny for his signature and not what Arsenal needs with or without Sanchez.

      For the same price Wenger could sign Seri and Lemar, addressing 2 needs with quality players that would walk right into the 1st team.

      But I cant wait for the Russian dude and another Top Top player on the cheap to close another classic Wenger transfer window.

    2. Any attack with Walcott in the line up can only be imagined outside the top 4 … Sickmof the whippet still wearing an arsenal shirt … Another strike against the delusional one who upped his wages to the point where the chinese won’t even take him

  7. Its horrible to say this.
    I’m not bothered who they sign. I’m not even bothered if they sign anyone at all. I am not bothered whether Sanchez leaves or Ozil signs. I simply do not care.
    All I want is for the old fool to quit.
    I want Arsenal to move on instead of being stuck with a demented old fart who should be enjoying his retirement in the South of France – Anywhere that is far away from North London.
    What a kick in the stomach that was to learn he was going to f**k Arsenal up for a further two years…

  8. Just a Half F*** attempt and declared we are done with all the transfer.

    Typical style. Always the same.

  9. I think we need players like Cesc, Guaye, Veratti, than James Rodriguez, Xhaka seems to have established himself along side Ramsey in the midfield,But lets look at this in different way,
    1. Ramsey Injury record too and Inconsistencies, Ramsey compliments Xhaka with the new change in formation, But can Guaye, Cesc or Veratti do that?
    2. Xhaka discipline,(Cards) He jumps into some unnecessary tackles in some games that could cost us, Should Guaye be re deployed in his position and he plays in Santi Role?
    James would be a good addition no doubt, but he plays in Ozil’s position he’s just 25 years but i do not think we need him that much, expect he plays in the right wing and also cover in Ozil’s position when he get injured.

  10. James Rodriguez is a real deal, skillful and pacey . its like Douglas Costa. Fans are worked about Ozil, when no club want him. Give Ozil 150k/week. He does not deserve more. Ozil is just a name, and fans are being brain washed by media

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